Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 for Digital Rebel
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Product Description

This miniature infrared transmitter operates at ranges of up to 5 m/ 16.4 ft., and may be set for either instant shutter release or 2-second delay. The RC-1 may also be used to activate mirror-lock and bulb-shutter functions.

The Canon RC-1 remote control makes taking group photos easy by allowing you to take pictures away from the camera. The RC-1 allows the selection of either a 2-second shutter delay or instant shutter release. Compatible with the Canon EOS Elan II/Elan IIe, EOS Elan, EOS 10S, and EOS IX.

  • Allows for shutter release up to 16 feet
  • Wireless camera operation
  • 2-second shutter release delay
  • Works with some Canon EOS models
  • Makes group photos easy
Customer Reviews:
  • Good for one day
    I was very pleased when I first received my remote. It worked as expected the first day. I went to use it a few days later and it did not work. I replaced the batteries and still did not work. I returned it right away and ordered a less expensive one which I like much better and is still working after 2 weeks, yipeeee!...more info
  • Remote
    Theres not much to say. It has a switch to select a 2 second delay or instant, and it has a clip to fasten to your camera strap. ...more info
  • Amazing!
    This is an amazing remote that is small, has great reaction time and works from across a large sized room.
    And you cant beat the price!
    ...more info
  • Works well!
    One of the problems with taking pictures in low light, for pictures taken with longer exposures is that of camera shake. Often a minute movement of a camera can be the difference between that perfect crisp photograph and a blurry mess. One of the things that Canon users turn to in these circumstances are the image stabilized lenses which eliminate a lot of the camera shake at the expense of your hard earned dollars. While the IS lenses are great (I own a few), many times the extra expense can be entirely negated with a solid tripod and this quality little gagdet.

    I love mine, it has improved my pictures and it only cost $20! ...more info
  • Nice one!
    Its good to have it... worth of value

    very good for beginners like me:)...more info
  • Compatable cameras
    Grabbing one of these for myself, since I found my camera on the list, at the canon site. Here's the list, if it is of help to anyone. Or you can visit the canon site, find your camera and check the accessories list:

    Digital Rebel XT
    Digital Rebel XTi
    ELPH 370Z
    EOS Digital Rebel
    EOS Digital Rebel XT (Black)
    EOS Digital Rebel XT EF-S 17-85mm Lens Kit (Black)
    EOS Digital Rebel XT EF-S 18-55 Kit
    EOS Digital Rebel XT EF-S 18-55mm Kit (Silver)
    EOS Digital Rebel XTi EF-S 18-55 Kit
    EOS Digital Rebel XTi EF-S 18-55mm Kit (Silver)
    EOS ELAN 7/7E
    EOS Elan 7N EF 28-105mm Kit
    EOS Elan 7NE EF 28-105mm Kit
    EOS Elan II/IIE
    EOS Elan IIE
    EOS IX Lite
    EOS Rebel G
    EOS Rebel K2
    EOS Rebel T2
    EOS Rebel T2 Date Body
    EOS Rebel T2 EF 28-90mm III Kit
    EOS Rebel Ti
    EOS Rebel XSi
    EOS Rebel XSi EF-S 18-55IS Kit
    EOS Rebel XSi EF-S 18-55mm IS Kit (Silver)
    EOS Rebel XSi Kit (Silver)
    Limited Edition Digital Rebel
    Limited Edition Digital Rebel kit 18-55mm Kit
    Sure Shot Classic 120
    Sure Shot Z135
    Sure Shot Z90W...more info
  • handy item to have
    Perfect for helping you get in the picture or keeping the camera from getting camera shake. Only downfall is the remote needs to point at the camera to get the shot. So if you're using it to prevent camera shake/blur, it makes it a bit difficult. But if you're using it to get into the picture, it's great as you won't see a cord in your shot. Good investment....more info
  • Perfect Timing
    With two different delay speeds and a lock option, this little gadget is just what's needed for those timed shots. ...more info
  • Exactly what you expect form an infrared remote
    It works as advertised. Its size really surprised me; it was smaller than what I thought. And its utility was something I never doubted.

    The only reason I bought this wireless remote (as opposed to a wired one) is that I can be in front of the camera and take photos with me in them and not be limited to a certain distance. Also, by selecting the 2 second delay mode, I can conveniently hide the remote before the shot is taken. I took a lot of such shots on a recent trip to Paris, by keeping the camera on a tripod, manually focus the camera, and then clicking by the remote. The remote has a 'case' that can be put on the camera itself, so I never forget to carry it.

    Another issue I remember reading about is the remote's ability to shoot in bulb mode. Its really simple; click once to start the exposure and once again to stop the exposure. You don't have to keep the button pressed and hence worry about keeping the remote in front of the camera all the time (something I also believed at one point).
    ...more info
  • Great Remote for Rebel
    A must have for Rebel Xsi, if you want to include yourself in the picture....more info
  • LOVE this item!
    I Love this item~ I couldnt figure out how to program the timer part of my camera. But with this little device all I do is stand in the picture with everyone else & push the button!! I Love It!!!!!...more info
  • Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 for Digital Rebel
    Terrific remote control. Can be used for instant or delayed shots. Highly recommended. This is a great compliment to the wired remote for the Canon camera....more info
  • Love it
    It's nice to be able to be infront of the camera!!! Small enough to fit in your pocket. Good investment....more info
  • Nice lil' gadget
    The Canon Wireless Remote is a good tool to have if you are into photography. It makes it very easy to take pictures at night when using a triopd. I like the fact that it get attached to the strap of your camera and it is very small. I am not too sure how long the bateries last though....more info
  • Great product
    This remote works great with or without mirror lockup enabled on my Canon Xsi. Highly recommended. The only thing is that it doesn't work both ends of the mirror lockup process, but instead is on an automated timer - so you can't decide when to have the shutter actually trigger - at least I have not determined how to do this as of yet if the exact time the shutter release were to be crucial. ...more info
  • Great Item
    I had this remote for a while before I really used it. I misplaced the instructions to get it to work so I had to find them on line. One I got this working (didn't realize I had to put it on the timer mode then use the remote)I have never used my camera on a tripod or stapization unit without the remote. Very much work the money. ...more info
  • A MUST have!
    This is an awesome thing to have! No more running to the camera to set the timer, missing it, or having to wait forever for it to go off! I set my camera up, get everything ready and click my remote- I have my picture! So simple! ...more info
  • Love it!
    This is exactly what I needed to take pictures of my hummingbirds from inside my plateglass windows (the feeders are on the windows). Like others said, the remote must face the front of the camera, but you can work around that. I placed a mirror against some books in front of the camera, and I am able, with no problem at all, to point the remote at the mirror, where it angles it back to the camera and I can take pictures from my couch from the rear of the camera!...more info
  • It's so little....
    I received my remote yesterday and started playing with it immediately. I could not believe how small the remote was and it came with batteries! The feature I like most is the 2-second timer. Since my Rebel XT only has a 10-second timer, this will come in handy. It also has a bulb mode setting which I will most likely use at some point. This is a great Canon product and for the is worth it....more info
  • Great Product, Great Price!
    I was so glad to find this item on I didn't even realize the wireless remotes were available. I know from some of my older Canon 35MM products the wired remotes with extension (to allow you to be in a group shot and also take the shot) could quickly add up to the area of $100.

    This made it much more affordable and I no longer have to deal with that cumbersome cord stretched around the family photos.

    The only complaint I have about this product (if you could really call it a complaint) is that it is almost too small. Thank goodness it has a built-in clip that easily attaches to your neck strap or it could be lost easily....more info
  • Perfect Accessory!
    I just purchased my Canon Rebel XSI and wanted to include myself in some family photos. I always used the delay timer in other cameras I have owned and it was always a rush to get back into the picture before the timer activated.

    The other feature that is great about using this wireless remote is you can take multiple shots if someone moves or you think you want to retake some shots with different facial expressions.

    This is a tiny small accessory that attaches to the neck strap and is always with you when you travel with the camera. ...more info
  • Much better than cheap third party remotes
    In comparison with most cheaper third party remotes, this one looks much cooler on your Canon shoulder strap. It's slim and black so it blends well with the look of your Canon camera.

    Most importantly, you never need to look at your remote in order to operate once you have it in your palm. It has a good tactile button switch at an ergonomically designed location.

    It still has a function selector slide switch for instant and 2-sec-delay shots - all I need for my Canon XSi, although it's a little bit tricky to switch to the middle "instant" position in total darkness. If it had a 2-position (instant / 2sec) switch rather than the current 3-position (off / instant / 2sec) switch it might have been easier to change modes without looking at the switch.

    Anyway I am very satisfied with it and unless you want a "universal" remote that works for other brand cameras too, I highly recommend this....more info
  • Does what it's supposed to
    The remote is very small and mounts on the camera strap for easy storage. It's an IR remote so you must have line of sight to the camera to operate it. Because of it's small size, if you have large hands like myself, it can be a bit hard to push the button. There are times when it took two presses to activate the camera because my finger wasn't pushing it down all the way. Still, a great addition to my camera....more info
  • Small, easy to use, and best of all, inexpensive
    I purchased the RC-1 remote to use with my Canon 400D XTI. This is a no-frills, easy to use wireless remote that is small and very light. It can even attach to your camera strap so its on hand wherever you are. There are 2 shutter settings you can choose, no delay and 2 second delay and the remote will easily work up to a 15 foot distance.
    My only gripe is (like alot of others have mentioned) is that the remote doesn't work from the rear of the camera which would be handy when doing portrait shots and trying to prevent camera shake. If not for this, I would have no hesitation to give it 5 stars....more info
  • Great product!
    This is a great product whenever you want to be in the group photo you are shooting. Also, if you like taking self portraits, this product comes in handy instead of using the timer on the camera....more info
  • Works as expected.
    This remote works as I expected and advertised. Enables me to get into photos without having to hurry in to the frame using a timer. The price is great concidering the functionality. This is the second one I have purchased. The first is still working great after 2 years of ownership, this one I bought to go along to my son when I up graded to the Rebel Xsi from the Rebel Xt which I am giving to him....more info
  • Get it, it's useful
    Fast response. I can finally take my own portrait while I am alone. I love it!...more info
  • Canon Wireless Remote
    The range on this remote kind of sucks and I was really hoping you didnt have to be in front of the camera for it to work however for what I need it for (rig car shots) it should hopefully work fine...more info
  • great little gadget at a great little price. No, really!
    What a cool little remote. It has a holder that laces into your strap and you cn click it on and remove it when needed. Better than what my classmates had.
    ...more info
  • Works great- lacking distance
    this little control works great, very small, two handy settings (instant shot, and 2 second delay). My only complaint is that sometimes it doesn't reach far enough (max 15 ft. i think). I think this control (RC1) is better than the other available control (which has only one setting of 2 second delay). buy the RC1 control- you'll like it better....more info
  • You need this
    Does everything it supposes to do. All plastic and light, feels cheap. Aim toward the front of the camera and you will be ok....more info
  • no complaints
    thanks to amazon and canon....nice product for such a cheap price. if people want to use it from behind the camera..plz buy a cable release. thanks....more info
  • Works well, need line of sight
    This little remote works exactly as intended. There is a small switch that will allow you to take photos instantly or with a 2 second delay. You can also turn it off completely. It comes with a small button cell battery that has worked for 4 months without showing signs of stopping. The remote comes with a little plastic platform that you can hook onto the strap of your camera, and then the remote can be snapped onto that platform or taken off easily. It's not as flimsy as it sounds and stays on that platform securely when you're not using it.

    However, you need line of sight for this remote. The remote sensor is at the front of your camera, so that means that you need to point the remote at the front. If you're behind the camera, you have to move your hand around to the front and point it like that. So although this is a wireless remote, it's an infrared beam (laser-beam type) remote, not a radio frequency remote. This is the only reason that I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. Overall, I'm very pleased with this item....more info
  • Batteries dead...
    Can't say if this works or not, as it was delivered with dead batteries... :-( Or at least I presume it's the batteries, and that the *whole thing* isn't dead. I'll come back and report once I've gone out and bought new batteries. Snif. Expected better from Amazon....more info
  • Do not buy
    Im 30 but I put underage so my name can be anonymous.

    This was a gift, but it does not work, it was delivered damaged and they did not give me another one.

