Intel Wireless Series Keyboard Accessory
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Product Description

Intel believes in innovation and is driven by it. Intel is behind everything from the fastest processor in the world to the cables that power high-speed Internet. Intel keeps innovating because it's part of its heritage. And because the technology it invents today will shape the world's future.

Customer Reviews:
  • Comment about "Base station not included"
    Actually, this is a good thing (atleast for people like me). I already have an Intel wireless base station and mouse. This seprate keyboard gives me the flex to add a keyboard to it.

    I don't have it, so I cannot rate it. Its in my wish list, if anyone wants to donate ;->...more info

  • Receiver sold separately!
    I STILL can't find the fine print that says "Base Station Not Included!" This just went from a good deal to not-worth-the-money. I hope it works like magic.......more info
  • Good, but not recommended
    Before the age of the internet and multimedia, the 101/102 key IBM-style keyboard was predominant. Only recently keyboard makers switched to something much, much more useful. Intel's new keyboard features a semi-connected wrist-pad, a few internet buttons, and a wireless connection to your PC. So far, so good. it does not feature the one-click sleep-mode button and because this is not a PC vendor-supplied keyboard, it does not have a button connecting you directly to the vendor's upgrade site. This in itself is not bad.

    New keyboards have volume knobs, which is so useful nowadays, when so many people watch DVD movies on their PCs. Unfortunately, Intel's internet keyboard does not have a volume-knob. You will be satisfied with this keyboard, but I would suggest to look elsewhere. It's quite an expensive keyboard, but for the same price you will find the full-featured peripheral....more info