Canon Remote Switch RS60 E3
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Product Description

This remote switch replicates all the functions of the camera AEs shutter- release button.

The Canon RS60 E3 replicates the functions of the shutter release button. The remote switch, on a 2-foot cable, is quite compact, and is compatible with the Canon EOS Rebel 2000, EOS Rebel X/XS, EOS Rebel G, EOS Elan II, EOS Elan IIe, and EOS IX.

  • Remote switch convenience
  • Replicates all shutter release button functions
  • Compatible with some Canon EOS cameras
  • Simple plug-in attachment
  • Compact design
Customer Reviews:
  • As good as it says
    The Canon Remote Switch does exactly what you'd expect a cable switch to do. There is nothing difficult about using it, and it opens up a whole world of possibilities for lengthy exposures, as well as non-shaky stop-motion animation. I am very happy with this product....more info
  • Canon Remote Switch RS60 E3
    This remote works terrific. I have used it to make my own passport photos. I suggest that you buy the wireless remote as well for shots when you are further away from the camera. This remote will work well with a tripod and a telephoto lens to take pictures of the night sky....more info
  • Great for night photography
    I have used this remote on two occasions. The first was for fireworks at the local 4th of July display. The ability to reduce shake by this accessory is a must have for any shooting at night. The pictures show crisp straight lines that add great dimension to the photo, compared the the shaky zigzags you get with the standard shutter button. The second time I used this was when I had my Rebel XT hooked up to a Meade Telescope, here shake can blur a picture of the moon, or downright destroy an attempt at a picture of a star. Especially with astrophotography by the time the autotimer goes off the item you were trying to take a picture of could be out of frame. I highly recommend this little accessory for anyone doing night shots without a flash on a tripod....more info
  • A must have accessory for your DSLR
    Never thought a small and well priced unit will make me do more things with my DSLR. I borrowed one from my friend and tried it on my 400D Xti without a hint on how to use it. And I can say I enjoyed using it because it gave me more flexibility on my still and night shots. I can create natural over exposures even on very dim conditions. It just made digital photography more flexible and useful. So I knew I had to buy one for myself. Its already on its way.

    So if you want to have more flexibility on your still and night shots, you definitely need this simple and yet very useful gadget.

    This is one of those small and simple pieces of gadgets that just makes life easier ... ...more info
  • Works perfectly
    I purchased this to take tripod photos and it works like a charm. Especially when taking portraits of kids, they don't even know it is coming!...more info
  • A great accessory
    Canon's remote shutter release cable is very well built and performs beautifully. A must have if you are going to be taking any shots using a slow shutter speed. The button is responsive and the tactile feedback makes it easy to differentiate between autofocus and shutter release. It even has grooved sides and a notch on top and bottom to securely wrap the cable and is topped off with a hole to insert the plug for nice tidy storage. Don't think about it, just buy it!...more info
  • An essential piece of equipment
    Although I managed for a time with the delayed shutter release option when using my 400D on a tripod, the 10 second delay between pressing the shutter and the taking of the picture frequently meant the scene had changed. So I went for the obvious, a cable release or remoter switch. As I do a lot of close-up photography working behind the camera this seemed the better option over a wireless remote which operates from the front

    With a very positive action it is easier to control the dual operation than using the camera's own button. In fact I use whenever there is the likelihood of camera shake, and not just when using the camera with a tripod; hand held telephoto shots or close-up shots, or when selecting a slow shutter speed it is invaluable as one can press the shutter realise with no fear of moving the camera.
    ...more info
  • Great Item
    Great product from canon ..a must have for serious photographers. Pricey but as advertised....more info
  • Cable Release for Nikon D-300 w GeoPic II tagger
    I bought this cable release to use with my Nikon D300 and the
    Custom Idea GeoPic II - Direct Connect Geotagging GPS Unit for Nikon & Fujifilm Digital SLRs. The Geo Tracker plugs directly into the 10 pin connector of the Nikon - which blocks using the normal Nikon cable release. However, the GeoPic has a connection to add the Canon or compatible cable release. The combo works great together.


    ...more info
  • Great device for a cheap price.
    This remote is great. When I first got it, just testing it out makes my life easier for photography. It's much more easier than pressing the shutter button and causing even more shake. Simply, it works the way it was made. Some reviewers have given this item a low rating because they figured it was intended for self portraits, etc and the cable was not long enough (cable is around 1 1/2'). I don't believe this switch was intended for that but whatever. I'll primarily be using this for macro photography and astro photography and this is a major help to that. This shutter release also has a locked position so you can relax while the shutter is opened for longer periods (astro photography). Very cheap and very handy (although it seems Amazon has raised the price only a couple days after I bought it. $17 to $24?). Only con? Mistook the size. Smaller than envisioned. That's about it. Buy this if you're deep into photography and you won't regret it. ...more info
  • Great Remote Switch
    Not exactly what you would call a remote. It's a shutter release switch. Wish the line was longer....more info
  • Nice accesory, works as expected
    This is a great little product, specially if you use a tripod or are into astronomy photography. It mimics the functions of the shutter release button on the camera, without introducing any vibration to the body & lens. This is the main purpose of this remote. If you want to take a photo of a group of people including you, the wireless remote may be a better idea.

    The cable is short, around 50cm or so. Contrary to other reviewers, I think it is good idea. Cables are usually too long and may knot and get in your way. The cable can be extended with a standard audio cable for very little $$.

    Definitely recommended!...more info
  • Works Great
    The Canon remote performs great. However, if you don't want to spend the $$ you can accomplish the same result using the timer but you'll wait 10sec for each photo. This device eleminates shake and waiting....more info
  • Great!!!
    It is great!!! I think wireless would be better .. but this does the job!!...more info
  • Simple yet most Useful Product
    This is a very simple remote control. It provides just the bare minimum capability that one would want in a remote control. Used with my Rebel XTi, it supports the 1/2 depressed auto-focus and exposure and the fully depressed shutter release.