    ...more info
  • nice gadget
    It works what suppose to be. But I need to be infront of camera within about 20 degree viewing angles and within about 20 feet. I no longer need to run to get my self in the picture like in old timer....more info
  • Works great in a small range of situations
    This remote works well in front of the camera, if you're working with a subject. However, If you want to use it BEHIND the camera, forget it. The product description "forgot" to mention that fact. This product is not a replacement for a cable remote, but can be used as a companion in certain circumstances....more info
  • Not too shabby
    Once I figured out that I had to hold the remote off to the side and to the left of the camera (facing me) in order to get it to work, it worked fine. Might have been nice if the instructions included that little tidbit of helpful info, since I thought the thing was broken when I tried to use it with my right hand and it only worked one out of 10 times....more info
  • Nice Gadget.
    In order to avoid camera shake in certain photo situations (macro photography, fireworks, etc.), it is important to have a wireless remote, or other typs of shutter release. The Canon RC1 does a great job at a good price. The only drawback, is that the remote must be fired from in front, or to the side of the camera. Generally this is not an issue. I also like the fact that it can be stored right on your camera strap, so it is easily accessible....more info
  • Canon remote control
    This produce does exactly what it claims. I have attached it to my lanyard and have it ready at all times....more info
  • It's is a good deal!!
    I think is better have two ways for take the pictures without touch the camera.... but is a good deal any way!!!...more info
  • EOS Remote
    Unit works exactly as designed, I have a small problem keeping up with it sometimes but thats another issue for another day....more info
  • Doesn't work with the Canon 30D
    Can't understand why it doesn't work with the Canon 30D, but does with many other Canon cameras. There seems to be no wireless remotes for the 30D. It does work fine with the XT....more info
  • Great for night shots
    Works well especially at night. Could be used to take pictures with the ap open. The only bad thing is you can't use multiple picture modes. Still worth the money. Attaches to the camera strap and snaps on and off....more info
  • CANON EOS Digital Rebel XT
    This is probably the best money I have spent on my camera in a very long time.

    The holder attaches permanently to the neckstrap so you always have it with you. It can also be used to prop the camera level using the indentation in the holder base, even while on the neckstrap if you are careful where on the strap you put it.

    I have found there are three settings: the dot is instant focus and shoot, the 2 has a 2-second delay before shooting, and the L is off.

    It works from a variety of angles (but all must be from in front, even slightly) of the camera body (not the lens). I have also managed to get shots at 90 degrees from the camera and slightly ahead of the body.

    Full moon, fireworks, and any other dark shot is a breeze with this.

    For fixed distance shots, I recommend using the auto focus and then switching the lens to manual.

    Play with the ISO settings as well. Darker images can be obtained with using the BULB feature and a lower ISO setting.

    Lighter images higher ISO and longer delay.

    To take a photo with "perfect light" set the camera to Manual and adjust the dial to the length you want the shutter to remain open. Focus, press the button and it will take the photo.

    Longer shooting times just set to BULB and focus. Press the button on the remote once, wait the length of time you want and press the button again. The shutter remains open until the second press....more info
  • nice investment for Canon EOS DSLR owner
    I have used it a lot. For group pictures as well as night shots. Its truly value for money and serious photographers should consider buying this for un-touched night or low light snaps. As usual the price on amazon was steal....more info
  • Won't work on 5d
    This thing dose not work on the 5d probably not on any of the high end cameras...more info
  • Excellent addition to my camera bag
    Handy little gadget to add to any camera bag. Trust me, sooner or later you will want to take a picture using a remote control device to eliminate camera shake. MIght as well buy it now and keep it around. Good luck....more info
  • Wireless!
    Before discovering this product I read so many negative Amazon reviews about the $50 shutter release which attaches to the camera via a short cord that I nearly gave up. This product, however, is less expensive and completely wireless. Since Canon is nice enough to include batteries with the product, I was able to utilize the remote controller immediately. What a great product! It works perfectly with my Canon Rebel Xti. Now I can be in our photos, too! ...more info
  • Great Product
    I like this wireless remote. Now i don't have to rush to my spot in 10 seconds. ...more info
  • Simple and effective
    Remote has a switch that is OFF / INSTANT SHUTTER / 2 SECOND DELAY SHUTTER so you can control the behavior of its button. Handy little cradle allows it to snap onto camera strap if you want to carry it with you. I am using it with my Rebel XSi and it works great. ...more info
  • Handy Product
    The Canon RC1 Wireless remote control is a must have for any Canon DSLR owner. It allows you to take shots on a tripod without touching the camera. This is important for ultra sharp pictures and to eliminate the camera shake that can happen just when touching the shutter button. It also can allow you to take portraits with yourself in the group picture. It is a very handy product and eliminates the need for the corded release. No cables to trip over and damage your expensive rig....more info
  • Works great!! I love it!
    It's a simple item, but it's great for taking portraits or any time you need to put the camera on a tripod/keep it perfectly still. It's small, so you can hide it in your hand while taking a self protraint and it clips to the camera strap so you'll never lose it. Very happy with it....more info
  • Good deal!
    I had one of this in '93. The device is quite the same, but it works!!! Useful for tripod/low speed shots. ...more info
  • Get yourself in the picture!
    I have had this handy little device now for many months and it has repeatedly proven itself when I have wanted to be in the picture, or take a photo without pressing on the shutter release, and causing camera shake. It is well worth the money, reliable, and extremely portable....more info
  • Does what it's supposed to
    Yes, it's true that you do have to hold it at a certain angle in order for it to pick up, but it's still a priceless little piece of equipment.
    It eliminates any shake caused by manually pressing the shutter, and allows you to get in the picture (the two second delay is easily enough time to regain your ultra-cool pose)....more info
  • Not bad...
    If you plan on buying a tripod and setting up some lighting for a particular shot and are considering to have the mirror locked up to reduce any shake, then take another step and get this remote trigger.

    It does have a limited range. So, if you want to take pictures of yourself and find that the remote is not really triggering the shots at your will, don't be surprised. Use the timer instead.

    $20 is not much of a price to pay for a product that can sometimes make the difference between a castaway and a keeper picture....more info
  • A remote shutter release that doesn't jerk the camera.
    This item works great and a tip for those that have reviewed it and didn't like the fact that you need to be in front of the camera to use it - while that is true I was able to use it by placing a mirror out of the frame in front of the camera.

    I take night shots sometimes and need the steady shot on the tripod. I used to try to set it up then hit the button and let the camera use the times release but this is much quicker, the moon won't shift out of place.

    Plus I don't have to run from the camera position anymore to setup a good group photo or have people who cannot frame a picture ruin the shot of the family at a monument in DC or a waterfall in Hawaii.

    If I want to be sure that the remote doesn't show in the shot it has a 2 second delay so I can click the button and hide the remote.

    If you haven't had one you won't know how much you've missed it until you have one and forget it sometime. There is a strap lock that comes with it so you can clip it to your camera strap too.

    ...more info
  • Recommended.
    I recommmend this product to all Canon DSLR owner, especially who has family & kids. This unit is thicker than RC5 but it has option 2sec. timer delay prior take picture which is very very good ideal and useful. It came with the clip that you can mount on the Canon trap loop. It uses two 3V batt.(Sanyo CR1220). On the remote, beside the big round shutter button, it has a 3 postions slide: OFF, S(for instant shot) and 2s (For 2 seconds delay)....more info
  • don't bother.
    This thing is a piece of crap. Doesn't work straight out of the package. I thought it was the batteries, only to find out it's just got a weak signal. Also, please note (I didn't, and I suppose that's my fault) that this will NOT focus for you! This is my first ever negative product review, but I thought I'd try to save somebody a good 20-30 bucks! ...more info
  • How does it work
    I am going to return it as soon as I find my receipt. My camera does support product. I have a Cannon Rebel XT and I can not find a way to make this remote work. Love the idea of a remote, wished it worked withe my camera. laurie...more info
  • Wireless Remote Review
    This is a great device. There are many useful applications for this device. I use it because I draw and many times, I'm my own model when it comes to poses. This makes it easy for me to take photos of my self for drawing purposes(sounds weird, I know). Besides that I've been able to take professional photos (with my Canon Rebel XTi) of my family... with me in the photo. Once you set up your shot this remote focuses the camera and takes the picture at the touch of a button. It is also useful when you want to take a picture in low lighting where you dont any camera shake. You can set the camera on tripod, use your remote, and there will be absolutely no camera shake. I love this remote, I wish I bought it sooner....more info
  • Handy
    Really convenient and handy.
    I usually mount the camera on a tripod and use it for:
    - family pictures with everybody in the picture
    - when you want ultimate image quality or at long exposures
    It has a "locked" switch for when it's in the bag, "instant shot" when you aren't in the picture, "2-sec delay" mode when you want some time to hide your hand with the remote.
    It cannot do "continuous shooting", and even if you set +-1/3EV bracketing it will take only one shot at a time when in "2-sec delay mode"...
    I don't use it often, but when I do - it's so much much better than the standard 10-sec timer....more info
  • Limited use
    This product would be great if the range of the remote wasn't so short and narrow. Its not very good from any angle other than the front and at close range. It might be best to get stronger or wired remote....more info
  • cool gadget
    This control is pretty cool, it works great but you have to be pretty close to your camera....more info
  • Works great once it works
    Took several re-reads of the instructions to get this to work with my camera. It's been working well ever since. Great products with below average instructions. BTW - I'm an engineer who reads manuals and instructions and usually get things right the first time. Reading instructions is time well spent. ...more info
  • Canon Wireless IR Remote, Remote Control for the Canon Digital Rebel, remote control
    I enjoy using the Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1. The only drawback is that it is a line-of-sight controller and it needs to be in front of the camera to operate properly. The Canon radio control remote is more handy and can operate from behind the camera and for greater distances... but the radio control remote cost more....more info
  • Easy Setup
    This thing works great, all you have to do is put the camera in remote mode and push the button!...more info
  • Great with the XTi
    I got this remote to use with my Rebel XTi and have been very pleased. You cannot use it from behind the camera, but it works well from either side or front. I does not have the capability for long exposures like the wired shutter release does, but for what it is I could not ask for more....more info
  • Perfect
    It's a very usefull divice, but It don't have a focus function, and only two shoot settings, direct shoot and 2 seconds delay....more info
  • Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 for Digital Rebel
    Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 for Digital Rebel that I bought through AMAZON is a real jewel. What a pleasure to use. ...more info
  • GREAT gadget for the price!
    I am just thoroughly impressed with this little powerhouse of a product. It's worked great for me so far and even better than I expected in a lot of cases. I love that I can shoot from behind the camera most of the time. Because it's infrared, I guess it's only supposed to work if remote is directly in front of camera, but I found it worked from behind with few problems (if it's really overcast, grey it seems not to work from behind). TOTALLY worth the $23 smackers!...more info
  • Great replacement for lost wired remote
    I lost the wired remote for my Digital Rebel XT, so ordered this as a replacement. Also, if I happen to find the wired one, I won't end up with 2 of the same remote. So far, it has worked just fine. The IR receiver on the camera is on the front of the grip, which is odd, but that's not a ding on the remote. Range seems to be decent (good enough for a family photo from about 20 feet), and the battery is holding up nicely. The ability to lock it in the "Off" condition is nice, too, especially if you keep it in a bag where the button could possibly get depressed by other gear (a bit hard to do if it's stored in its strap-mounted base clip)....more info
  • Remote Camera Trigger
    Works great out of the box. No problems encounter and enjoy using this device immensely. ...more info
  • Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1
    This remote works well with my Canon Rebel XT digital camera. It is reasonably priced by Canon standards. I do wonder why this remote was not included with the camera as it came from the factory. My Olympus C5060 Wide Angle came with a remote....more info
  • Do NOT read the other reviews. This item is just FABULOUS!
    I read through TONS and tons of reviews before finally purchasing this remote for myself. I am using it with a Digital Rebel (300D).

    First of all, it will ONLY work in front of the camera. Not behind. Do not buy it if you want to use it while you are behind the camera. It's not for that purpose! Also, keep in mind that you can only have so much of a distance between the remote and the camera. That's not too big of a deal to me though.

    I wanted a remote so I could take more self portraits. I got just what I expected. It's small but handy. It focuses (make sure your lens is set to Autofocus) and then takes a picture. It will not take a picture if it can't focus on anything. It also has a 2 second timer so you can hide the remote if you don't want it in the picture. Seriously, I don't see what the big deal is. Its cute and in my pictures I want to show it off. I love how it has a strap attachment. I have a feeling I won't lose it now, but it's inexpensive, so it might be worth buying a double just in case.

