Reasonable Expectations of Privacy?: Eleven country reports on camera surveillance and workplace privacy (Information Technology and Law)
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Privacy, regulations to protect privacy, and data protection have been legal and social issues in many Western countries for a number of decades. However, recent measures to combat terrorism, fight crime, and increase security, together with the growing social acceptance of privacy-invasive technologies can be considered a serious threat to the fundamental right to privacy. The Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society have undertaken a research project examining the reasonable expectations of privacy and the reality of data protection. The project is aimed at developing an international research network of privacy experts and to carry out research on the practice, meaning, and legal performance of privacy and data protection in an international perspective. The eleven country reports examine case law on video surveillance and workplace privacy. The conclusions are intended to trigger and stimulate an international debate on the use and possible drawbacks of the 'reasonable expectations of privacy' concept.