Penderecki: Musica da Camera
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  • The ups and downs of Krzysztof Penderecki
    The string quartets of 1960 and 1968 are by far the most exciting items on this mix-bag album. The first of the two quartets is noteworthy for the percussive use of string instruments, especially in its first part; the second will amaze listeners for its equally succesful display of glissandis as well as for the composer's ability to produce new sounds out of old instruments: no need for electronics, if even better can be had with a pair of violins and a cello! Truly exciting, original and satisfying music, in both cases.

    The Streichtrio of 1990 and the short quartet of 1988 are noteworthy only for their resemblance with the piano and violin pieces of 1953 and of 1959, also featured on this cd. There the composer appears to be overly influenced by Bartok, which would appear to vindicate those who feel his many returns to past forms are symptomatic of declining inspiration.

    The 3 miniatures for clarinet & piano are as charming as that charming instrument - the clarinet; and as charming as Francis Poulenc's Sextet for piano and wind instruments, which they resemble.

    The Silesian Quartet may not be as well known as, say, the LaSalle or the Alban Berg Quartets; they are an excellent group of musicians nonetheless. I wish their recording of Hugo Wolf's Italian Serenade were more readily available. It is marvelous & proves they can play "old" music as well as the new. That does inspire confidence in their musicianship....more info