    I absolutely LOVE this remote and I'm so happy with my purchase. :)...more info
  • Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 for Digital Rebel
    I have no complaints about this remote, it works just like it should, and I am very happy with it....more info
  • Perfect accessory!
    It is wonderful to use. Since it clips onto the strap, I always have it, so any time I want to be in the picture or want to use a tripod, I just have to use my remote. It's nice that it's nearly impossible to lose it....more info
  • Works as expected
    I bought this to use with my Canon Rebel XTi. It works great. Every time I push the button, my camera takes the picture. Even in strong lighting, I have had no issues with the camera sensing the remote. It is small and lightweight, so it hangs nicely on the camera strap without being obvious or bulky. It has the ability to immediately take the picture or take the picture on a delay so that you have time to hide the remote when you jump in the picture yourself. I have had it for 2 months and use it all the time and the battery is still going strong....more info
  • It's Tops!!!
    I have owned this remote for just about a week. I recently purchased a XTI with a few accessories, with this being one.
    I must say that this is probably a must have. It is for me. When it comes to portraits, self pics, macro, or bulb photography (when you leave the shutter open for REAL long exposures) it's great. For Macro and Bulb, sometimes you dont want even the slightest movement from touching the camera to show up on your exposure.
    It is true that because it's IR (requires direct line of sight to receiver) it does not work from "behind" the camera. Which is not convenient when shooting portraits (like small children who you are trying to make smile.....) from behind the camera. A simple, but not pretty, solution to this problem is to simply place a mirror in front of the IR receiver! The bigger the mirror, the more room you have to move around the back of the camera! Just make sure it does not get in the way of the flash.
    If you play with it enough....IT WILL WORK FOR YOU! Think OUTSIDE of the box.
    $22 bucks, and it stores on your camera strap....FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!!...more info
  • Great Remote
    If you have read my review on the Opteka Remote you will know already how great this remote is for my Canon XTi. Ok, it is a bit more expensive than Opteka's, but if it works, it is worth the price. And that is the difference between the two. The Canon worked first time. Opteka's did not with the XTi. It is a handy little remote with 3 options. Instant shutter, 2 second release and lock so that you cannot accidently take a shot. There is a strap holder, which I think is great. It took me a while to have to undo the strap on my camera to add this holder but the end result is worth it as the remote is now where the camera goes. Great remote and worth the extra price compared to generics....more info
  • Cool remote that snaps to your shoulder strap, but signal sucks
    The Canon RC1 is a great remote if you are aligned directly in front of the sensor. Or maybe the battery is weak? The nice thing is that I can store the RC1 directly on the shoulder strap of my Rebel XTi. ...more info
  • Excellent and Affordable
    This product is so great that I've bought 2 of them (I lost the first definitely get something to keep it in).

    It's a remote so there isn't much to say, but if you are looking for a remote, then this is the one. All you do is turn your camera to the timer/remote setting and press the shutter release button on your remote. Either instant release or 2 second release. I prefer the 2 second release, it allows for great focusing in my experience. It's great for night shots and self-portraits. ...more info
  • Convenient and reliable
    I have had this little guy for about 3 years.
    I love it. It is well designed and works like a charm.
    It clips on your camera strap so that it is always available....more info
  • Remote
    Oh boy, is this fun! Just don't forget to turn on/off and the camera mode must be set for remote to work. Try a few times, then read the manual!...more info
  • received quickly-gift to my niece and she loved it!!!!
    This was a gift for my niece and she loved it! I will shop again!!...more info
  • nice remote, but...
    This remote is nice for when you want to be in the picture and you don't want to have to run after setting the timer to get in the shot. Also, if you want to take multiple shots in a row, you can use the remote instead of having to walk back after each shot to reset the timer. However, if you take too long to figure out how you want things set up in the picture and try to use the remote, often the camera will go in standby mode and the remote won't work so you have to come back to the camera and wake it up. I haven't tried to figure out if maybe you can lengthen the time the camera is awake before stand by mode, maybe that'll help. I still think it's worth buying, this as well as the RS60 E3 (the remote switch with the cord)....more info
  • This RC1 destroys your self-portraits! Get the radio remote control instead
    I bought this Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1, with the Rebel XTi because I wanted to learn taking portraits and wanted to try it on myself first. But this RC1 was good for nothing, seriously! Here are the reasons that make me hate it:

    1. You have to be in front of the camera to use it. That means you can not avoid to be in the picture. And when you are in the picture, you can not hide it. You have to advertise it in front of every picture that you are in! Yes! you pay Canon to do free commercial for them.

    2. The Canon RC1 can not focus the camera. Therefore, you must pre-focus the spot before you jump into it to take the shot. Yes, I really mean you have to run and jump into the spot to take the picture because the camera will switch off in ten seconds when it is in remote-control mode. In fact, the camera's self-timer mode works a lot better than this RC1. With the self-timer, you will be in the picture without showing the ugly remote control in your hand every time.

    3. This RC1 is not good for self portrait shoot. Period! I got it for that only purpose. But it destroyed nearly all of my self portrait shots. Because it can not focus the camera, I had to put something at the spot that I would be in and focus it first. The problem is to find the object of my size to put in my place for focusing. I like to take pictures of me in my natural environment, like sitting at my desk, cooking in the kitchen, working in the backyard, sitting and playing the guitar, etc. It is impossible to find something to take my place for focusing in many situations like that. I need a remote control that can focus the camera on me (a live subject) and not a still object right at the exact spot that I am in. And the Canon RC1 can not do that. I took hundreds of pictures of myself in various situations using this RC1 and only a few of them were in good focus. The worse shots were those close-up (just a few feet away from the camera) and in low light even though I used the EF 50mm f/1.2L USM lens which usually produces very clear pictures in low light.

    If you only occasionally want to be in the picture, then you will be more happy with the self-timer mode than this RC1. But if you want to do a lot of self-portrait shots, then get yourself a radio wireless shutter release, instead. There is one on Amazon. But it is very expensive. There are plenty of good and brand new ones on e bay on sales for 20 - 30 bucks. These brand new devices are cheap because they are massively made in China. Do not try to think that Chinese products are not good. What in the world today is not made in China?

    I got one from Gaget Infinity on e bay for 19 bucks plus 10 bucks shipping from Hong Kong. It took two weeks to ship from Hong Kong to California. But it worths it. This litte radio wireless shutter release is not as nicely built as the RC1, but it does the job that it is supposed to do. It comes with a radio receiver, which is plugged into the camera and a radio remote control the same size as the RC1. The remote control lets you press half-way to focus the camera, and press all the way to take the shot. The camera does not have to be in remote mode. You can even wake up a sleeping camera by pressing the control half way. You can not do that with the RC1. The bad thing about the RC1 is that if you do not press it within ten seconds, the camera goes to sleep and then you must press the shutter button (half-way) on the camera (not on the RC1) to wake the camera up. Ten seconds are never really enough time for posing a good portrait shot!

    With the radio wireless shutter release, you can take as much time as you need to make yourself look good in front of the camera. With it, I got my self-portraits the way I wanted and that they were perfectly in focus everytime. I used it for all kind of shots when I need to mount the camera on a tripod. It is the best tool for controlling camera shake. It is also a good device when you want to take pictures of little children playing, birds, and little animals around your house. You just set the camera hidden at some place and go back to your work. When the subject enters the picture frame, just press the remote control half-way to focus, and press it all the way to snap the picture. You snap the best picture of your subject in its natural environment without disturbing it!

    While the RC1's range is only several feet, the radio remote control that I got works well within 25 feet. And the nice thing about it is that it does not have to be in front of the camera and I do not have to expose it when I am in the picture.

    A radio remote control for the same price of this RC1 or cheaper will work fine for you. But do not get this RC1 or any kind of infrared remote control like it! This kind of remote control is good for TV, but not for camera!
    ...more info
    Practical remote although you have to catch the right angle to switch on your digital photo camera....more info
  • works as advertize
    This wireless shutter release works great with the Canon Digital Rebel XTi. A must have if you are going to get into fotography to minimize camera shake when shooting with a tripod.c...more info
  • Small, portable and easy to use!
    Works great with my Rebel XT. Being able to shoot remotely lets me take pictures of myself nekked with great ease! *HIGH-FIVE*...more info
  • Great Item
    I'm an ameteur just getting into the SLR world, and this little item has opened a new window of freedom of space and time. This tinny remote is a great little helper, giving you the option of a 2 second delay so you can be as natural as you want in the picture and totally avoiding the running and jumping over friends just to "make it in the picture". It can be mounted on the neck strap and does not bother you at all. The only negative thing, but certanily not an excuse not to get it, is the fact that it won't work from behind the camera. Other than that, man... just go for it!!!...more info
  • Excellent device
    Fastens right on the shoulder strap, easy to use. Great for using the camera on a tripod for blur-free shots. Just place the camera on the tripod, hold the remote to the front at an angle, out of lens range, click the button, quickly remove the remote away from the camera, to make sure you don't get any shadows on the lens, and get a great shot!!...more info
  • Doesn't work
    I have to ditto the more negative comments here. Got mine and it didn't work. I figured the battery was dead. Waited too long to get a replacement battery. when I figured out the whole unit didn't work, it was past deadline to replace it. ...more info
  • Works Great
    Simple and very easy to use. I have only used this inside and works just fine. I have not had the poor performance some have experienced. It is a line of sight device and works virtually every time the button is pressed. I found it better to use the 2 second delay but that is personal preference I am sure. I do not use the holder to carry it on my camera strap but keep it in my tripod case as I only will use it when the camera is tripod mounted.

    UPDATE: My wife and I went hiking and I took several pictures of us, probably around 12-15 feet and it worked flawlessly every time. I have a very large lens hood on this particular lens and it proved to be no problem at all....more info
  • Does what it promises
    There's not much to be said about the wireless remote. It does what it should. I primarily bought the remote to avoid camera shake when housing my XT on a tripod. Unfortunately, the XT and XTi only have a sensor on the front so you still have to use the two second timer, hold the remote in front of the camera and then pull it back before it fires. That's not the remote's fault though so it still gets 5 stars. If you want a more versatile option, you have to go with the Zap-Shot Wireless Radio Remote which gets around the sensor issue. You just have to decide if that's a $100 annoyance or not....more info
  • Awsome product low price!
    I am very glad that I purchased this remote for my Canon Rebel Xti. I love it and it works perfectly every time....more info
  • Amazing and inexpensive remote
    Don't fuss with any other remotes or wired shutter releases. This thing is awesome. It even threads through your camera strap. It's easy to use and works seamlessly with my Canon Rebel XT. A must for anyone shooting with a tripod. I highly recommend getting it....more info
  • I like it :)
    Haven't used it much, but it's a great addition to my Canon Rebel XTi! I love that it's designed to be stored on the neck strap with the buttons toward the piece that's connected to the strap. This way, there isn't any accidental pressing of the shutter release causing your battery to become drained. I's also nice that it has both a 2second and 0second delay, so it can be used for either situation....more info
  • Canon Wireless Remote
    I have been unable to test the remote as well. I thought my batteries were dead and went out and replaced them. It still doesn't work and now it is past the "deadline" to return the product....more info
  • Canon wireless remote
    This more of a comment about the retailer than the product itself. I have been unable to test the remote, because I suspect it arrived with a drained battery. The new battery will cost almost as much as the remote itself, so it sits in a drawer. I will never shop from that retailer again....more info
  • A "Must have" tool in your bag
    You have to get one of these. It works very well, if you are shooting portraits, macros or self portraits, this remote awesome tool to have it. I use it all the time. Unless if I need burst, this is a perfect for tripod single shots of any kind :)

    If you buy after you read my review, I will have your bless :)...more info
  • Great Product
    This remote works great with my camera. I love that it takes the picture instantly....more info
  • Difference between this and RC5?
    I asked this question at a local camera shop, and ignited a huge discussion between the five employees there. The answer? No one knows. Just some mumblings about the RC5 being targeted towards point-and-shoot guys.

    Don't know, but they seem to work the same. Maybe the RC5 is smaller.

    Either works great! I use my RC5 for super-still tripod shots....more info
  • Useful and a bargain.
    It woks! Love it. I use it when I take photos with longer exposires even using the tripod so the camera doesn't shake when I trip the shutter....more info
  • OK.
    This is an OK remote. We use it with my wife's Rebel XTI. It gets the job done eventually. It doesn't always take the shot when you want it to, so you'll end up with some interesting photos. It's better than setting the timer, and running to you spot though....more info
  • A remote way to get in the picture.
    I really like this thing. It allow me to take really candid pictures of people and animals. The remote is a lot better than setting the timer and running to be in the picture. It has good range, and is really responsive....more info
  • photo fun
    This product has proved to be the most fun for my grandchildren, they love being able to click the button and all of us be in the photo. Just put the camera on auto focus, gather around the table or whatever, and just snap away. This also gives you the ability to take those family photos in front of the Christmas Tree, etc, when it's just you and yours at home...more info
  • Great device that should satisfy most people's requirements!
    I've owned and used this product for several months now, and have found that it does everything that I need.

    The range works as advertised, and I also love that you can attach the clip holder to the camera's strap for easy, quick, and convenient access. The adjustable 0 second or 2 second delay is great, too!

