Hidden Invasion
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Product Description

* 3-D adventure bursts with action where you are the leader of a special forces taskforce that has to confront an eerie alien threat * Uncover a conspiracy like no other a conspiracy that has not been seen in the world and try to keep a cool head doing it * With breathtaking special-effects explosions your surroundings are razed to the grounds and the ground is being cut from under your feet * Interactive destructible game environment * Innumerable individual weapons and weapons systems * Dynamic difficulty level adapts to the your development * Supports 2-player simultaneous play * Extremely challenging artificial intelligence -- the enemy will try to cut you off

A spearhead alien invasion fleet is expanding its occupancy of Earth with the help of traitorous government officials. Assuming the role of a hard-bitten special forces agent, the player embarks on a death-or-glory mission to blow the lid off the conspiracy and thwart the alien takeover.

Through fighting, exploration, and puzzle elements, Hidden Invasion weaves a mixture of incredible graphics and engaging gameplay to provide dazzling action set within a lavishly illustrated 3-D environment. Motion-captured characters move realistically through intricately designed sets, while a series of animated cutscenes continually develop the plot. The levels are also totally interactive, so players can utilize the scenery as an additional weapon, collapsing ledges onto advancing foes while taking shortcuts to evade pursuit and double back to catch your enemies unawares.

  • PlayStation 2
  • 1 or 2 players
  • 16 levels with interactive 3-D environments and cinematic camera angles
  • Violence
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Co-Op game!
    This is just another idea of "Different strokes for different folks". To me, Hidden Invasion is a great quality co-op game, which is very hard to find these days. The "Time Crisis" theme timed setting makes it more challenging & prevents you from wasting alot of time leveling up & other micc. crap that you find yourself doing on other games. I dunno why the bad reviews, but I thought it's an overall good game....more info
  • This game needs to stay "Hidden!"
    This is the first time that I have ever reviewed a video game online, yet I felt it reasonable that I do so since it only took me four hours to beat this game. I must say, for renting this game for $3.00 you somewhat get your money's worth because you can see the ending before you have to return it, but I honestly feel horrible for anyone that purchases it. To be frank, there is no need to even have a memory card for this game. Everytime you die, you can just continue and beat the game within the time that I had just mentioned. So, in essence, the time built around this game is very short.

    The same can be said for the development of it. For a Playstation 2 game, the graphics were horrible. They were sloppy and choppy all at the same time. I had trouble shooting, distinguishing who was the bad guy, and overall why I was spending four hours of my life on this game. The camera movement throughout the game will definitely have you cursing like a sailor within the first hour, but as just as you get used to it, the game is over.

    The story is poor/pathetic without really any emotion behind it. Nearly Playstation 2's entire catalog is better than this game and I do not suggest it to anyone.

    Grade: * out of *****...more info
  • Horrible game
    Boring and stupid are two words that come to mind. Don't bother. Zero redemming value to this game....more info
  • Dissapointed
    This is a run around and beat up the bad buys with punching and kicking combo's. The game tosses in the ability to use different type of fire arms, and instead of just trying to beat up all the bad guys to complete the level you must follow some objectives (ex: defuse all the bombs in XX amount of time) to make it through each level. I'm usually a BIG fan of these types of games, ever since I started playing Final Fight at the old arcade I've been hooked. I usually try to find and play all the other "beat'em up" style games out there.
    Starting with the first problem I noticed with this game is the very annoying floating camera that follows you around. It constantly gives you strange angles to play in and when in 2 player mode the camera angles situation is much worse. There is a button to reset the camera behind the back of your character but I want to beat up guys, not constantly try to find a good camera angle!
    The lack of type of attacks is another let down. Maybe I just didn't discover all of the moves, but you basically can do a punching combo, a kicking combo, and a punch then end with a kick combo (not even a jumping attack added, what game character can survive without one of those??...*humour*). Like alot of other beat'em up games you can grapple your enemy, but you're just limited to punching them or throwing them when you grab a hold of the bad guys. You cannot combine the different moves to have a more creative combo. It's just too simple for me to keep interest in it.
    Last thing I didn't like about the game is your constantly getting knocked down. The bad guys are pretty ruthless and are always taking aim with their guns, and doing single hit knock downs. You'll find yourself constantly flying to the ground.

    There's alot of higher quality games to spend your time with out there. Pass this one up....more info

  • Invade THIS!!!
    The only thing games like Hidden Invasion are good for is an excuse to write bad reviews.
    After playing Eidos/Core's Fighting Force for the PlayStation One, I didn't think 3D Final Fight rip-offs could get any worse. Then I played Hidden Invasion, which sinks so much lower: the camera is so fussy it's difficult to tell whether the REAL game here is really finding and defusing bombs or just trying to maintain your vision. If I remember well, the controls aren't that responsive either. The graphics are okay, but nothing spectacular.
    If you still have to play this game just to know how bad it really is, con a friend/enemy into renting it, play it once, then never play it again....more info
    Wow, what can I say. I CAN'T BELIEVE I BOUGHT THIS GAME! IT has mediocre graphics (it could've been better on an n64 for crying out loud, bad sound, a HORRIBLE camera angles (half the time your looking at a wall while some alien is beating your brain's out) and the worst thing about this game is... IS THAT IT TAKES LESS THAN 2 HOURS TO BEAT! NO KIDDING! WOW, Don'T BUY! Don'T BUY! Don'T BUY! please don't buy...more info
  • Much better than expected.
    This game was a total surprise. After reading a lot of bad internet reviews, I had to force myself to rent it just to take a look and ended up buying it. It has it's bad parts, but as a quick bite of entertainment it more than delivers (also considering the price)

    The game offers fantastic Sega Arcade style action paired with a cheesy (but fitting) story about aliens taking over the government - and getting their a** kicked by you (being either a chick or a guy). Graphics are well designed and stylish, even though this is not exactly a showcase specimen for PS2's brilliant capabilities. But enough nice effects (like fog etc.) to keep the most discerning geek entertained.

    If you consider yourself a hardcore gamer that only deals with the hippest offerings - skip this.

    If you are a casual gamer that looks for a nice, very entertaining, arcady and accessible experience - get this....more info