Sony WCS999 Wireless Camcorder Microphone for DCR-DVD101/201/301 & DCR-HC20/30/40/65/85
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Product Description

The WCS-999 Wireless Microphone system from Sony lets you record voices up to 45 meters away depending on environment and transmission conditions. The WCS-999 is ideal for video camcorders - it captures the voices of family members on vacation, in sporting events, at recitals, birthdays and weddings. It is also ideal for Pressman portable audio recorders as it captures lectures and speeches, good for music and nature study.Supplied lavalier microphone is tiny and unobtrusive, clips onto shirt or tie. Built-in windscreen helps reduce the microphone's pickup of wind noise. Omni-directional microphone pattern picks up sound from all directions. Pocket-sized wireless transmitter is easy to hide, clips onto clothing for unobtrusive use. Wireless receiver plugs into camcorder or audio recorder mic input; easily clips onto clothing, camcorder hand strap or shoulder strap. Three transmission channels enable you to choose another channel if you encounter interference. Monitoring earphone lets you hear what's being recorded; plugs into wireless receiver. Mic mixing lets the camera operator and the subject both be recorded. 900 MHz wide FM transmission allows for outstanding sound quality, excellent frequency response (100 - 15, 000 Hz) and extended dynamic range (more than 78 dB). Switchable transmission channel lets you choose the channel with clear, noise-free sound.

  • For use with video camcorders, portable audio recorders
  • Transmission range up to 150 feet, depending on conditions
  • 900 MHz FM transmission for high-quality sound
  • Three channels with selector switch for low interference
  • Complete kit includes: lavalier mic, transmitter, receiver and monitoring earphone
Customer Reviews:
  • Makes videos sound less amateur
    I give this 5 stars because it does a good job for what it is.

    Don't compare it to a $1000 system with a $500 microphone. That's NOT what this is.

    I don't do much video anymore and one of the few things I do with my camcorder is to sit down with older relatives to give us some storytelling of their memories.

    I used to do this with my camcorder on a tripod and I always got poor audio because the microphone is far away from the source of sound, and worse, you pick up the sound of the camcorders motors wirring and whining while it works. I knew I needed an external microphone. I checked this because it was a cheap wireless option. I knew the microphone that comes with it is cheap, but decided to see how it performed and I could always upgrade that later.

    For me:
    I have never had a problem with this unit. And I haven't been easy on it. It has been abused by an active subject who has ripped it out of his pants and ripped the microphone out of the jack by the cord. I don't get interference, noise, nor drop outs, and I have used it, say up to 10 meters. I have imagined how I could put the camera on one rock and the subject on another rock 100 feet away and do a nice slow zoom out reveal, but frankly, I just don't shoot that kind of stuff anymore and if I did, I'd be using a $2000 wireless system, not a $100 system.

    The sound I record with this is WAY better than the internal microphone on the camcorder, and that is all you should judge this against. Clean, clear, solid audio goes a long way to elevating you footage away from "home movies." There is nothing like it anywhere close in the market. You have to spend 5-10x the price to go to the next step up.

    I've never had noise problems with it, either. If I ever did, I just switch channels and it is fine. Perhaps some of the other reviewers work in more noisy areas than me.

    The only thing is that you need to always monitor it, because there is no indication that one of the batteries is about to run out, and then you've recorded your subject without audio for a while....more info
  • Good Value
    It does the job for less than 100 bucks. Although not quite studio quality, it's perfect for my wedding videos. I did 17 on-camera interviews and only one of them came out crappy, apparently due to obstruction between transmiter and receiver at a distance of approx. 10 feet. If you're on a small budget, and/or, just starting your business as I am, this is a very good option....more info
  • Improve your videos 100%
    Nothing improves video like good audio. If you're interested in dramatically upgrading the quality of your footage, stop using the on-board microphone and get this wireless. For the home user or the beginning professional, it's a terrific bargain. The range isn't great and the mic has a poor clip, but nevertheless the difference in sound dramatic.

    The receiver has a well designed spring clip and also accepts another mic input, which is very handy and a feature more expensive systems don't offer. The unit's solid enough and simple to use and the battery life is good. I thought the sound worked well for YouTube video. You can also use different mics with the transmitter (like a Giant Squid or Radio Shack lav).

    It may not be the last wireless you buy (it wasn't for me), but it's a great place to start. I still use mine as a B or C wireless. After three years of regular use, it's held up well. If you're a beginning filmmaker or know one, I can't think of a better hundred bucks spent....more info
  • NO!
    This mic gives off as much lint as my dryer. Don't bother... spend the money on something better. I'm a wedding videographer and these things just don't cut it with their plastic exteriors....more info
  • Good wireless mic.
    This wireless mic is quick and easy to setup and transmits clearly. Unfortunately the mic does not come with foam cover to reduce wind noise and the sound of it rubbing on clothing....more info
  • You get what you pay for
    I bought this after using an Azden VHF for a while. It's better than what I had, and it actually works. Unlke the others reviewers I had no constant noise to deal with.

