Pentax Wireless Remote Control C
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Product Description

Will zoom and release shutter after 3 seconds on select cameras with remote capability. (Works up to 15 feet in front of the camera.)

The Pentax Wireless Remote Control C will zoom and release the shutter after three seconds on select cameras. It works up to 15 feet in front of the camera and is made for all IQ Zoom and Efina advanced photo system cameras with remote capability. This remote comes with a case.

  • Wireless remote control
  • 3-second shutter release
  • Works up to 15 feet
  • For Pentax cameras with remote capabilities
  • Includes case
Customer Reviews:
  • Great value and function
    This is a great item considering the price, size, and functionality. Don't forget the menu setting which allows auto focus to activate just before the images is taken. If you like expanding the capability of your Pentax DSLR without buying something expensive, you will definitely get alot of fun out of this tool. ...more info
  • pentax wireless remote control c
    This unit works well especially if you want to get in the picture and not play with the timer on your Pentax. It's very compact and fits easily in the palm of your hand so it won't be seen in the picture. My only minor disappointment is that it works via line of sight. My idea was to put my camera on a tripod next to a bird feeder and shoot away but the camera has to be facing me for the unit to work because the sensor is on the front of the camera. I guess I'll find a way to work around that....more info
  • A bargain! And it works with the Pentax K200d
    I initially hesitated to order this remote since I wasn't sure it would properly function with a Pentax K200d dslr. It seems to operate the same as the newer and much more expensive 'F' remote unit. Refer to page 120 of the manual and use the Fn button. You have two choices: immediate shutter release or 3 second release. This particular item has the advantage of being significantly smaller and can find a convenient corner in my camera bag. It is simply one more functional accessory that continues to amaze me about this camera.

    I refuse to complain about the shipping cost. The current price even with shipping is a terrific bargain for a very helpful added function. Make sure you have a tripod....more info
  • Good Deal
    I got this for my ist DL. Works great within 15 feet. It does not come with an instruction manual; and I am saying that because there is a button other than the shutter release button thats function I am not sure of. There is probably on the net a PDF with the manual. The remote does not focus, it only releases the shutter. You can't beat the price of this accessory, it being around 85% cheaper than the remote control F. Get it while it is still available. ...more info
  • Great for a K10d
    One thing you can't easily find in reading through Pentax's documentation is that this little remote will work as a trigger for your camera just as the Remote F will. That, and it will cost you a lot less.

    I can't say it is better or worse than the Remote F, but it has all the same functions. The only flaw maybe for those who use the added grip; this remote won't fit into the spot provided for a remote. Never-the-less, I don't find it a big deal as I am sure most won't, unless you really use the thing a lot.

    This items is a great deal, altough as others have noted, be aware of the shipping fees....more info
  • Small and Functional!
    This little remote may be one of my favorite items on the Pentax K10 camera. It works very well, allows me to shoot from far and is so handy I could easily lose it.

    My only complaint is with the vendor who ships this as they seem to have a monopoly on price and inflate the cost through shipping. I ordered 2 remotes and paid $8 for shipping something that weighed less than 8oz total. It could've easily shipped USPS priority mail for much less or amazon/vendor could've combined shipping. Still happy with the product, even if not with the final cost....more info
  • Good, not great
    Small remote, about the size of a portable flash drive. Works well within 10-12 feet. Outside, you must be closer in my experience due to IR interference. For what I paid ($8.00 including shipping) I would but it again....more info
  • Excelent small and helpfull. Price is just greate!
    Works excellent! Don't forget to enable remote control on camera (Fn menu on K10D and K100D bodies). Compatible with all *ist, K100D and K10D cameras. Functionally is equivalent to Pentax Remote Control F Set....more info
  • It is an old remote which is usable with Pentax DSLR's
    Works with my Pentax *ist Ds. And you can attach it to the camera's shoulder strap....more info