    The only (very) slight issue that I have with it is that the remote has to be in front of the camera for it to work... which is great for self-portraits, but say you're taking a night shot on a tripod you'll have to do a reach-around (be careful not to get your hand/arm in the shot). That said, it's not enough of an issue for me not to give it 5 stars, or buy a remote switch instead....more info
  • Works fine so far
    Sor far I haven't used it a whole lot because I don't take many family/self portraits. Still, up to now it's worked great....more info
  • Works great!
    I have Canon Digital Rebel EOS. Worked perfectly right away. no problems. I really like that it has a setting to take a picture right as you click the button, and one that takes 2 seconds so that you can get your hand with the remote out of the way before the picture is taken....more info
  • RCI Canon Wireless remote
    RC1 Wireless remote functions as described... Connects to the camera strap so device is immediately available when needed. Paid $14 + shipping so very fare price... No buyers remorse! -Dave...more info
  • Great product when it works
    I purchase the remote to replace an identical product that stopped working within a year. It is a wonderful product when working properly. I am hoping the first remote was a flawed unit and this one will last longer. So far so good....more info
  • Awesome Product!
    I just received my Canon Remote RC-1 to be used with my Canon Rebel XTi. The instructions were a lil hard to understand but it's only because I'm a newbie to all this. Once I came here and read some of the comments others left, I realized that I didn't have the camera set to Self Timer/Remote Mode. All is well now.

    Also wanted to point out that it was a little slow at taking the photos. I had to press the button a few times to take the photo. It might be human error. (like I said, I'm new to all this).

    Bottom line, this is a great product and it's price is unbeatable. Best there is out there.

    Thanks, E...more info
  • Small and Easy!
    This little gem is small and simple to use. It fastens right onto your camera strap and the top stays there so that you can snap the remote off and use it, then snap it back on when not in use. Easy to use - great for all those shots YOU want to be in and can't figure out how to sit just right, wait, wait, wait for the camer to click. Now YOU control the click! I am using it on a CANON REBEL EOS XTi....more info
  • Perfect
    I purchased this remote control from and shipping was in time.
    I opened the box inmediately upon arrival and started using this little remote with my Canon Rebel XT, it has worked flawlessly, it has a two position switch which allows you to release the shutter inmediately or with a two seconds delay. It is perfect for group pictures or family portraits in which you want to be part of, and not be hidden behind the camera. It is also useful for tripod mounted long exposures because it eliminates vibration caused by your hands on shutter release.
    So if you own a Revel XT and like photography this is a must.
    ...more info
  • Great for family gatherings!
    Was able to use this remote during the Thanksgiving holiday with family. Something to know, though, you don't have the usually "blink, blink, blink, then flash and picture taken" - it's one light blink then the picture is taken. Caught us off guard the first time but we soon had it down. I was about 12 feet away from the camera and it took just fine. I haven't tried any farther away than that. Works great close to the camera also. Would recommend this purchase....more info
  • Remote
    Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 for Digital Rebel
    If you are going to use this to take your own picture, make sure that you hold it discreetly, other wise it is very obviuos that you are using a remote....more info
  • Worked right out the box
    This worked right out the box on my XTi. I tend to do macro and noticed the camera shaked on the tri-pod when I pushed the button. This was bought to solve that issue. Now, I need to figure out if it does autofocus!...more info
  • Great remote control and small
    It's not for me. A friend asked to buy for her. For sure the camera should be great....more info
  • Canon wireless remote for EOS Rebel
    I am not sure why I did not get this earlier! It has met all the company descriptions form Canon as well as the reviews on I am looking forward to using it for kids and outdoor creatures. Also a very reasonable price !...more info
  • Wife loves it!
    I got this for my wife, who loves it. She likes taking pictures on your tripod and this little gadget works well. Even though it does have to be in front of it, she likes the fact that she just "reaches" around with it and doesn't have to manually hit the camera button therfore not accidentally shaking the camera....more info
  • Works well once you get the hang of it
    I didn't think I'd want this on my camera strap but it fit so well and is so unobtrusive that I left it on once I'd tried it. Having it right there makes it incredibly convenient.

    Good for tripod work, though you have to reach around the front of the XTi because that's where the sensor is. The 2-second delay mode is great for long exposures, as it locks the lens up and eliminates that shake.

    I wish the buttons were a little bigger, to permit use with gloves. I also wish the instructions were a little easier to read. It's one sheet with 10 different languages in tiny print and are a little vague in spots....more info
  • Not working
    Received this product without any problem. However, it won't work. Haven't figure out whether it is the battery is dead or the remote is not working. Very dissapointed...more info
  • Great item at a great price
    The Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 for Digital Rebel works great and cost less than I had expected....more info
  • Great device
    I bought this remote for a party and loved the fact that I could then be in the pictures. I'm so accustomed to being on the "other side" of the camera.
    The remote is very easy to use and the settings are layed out for you in the instruction booklet. Not much else to it.
    I'm really happy I bought it....more info
  • keeper
    I love this remote a lot. It's very nice to be able to be in the pictures without having to use the 10-second delay....more info
  • such a great toy
    I just got this remote for my Rebel XTi a few days ago and I love it! Using it is so much better than having to race to beat the camera's self-timer. The 15 foot distance limit isn't a problem for me since I photograph people - if you get further away than that your flash isn't very effective anyway. The small size of the remote is great, too. It clips right onto the neckstrap of my camera. I highly recommend this product - I love it! ...more info
  • remote control shutter release canon digital rebel
    Glad I bought this product. It is worthwhile to not have to push the shutter release button on the camera and race to get into my spot in the family picture (and smile, acting calm, like I've been there all along.)
    I also like this alternative because it is wireless and eliminates my shaky hands from ruining the picture.
    However, this remote would be a lot better if I could activate it from behind or to the side of the product, instead of needing to be directly in front of the camera. In addition, I wish I could activate the shutter release while holding it in my pocket so every picture doesn't make me look like I'm switching channels on my t.v. A little more subtle would be nice. ...more info
  • Great Remote
    Works well from a good distance. Others have spoken of the 2 second delay mirror lock, this also means that you can do a self timer photo with you in the picture and the camera on a tripod or propped on something and get your hand out of the way / not have to run from the camera into the picture etc.
    It's worked on my EOS10 (film) / EOS100 (Film) / Ixus APS / A80 and now my Digital Rebel Xti and is still on the original 12+year old batteries....more info
  • Great product.
    I really like this remote control. I've experienced the range to be what the description says. The only frustrating thing - which I've now gotten used to - is that you have to be to the camera's left to use the remote, otherwise the lens blocks the sensor. This is a great little remote....more info
  • Remote
    I love this remote. I can take pictures of myself now. I missed the flip feature of the hand held digital cam but with this remote, it brings back that option for me. ...more info
  • Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 for Digital Rebel
    Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 for Digital Rebel XT.
    I found this remote to trigger the camera very easy to use. It does have a footage range, approimately 15 + feet. I wish Canon would manufacture a remote that had a longer range but this one will do just fine.

    ...more info
  • RC-1emote
    Works great for what it is. I was looking for a wireless remote to use from behind my camera, not in front of it.(My Bad)
    Since I do Scenic photography not Portrait and I don't photograph myself in them, I don't need to be in front of the camera....more info
    The only reason i'm rating this transaction a 4 and not 5 is because the wireless remote control i ordered was delivered to the wrong address at first (and i'm guessing this was USPS's fault for mixing up my new address with the old one). However, according to the tracking record, the item was delivered the day after it was shipped which was pretty cool despite the mix-up....more info
  • Great accessory for your Canon SLR
    Works only when pointed directly at the front of the camera. Otherwise...a great product. A must if you do not have a IS lens and want to shoot at higher focal lengths. ...more info
  • Good remote but not perfect
    I like shooting with this remote, the only problems I have is that you need to point it straight at the lens in order for it work. Maybe I have a bad remote, I'm not sure. Sometimes I find myself pressing the button several times at different angles before the camera fires. It would be nice if you could stand anywhere in the room and be able to remotely shoot....more info
  • Great for the one man show!
    The remote works great... Easy to use.. Either Immidiate Response or 2sec Delay. The 2sec Delay gives you time to hide the button in your hand or shirt pocket.
    Distance from the Camera is somwhat limited, but designed to do what you want it to.
    I hooked up a little TV on the camera output and use that as a preview monitor.
    I can have the baby on the Sofa, sit next to him and fire away untill I get something I like.... no walking over to the camera all the time....more info
  • Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1
    Item as described, received in a reasonable amount of time. Used the remote control and it works as indicated....more info
  • A must have accessory
    I bought this for my Rebel a while back and kept it for my XT. I use it for Macro shots on a tripod (so I don't introduce camera shake). I use it at night for long exposures (lots of second curtain flash sequences with the kids and flashlights...).

    I use it for family photos where I want to get into the picture (and use the 2 second timer).

    I just found out it doesn't work on the xxD line (ie the 40D)....more info
  • Works great
    Works as advertised mostly. The only complaint I have is that you really have to be directly in front of the camera sensor.(used with a 400d)...more info
  • Great Remote
    This remote is cheap and gets the job done well. I just wish Canon made a simple cheap wireless remote like this for all of their bodies....more info
  • wireless remote for canon slr camera
    A handy little gadget. Great for taking long exposures. Cut down on camera
    movement. Recieved item in 3 days. It was just as described....more info
  • cheap and effective on my Xti

    This remote control works fine on my Rebel Xti. I have used it from as far as 15-20 feet. Once nice feature is the two second delay, which allows you to have the camera take a photo 2 seconds after you press the remote button -- allowing you to not have your arm sticking out and pointed at the camera in the photo.

    I also use this as a way to activate the camera without causing any motion, such as in astrophotography or other low-light tricks. Works great.

    ...more info
    I like using this remote with my Canon XTi, but I always have to remember to switch the camera to timer mode and the lense to manual focus. I still think it is more convenient to use the wired remote because I have a preference to be behind the camera instead of dangling the wireless remote in front of or over the camera. However, the wireless remote is convenient because it is wireless and it is faster to access for those quick shots if you are constantly on the move without spending the additional time to unwrap the wired remote. I especially enjoy using the wireless remote for group shots with myself included instead of the camera's automated timer. Overall, I use both the Canon wireless RC-1 and the Canon wired 60E3 remotes. For some it might not be necessary to have both, but I like having the option to use either. It just depends on what the specific situation calls for.
    ...more info
  • Works great - but limited trigger range
    I like this remote a lot - nice to be able to be in the pictures without having to use the 10-second delay. My only issue is that the remote must be in the line of sight with the camera's sensor. It would be nice to be able to trigger a shot from the side of the camera in certain situations. ...more info
  • Required gear
    Having a remote for your XTi is necessary if you want to be flexible. There are times you will probably need it such as for super telephoto, low light or long exposure night shots, as well as times when you would be included in the photo.

    This remote is cool because it has three settings: off, 2-second delay and instant. Also, some people believe that the camera doesn't autofocus with this remote (versus the RC5) which isn't true. When I press the button, I can see my EF 75-300mm III USM focusing before it shoots.

    Although the RC1 is sort of an ugly duckling versus the RC5 I like this remote better because it is designed to attach to your neckstrap via a weave-through holder. It is extremely convenient.

    The range is decent but I wish it was a little stronger and it needs to be aimed directly towards the front of the camera to work, which is a bummer. I wish the XTi had a second receiver in the rear of the camera for tri-pod shots. If the range were longer this would easily be a '5'....more info
  • A must if you want blur-free open shutter shots
    This remote is awesome! I use it everytime I need to take a shot where I keep the shutter open. Although I haven't used it for such yet, it would also work awesome for those family portraits so you don't have to hit the shutter and try to run back for the shot. It's small, simple and clips right to the strap on my Digital Rebel XTi. I don't even know it's there normally. I love this little remote and highly recommend it to anyone.

    ...more info
  • excellent product
    works well. The distance isn't as far as you might think. But far enough to fit a 6' 4" man in the frame away easily in landscape orientation, therefore big enough for a group of 15 people or so, maybe more if you have them organized right.

    It also can be used a remote release like a cable but this way you don't have to own two things. And the bulb exposure works with it too; press it once to start the exposure, you don't have to hold it down, press it again when you come back or whatever to end it.

    I own a Canon EOS digital Rebel xti

    it is a small remote. size of ring finger.

    just buy it....more info
  • nice but a little noisy for the neck strap
    This is a sharp little remote with on/off and a slick case to attach right to the neck strap of your camera.

    This way the remote snaps onto the strap rattles a little more than it might, somewhat lessening my willingness to carry the thing.
    ...more info
  • Does its job well, but looks like crud.
    There are 3 remotes for the Canon Rebel XTI.