    Usually the signal was strong and clear, but it would suffer from occasional, very short, loss of signal and occasional audible interference. AGAIN .. this was better performance than my AZDEN VHF system. (plus this uses AA betteries while the Azden used 9v batteries)

    Unfortunatly, in the world of wireless microphones, this is still at the "toy" level. I finally "bit the bullet" and bought a wireless system that costs about SIX TIMES this unit ... and that is the "low end" for a decent wireless mic system!

    PLEASE NOTE: that you need an external mic jack on your camcorder to use this .. many (most?) new camcorders don't have that anymore .. at least those sold to non-professionals. BE SURE your camcorder has a jack for an external microphone before you buy this.

    Again, it works .. it's ok .. FOR WHAT IT IS. It's not a professional piece of equipment, but for home movies, and the occasional hobbyist video it should work OK for you.

    NOTE: I bought mine at a Sony Factory Store .. it was 'refurbushed' .. it is possible that those who reported 'noise' and poor performance had defective units. If you get one like that, return it and get a replacement right away....more info
  • Good product for the price
    If you are expecting clear professional sound transmission, this is not it. That's a wireless system costing $1,000 - $3,000. This system is strictly for home none professional use. I think people were expecting this system to deliver the hi fidelity sound they hear on movies or TV soundtrack. Professionals do not use this system. That is the reason for the low price. Home movies only. ...more info
  • I'm returning mine
    I thought that this mic would be exactly what I was looking for. After plugging this in I get a consistent hiss noise in the background. The wireless portion still works and you can hear the voices over the hiss, but I really don't want to deal with cleaning up a background noise like that. Needless to say, I'm returning mine....more info
  • Waste of money
    I was extremely disappointed with this product; I felt very let down by Sony, because for years I bought Sony items with confidence, knowing that anything produced by them would be good and reliable. This item only goes to prove that Sony's standards have dropped and, as such I will use considerable caution when buying anthing else of theirs.
    What lets this product down is the lack of distance one can be before the sound breaks up; 2 metres (not 45 metres as stated on the wrapping) was the best I could do, and that was in a straight line. No, all this item is fit for is the rubbish bin!...more info
  • Pretty noisy reception...
    Well, I guess the reviews about the RF noise was correct. I couldn't even get across the small distance from my living room to my dining room (no walls mind you) without a substantial amount of static noise. I am going to try a noise filter in Adobe Audition to see what I can salvage. But, the thought of using this mic for my niece's wedding, to mic the groom, is making me nervous. I don't have another cheap solution though. So, we'll see how it works for the job I purchased it for in about a month. I wanted this wireless mic to be better. Sorry, I can't speak too highly of it.

    ...more info
  • Awful
    Crap. Doesn't work. Wanted to return it but had to go out of town and lost the time period. Plastic junk, never did get a good signal. The worst Sony item I've ever purchased -- and I'm a Sony fan. Will still attempt to return somehow. Don't even bother....more info
  • Sony WCS999 Wireless mic.
    Unlike one other wireless mic, I have used, this one has never yet picked up fluorescent light noise. The battery economy for this mic. is quite good. The transmitter and receiver each use one size AA penlight cell, which seems to last at least 10 hours.
    I suspect this microphone sometimes picks up cell phone interference from cell phones in the room, since I don't know what else would cause the rare rat-a-tat-tat noise that the receiver picks up. The best advantage of this microphone is that there are seldom any dead spots in the room where the receiver gets a weak signal....more info
  • Does what its supposed to
    Nothing crazy. build quality is kind of cheap feeling. but it works. there were times where it faded in and out from approx/ 20 ft away. but other than that, it works fine....more info
  • Not that bad
    It certainly isn't Hollywood quality, and I wouldn't use it for music.

    But for interviews, the sound works just fine, especially considering the price.

    My only real complaint is the clip for the lavalier. Unless you can slip it into a lapel hole, it will generally fall off if your subject moves more than a tiny bit.

    Bottom line: I'd buy it again for the kind of shooting I do....more info
  • Very poor Signal to Noise ratio (useless)
    This product was a huge disappointment. The channel noise of the transmitter/receiver almost drowns out the speech signal. The Signal to Noise ratio is 10-15dB at best(useless), even with a higher quality replacement lapel microphone. When the same microphone was connected directly into the camcorder, the SNR was at least 40-50dB. I went back to the store to see if I had a defective unit, but the other unit I tried had the same characteristics....more info
  • Acceptable but not great
    I bought this for use with my Sony camcorder. I chose it because it was a 900 MHz system rather than the 100 MHz systems from Hysonic, etc. The included lapel mike is not very good. Lots of distortion and very cheaply made. I tried a better quality Radio Shack lapel mike, #33-3013 and got much better results. Compared to putting the mike right into the camcorder, the wireless transmitter shows considerably more noise and lower sound level. No noticeable difference in frequency response, at least for voice recording. Dropouts started occuring when I was about 50 feet away. Bottom line is this isn't broadcast quality but certainly adequate for amateur use....more info