    It also has a nice, simple slide plate that will lock the button in the fully depressed position to hold the shutter open for the "long duration" exposures.

    The product is made entirely of plastic (which feels a bit flimsy; but is surprisingly rugged in my experience) and has an oval cross section (which takes a little getting used to). Being made of plastic, this product is very lightweight (which is a plus in my opinion).

    My only complaint, echoed by several other reviewers, is that the connecting cable is very short. In fact, in my estimation, it is even too short for when you actually want to be close to the camera (which is the case for me doing a fair amount of close-up macro-photography). It is so short that I have a hard time making sure I don't bump the camera.

    But the good news is that, as at leat one other reviewer noted, you can easily get an extension from any electrical supply house or from Radio Shack. The plug is an 8/32" stereo plug and, if you get your extension from Radio Shack, you'll need to gat a couple of 8/32"-to-1/4" stereo adapters and use the 1/4" stereo extension cords (the one I got is 14 feet long). Total cost was about $5 so it's no big expense.

    My only complaint with my solution is that the adapters stick out quite a bit from the body of the camera and they can cause torque on the camera if you're not careful to ensure that there isn't any tension pulling on the adapter.

    I am most happy with this product. For me, it is a much better solution than the wireless solutions which (1) require you to be almost directly in front of the camear and (2) which, in my experience, tend to frequently but inadvertantly get the infrared signal showing up in the photograph.

    It is a shame that Canon doesn't make the cable on the product about another foot to two feet longer. I think that show poor engineering judgement on Canon's part.

    But the problem is easily enough remidied so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to anyone looknig for an inexpensive, simple, and flexible solution to remote triggering of their Canon cameras....more info
  • Light, solid and works just fine!
    This thing is mainly useful for bulb exposures (you have to manually lock the shutter and unlock it when you have completed the exposure time, it doesnt count the time since it doesnt have any procesors or logical electronics inside). Another thing it may work great is to be taking pictures with the camera mounted on a tripod when you dont want to move it even by the shutter button being pushed.

    It works just great for those two things. The remote has a shape to make easy to roll the cable around it in the bottom has a little hole to "connect" the cable so that it can be stored without the cable going everywhere, its kinda clever. I would recommend this product if this is what you want it for and if you dont want to spend much....more info
  • Great For Astrophotography
    I've spent my month of May on investing equipment for my Digital Rebel XT. I've ran into this product while searching for camera lenses and decided to buy one. Overall, this is a great product for the price. I use this Remote Switch for long exposures in BULB Mode when I'm taking Astrophotography. This product has the option of releasing the camera shutter instantly or locking the camera shutter as long as you want. The 2-foot cable is not bad since I don't really stay away from my camera very far. Most if not all Digital Rebel XT photographers should have this item as it takes up very little room in your camera bag and it is one handy product....more info
  • Canon Remote Switch RS60 E3
    Helps take a better picture with out pressing the shutter button. You also can set up your camera & use the remote from a short distants without being right with the camera....more info
  • Makes your camera work better for less
    I highly recommend this product.

    Shooting with a less expensive zoom lens at 300X with a tripod, this time, everything came out crystal clear. Out of 300 shots I only had 1 a little with motion blur due to people moving very fast on-stage. ...more info
  • Great product - Worth the price.
    This is, by far, one of the best purchases I've made as far as digital camera accessories go. In my opinion, it is well worth the $30 that I paid.

    I am not a terribly steady person, so even with my camera on a tripod, when my finger would press the shutter release button on the camera I would still get a little camera shake. This remote ends camera shake!

    That said, I have to agree with a previous reviewer who said that they would prefer a little more tactile feedback at the AF point (press half way down) on the remote button. It is difficult to tell where exactly half way is. I found, though, that you get used to that rather quickly as you and the remote form a quality relationship. :-)

    Also, the cord length is not optimal. With my camera on my tripod at eye-level and the remote plugged into the side of my camera, I am barely able to drop my arm down to my side. But again, another reviewer has come up with a way of extending the length for little cost.

    All in all, I am VERY happy with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone who asked....more info
  • A great start.
    I love this little shutter release cable. Yes, the cable is a little on the short side but it is very simple and easy to use. It completely eliminates shake and blur on slow shutter speeds. Also, it is ideal for the bulb setting if you use that kind of thing. I highly recommend this product to people that don't need to be long distances from their camera but still need a shutter release cable....more info
  • Cool little switch
    I bought one of these and hacked it so it would work with a Canon A570 IS. Very cool little switch. You will need an extension cable to do any kind of self or family portraits. I made mine wireless. :)...more info
  • Worth the price...
    I tried to save a few bucks by buying a 'no-name' remote that was supposed to be compatible with my Canon Rebel XTi- it wasn't. The 'no-name' remote would only work if the connector wasn't fully inserted into the camera- and even then it'd only work 20% of the time. The Canon RS60 E3 remote works all the time, every time. If you're shooting with a tripod and are after 'razor-sharp' pictures- you need this remote....more info
  • Awesome Product
    The Canon Remote Switch RS60 E3 is a great product there is small amount of noticeable shutter lag but not enough to bother most users. The cord is long enough for any of the shooting in have done. I just used the remote to shoot a group photograph in an audtitorium and it worked flawlessly. Would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an affordable remote switch to reduce camera shake while taking photos....more info
  • Great Shutter Release! (Works great in BULB mode)
    This is a great Shutter Release cable. I bought this a couple of days ago and received it today. I've taken some test shots and I really like it! I'm going to use it with the BULB mode in M and take some good shots of the night sky. I also have the Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 for Digital Rebel XTi, and it works great for being in front of the camera (group pictures). I recomment both as each has their own purposes. Glad I finally bought it and wish I bought it sooner! :)...more info
  • Exactly what I expected
    I got what I expected and love it, but the one flaw is the length. I dont need the extra length but someone else might....more info
  • Great device with a short lead
    I read the reviews for this device and noted that the main shortcomming was the fact that the cable was too short. I picked up a 6foot extension on line for $3 and paid more to ship it than the cable itself. I have used it several times and it is really a great device. Highly recommend it.