    A wired remote, and two wireless remotes.

    This is the one that can take instant pictures, and be programmed with a 2 second delay.

    It works, exactly as expected. It clips on your neck strap securely.

    Be warned, the infrared receiver is on the front of the XTI, so both wireless remotes will only work from the front....more info
  • Nice product
    The remote comes with a gizmo, so you can attach it to the camera band.
    Once you remove it from the gizmo, you have 3 functions on the remote: 2sec. delay, immediate shot, and off. It worth the price. Good quality....more info
  • Nice compact light weight remote...
    There's nothing flashy about this product, but it works great with my new Canon Rebel XTi to either snap a photo immediately or with a two second delay. Includes a nice gizmo to attach the remote to the camera strap so you'll always have it available when you need it. Thumbs up from me!...more info
  • It really is wireless but...

    It really is wireless
    Can be set to take the photo immediately or timed
    It's small and includes a neck strap cover to attach to camera's neck strap
    I have heard this remote will work with the new Canon 5D Mark II (Will keep you posted when I find out)


    Range is pretty short, you must be close
    Must be in front of camera to use
    Must point at camera to use
    Must set camera to timer mode to use (Note remote can release shutter immediately)
    Must wakeup camera manually before you can use
    Can change the exposure slightly in dark or night shots
    Mirror lockup mode will not work with remote!

    It works but...

    It works but I really have a problem with the several different unanticipated things that happen when you use it. Please note all use of this remote testing and use was on a Canon Digital Rebel XTi camera using the included 18-55mm kit lens and a Canon 70-200mm 2.8 Lens on a tripod in RAW mode at ISO 100 your results may vary.


    I bought this remote to trip the shutter while taking photos of birds at my bird feeder without being next to the camera and to trip the shutter when shooting fireworks and taking Astrophotography (photos of the night sky, moon and stars etc.) Having to be in front of the camera to take a photo is one of the biggest problems I have. I BOUGHT this so I could be behind the camera and away from the birds so I would not scare them. Why didn't Canon put a sensor on the back of the camera?? Or make this a radio controlled sensor?

    Self-timer mode to use:

    The other problem is having to put the camera in timer mode to use it. After you put the camera in timer mode and you are using the remote on immediate exposure mode it will indeed take the photo when you press the button. HOWEVER, if you are in the timer mode and you happen to be up next to the camera and see a bird at the feeder and press the camera's shutter button you will rudely find that the camera is in timer mode and will not take the photo for 10 seconds! You have to use the remote to get an immediate exposure.

    Sleep mode:

    Also, if you wait too long to take the shot, the camera will go back into sleep mode. Guess WHAT? You can't wake up the camera using the remote. You have to walk up to the camera, scare all the birds away press the cameras shutter button to wake up the camera then the remote is active again.

    Use a mirror:

    I did find a round about way to take exposures of the birds from behind the camera by propping a mirror up in front of the camera and aimed back at the camera. The remote signal would bounce off the mirror and back and the camera and work.

    Low Light Astrophotography etc:

    Another problem is photography in low light conditions. The exposure is OK in bright light, but, when using the remote in the dark while the camera is on a tripod I have found the illumination from the remote is bright enough to affect the camera meter and therefore underexpose what you are taking a photo of when shooting Astrophotography etc.. Therefore I am going to have to either return this wireless remote and purchase the wired remote or keep this remote for self portraits and also buy a wired remote. Please note you can't see the light from the remote but the camera's meter must be able to.

    Self portraits:

    I thought this was were the little remote would shine, but guess what? You have to point the stupid thing at the camera for it to work!! You look a little weird in a self portrait holding this little remote in your hand and trying to point it at the camera without being conspicuous. I think it's actually better to use the camera's built in timer.

    Low light photography exposure:

    I thought I could use this remote to trigger my photos when I use the mirror lockup function so the camera would not shake. Guess what?? The mirror lockup mode does not work when using the REMOTE! When you trigger the camera using the remote it takes a photo normally with the exposure happening immediately after the mirror goes up causing the image to blur anyway.

    10-24-2008 Update:

    I have a new Canon 5D Mark II on order and I heard that it can use this remote. That probably means that the new 60D when it comes out will be able to use this remote. Will let you know when I get the 5D Mark II if this is so.
    ...more info
  • Tiny Remote Control
    This remote is so little and can be attached to the Camera strap. You need to point it infront of the camera to activate. I like it and it comes in handy. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend....more info
  • Works
    I like the fact that it is small weighs little and is attached to the camera strap. Kind of like a earbud though you better keep it in mind or it might get misplaced as it is small. It worked and has no wires to get in the way, nothing to plug in just set the camera and use it. Thats all I need, something that snaps the shutter. It does. I'll give it 5 stars if it works for a year. Longevity is something that takes time to observe.God bless each of you....more info
  • Overpriced
    It does everything it's suppose to. Just overpriced for what it is. 5 stars for function. 1 stars for price....more info
  • How does anyone live without this item?
    I am quite impressed with this item. Other than having to be directly pointed at the receiver, everything works great.

    I would recommend this item to anyone who needs to take hands off images. Keep the camera shake to a minimum in night shots. Be in the picture with the family. (Although you will be the one pointing the remote at the camera!)

    Good product....more info
  • Working great
    it's working great, Fast like the cameras shooter button. it's even work for remote autofocusing.
    my only complain is the Remote has to see the front of the camera, that because it's works with infrared.
    ...more info
  • Awesome Gadget
    Works as advertised. Works great for group shots. 100x easier than setting the timer and running into the shot. 2 second delay makes it easy to move it before the shot is taken. Allows the camera to autofocus when autofocus is switched on.

    Love it....more info
  • Works like expected!!!
    I purchased this a few months ago. It took me a little to get used to making it work without setting the lens to manual focus but now I am very pleased with the remote.
    ...more info
  • RC1 Remote
    Works as described. The holder is nice, preventing accidental pushing of the button when carried in the pants pocket. You just have to have it in view/range of the IR receiver on the camera. For this reason I prefer the wired remote for tripod work (unless I'm in the picture)....more info
  • Not much whoop for what I paid for it.
    I was actually looking for a remote control for viewing photos on my TV like my old Olympus had. When I got it I realized it was only to use when taking photos that included myself. Handy, so I will keep it, but it was about $25 and it only has one function and that is to trigger the shutter. I was looking for a way to sit a distance away from the camera and TV and view a photo show via remote control. ...more info
  • Stand in front?
    I bought mine years ago to use with my ElanII E. It works pretty well if you are at the front of the camera when you use it. Not quite what I had in mind when I bought it. If you learn to work around this little problem, the product does work fine, to the front and off to the side. That has always annoyed me however. On the plus side, it is still on its first batteries after all these years and it is still working as good as new. It also does work with the new XTI. A freind of mine has 2 XTIs so we tried it on one of them. he bought a wire remote instead. It's not really the units fault, it's just where the eye on the camera is....more info
  • Works great!
    We purchased this product to take macro close up photography of small items to sell at online auction. The motion of pushing the button to take a picture moved the camera enough to blur the photo, even with a tripod. This little gem made taking the picture a hands-free job, no more blur! ...more info
  • Good product but not sensitive !!
    When i try to hit the shutter button , it takes a few attempts before one works. I wish it was more sensitive. ...more info
  • Good deal!
    This remote works fine with the Digital Rebel (and the XT and the XTi). It's a much better deal than the remote that Amazon recommends with these cameras. It is very useful for tripod pictures to avoid shaking the setup by pressing the camera shutter release (use the mirror lockup feature for even better protection against camera shake). It's infrared, so you have to point it to the front of the camera for it to work. Holding it somewhere over the camera is fine. I think the range could be better, but I haven't used it from the front much yet....more info
  • A fun little gadget.
    Works exactly as Canon says. It's easy to use, takes up almost no space, and eliminates having to run before the timer goes off. I think it was worth every penny....more info
  • works great!
    I only use this remote once in a blue moon, but it works like a champ and I haven't ever replaced the battery in I don't know how many years....more info
  • It works as described

    I lost it and for all I used it, I'm not going to replace it. I have the wired remote which I find MUCH more useful.

    So Five Stars because it works exactly as Canon says.

    The ONLY reason I can think that this would actually be needed is for taking self portraits alone. But instead of getting the remote I suggest getting friends, focus on them, then set the timer. ...more info
  • Loved this remote...
    I picked up this remote and its great. It connects to your strap and is tucked out of the way. Nice design. I highly recommend it....more info
  • canon wireless remote control RC1
    I like it for its performance and fact of being tiny!It's got style and look cute atached to the neck strap.Now I can shoot and be in picture.I already shot my first family protrait and I was there too!Buy yours today an have fun!...more info
  • Great little tool
    When I first saw this item I thought that it couldn't possibly be worth what I paid for it, but it was! It attaches easily to your camera strap, and because it is so light it does not add to the weight of your camera. I take a lot of pictures and in the past I have rarely been in any of those photos. With this great little tool I can be a part of any photo I want!...more info
  • Invaluable
    This device should be standard with all digital slr's. The versatility it adds goes far beyond including yourself in group shots, I was at the Kentucky derby this weekend and I wanted pics of the enormous crowd, so I mounted my camera on a mono pod without extending it I held it up high above my head as if it was a scepter or the Olympic torch and used my rc1 to trip the shutter. the shots are amazing.

    One reviewer comments that it doesn't auto focus that is not true! when you press the button your camera will quickly auto focus and then snap the picture it's true you can't press it halfway but why would you want to, if your using the rc1 then your not looking in the viewfinder anyway.

    Some reviewers mention difficulty in positioning the rc1 to effectively trigger the shutter. It is kinda tricky at first and it is IR so it is LINE OF SIGHT. I believe some of the blame for this falls on the size of the camera sensor. Its really small and the front of the hand grip may not be the best spot to put it. For the size that it is you would think there would be additional sensors on the back and side. But getting used to the sensor placement is a very small hurdle to overcome to really enjoy the benefits of this device...more info
  • Useful
    My only gripe is that this remote is low-powered IR - it has to have a fairly clear line of sight to the camera's sensor - ie. remote triggering from behind the camera sometimes doesn't work - i've even had a very large lens block the signal.

    Other than that, it works as designed - no complaints.

    I like the two modes - instant and delayed triggering....more info
  • I like it a lot!
    You can attach this thing to the strap of your camera. it's very small and works great!...more info
  • Good deal
    Works just as advertised with my XTi. However some people commented about using it behind the camera, unfortunately I could never get it to work that way....more info
  • Excellent addition to your SLR setup
    I use the wireless remote with a digital rebel camera and it's nearly perfect. Sometimes it can take a couple of button clicks and a little bit of moving the remote around, but it is a a great addition to your digital SLR. I have used it several times when shooting at night with a tripod and when shooting group shots. I've been at a distance of up to 10-15 feet and never had a problem. ...more info
  • Canon RC1
    A cordless remote switch is useful to have if you want to be in some of your shots, in or outdoors. If you are setting up a portrait studio, and using yourself as a trial model, it is invaluable as setting the camera timer becomes a chore. ...more info
  • Great item if your in front of your camera
    Great little item. Clips to the Canon camera strap so there's less chance of losing it. I purchased this remote at the same time that I purchased my XTi/400D. I was familiar with this RC1 remote from previous use with my Rebel XT/350D.

    The RC1 remote has the same problem with the XTi of not being able to trigger the shutter from behind the camera. I'm not sure why the eye proximity sensor next to the XTi viewfinder isn't used for the remote IR also. I use the remote mainly just to ensure that I'm not in contact with the camera/tripod during the shutter release.

    Overall, this is still a very great item. For night shots, I secure my camera on the tripod, set up a decent shot through the viewfinder, and then stand to the side and use the remote for three or four shots (holding the remote near the front of the camera).

