Intel Wireless Series Base Station
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  • 8 devices with no wires!
    That's about it! No more wires all over the place, the wireless joysticks are great for playing away from the chairs! the keyboard never skips a bit! and the mouse is super accurate, best investment in wireless I ever made! Did I mention NO WIRES?!?! The mouse use to need a battery change every 5 or 6 months, then I changed to alkalines... they are still kickin'!...more info
  • Does its job well
    The base station does its job. It doesn't run on batteries as the mouse and gamepad does, but on an ac adapter like most electronics, so no need to worry about the battery dieing on you. The range on this is far, so I have it behind my computer where it doesn't get in the way and frees up desk space.
    You only really need in front of you when setting up the wireless mouse, gamepad and/or keyboard for the first time....more info
  • Great product, but uses up batteries
    This was my first wireless mouse. To start off, physically, I didn't really like how the base station was so oddly shaped, hard to fit in somewhere. The mouse seemed a little big. Installation was super quick and easy. I had my mouse running in less than 10 minutes. No problems functioning except when it is low on battery life which seems quite often. It is a quality product, but changing the batteries annoy me. I have to replace my batteries every 3 months or so it seems. Overall, perfermance is excellent, just didn't like how it used up batteries so fast....more info
  • Excellent Item
    Have worked with other wireless mice , but this one is just excellent. Also since the base station can support 8 devices this make s life a lot simpler (no more mess)...more info