    Dan Orr, Maryland...more info
  • Does what it's supposed to do - A bit overpriced
    Definitely a must-have accessory if you are doing long exposure or macro photographs. I'm using mine with an EOS Rebel XTi and it works exactly like I expected.

    A half press sets focus/exposure and a full press releases the shutter. Identical to the shutter button on the camera. To hold the shutter open, you can continue holding the remote button down with your thumb, or you can slide the "lock" upwards and it will hold the button down for you. Slide the lock down and it will release the button. Ideal for use when the shutter is in "BULB" mode.

    For the price paid, it seems a little bit flimsy and fragile. I wouldn't expect it to hold up under heavy duty use, but for my purposes, I expect it to last quite a while. The half-press/full-press of the button is hard to "feel." Unlike with the camera's button, you don't get a lot of feedback on when to stop pressing for a half-press. Not a huge deal - the worst thing that would happen on a digital is a few extra shots on your memory card.

    If you need an external shutter release for your photography, don't hesitate on buying this Canon model. If you see it for less than $10, buy two!...more info
  • A 'MUST HAVE' For Tripod Work
    I use this for tripod work. Especially when using my 1600mm telephoto lens on my XTi, where breathing almost can cause movement, its a MUST HAVE piece of equipment. It has not got a very long cord but I have found no problems with it and I am sure a couple of bucks worth of components from your local Radio Shack could make a longer extension cord if necessary.

    I also have the RC1 wireless remote for getting pics of me and the missus in photos together and it also is a handy bit of kit....more info
  • Canon remote switch RS60 E3
    Its is a very good Canon product and works as advertised I choose it over the Wireless Remote versions when I discovered that in using the wireless remotes, I could not stand BEHIND the camera to acivate the wireless remote, BECAUSE the sensor is on the front of the Digital Rebel.

    I would have prefered the wireless. The cable on the RS60 E3 is a bit short but works OK....more info
  • nice remote
    *Short review: definitely worth owning (this and the wireless)

    Longer review: I own both this remote and the RC1 i think it is (the wireless remote for standing in front of the camera). You can't really compare the two because I feel they should both be used for different occasions. I found this remote really helpful for taking pictures of others, taking pictures when I don't want to risk any kind of camera shake, and when I want a really long exposure (i.e. shooting at night). It has a hold option so you can press the shutter on the remote and lock it in place and walk away while the picture is taking, come back and unlock it to end the exposure. Definitely happy with it, allows me to experiment with all sorts of exposure times....more info
  • Very good help
    Happy to have this remote. Helps a lot to make good photo when the longer exposure is needed.Works perfect with delay or without it. ...more info
  • Great utility product
    I got this last month & have taken this on just one trip so far. I am already in love with it & cannot think why I had not got this earlier. Its very convinient when the weather is cold & the hands are freezing. I always find pressing the shutter button uncomfortable at that that. With the remote its much easier to just hold it & click it.
    A great utility product, must have!....more info
  • Great Cable Release!
    It dose what it was made to do, and dose it well. I prefer a shutter release that works every time. I got this one to avoid err with the "wireless" cable release, which is finicky in the sun, and can decide to run out of batteries whenever it wants.

    -Shipping was very fast.
    -The Cord is the perfect length (1 1/2 ft.) for using with a tripod
    -The half pressed trigger auto focus is a very nice option if you want AF
    -I paid $18.00 from Adorama Camera, which is almost half the price as in stores ($30.00 + tax)
    -Not battery operated. Works everywhere all the time. No problem.
    -And obviously stops camera shake, and gives you manual control of exposure time in Bulb... which is what its for after all.

    -It was not free...more info
  • Very useful remote for canon cameras
    After much research I settled on this unit for my extended exposure photography needs. The wireless units would be more convenient however far too many reviews I read mentioned the need to be close and in front of the camera -- far from an ideal situation. The unit does seem a bit overpriced considering the components however it works well. The only real drawback is the length (or lack thereof) of the cable. This is easily solved with the purchase of an extension cable or two. I purchased a 6 foot and 12 foot cable premade from PCH Cables (look online for their website) and even with shipping the total charge was less than $9. This affords you controlling the remote control from anywhere from 8 to 20 feet from the camera as the cables can be put together to extend the length available to a max of 20 feet. ...more info
  • Alright I guess
    It could be longer, works great for what I need it for normally but would enjoy a longer cable but that is cannons fault not this vendor. I have had no probs with this item.

    Bill...more info

    I am soo glad that i bought this item, i can take long exposures images like Lightnings, Fireworks, Streets, Stars, etc.

    Really recomend it....more info
  • Must have for long exposures
    Not quite as slick as Canon's wireless remotes, but it's cheaper and serves the same purpose. You might watch the way you hold it though, because the lock mechanism activates easily, which causes continuous shooting. Not a big deal though, once you get used to handling the remote. Overall the best budget option....more info
  • Canon Cable Release: A good investment
    When I first purchased this cable release I expected it to last a year a the most. I've had it for 3 years now and it still functions as well as it did when I first got it. It has taken a 30 mile trip hanging out of my car (and consequently dragging against the pavement) and some how survived. There is room for improvement: a longer cable and a better wrapping mechanism would be greatly welcome. Overall, this cable release is well built and holds up very well.