    ...more info
  • Worked as good as advertised
    Have only used it a few times since getting it and I am very pleased with the way it worked. It is very simple to use and it simplifies taking pictures when you want to eliminate any jitters and when you want to be in the shot....more info
  • Has a few good points, but misses the mark.
    Fantastic idea. Works great about a quarter of the time. Can't figure out why the engineers would've designed this thing this way. I'm referring mainly to the fact that for it to be "seen" by the camera, you need to be standing directly in front of it aiming in the precisely right place. Also, what the hell were they thinking requiring the camera to be in self timer mode, especially when self timer mode times out in a minute or two? When trying to wrangle a large group of people to pose for a shot, it can easily take longer than the time limit before it kicks back over to regular shooting mode.
    I was delighted with this product when i first received it and played around with a few self portraits, but after a few months of frustration, have completely abandoned it in favor of the wired remote. ...more info
  • works as advertised
    I use this remote control with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. The remote is simple to use and works perfectly fine. It clips on the neck strap and is ready when needed. I don't know what else to say - it is inexpensive and does the job well!...more info
  • Good purchase
    This is a pretty neat little remote. I am a novice picture taker so I won't use the word 'photographer' just yet. My problem has always been that I have lots of pictures of everyone else but very seldom am I actually in the pictures. Case solved!...more info
  • great wireless remote
    You can't beat this remote for the money. It's great for taking long exposure shots where you don't want to bump the camera. Also nice for taking self portraits. It has a 2 second delay setting so you can hit the button and hide the remote for the self portraits. Excellent buy for the money. Very useful. ...more info
  • Great Remote
    This Remote is quick and easy to use. I like the fact the it has two settings for more control....more info
  • 15 years ago
    My daughter bought this for my birthday 15 years ago to use with my Canon EOS 10s. It's nice that it still works with my Canon G3 and now my DRebel....more info
  • Works Pretty Well
    I use this with my Rebel XTi, you have to set the camera up zoom the area, and walk over and take your position. Then push the button, and watch the shutter click. Sometimes I feel as though I have to point it and push a couple of times. I'd say the range is good to around 12 feet. This straps/fits nicely on the strap of the camera....more info
  • Just Right
    This device is exactly what is required. It is an excellent product at the right price....more info
  • This works great
    This has been working great since it arrived. I have not had many problems at all with having to find the right angle. Just aim and shot....more info
  • Canon Remote Simplicity
    Very simple to use; steady shots everytime when using a tripod (hands off tripod); small, easily hidden and the best part YOU can be in the pictures too!...more info
  • Much more useful than self timer
    Great for use instead of the self timer, as well as for hands-off operation for tripod setups. This model has instant shot and 2-second delay modes, both of which I have found useful....more info
  • Works wonderfully.
    Great range and ease of use. Set the camera to "remote", point and click the button on the remote. Focus and photo are taken, and you have a lasting image. My only reason for not being a 5* is the price- but it's Canon, what should I expect?...more info
  • Canon RC1
    Works great. My only complaint is that you must have the remote in front of the camera to work because that is where the sensor is. I use the remote for long exposure night shots and don't really like sticking my hand in front of the camera to take a picture.

    Other than that the remote has worked flawlessly....more info
  • First Rate
    I ordered the Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 for Digital Rebel on a Saturday and was using it on Thursday afternoon. The unit works flawlessly. DBROTH is an outstanding source to purchase electronics from.
    ...more info
  • Muy bueno
    En realidad es super practico, ligero, con un par de opciones que lo hacen muy versatil....more info
  • Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1
    This device is the only remote you need, attaches to camera strap securely and is alwasys available. This work while you are in front of the camera. If you want to activate then this out of direct sight of the electric eye you will need the manual switch also....more info
  • It works OK but it's fragile
    I bought this to use with my Digital Rebel XT. Actually I've bought two of them. The first one broke after I dropped it. OF COURSE I should have been more careful, but I believe that if they are going to charge this much for a cheap plastic device they ought to make it a bit less fragile. ...more info
  • A must have item
    This is a must have item. It's very small, fits in the palm of your hand, and can be attached to your camera strap so it's always with you. The size of this unit is perfect. You can get yourself and your family together, press the shutter release button with the 2 second delay turned on, and then close your hand, hiding the remote in the palm of your hand! When the photo is taken, no one will see the remote hidden in your hand! It's perfect. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it....more info
  • Works for me
    I am glad I have this remote, but I wish it did a little more, like have a trigger type setup where I could open the shutter, and then push again to close. Other than that it is a great peice. I do a lot of night shooting at fire scenes, and using this with my tripod really helps cut down on the movement with the low light situations....more info
  • Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 Review
    I gave this to my son inlaw for Xmas and he was very pleased with it's ease of use....more info
  • Never received the item
    After numerous e-mails, phone calls I finally talked with a real person and was told the package was damaged in transit they did not have another remote but It was still showing that I was charged for the remote. This was 3 weeks later. Not a good expereience with Adorama camera....more info
  • Wireless Remote Control RC1
    This Remote was bought as a gift, and the recipient was very pleased. She said she really liked the fact it attached to the strap on the camera so it was always right there. Also commented on how easy the set-up was. ...more info
  • Excellent Mini Canon Wireless Remote Control
    This remote works excellently. I also love it's very compact size that easily clips to the Camera strap. I am able to use this remote from across the room. Very Pleased!...more info
  • Works as advertised
    A little cheap feeling (very lightweight plastic) but it has a good range and if you still use your original camera strap the holder threads right on to it so it's always nearby....more info
  • Overall pretty good
    Works pretty good to capture things such as family photos. It does seam a bit "touchy" in that you have to get it pointed at the camera perfect....more info
  • Great addition to our new Canon Digital SLR
    Very handy when trying to take group shots. Instead of having to set the timer and run to be in the picture, just point and snap. Extremely easy to use. ...more info
  • Works Killer
    Everything I expected. Great for self portrait stuff and tripod use. I use it to take long exposure shots to avoid camera shake....more info
  • Doesn't work a lot of times
    My new Wireless Remote for Canon Digital doesnt work with my Rebel XT. If its slightly cold, I need to hold this thing in my hands before it gets warm and operates. If its been lying for some time, I need to press the button a lot of times before it starts responding again. And the range is too small. Barely 3-4 feet. I dont think this product is worth the money spent....more info
  • Canon wireless Remote Control RC1
    Good product, detection of the signal is weak from side or a distance of 20 X feet. Works great if you're in the picture, sitting in front of the camera works the best. Found it hard to be out of the picture and still have the ability to use the remote.
    Great shipping!
    ...more info
  • recomemded to others
    I love this remote. It has two speeds. I like the 2 second delay, so when I am in the picture I will have time to hide the remote. I have one and I have got one for my sister. I recomemded a friend to get one and he also loves his....more info
  • works great
    There isn't to much to say about it. the remote works just as the description states. It is great for self portrait use as well as low light use where you dont want the camera to shake by you pushing the shutter release on the camera itself. It is extremely easy to use and does exactly what it is supposed to do. the only thing that i personally think would make it better is if you could use it while your directly behind the camera, but that is not the remotes fault. I have a rebel xt and the infrared reciever is located on the front of the camera so i can only use the shutter release from the side or front. I would definetely recommend this product to any person who has an SLR and wants to explore endless possibilities that SLR's can provide that point and shoot camera's cant. I can do so many things now that i couldnt do before because of this remote...more info
  • Excellent way to spend $20
    This remote works great. Useful in many situations where camera shake or timing is an issue. It's a must have!...more info
  • Great remote
    Will be using this a lot 'when weather permits' me to be back outside
    and my camera is on it's tripod.......more info
  • I love it!
    The RC1 remote control is great! It's a much better solution than the timer for self portraits and shots where you want to reduce shake. ...more info
  • Outstanding!!
    This is a cool product! Very inexpensive here on Amazon! I was skeptical when I bought this for my wife, but it works great and she is ecstatic! I highly recommend this product if for nothing else than trying to take your own family pictures. ...more info
  • Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 for Digital Rebel
    I just love the helps me do a lot of bulb exposure shots without touching the camera. I would recommend the product, although a Canon dSLR has the sensor on the front side of the camera and the remote needs to have line of sight....more info
  • Puts you back in the picture
    I received the Canon RC1 remote control in October of last year. I have been using this with my Canon Rebel Digital xti camera. It works flawlessly and allows the photographer to get back into family pictures easily and while sitting with the family making sure everyone is "picture ready" before triggering the camera. This does away with the many takes required by using the delayed timer feature built into the camera trying to get everyone set at the exact moment the camera triggers. I find this an excellent accessory at a great value. ...more info
  • Nice to have a remote, but....
    I love having a remote for my Canon now, however it would be nice if the remote was RF (radio freguecy) instead of IR (infra-red). I don't like that I need to be right in front of the camera and aim....more info
  • I recommend it.
    I haven't had a lot of oppurtunity to really play with it yet, but I do like it a lot better than the corded one that I have for my film Canon Rebel. With the cord being about 3 feet long, it's not very ideal for some things. But, with this wireless remote, that's no problem. Also, you can set it with a delay so that you can take shots of yourself and not look like an idiot holding on the the remote :)...more info
  • Very small and light
    Great product, works well.
    It would be the best if it was RF instead of infrared: this would increase the range (now 5 meters ) and you wouldn't have to stay in front of the camera in order to take the picture !...more info
  • Doesn't work if you're behind the camera
    The wireless remote works as described. My only issue is you can only use it from the front because of the camera's sensor placement. As a landscape photographer, I spend the majority of my time behind the camera composing my image. Therefore, I have to move my hand awkwardly to the front. However, if you're looking to be in photographs and you're no more than 10 feet, it's a good buy....more info
  • Simple, small, and easy to use
    I love this remote! It's very small and light, can attach directly to your neckstrap so it is always handy, and is very easy to use. I am by no means an expert, but an avid "hobby" photographer and do lots of family shots, and this is a perfect addition to my gear. Great value for the price....more info
  • Easy to Use Wireless Remote for Canon Rebel XT
    This is one awesome accessory to your Canon Rebel XT. Easy to use and portable. Every Canon SLR owner should have this. Very convenient....more info
  • Good idea...
    ...but it only seems to work if you are pretty much dead-on square to the camera. I was hoping for wider area coverage....more info
  • Remote Control RC1 for Canon Digital Rebel
    Product works as described. No problem using it. The ordering, shipping, tracking and delivery of the product was without any problem at all. Good job by the seller....more info
  • Please be sure you want this,
    The rebel wireless remote is not a good device. I see there are several reviews that praise the device, which I don't understand.

    The device has a very weak transmitter that only work with line of site.

    The device does work, but NOT WELL. I like watching people hold the remote and try to fire the camera. It looks something like a conductor, conducting the LA philharmonic in the 1812 overture. It's IR port is like a laser beam. You better point the device RIGHT at the IR port on your camera. Forget taking a photo while standing behind the camera with the remote. If you people already own this device you know what I'm talking about. Very weak sauce. Very cheap device. A corded plug in remote is the only way to go.

    This is a piece of junk. I hope you believe it, or you will end up buying two remotes. Not to mention that the rebel remote has no features or controls. My corded remote allows me to set any feature on my EOS, as well as intervals, and much more. I use my remote for time lapse photography.
    ...more info
  • Nothing more to say
    ...except that this is what you want for group pictures where you want to actually appear. It has decent range and I like the fact that it has a clip that can be attached to the camera strap so you'll never lose it and you'll keep it handy all the time.

    The remote can also double as a tripod firing trigger (by reaching under and in front of the camera to hit the sensor) if you don't have a real cord trigger. It's clumsy but it works....more info
  • Simple & work well
    Can attach to the strap using the companion plate, very handy, 3 modes (lock, instant, 2 seconds delay). Tripod, this remote timer & mirror lock-up can make some amazing pictures....more info
  • Don't buy this remote for portraits
    I bought this remote to use in studio work. I wasted my money. Try getting the perfect smile on a baby and then finagling around trying to get your camera to take the picture....more info
  • Nice remote, tricky to use
    An excellent item to reduce camera shake, or get in group shots. A bit tricky when you're in a rush (this has its own on switch, and the camera needs to be set to a remote mode to accept its signals) so I prefer the cable-release remote over this one. The one I have seems to be really sensitve to line of sight, even indoors, which has forced me to be in front of, or in front and slightly aside of, the camera....more info
  • Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1
    I received the remote this evening and have not been able to get the remote to work with my Canon Rebel XT Camera. Followed the directions that were furnished with the remote to no avail. It appears that this remote is defective....more info
  • very practical
    It's not the best looking remote you'll ever find but the design is made practical to fit the strap. You'll never lose this remote and it works like a charm....more info
  • A good buy
    I bought the remote control so that I could trip the shutter while my camera was on a tripod. Mostly landscape stuff. It works great for my intended use. The only minor problem is that you have to point the remote control at the front of the camera. I have found that it works fine if I hold the remote in front of, and below the lens (out of view of the lens)....more info
  • Simple
    I decided to get this after buying the Rebel XTi and already owning the Rebel XT (this works with both.) I already had the corded shutter release which was nice when doing long exposures or macro work where even a little camera shake can make a huge difference. But this goes to a new level, you can set the camera up get everything in focus and then step back and take as many shots as you want without any risk of touching the camera. Make sure to cover the eyepiece when using this so stray light doesn't ruin your exposure. This is also handy when you want to take pictures with you in them. I have even used it with two cameras at once to get multiple angles of the same shot. I am thinking about setting up a blind and setting up the camera on a tripod to try to get some close up pictures of wildlife that would not be possible otherwise. Basically if you ever have a need to take pictures without holding the camera this is your solution....more info
  • As Adv ertised
    My photography does not have much call for a wireless remote but this was too easy to pass up. It delivered as advertised and I am finding that I am using it in place of a wired remote for ultra close up and low light photagraphy when using a tripod. It is very small so it is easy to pack away anywhere....more info
  • nice features
    good remote. Can be finnicky at times if not lined up correctly with the camera....more info
  • works great!
    I bought this remote for canon digital rebel XT. Pretty much programs itself. Great asset that it clips to camera strap. Works from good distance. Highly recommend...more info
  • Perfect for My Uses
    I like using a tripod with my long zoom lens, and this device has really added to my hobby. The remote is perfect for taking pictures of birds in my birdbath and squirrels and other critters in my yard. I personally don't like cables, I don't like dealing with them. This is just right for my purposes.

