Intel Wireless Series Gamepad Accessory
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Product Description

The new Intel Wireless Series gamepad accessory unleashes gaming action with its wireless operation, customizable controls, and profile sharing. It has a sleek, comfortable design that fits perfectly in your hands for hours of wire-free winning. The Gamepad works with the 900 MHz Intel Wireless Series Base Station (sold separately) and boasts a nine-foot range that doesn't require a direct line of sight to the base station or the PC.

Intel's wireless gamepad features eight buttons, two triggers, one shift button, and an ultraresponsive D-pad. You can customize it by assigning up to 28 different moves or profiles to any the control buttons. The wireless gamepad can be used as a mouse for any program on your computer or even for surfing the Web. It has a liquid-crystal display showing player number, as well as low battery power. This gives you a quick and simple way to keep you from losing control in the heat of battle and also indicates whether you're in mouse mode.

The gamepad comes with Intel's Game Profile Editor and Profile Activator for creating and managing profiles for the gamepad. You can scroll through or print the list of default and customized profiles stored on the computer to find the one that works best for you. The same profile can be even assigned to multiple Intel Wireless Series gamepads connected to the same computer. The gamepad software also includes profiles for 50 popular games, and more can be downloaded from the Intel Profile Exchange Web site.

The gamepad is compatible with PCs only and requires the Intel Wireless Series Base Station (sold separately), Windows 98, 98SE, Me, a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, and a USB port. Intel provides a one-year parts-and-labor warranty.

The Intel Wireless Series enhances your PC and Internet experiences with freedom and comfort. It's a revolutionary system that will grow with your needs - now and in the future. Simply plug in your base station and add up to eight other Intel Wireless Series products. The Intel Wireless Series uses a digital spread spectrum radio with frequency-hopping technology to enable worry-free reliability and expandability for your products. Intel Wireless Series products do NOT require a direct line of sight to your PC or the base station.The new Intel Wireless Series Gamepad unleashes all the action with its customizable controls, targeted precision, and character profile sharing. Its sleek, comfortable design fits perfectly in your hands for hours of wire-free winning.The Gamepad features a comfortable translucent two-tone design and is designed to give you hours of playing at three meter range. Precise 100% digital control, 8-way D-pad, 11 buttons, one-touch mouse emulation and status LCD showing player number and battery life - it is all you need for a fascinating multiplayer gaming with up to four players.

  • Sleek wireless design
  • 9-foot range
  • Multiplayer gaming--connect 4 players without daisy-chaining
  • One-touch mouse emulation
  • Requires Intel Wireless Series Base Station (sold separately)
Customer Reviews:
  • Intel Wireless Series Gamepad - not for xp professional
    This item is a great idea, however it does not install on windows
    xp professional, even though the intel faq says it does. The intel customer support says that there are major problmes with the mouse, keyboard and gamepad (they only list the minor problems on there compatibility faq)), they dont bother to tell you that they do not work at all on many peoples xp professional

    However if you have 98,me,xp home, or 2000 professional(wow 2000 pro and not xp pro) then buy this product, it is an awesome gamepad and can function as a mouse that doesnt even need a surface to use....more info

  • Well built and functional
    This game pad is not only beautiful to look at and hold but is very functional as well. The mouse function is perfect for playing 3D video games such as American Mcgee's Alice and Clive Barkers Undying. It can be programmed to be both a mouse and a keyboard at the same time! The response rate is fantastic and the wireless freedom is outstanding! This pad is very durable and should last for years as long as you don't abuse it to badly....more info
  • Awesome
    This item is super-cool and works perfectly for me. This is one of the few devices where I just inserted the CD, pushed a button, and it worked. The software that configures the gamepad to push various key combinations on your keyboard worked perfectly and was easy to understand and operate. The gamepads feel good, respond quickly, and are studded with lots of buttons. Only when playing MAME Joust did I have a problem, the gamepad trigger was not fast enough to flap the wings. I just changed to button A and everything worked fine. I went out and bought a four player race car game and am trying to buy two more controllers now!...more info
  • Great Wireless Gamepad
    The gamepad works well. The range on this baby is more then advertised (3 yards) worked even when I went downstairs to test its distance. Installation was a breeze and installation guides were helpful. I have WinXP Prof, drivers are available from intel's website, however no software utilities are available as of this review for XP. The feature to use the gamepad as a mouse is surprising and cool. Though I would rather use a mouse, but hey, if your on the coach with this thing, then it works really well...even right-clicking.
    Gamepad design is great, though before buying it I thought it was weird and some reviews seems that point that out...perhaps maybe for some games after long hours, but what gamepad doesn't?
    Only thing wrong is that the button to enable the mouse feature is in a bad spot that is sometimes pressed accidently during a game, which makes it turn into a mouse cursor..but nothing to concern yourself about....more info
  • Reliable, works as advertised
    I purchased the gamepad, base station, & keyboard several months ago. I had to call Tech Support because my D-pad kept falling off. They really didn't have an answer, so I returned it & got another one. It did the same thing, so I carefully super-glued it on. After that, it has worked great. I use my TV as a monitor & sit on my couch & surf the internet with it. So the range is great & it does not need line of sight. It seems to work well as a gamepad, although I only have one and haven't experimented with using more at once. One drawback is that you must work with your mouse properties to get it to move quickly enough as a mouse. Another is that the Windows XP upgrade is not very good. The mouse LCD picture isn't supported, along with many other features. So if you're already using XP, I would definitely think twice about buying this until they release a full driver package....more info
  • Hummmm...
    According to the review, it need to buy the base seperately? Weird.. but IMHO, holding this device in the air w/o support for hours your arms are going to sore... So I don't think this is a really good design. I perfer going back to the Joystick. (And I never liked the gamepad type of control either)

    But I still like the 900MHz wireless part, atleast one less cable for me to trip over......more info