    Note: if you are doing long exposures, make sure you use your camera's mirror lockup to minimize the vibrations caused by the mirror flipping up and invest in a sturdy tripod....more info
  • Canon Remote Switch RS60 E3
    Wish the cord was a little longer, but at least it's easy to get an extension for it. I thought it was going to be flimsier, but it's actually fairly solid for its size. Its very light and it does exactly what it's supposed to do....more info
  • Easy to use
    Gives full control on camera including prefocus and long exposures. Comfortable to hold; logical switch location with switch lock/lockout. Short 2 foot cord. ...more info
  • Great concept
    Canon Remote Switch RS60 E3

    This is a greatb tool for the macro shooter or slow shutter speeds. Very usefull also when you need to lock the mirror up for less noise.

    The only draw back is the short cord. Would be much better if it were longer, maybe 6' or more for different applications....more info
  • Great for night photography
    This remote switch is great for taking night shots, or for any situation where you have a tripod and need to prevent camera shake. I own a Canon DSLR (the Digital Rebel XTi), and I got really tired of waiting for the timer to go off when taking night shots. If you don't use the timer, when your finger presses the shutter button you get some camera shake. But with this switch, you can just connect it and then take shot after shot without waiting. It's especially nice with auto-bracketing, since you're taking sets of 3 shots in a row so it's just click-click-click and you're done. Waiting for the self-timer when auto-bracketing gets old really fast.

    A nice feature that you can see in the product image is the set of two little grooves that the cable clips into (one on the left up near the switch, and one on the right almost at the botton). You can wrap the cable around the handle and clip it in place into one of the grooves for easy storage.

    I also like the shutter lock, which lets you hold the shutter open in 'bulb' mode. You just depress the shutter button and then slide it forward and it's locked. For exposures more than a minute when it's cold and dark, it's handy to be able to leave the switch alone and put your hands in your pockets so they don't freeze.

    For the do-it-yourself crowd, this switch is just a simple electrical switch with a 2.5mm jack. You could make your own for a few dollars in parts, but I think the design of the Canon version is worth the money (especially the cable grooves).

    This is NOT for group portraits that include the photographer: the cable is too short for that. If you want more than a foot or two of reach, you can extend it with a 2.5mm stereo audio cable, and then you could use it for shooting yourself. But the self-timer is almost always better, if only because you won't have a switch in your hand in every photo.

    Overall, if you're using a tripod and especially if you're shooting at night, a useful, well-designed tool to have handy....more info
  • Simple device does its job well
    Handy little thing, I find myself using it far more than I expected. Nothing complicated, just a button on a string more or less, but for any long shots it really saves the day by allowing you to not touch the camera at all ensuring it doesn't shake. The button also "locks" (a plastic piece slides over to hold it down) which is of course perfect for "bulb" exposure shots which are very tricky to do with the button on the camera....more info
  • extremely pleased
    The Canon remote switch RS60 E3 has allowed me to take the most sensitive pictures with NO movement of the camera....more info
  • Perfect for my needs
    I wanted a shutter release for my EOS Digital Rebel XT, and that's exactly what this product provides. I give it four stars instead of five because of the short cable on this device, which is not very useful or practical.

    However, I did take the advice of John Nolley II (January 11, 2006) and purchased a 16-Ft extension cable and adapters, which works perfectly.

    Here are the part numbers from Radio Shack:
    - Part# 42-2493: Audio Extension Cable (16-Ft, Shielded) - $12.99*
    - Part# 274-373: 1/8" to 3/32" adapter (for the end that plugs into camera) - $5.49
    - Part# 274-397: 3/32" to 1/8" adapter (for the end that remote plugs into) - $3.99

    *I think the 8-Ft cable was $7.99 (instead of the $12.99 for the 16-Ft one).

    All total (before tax) - $22.47, which is a bit more than the $10 cited by John, but still totally doable (and I did not bother comparison shopping). It brings my total (remote plus cables etc.) to about $50. Worth it? I think so, since, as far as I know, there is not an existing Canon shutter release with a longer cable. Others may disagree. So far, I am quite satisfied with this product....more info
  • Works gr8 just too short of cord, fixable
    Works as expected. Just way too short of a cord but very fix able if you have an Radio Shack close by. I picked up the following and now have an extra 20 ft now to the shutter button.

    Get the following.

    1 - 2740397 - 3/32"SPG-1/8"SJK
    1- 2740373 - 1/8SPG-3/32"SJK
    1 - 4202562 - GP,20FT 1/8INST EXT

    Everything is working excellent now, have 20ft extra to take pictures. I believe there is a 50ft ext cord as well available.

    azbobs...more info
  • Canon remote switch
    A little pricey, it works as advertized. A must have if you are using a telephoto lens....more info
  • Great remote!
    The remote is awesome. When i first thought about buying i was a little concerned with the length of the cable. Well I got the remote, used it, and its great. Long enough for normal use. when used for BULB mode its awesome. I used it for the first time to photograph the Perseid Meteor Shower and couldnt be any happier. great tool....more info
  • Fits Canon and my Pentax K10D perfectly!
    Yes, there is no mistake. This Canon RS-60R3 remote cable also works perfectly with Pentax K10D and with some other Pentax cameras too.