    The remote is also better for taking pics of people. It is much better than a timer in my opinion since I can move people in and out easier and more efficiently, taking pictures more quickly. This gives me so much more control than using a timer.
    ...more info
  • simple to use, short range
    This product was simple to use as everyone has indicated but the sole purpose was to take group shots and be in the picture. I had a group shot with 15 people in it and the range was not far enough so I had to use the camera timer instead. It does attach nicely to the camera strap. For smaller group photos it's fine.
    howard...more info
  • thumbs up
    Got it. worked as per described. value for money. works both from front and behind for rabel XT(somebody wrote here it doesn't work from the back side of the camera)....more info
  • Convenient and Easy
    Easy to use. There are two settings which are 2-second and no delay. Working great for me. I don't need to wait 10 seconds for family shooting, especially for my out of patient kids....more info
  • Easy to use
    The wireless remote works great and it's easy to use. No problems at all. Just push a button on the camera, turn on the remote, and you're ready to snap away!...more info
  • Canon Wirerless Remote
    Once I learned how to use it, the remote work fine. Certainly a big help with no restricting cords attached....more info
  • Works perfectly but....
    The remote works perfectly as advertised, but it would be nice if the Rebel XT could pick up the signal when you aren't standing in front of the camera. In other words, this is great for pictures where you want to be in the shot, but it won't replace a corded clicker for taking tripod shots where keeping the camera perfectly still is a must. Yes, you could stick your hand in front of the camera and use the 2-second delay feature, however this won't work for action shots. Other than that, it's great to be able to take pictures of me and my fiance without having to ask someone to do it for us or having to rush into the picture with the self timer on....more info
  • OK while it works...died after 4 months
    After half an hour on tech support, a dead and worthless CR-1 sits before me as I type. You get what you pay for; and buyers ought beware that Canon offers NO support whatsoever for accessories. Best they could do was a lame suggestion that I mail the corpse to a factory in New Jersey where some guys would dork around with it.

    The only reason I haven't given it a bottom rating of one star is in recognition of the fact that it did work as advertised until it died. It is useful for releasing the shutter without touching the camera and it does afford a measure of freedom in getting yourself in the frame. Its range is limited, however, so you're boxed in to composing with short lenses.

    Bummer....more info
  • The remote is very cool
    It took a minute to get the hang of the adjustments needed to the camera, but after that (10 mins) I was all smiles. Great little gadget....more info
  • Great for Digital Rebel or Digital Rebel XT
    I liked it so much I bought two! Actually, I lost the first one and then found it the same day my new one came in. Now I have a backup.

    My only complaint is that the holder is meant for use with a thin (stock) shoulder strap. I put on a much more comfortable (and thicker) aftermarket strap and the holder won't fit.

    Until looking at the pictures in this review, I didn't realize that the holder can also be used to stabilize the lens (prevent camera from tipping forward) when the camera is set on a flat surface. Nice touch! (Unfortunately, I usually have the Vertical Grip installed which obviously makes the camera too tall for this feature.)

    I guess I have another complaint, but it's not exactly about this product, it's about Canon's placement of the product: Canon does NOT support this infrared remote on their higher end digital cameras. They probably do this to avoid canibalizing sales of their much more EXPENSIVE (hundreds of dollars) but also MUCH longer range LC-5 (which doesn't work on the Rebel). They do the same thing with their wired remotes, so if you upgrade, you can use your lenses and flashes, but you have to upgrade your wired and wireless remotes. Not a good PR move....more info
  • works as advertized
    nice little remote works very well. It has three settings and comes with a direction sheet and a clip that allows you to attach to the neck strap.

    Attaching the clip portion is a little hassle, but once it's in there, it's very secure and convenient to use.

    there seems to be very slight lag, but nothing really noticeable. I only saw it because someone mentioned it. comes with the button type battery which will probably last the life time of your camera unless you are constantly using this remote....more info
  • More useful than you'd imagine.
    If you have any desire to be in the shot this is the tool you need. With the 2 second delay, you can point, click, and have the remote out of the shot. I love it because I don't have to worry about my toddler stumbling over a cable or wire. Combine this with the wired remote, and most remote possibilities are taken care of. For the price, you really can't go wrong....more info
  • Very handy little remote.
    I recently got this remote and I love it. I mean whats so special about a remote? Well it's wireless and you don't have to set the timer and run to get into the picture. I have used it for landscape pictures on my tripod to reduce camera shake. It was very cool to set up the shot, wait for the camera to be still and then take the shot. If you have a camera that works with this remote (I have the Canon Rebel XT) and want a remote, get it. It is compact, appears sturdy and works well. It comes with a clip to put it on your camera strap that covers the button so it doesn't get pressed when it is mounted into the clip....more info
  • Should have bought is sooner
    Wish I bought this sooner. This is wonderful for taking photographs of yourself on trips. I had my camera for a long while, and have only rarly taken pictures of myself on my trips. I end up coming back with pictures of my wife, the scenery...but rarely myself. This remote changed it. The reason I dont give it 5 stars is that you need to be relatively close to the camera. Wish it worked from a greater distance. Also, it would have been nicer if it was radio-controlled rather than infra-red. In order for it to work, I have to stand on one side, in direct line of sight of the sensor. Not a big deal, but you have to take this into account when positioning yourself in a group. ...more info
  • Don't forget you have it with you!!!
    I love this little remote. It just works for me. After reading the reviews for this little remote, I was convinced that I needed to get one.

    The remote works well that I can get into the picture as well, rather than be the one taking the pictures all the time :) I haven't experienced any of the problems that some people say, such as the camera not responding to the remote in some angles, maybe they are using the remote with a super super wide lens.

    All in all, this remote works a 100% for me, just don't forget that it's attached to your camera. When I first bought this remote, I kept forgeting that it was with me cause it was so small.

    Have fun getting into the shots as well!!...more info
  • Canon Wireless Remote - Rebel XT
    Well worth the 20$ for the remote, especially for people that shake while taking photos...i can easily stand 15 feet back and snap images....more info
  • Great wireless remote
    This remote does everything it was advertised to do. It has great range as long you are in front of the camera. For a 'behind the camera' remote, you should get the wired RS-60. This remote has a nice fast response time - making family portraits with the kids and the dogs and everyone trying to run away a little easier. Just turn it around in your palm, or crop out your hand and no body will notice you are using it. It is better than the RC-5 because you can choose the instant shot or the delay.

    Pros: works great - just as advertised.
    Cons: ...... still looking for one I guess....more info
  • A great addition
    This remote control has been a great addition to my camera equipment. The handy carrier threads on to the camera strap allowing you to snap the remote control onto the camera strap for easy/handy access.

    The delayed release works great for pictures that you want to be a part of and the instant release is great for vibration free time lapse shots from a tripod for those lowlight shots.

    ...more info
  • Great for remote or night shots
    This is a must if you intend on being in the picture or if you want to take pictures at night. Great buy....more info
  • works great, just wish it worked better
    my only gripe is this; i bought this remote to take pictures without having to touch the shutter button (to avoid camera shake)the remote only works if it is pointed at the sensor in the front of the camera. you could be less than an inch from the sensor, but if it is not facing the front of the camera, it wont take. i know i could have bought one of the corded remotes, but i like to use the remote for taking family pics too(i dont have to run to get in place every time)it's not a big deal, it still works great....more info
  • works fine but...
    The remote works fine. I use it with my canon digital rebel. What I didn't know before buying a remote is that you have to be in front of the camera. I was hoping to take some candid photos of birds in my yard, by not being next to my camera. But this will work only if I'm in the shot, so not so good for this purpose... However, I think this is the only type of remote that will work with my camera, so on that basis I have no complaints. It's small and light and works as described....more info
  • Perfect
    I ordered one for myself and a friend since we both got new cameras for Christmas. No more rushing to try to beat the camera timer and no cords to try to hide in pics. I'm very pleased with this product....more info
  • Worked well for a few minutes
    I ended up getting two of sent from my wish list two days after I ordered it myself (forgetting to check if it was ordered). The first one stopped working after the first time I used it. I don't know why, but I suspect it was the batteries that I have not replaced yet. The second one is working great, so far. It's convenient for me to use since I am using it to take pictures of myself and my two kids (ages 4 and 1)....more info
  • Very cool remote
    Very cool remote. My four year old son can use it easily. It took a few of minutes to set it up, and it's ready to use....more info
  • Good product
    I bought this so that we could shoot a family photo in front of the Christmas tree ... works great. I don't know what the max distance would be for this, but for most purposes, this seems to work well. You can also use it with your camera on a tripod to make sure that the shot is still (since you're not pushing a button on the camera itself). I'm sure most photographers know this, but I'm just a guy with virtually no photography skills so I'm easily impressed. For my needs, this was perfect!...more info
  • Great
    Works great! If you need to take group shots you dont have to wait and work instantly....more info
  • exactly what I wanted
    The products were fine, as expected.
    The packaging for shipment absolutely sucked. I ordered two items, which arrived in a box much too large, without padding, so they were rattling around inside. Thank goodness that the manufacturers packaged their individual products reasonably well. ...more info
  • Awesome Remote
    I bought this product looking for w better way to take portraits to help eliminate camera shake even when mounted on a tripod. This unit works great and I am not tied to the camera with a cord. I can actually walk all around the studio and look at the portraits being set up from all angles and take the pictures when I need them. info
  • Handy and easy to use
    Small and clips to your camera's strap. Easy to use for both long exposure shots and group shots using a tripod!...more info
  • Canon Wireless Remote Control
    This device sure beats the old cable or even the self-timer. No wasted fotos and you can maintain the element of surprise for a more natural foto....more info
  • Wireless remote, $25 ... birth pics with dad in them, priceless.
    This wireless remote is bare bones simple and works as advertised. The only thing I can say the is even remotely (sorry, I couldn't help myself) annoying about it is that you have to really point the thing directly at the camera (I am using it with a Digital Rebel) ... this would be worse if it was larger and was more visible in photos.

    As is, I have some nice photos of my daughter's birth while at my wife's side instead of behind a camera, and that was worth so much more than the modest cost of this gadget that I can easily overlook whatever modest shortcomings it may have. I am looking forward to trying some long exposure shots with it when the weather finally clears up....more info
  • Good product, with a few caveats!
    This little remote is a good product and a must for self- and self-family protraiture. I found the shutter release options very handy. Very small and easy to carry around (in your shirt pocket if you wanted to). The caveats (and hence why four stars): you MUST be in front of the camera (or at least the remote). The small size though practical in some respects it also presents a problem since it's fairly easy to misplace. Trust me when you carry around $3-4K worth of equiment or when you're doing paid work, the least your mind is thinking about is this little remote. Thugh for the price it's OK to lose it, I suppose. But in conclusion, I think this is nice product at a fair price....more info
  • essential
    this tiny remote is brilliant and essential for use with any tripod shots. ...more info
  • Great in front not for behind
    I purchased this as a gift for Christmas but I tried it out to make sure it worked correctly before wrapping it. I am not overly impressed although it works well in front of the camera not that great as a remote trigger to prevent shake on a tripod when you are behind the camera....more info
  • Great tool but easily lost
    I chose this over a wired remote so I could have the flexibility to take self portraits. It works great for that and as a remote switch for my hobby (night photography). However, my one major criticism is that it lacks a lanyard loop. It is small, plastic and easy to drop and lose...especially at night! I recently dropped mine while shooting on a pier and it fell through the cracks in the boards and into the water....more info
  • great remote for cheap does not work with 20d
    this is not usable with the EOS 20D camera...more info
  • A great accessory
    It's a tiny gizmo that hides in your hand when you take a group photo or you just don't want to touch the camera because of vibrations or whatever reason. I find it to be a very valuable little tool.
    During group shots you can keep firing the shutter descretely to capture candid shots with you in it and doing night or macro shots you can use it as a cable release.
    It has a strap clip but I just toss it in the bag when I'm done. It weighs just a couple of grams too.

