Intel Wireless Series Mouse Accessory
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Product Description

The new Intel Wireless Series Mouse gives you a greater range of motion by eliminating the usual desktop tangle of cords. Its unique two-tone industrial design, scrolling wheel, and three programmable buttons let you enjoy working and playing at your PC.

Customer Reviews:
    Prepare to replace the batteries(3AAA) every 2 weeks !...more info
  • Battery eater
    I liked this mouse a lot when I first got it, but it consumes batteries about every two weeks or so. It's getting expensive to maintain and recently (I've had it about six months) it's been sticking and acting up, even after cleaning and I have to pick it up and move it around it a lot to "unstick" it. I also have the keyboard, which has been fine - not a single problem, and I think I've only needed to change those batteries once or twice, but the mouse consumes A LOT of batteries. I am going to move on to an optical wireless mouse....more info