    Highly recommend!...more info
  • Does its job well and with ease.
    I use this release a LOT! Easily attaches, works well, and I like being able to lock the lens open for long exposures. Well worth the money....more info
  • Great product
    I bought this as a gift for my father in law who is also an avid photographer. He loves it and says that he uses it all the time now. It is a great asset if you do a lot of tripod work! The only thing better is the Canon TC80N3 Timer Remote Control....more info
  • Overpriced, but invaluable
    The RS60E3 is a pretty egregious case of overpriced camera equipment. For what it is (a plastic housing and switch with a 2ft cable), asking $22 seems fairly ridiculous. Consider that Canon's own excellent 50mm f/1.8 lens sells for just two and a half time as much. Or that Opteka wireless remote is half the price. The cable management slots designed to keep the cable in place don't work particularly well and the symmetrical design of means that I try to press the wrong side of the switch half the time. But the same day that I bought it, I managed to get some fantastic shots using it and my Rebel XT. It's not just to prevent shaking the camera for long shots on a tripod. In bulb mode, the switch lets you take exposures of arbitrary length without moving the camera. This is essential for those wonderful pitch-black night shots. Those would simply be impossible without this. So, it's pricey for what you get... until you get that great shot....more info
  • I'am out of trouble with this remote.
    I use a 500 mm objective on my camera. I use it for birds photographing. You must be extremely stable with this rig. My new remote solve easily the difficulty. I don't touch the shutter.

    Very good remote on my Canon Rebel XT.

    Marcel...more info
  • no shaking
    This remote solved my problem with camera shake from pushing the button to take a picture. I also have an rca cable to extend it to take group photos with me in them !...more info
  • Very handy cable release for Canon Digital Rebel XTi
    Replaces the old cable release of yester-year. I only gave it 4 stars because
    it is rather expensive (to me) for such a simple item. But it works great,
    and you need one for any exposures done from a tripod - especially for
    portrature....more info
  • A big help!
    If you have a crappy tripod like me, you'll love this remote. its reugged, small, canon, etc.

    If you have a good tripod the you're a more wealthy amateur than me or you're not an amateur at all but a pro so you know you wanna buy it. :) ...more info
  • Excellent!!
    Looking for a remote so you don't shake that camera? This is the one to buy....more info
  • it works
    Can't say much else about it. other than it couldn't be any better unless it was free and maybe a longer cable....more info
  • Does what it's supposed to do
    Works as advertised at a great price. Essential for tripod photography...more info
  • Love it
    Canon knew just what I wanted.It's compact, solidly built, easy to store it's cord, easy to lock and unlock the shutter release.It works with my extension cords, so I can shoot photos of wildlife without interrupting them. ...more info
  • Canon RS60 E3
    A corded remote switch is a must have for any tripod photography. Cable could be a couple of feet longer....more info
  • A fantastic accessory for pretty much every DSLR owner
    I'll start off by saying that this item IS compatible with the Rebel XTi (I've seen conflicting information floating around).

    I just recently purchased my XTi and noticed that even when using a tripod that my pictures would come out slightly blurred a lot of the time - I'm assuming this is from the vibration when pressing and releasing the shutter button. This made long-exposes such as night photography difficult for me and often left me disappointed with the results.

    Fortunately I found this great item! It plugs into the side of the camera by the USB connector and features basic controls (half click, full click, and the ability to click and lock the button).

    One of the first things you'll notice is the short cord - something almost every single review has mentioned but I really didn't think it would be THAT short - this is both a Pro and a Con.. A "Pro" because it doesnt leave lots of slack that can become tangled or drop loosely to the ground but also a "Con" because you still need to remain relatively close to the camera for this to function.. If you're dealing with Macro (up-close) photography with live animals it would be nice to set the camera up and sit 5-10 feet away and remotely trigger the camera without being close enough to scare them away. Another time a long cord would be nice would be for self-photography and to place a camera in a place which is otherwise not reasonable for you to get to (such as a high location, on a roof, in a tree, etc..)
    Apparently you can get a little "Do it yourself" with this item and splice a longer cable onto it if you feel the need. They also sell a wireless remote which is probably even better for these needs but you have to keep a direct connection between the camera and the remote).

    Back to this remote switch though:

    By half-pressing the remote, the camera will autofocus (much as it does when half-pressing the shutter button on the actual camera) and fully pressing it will release the shutter and snap a picture.

    The part that becomes quite nice is the "Lock" function. This lets you lock the button down (done by full-clicking and sliding the button to the side) for as long as you want while the shutter remains open - this means you can lock it for 5 minutes for pinhole photography or night shots - something you would otherwise need to keep your finger on the shutter release button for (which will almost always cause some vibration/shaky pictures).
    You do this by setting the exposure time to "Bulb" mode (from what I can tell, its only available in [M] mode on the XTi).

    A very excellent remote switch that is more than worth the $20-30 selling price (just don't tell canon!) - If I could make one change it would be to have the camera use a replaceable cable so that you could easily unplug the 2 foot one and replace it with a 5 or 10 foot one since it appears to just be a standard audio cable.