    I luv it and wouldn't leave home without it....more info
  • Canon Wireless Remote Control
    Everything works fine. Except for one CRITICAL shortcoming. I'm a mountaineer and often take group shots outdoors. Sometimes the camera needs to be MORE than 16 feet from the group, because of rough terrain or desired angles. At that distance the remote would not work consistently, so I would have to walk closer to the camera to activate it. However, the remote / camera firmware replaces the 9-second countdown that the onboard camera timer has with only 2 seconds. Meaning that I have only 2 sconds to re-join the group. Forget it. I might as well just run from camera to group in 9 seconds.

    I think this product was designed by engineers who never use or field test their own products....more info
  • i am a fussy guy... but then again...
    i got this when i bought my EOS100 more than 10 years ago. i have since lost the clip that let you secure it to a strap or more likely it's at the bottom of a drawer some where in the house...
    i'm glad it works with my EOS350D.
    i also own the cabled RS-60E3 remote switch, and of course you can still use the self-timer to release the shutter. inevitably, this little piece of plastic has to be compared with the alternatives...
    what i like about it:
    - it's small.
    - it's light.
    - it has the delay option.
    - it works with many EOS models, film and digital.
    - no contact with camera
    - no cable to dangle hence work better for very long exposure e.g. astrophotography
    what i don't like about it:
    - need to point it at the front of the camera to work. rather awkward if you are standing behind it. so, if you need to stand behind the camera to shoot long exposures or macros, get the cabled RS-60E3 or a homemade equivalent.
    - needs a better mean to secure the thing. the clip didn't quite work for me because it got snared in all sort of things
    - the IR windows seem to be rather narrow - makes you look funny when you stand in front of the camera waving the thing around and nothing happen.
    - it requires a battery.
    - a rather expensive piece of plastic at $25.
    ...more info
  • Good remote
    The remote works great with my Digital Rebel. I can now take pictures with my tripod without shaking the camera (the shutter on the camera is a no-go for macro photography), and I like it better than using the delay shutter of the camera.
    I suggest to attach the remote to the belt on the opposite side of the shutter button, to avoid it banging on the camera body when taking portrait pictures.
    Overall I like the 2 seconds delay and immediate picture shot modes it offers....more info
  • Great Gadget
    Not only is this remote great for self-portraits but it's also a great help on nighttime shots. Even when my camera is mounted on a tripod, there is a slight wiggle whenever I press the shutter button. This remote enables me to activate the shutter without touching the camera. The result is a much crisper long exposure....more info
  • Deciding whether to buy this is a no brainer!
    Smaller than a tube of chapstick, this remote toggle is easy and fun. You don't have to worry about losing it, because it has an attachment to your camera photo strap, so it is always with you when you need it. This great little tool has worked great for me every time I have needed it, and it has been a fun way to take self portraits in different lights, with different settings - with camera mounted to a tripod of course. All of this has meant that I am able to self-teach my camera's many features.

    It comes with a small battery that looks like a watch battery, etc. I guess I will be going to radio shack for a replacement when the time comes, but for now, it has been a fun little tool or toy that would make a great gift for that photographer in your life! ...more info
  • Camera Timer
    I dont really know what to put here. the timer fits, and it works, I guess all I can say is it does it's job....more info
  • Nice and small
    I purchased it but never used yet, I think you should think before buying it, if you really need it or not....more info
  • ok i guess..In door use only!
    Not what i was Hoping for. If your out side and it's sunny out you can forget useing this. It works if its indoors or its cloudy out. Interface is east to use and intigration with eos digital rebel is smooth. You can only go back about 16 feet with it to take a pic withougt haveing to wave it around like a lunitick for it to release the shutter. I am defently going to find an rf shuter release for my camera Enough of ir. if you plan on useing this inside then this is perfect for you!...more info
  • Very good remote
    I got this to reduce camera shake and have been very pleased with it. once the camera is on a tripod I just use the remote for every picture. the carry case hooks on to the camera strap and its so lite you forget it's there. Highly recomend this....more info
  • An Absolute Must-have Accessory
    Unless you need a fancier one, this remote is truly a must-have accessory, if you ever want to shoot from a tripod. Being able to choose a 2-second delay is useful for getting your hand out of the way when doing a group shot including yourself.

    The remote is simple, small, and snaps onto the camera strap, so it is always available. I've now used it for taking several hundred wildlife shots with a long lens, with great results, as well as several hundred shots of baseball and softball games....more info
  • Does what it should - and that's all
    This is a very clever little device that opens up a lot of different photo opportunites that many of us never think of until we own a remote trigger. It's not just for getting yourself in group shots. It's also a tool that lets you snap photos with the camera in unusual positions or in places you can't reach. There's definitely an artistic advantage to owning something like this.
    The fact that the sensor is already built into many (all?) of the Canon digitals that supports the RC1 is a godsend. There's no fussing with add-on hardware. You just set the camera to the remote setting and turn the remote on and go for it. Very easy to use, and the fact that it's simply a remote trigger makes the price much lower than many would expect.
    There are times when it doesn't seem to want to work, but that's almost always because the camera is trying to work out exposure and focus before it fires. My advice is to go fully manual, get everything the way you want, and then it fires away like a champ.
    Comes with a little clip to attach it to the camera strap, but I for one don't like it banging around on my dSLR. Some may find this handy.
    Overall I'm very glad I bought this. Could it do more? Of course, but for $25-30 it is just what you need, and not the slightest bit more....more info
  • Works Great
    This thing works just as advertised. Its a lot smaller than I expected it to be. Nice price....more info
  • Just a remote control
    It works as expected in Canon product: very well, performing the announced functions without problems...more info
  • Gets the job done
    This little thing does exactly what it's supposed to. The range is good but doesn't work as well if you are at a steep angle to the sensor, as with any IR controllor I guess. Good product....more info
  • Perfect for "With-Me" Shots
    I usually mount my camera on a tripod when shooting wildlife with a long lens. To further steady the shot, I got this wireless remote so that my hands do not need to touch the camera (and introduce some shakes). But the receiver of the 350D is on the front while I am usually behind the camera. This means shooting is a bit awkward as I would have to arch my arm over the camera or around the tripod before clicking the remote.

    For group shots that include me, this remote is perfect. But for the purpose I got it for, I guess the wired remote would be better....more info
  • Excellent remote for the Canon Digital Rebel and XT
    Works as advertised. Very light and small. Seems to work well within the distance limits.

    Highly recommend for those who want to use a tripod for long exposures or want to be in the picture themselves.

    Note for amateur photographers - The remote works best when you switch from AF to MF modes (for your lens). If you have lenses that only do AF, not sure how the results might be. But I guess thats a limitation for any similar remote.

    Note for Canon Digital Rebel (and XT) - Cannot use the remote when the continuos shooting mode is selected. This was unexpected for me - basically this means that if you want to take portrait photographs in continuos mode, you cannot use the remote....more info
  • Canon Wireless RC1 Remote for Digital SLR's
    Not what I was expecting.
    This little remote may be wireless, but at a cost.
    You have to be almost right in front of the camera for this to fire the shutter.
    Really disappointed that you cannot get too far away from the camera and you cannot stand behind it for this remote to work....more info
  • Doesn't work right
    I have been using the remote with the cable which works extremly good besides that the cable is somewhat short.

    I'm very disappointed with this remote as it only works if the remote is very close to the camera and if it's pointed in a specific way.

    After just using it for a couple of times it doesn't work at all anymore. I'm not sure if it's the batteries but I would think so as I just bought it......

    I would not recommend this remote to anyone....more info
  • Useful Accesories
    I decided to buy this remotre control after I got $10 gift certificate - so I wasn't able to leave it here for $15! It is good piece of plastic! It is very small remote but nothing is missing. The cool things I like is, you can simply add it to your strap (You may have little bit problem to put it in because there is not enough space but after little bit of playing, you can do it!). This small light black bloc has small red button to release the remote from the strap. Remote is small. In his inside side is small shutter button and you can choose from OFF, Normal Picture, or 2 Seconds delay picture. Second cool thing is, you can use the holder on the strap under your big heavy zoom lens. It is made for it and I think it is nice! You may have problem, because the strap is so short but it is possible to do it. I think Canon made this little thing very well and didn't forget anything. It is small, light, useful and helpful! One thing I would appreciate to be better is the actual remote button. You have to really reach the chip on your camera to activate the Shutter. The length is good enough but pressing it like from a sid (especially right side) is little bit complicated. But I am glad I bought it! It is good help!...more info
  • wonderful...
    This little piece of equipment is wonderful! It's so small and light that you won't even notice it when it's attached to your neck strap. Rather than using the RS-60E3 remote switch with a tiny 4ft. cord which can get tangled up, use this and have all the flexiblity in the world...well at least up to 16ft. You can use it like a standard shutter release or with a 2 second delay. But the main reason I purchased this remote was to use for bulb exposures--just push the button once to open the shutter and when you're done just push it again to close. And the best thing about the RC1 is the price. At just $20 you can't go wrong. ...more info
  • Nice little gadget
    I received this product a day ago and am happy with it. It's simple and reliably does what it's supposed to do. I bought it primarily for 'bulb' exposures [with my D-Rebel], but, of course, it is also useful when you want to avoid camera shake or to get yourself into the shot.

    As others have noted, it is extremely light (15g) and tiny. Those reasons are why I picked this remote over the RC-5 and RS-60E3. Also, there is a camera strap clip included, so it will be quickly available. Canon is even kind enough to include batteries. This is definitely the one to buy....more info

  • Handy and very effective
    Easy quick way to remotely operate the shutter for my Digital Rebel. Works either as an instant release or allows for a slight time delay after pressing the button. Much easier than running back to the camera for taking family photos..!...more info
  • Very Useful
    I concur with the other reviewers. The RC1 is a simple little remote that easily lets you get in the picture without having to rush. I have it attached to my camera strap so it is always available. It is very easy to use. I was conducting some training and wanted pictures of the students and me together. I set up the tripod and camera, framed the shot, and took pictures at will without getting up....more info
  • Professional Photojournalist
    When something works as it is supposed to, and then it also has an elegant form to it, I will always give it five stars. I have used this remote a lot, and this is actually my second one for a second Canon camera. I consider it to be an essential tool for the camera. Indeed, it probably should come as a standard feature. If you have any use for a remote at all, don't hesitate to buy it. The batteries last well and are a common hearing aid battery, easily found in stores, cheap to replace when you need it, if you need it. Mine last years! It clips to the camera strap, is innocuous when it is there, and therefore it is always handy. I use my camera for work and pleasure, and this item is indispensable for all of it. When we are traveling my wife likes to have photos of us taken together, and with a small portable tripod or monopod, I can usually prop the camera up and get a shot of us standing together without having to bother a passer-by who will usually screw up the photo anyway. You press the button to how long you want it to "lapse" before it actually snaps the photo, that being adjustable, giving you quite a bit of time to pose if you want it. I even took photos at my own wedding using it. Are you getting it yet? Very useful, flexible, well designed....more info
  • Simple, no-frills remote that works great!
    This remote uses a small infrared transmitter to trip the shutter of many of the EOS line of cameras (EOS 10, Elan, Elan II/IIE, EOS IX and possibly others). I bought one 5 or 6 years ago and I haven't had to change the battery yet. Unlike wired remote shutter releases, the RC1 doesn't require the user to set anything up -- just point the remote at the camera front and press the button. The RC1 clips onto a holder that can be threaded through your camera strap so it's always nearby when needed. It measures (inches) 2.25 x 1 x .5 (length x width x height) and weighs not much more than one ounce.

    The RC1 as two controls on it: a small slider switch and a larger button to trip the shutter. If you're wearing gloves, the slider switch is near impossible to adjust but the shutter button is easy to hit. The slider offers three settings: Lock (disables the shutter button), regular and 2-second delay. The regular setting works just like the shutter release on your camera although you can't press it halfway to autofocus. The 2-second delay locks up the mirror when you hit the shutter button and then trips the shutter 2 seconds later. This is very useful for longer exposures or shooting with telephoto lenses.

    I've found the RC1 to be plenty sturdy (I shoot mostly outdoors and tend to be pretty hard on my equipment) and easy enough to unclip and operate with one hand. I have only two complaints with it: you need to point the remote at the front of the camera -- the IR sensor is right next to the shutter release -- which can be tricky when using wide angle lenses as you don't want to include your remote in the picture, and the RC1 doesn't provide any feedback that the shutter had been tripped -- I often find myself peering back through the viewfinder to see if the mirror is up or keeping my ear near the camera to listen for the film advance. This is a far simpler remote than the ones Canon offers for their top-end camera but it's also far less expensive and heavy. I only wish the RC1 worked for the EOS3!...more info