Canon WL-DC100 Wireless Controller PowerShot Pro 90, S60, S70 & G6
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Product Description

The WL-DC100 wireless controller can be used to shoot or replay your camera. The wireless controller can be operated from an approximate distance of up to 5 m (16.4 ft.) from the remote sensor. The camera will shoot the image 2 seconds later after pressing the shutter button. The WL-DC100 also allows you to control the zoom lens, display the next or previous image, toggle various onscreen data overlays and more.

  • Wireless controller for Canon Powershot digital cameras
  • Operating distance of up to 16.4 feet
  • 2-second delay on shutter button
  • Also controls zoom, image display, and toggle displays
  • Compatible with Canon Pro90, G1, G2, G3, and G5
Customer Reviews:
  • Canon Wireless Remote
    This device works but you must be directly in front of the camera since that is where the sensor is located on the camera. If you wanted it for shots of wildlife from an unseen location this defeats the purpose unless you are hiding right in front of the camera and you want to get in the shot with the wildlife. :) Good for self portraits I guess....more info
  • It just works
    Works fine with my S60. This one will work in front of the camera, since there is only one sensor in the front of it....more info
  • IT is great!
    I use it for my s70..
    It works over 10meters (thats right!) and from the back too, so I am very happy with it..
    I bought it today so maybe it is improved now......more info
  • Great little remote
    Great for using with a tripod, now you can be in the pictures too....more info
  • Awful In so many ways
    I got this for my S70. First off, in order to use it, you have to set the S70 to "radio control" (about 9 button pushes). Then you had better stay no further away than six feet or so (and only in *front* of the camera-the remote doesn't work from the rear!). Oh, and if you want to adjust your framing, forget it-the zoom is immobilized.

    If you need a "cable release," I strongly suggest simply using the self-timer built into the camera. It gives you 2-second and 10-second settings, and you're almost certain to have a steady tripod by that time. ...more info
  • More documentation - and now a review!
    I looked everywhere on Amazon to find a wireless remote that is compatible with my S1 IS. According to Canon's website, this remote works with PRO 1, PRO90 IS, G1, G2, G3, G5, G6, S1 IS & S60. Since it seems to be under-documented here, I thought I'd throw that out there so other people don't waste as much time clicking around as I did.

    When I get the remote, I'll check back in with a full review.

    OKAY, I'M BACK. I can't say that I'm entirely happy with the remote -- but considering it is the only option for taking steady pictures with these cameras, it will be worthwhile for some.

    First of all, the thing is tiny and thin -- with no way to attach it to a keychain or string (short of you doing it yourself with tape). Secondly, at least for the S1 IS, it only responds at a distance of six or so feet, and only when pointed at the front of the camera. The signal is not strong enough to pass through the camera so you can't use it from behind. Thirdly, the buttons are not very responsive, especially the zoom buttons.

    Cannon's dv cameras like the GL1 have great remotes with lots of controls. Why, for this price, can't Cannon offer something better for still cameras?...more info