    All-in-all, a must-buy which is also very affordable!...more info
  • Perfect!
    This is the kind of accessory you're really glad you bought. It does what the manufacturer says it will and does it reliably without muss nor fuss. Yes the cord is short, but as I use it primarily to avoid camera shake and not for including myself in the picture, this isn't an issue. If I should need a longer cord, I'll follow the advice in other posts and head to radio shack, drop $5 and have one as long as I like.
    The button issue mentioned in other posts (where the button slides into multi shot mode) is easily gotten used to. It happened to me a couple times but then I became accustomed to it. ...more info
  • Good little product
    Using this on my Canon DRebel XT (350D) and works great. Would be nice if the cord was a bit longer, but this can be fixed with a few things from Radio Shack. All in all, a good buy for what it does. ...more info
  • Simple and works
    I bought this for my Digital Rebel XT and it works just fine. I like the way that you can wrap the cable around the unit and it had a hole in the to for the mini plug to store. Nice design and it works as stated....more info
  • Essential, inexpensive addition
    Does just what it says. A little bit small in my big hand and the plastic is a tad slippery and smooth, making the button a little tough to press but once you use it a couple times it's not really a big deal. This does go halfway to focus and does lock the shutter open if you like. The cord is a tad short but it's just an audio cord you can get from Radio Shack or anywhere if you want to make it longer. What makes it handy is that molded into the plastic are little grooves and cord guides to secure the cord when you wind it up around the device. Sounds silly, but it makes a nice difference when packing everything into your bag. This is a must for reducing camera shake (with a tripod, of course), I noticed a big difference in some outdoor shooting of christmas lights. Pick it up!...more info
  • A Must Have
    If you are in the studio or on location and want to see your subjects as they are to the naked eye and not through the small view finder, this is a must have for any photographer using a tripod. This will eliminate unwanted camer shake....more info
  • Remote helps overcome the shakes
    If you use a Canon 20D, this little item is worth its weight in gold. It plugs into the camera, and provides a way to fire the shutter remotely. In the old days, a big air bulb was used by photographers with their big view cameras. Today, a little electronic thing like this helps me avoid the shakes (and blurs) because you're not pushing anything ON the camera to move or shake the camera. Just a slight squeez of the fingers and your image is captured. These little guys are available for most quality cameras....more info
  • Perfect
    Great remote trigger switch. I bought for use with my Canon EOS 350d (in the US known as Rebel XT). I have had no problems with it an use it very frequently....more info
  • Highly recommended if you are serious about photography
    The remote switch is very useful if you want to take pictures without introducing any camera shake. This is particularly handy when taking long exposure shots. Even with the help of a tripod, I found that shots taken at night had some amount of blur because of the small amount of camera movement while pressing the shutter release button and then moving the hand away. To avoid this problem, I was always forced to use delayed exposure and unnecessarily wait 10 seconds for each shot.

    The remote switch is the perfect solution to this problem because I can take shots in quick succession without even touching the camera. The best part about the remote switch is that it seamlessly replaces all the functions of the actual shutter release button. This includes automatic focus feature when the button is depressed halfway. Shots can be taken in continuous and remote modes in addition to the single-shot mode. I also like the lock feature that really helps during bulb exposures (longer than 30 seconds) because I don't have to hold the shutter release button down all through the exposure. The cord connecting the switch to the camera is quite short though, so you can't really use it to take self-portraits. The design is very sleek. The cord can be neatly wrapped around the switch itself, using the two slots on the side to hold the cord and prevent it from unraveling. Canon has even thought of providing a socket at the bottom to plug in the connector during storage.

    A little bit of Googling will give you a few sites where you can make your own remote control using a flip switch, a few wires and a 2.5mm stereo miniplug. However, seeing the cool features on this nifty gadget, I would recommend getting this one instead....more info
  • It does the work just fine
    This is a shutter release cable meant to just release the shutter, no extra tricks. As far as i tried, for astrophotography, it works just as I expected. The camera doesn't move at all, and the shutter can remain locked for as many minutes, even hours, as you wish. Even though the cable would be more comfortable if it were longer, still isn't uncomfortable; it works just fine and deserves the five stars. No downsides....more info
  • Really Nice Addition
    This is a great product if you are taking picture where having in which you want the camera perfectly still. It is simple and therefore less likely to break. A must have for shots that require a slow shutter speed....more info
  • Canon Remote Switch RS60 E3
    Item was exactly as described. Works perfectly and helped make some great shots at Yosemite....more info
  • Gets the Job Done
    ive used this product about twice and dont really have any major complaints. my pictures came out great. i used it at a drag strip and needed it for taking pictures of the cars flying by at nighttime and i was able to capture them nicely due to no camera shake (using a tripod of course as well). the only thing i dont particularly like is that it goes into the lock position quite easily taking extra pictures that arent needed, and also the small hole for the wire to be inserted in for packing doesnt really hold it that well and the wire just kinda unravels, but i would recommend it to anyone who has a need for it....more info
  • Canon Digital Camera Remote Switch
    The Canon RS-60E3 is all that Canon says it is a simple one handed operation switch that can open the flash, focus, then release the shutter once, a multiple of times, or hold it open for bulb exposure. Although the cord is not long enough to include the photographer in the picture, it was simple enough to make an "extension" that allows for very remote exposures....more info
  • Canon Remote Switch RS-60E3 a Must Have
    I don't know how I ever did without this little item. Its indispensable for taking pictures with a tripod. It works easily and efficiently exactly as described...more info
  • WOW!
    I wish I'd bought this a LOOOONG time ago! It is so helpful, esp. with macro shots. Highly recommend....more info
  • Good punch for the price...
    While Canon products at times have a price markup for items that bare the label (like Harley Davidson products) there are a few gems that are good deals at the price point. The Canon backpack and the 50mm 1.8 lens are examples of good deals. This switch also belongs in the 'worth the price' category.

    The switch connects into the side of the Rebel XT. The female receptor on the camera is underneath a rubber cover. The cover folds back awkwardly/protrudes when the switch is connected. This is mildly annoying, but not a big deal.

    The switch is simple yet effective: half push for focus, full push to take the picture, or push the switch forward to lock the shutter open (for night shots, lightning, etc.). When pressed forward, the shutter remains open until you pull the switch back into place. You don't have to hold the switch open as it locks once it is slid forward.

    The switch can activate the shutter either in the single shot mode or the time delay mode. Single shot or time delay are set on the camera, not on the switch.

    In single shot the shutter is activated as soon as the button is fully pressed. In time delay, fully pressing the button starts the 10-second countdown prior to the picture being snapped (time to run in front of the camera for family or self-portraits).

    For macro shots, night shots, or shots in which minimal or no camera shake is permissible this inexpensive device is quite useful.

    Finally, it has little notches built in to the side of its body to help hold the cable securely against the body when the cable is wrapped up for storage. It also has a slot to plug in the male attachment (the part that plugs into the camera) built into the body for convenience in storage and to protect the connector when not in use.

    I'm glad I bought it. ...more info
  • Works well
    Worked well while I took pictures of fireworks over Lake Tahoe on the 4th of July. Only wish camera accessories with Canon logo weren't so expensive. ...more info
  • Invaluable for long exposure
    Using photoshop, and being a big fan of bulb exposures the RS60 E3 is a must have accesory. You can use it just as you would the shutter button on the Digital rebel, as well as lock the shutter open, which is very good for painting with a small flashlight, etc.

    My only qualm with the switch is the shortness of the cord, but if you're trying to take a self portrait with the remote, then you need to get the Infrared remote. The two of those combined makes for a perfect pair of tools for any remote picture taking needs....more info
  • Works as promised
    It does what it says it'll do, and while it's pricey for a couple of contact switches in a plastic handle, considering the cost of parts and my time to make something similar, it's a bargain. I would have liked more heavy duty construction, and the contacts to have more definite tactile feedback for the focus vs shoot position, but it works just fine, and it lets me take pictures while talking more easily to the subject, in addition to the obvious vibration reduction....more info
  • Two Thumbs Up!
    I purchased this Canon Remote Switch about 4 months ago and I use it almost constantly. This is one of the most useful camera accessories that I have purchased. Every photographer should have one in his/her toolbox.

    A remote switch is essential if you do photos in low light or macro photography. The slightest movement of your camera when you press the shutter release could cause your photo to be ruined. This switch eliminates "camera shake."

    Before I purchased this switch, I had to use the self-timer feature on my camera and the time delay was very inconvenient.

    There have been a few reviews saying that the Canon Remote Switch is over-priced and cheaply made. I don't think that is true at all! I would definitely buy this accessory again.
    ...more info
  • Necessary, but too expensive -- build your own or buy 3rd party
    A cable release is absolutely required for two types of photography in particular. Macrophotography requires you to set off the shutter without any vibration, and shooting with the bulb mode might require you to hold down the button for hours. A cable release lets you shoot off a shot without camera shake (especially if you have and use mirror lock-up), and lock the shutter open without having to hold it. It's useful for a lot of other things too though; I used an OLD one (this is back in the era before electronic releases, with a camera from before the AF era) to take firework pictures so I didn't have to keep a hand on the camera.

    Long story short, if you use a camera for more than holiday and family snaps, you WILL NEED a cable release at some point.

    But, don't get this. Canon is ripping you off. I suspect these cost Canon about two dollars to make, and they are selling them at a 1000% markup. There are two options.

    * First, buy an after-market cable release. Amazon sells one under the title "Adorama Digital Remote Release with 36" Cable for Canon EOS Rebel XT." (It says Rebel XT, but it should work with any of the cameras the RC60 work with. Theoretically. I think.) The downside of this is that you don't save money; as of the writing of this review it costs as much as the RC60. However, on principle it removes a sale of an overpriced accessory from Canon. However, you DO get a longer cord (3 feet instead of 2), which is a complaint of many of the reviewers of this.

    * Second, make your own. You could do this for about $3 if you wanted; the cost depends on how much you're willing to spend. If you know electronics, get a 2.5mm stereo miniplug. If you short the sleeve and tip, the camera will AF then shoot. If you short the sleeve and ring, the camera will AF and wakeup from standby. If you think you might want to try but don't know what I'm talking about, search for "DIY Canon cable release". You could also buy the book "Hacking Digital Cameras" which has a chapter on how to build not only a release like this, but one that shoots a picture periodically. At present, the cost of that book and the materials for your own cable release will be only a couple bucks more than buying the Canon one....more info
    I mean just have to have it! Before this, when using a tripod, I used to use the self-timer. And I hated the fact that on my digital rebel xt, I couldn't speed up the duration of the self-timer (10 sec) and hence would loose important time-dependent shots. This has made life SO much easier! Get it NOW! You won't regret it!...more info
  • Necessity for Macro or Long Telephoto Work
    If you are doing true macro or long telephoto work this is an absolute necessity, along with mirror lockup, for sharp photos. The only real alternative being the self timer, but that does not give you any real composition control if your subject is moving. This is also nice for portrait work because it lets you interact with your subjects without having your head and hands right near the camera (use your eyepiece over to avoid stray light from tricking your sensor when doing this.) ...more info
  • Nice product
    Highly recommended. Needless to say more, just buy it if you do need it. is awesome. If you find out that it's not what you need, you can return it. ...more info
  • Great Accessory
    I bought this and a tripod for my Canon Digital Rebel. Both are must haves to experiment with depth of field and the "wait for it" shot. Very simple to use and hook up to camera. However, don't be confused. This is not the family portrait accessory. I would have given it 5 stars if the cord had been a little bit longer....more info
  • I should have paid closer attention to what I was buying
    I hate to rate this too low, because I'm sure that the product is great for it's intended use. However, I was looking for a remote control so that we could shoot a family photo in front of the Christmas tree. I assumed that this would be the item, but when I received it I realized that I would need a ten-foot long arm to accomplish my task as the cable is very short ... only about a foot long or so. My bad. I then purchased the Wireless remote RC1 for Digital Rebel, (also from Amazon), and love it. This one, however, is basically used for keeping the camera steady on a tripod so that you are not actually pressing a button on the camera. Great for that purpose ... just a heads up to anyone looking for a way to take pictures with you in it ... this is not your item (unless you want a picture of you nostrils close up). I'm keeping mine in case I ever need to do just that ... you never know....more info
    I am very happy with the performance of this remote and would recommend it easily to other--the locking feature is nice....more info
  • Leave the camera alone!
    I had the wireless remote, but I had to get my hand in front of the camera so the IR connects the IR receiver in the camera, and gives the camera the command to release the shutter... (NOT Convenient)... but with this, I was freed to take shots from any place, and not shaking the camera when it was on the tripod.
    TIP: there is an option in the Canon 350D (A.K.A. Rebel X) that locks the shutter once you click the first time, so when you click again to take the shot, there will be ZERO shake (Because the Shutter does shake the camera when you take a macro shot)
    ...more info
  • Great Accessory for Digital Rebel
    Works well, great for hands free work. Cord is a little short but if you're not in the shot then it rocks!!...more info
  • A Must-Have Accessory
    If you plan on taking any photos requiring longer exposure times (particularly "bulb-mode" photographs in which the shutter remains open until you close it), you need this accessory for your camera.

    Though the cord is shorter than would be desired, a quick trip to any electronics store should provide a simple solution in an extension: a 3/32" stereo extension cord, or a 1/8" cord with adapters to 3/32". As these can be had for well under $10, you can easily extend the reach of the shutter release beyond what Canon provided....more info
  • Fine for occassional use, breaks under heavy use :-(
    I take a lot of pictures that requires the camera to be mounted on a tripod. Using this remote shutter release seemed like the obvious choice. However after receiving the switch, I noticed the switch mechanism seemed a bit cheap. Well, I was right. After a few months of daily use, the switch quit working. Even before it quit, the switch started acting finicky and wouldn't take the shot right away. I still needed to take photos so I bought a second one. Just like the first, it stopped working in a few months too, ARRGHHHH!!! After the second one failed, I bought the wireless remote control RC1. I wish I bought that the first time. It works so much better and without any wires to get in the way. The only downside is you can't take a photo from behind the camera with the wireless. I guess you can't have everything. I strongly recommend you skip buying this poorly made switch on buy the wireless switch instead. You will be much happier....more info
  • Great Remote!
    Besides that the cable is somewhat short, this remote works extremely well. I also bought the Canon Wireless Remote Control RC1 which doesn't work well at all and only when it's held close to the camera and in a specific angle.....I do recommend this over the wireless one......more info
  • Nice, but a little overpriced
    This is a great switch I use on my Canon SLR. I use it primarily for night shots and anything else that requires a slow shutter speed. My only complaint is that I feel its a tad too expensive. An item like this should cost [less]....more info
  • Its Been Over a Year
    and absolutely no complaints :)

    I take plenty of scenic shots and time elpased photos so this has been an indispensable accessory....more info

  • handy and necessary gadget
    What would I do without my remote switch? I would cry real tears. I bought it for nighttime photography and long exposures without camera shake but I use it for almost everything. Even portraiture benefits from this nifty little tool as subjects can be fooled into relaxing their faces while one is not behind the lens. I would have given it five stars but the cord is slightly shorter than I would like....more info
  • If you have a tripod, you must have this accesory...
    No option, if you have a tripod, you must have this accesory. It enable you to lock the button for long term exposure pictures. Very light and very reliable....more info
  • No brainer remote
    It works for what it was made for. As for the comments of the cord being short how long do people want a cord. I like it....more info
  • Wrong name for shutter release cable
    This cord is not a remote control device as you might assume from its name. Rather, this is the same device that professionals would call a shutter release cable. It is meant to release the shutter button for long exposure shots to avoid shaking the camera when you touch it. You can also "lock" the shutter open for REALLY long shots (anything longer than 2 minutes). When you reach the desired exposure time, simply slide the button out of lock mode and the shutter will close.

    Unless you have four foot long arms and a fish-eye lens, you won't be able to use this cord to do self portraits. You will have to make do with the self timer. Unfortunately, according to my local rep, Canon does not make a more useful cordless remote that works with my Rebel 2000....more info

  • Excellent tool, but needs longer cord
    It's very useful, but could be much more useful if the cord was longer or Canon made an extension cord compatible with the EOS Rebel2000 model. Currently, this 2 ft. appliance is the only give a beginning photographer has to take a photo remotely. (Not to be confused with a remote control!)...more info
  • Canon Remote Switch RS60
    The mechanism is essentially a lockable electrical switch with a cord and mini-phonejack. I found it too easy to accidently slide the button in lock position causing several unintended exposures. Unless you make your own, it is the way you can remotely trigger the shutter mechanism....more info
  • Simple and easy
    THis is one of the best products to add to your collection of camera gadgets. It works wonderfully for the canon Rebel2000 and produces great results. I used it for professional wedding pictures and was very pleased. A must have!...more info
  • A Must have for EOS 2000
    This is a must have accessories for EOS 2000 owner who wants to step beyond the artistic touch. I used to use the timer to take picture in low light or motion effect just to erase the possibility of jerking my camera.

    But I hate it because I need to wait the timer to start and to stop when there is possibility of people passing or other unexpected things messing up my picture.

    With this remote, I'm able to snap right a way without waiting the timer to end. Beside if you want to experiment with the "BULB" settings, the chance of you jerking off the Camera while using the remote is None.

    However, you still need a Tripod to set-up your camera perfectly....more info

  • Works well
    Works well, has two settings. Press once for a regular photo, or press and lock for time lapse photos (with manual settings on the camera). No problems to report....more info
  • Great Gadget
    This product is a great gadget for you Cannon EOS Cameras if you want to do portraits or it is going to be your main camera. It helps with portraits because the camera stays steady and wont jerk around on the trypod. Also it helps you get in Christmas photos and bypasses messing with the tymer....more info