Digipower ACD-OL AC Power Supply for select Olympus Digital Cameras
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Product Description

Mizco International manufactures batteries in its own assembly plant in NYC. The company uses the highest quality components. Attention to details and quality is stressed throughout production.This product is designed for the following systems:OLYMPUS C-Series 211Z, 320L, 700UZ, 725UZ, 730UZ, 740UZ, 750UZ, 2000, 2020, 2030, 2040, 2100L, 3000Z, 3020Z, 3030Z, 3040Z, 4000Z, 5050Z, 5060Z, 8080Z;OLYMPUS D-Series 200L, 220Z, 320Z, 340L, 340R, 360L, 370, 380, 400Z, 450Z, 490Z, 500L, 510Z, 550Z, 600L, 620L;OLYMPUS E-Series E-10, E-20N.For a complete compatibility list please refer to the original manufacturer's web site.

  • For use with Olympus select "C", "D", and "E" series digital camera models (see below)
  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Ten-foot connector cable on Adapter
  • Dual mode 110 and 220 volt Adapter
Customer Reviews:
  • Wrong item, no help
    It'd be nice if Adorama would ship the correct item. They insist I ordered a Kodak power supply and point the finger at Amazon. Amazon's order specifys Olympus. Now I'm out 3 shipping charges. Forget these guys. Buy local and put the extra you pay in a small business man's pocket....more info
  • This Power Supply is for 6V powered digicams!
    Reading some reviews here, it would seem that readers need to identify their needs. If your digicam uses 4 AA size batteries, it is 6 volt (operates at a bit less using NiMH). On the other hand, if it only needs 2 AA type batteries, then it is 3 volt!. Hooking up 6V to a 3V camera spells trouble! Some other brand digicams even use 3 AA's = 4.5V.

    Also note that most AC adapters supply a slightly higher voltage than than AA batteries, ie. Olympus sells an optional 3.4V adapter for their new Olympus D535. AND don't think just because the voltage is within range that you can use any old adapter. It needs to output a minimum amperage rated in amp/hrs that is needed by the digicam. AND you need to identify the correct "tip" polarity for the part that plugs into your camera (some use positive tip while others use a negative tip - think of this as similar to which end of the batteries are + and -). A good manufacturer should be able to supply this information.

    Do some research before buying any 3rd party product.

    4 Stars because the product doesn't make the output voltage clear to the reader...more info
  • False Advertising
    This adapter was listed as working with the Olympus D-560 (part of the D series). We got it and found out it wouldn't work at all - the plug wasn't even the right size. I guess we are lucky the plug didn't fit as our camera probably would have been destroyed like the others writing reviews who bought this believing the ad copy was correct. Now we lose the cost of shipping to us and back again. I am not a happy camper! This will NOT work with the current popular D Series cameras - D520, D540, D560 etc....more info
  • Does NOT work with Olympus D-520 as advertised!!!
    I ordered this and picked up at my local Circuit City store. As I left the store I looked at the item and noticed my model wasn't listed. I went back into the store and spoke w/ the salesperson. She looked at my paperwork from Amazon and at the model number on the item and told me that it was the correct item and sometimes not all the newer models are listed on the labels. So, I took the item and hooked up my $350 Olympus D-520 Zoom camera. It fried my camera! I wish I would have seen the other reviews first! I'm now waiting to see if Amazon and/or Circuit City will do the right thing! DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM IF YOU PLAN TO USE IT WITH AN OLYMPUS D-520 ZOOM DIGITAL CAMERA!!!...more info
  • Works great
    I have had this adapter for over a year now and it works great. Its super to be able to plug into the wall and not worry about batteries when viewing my photos on a TV or taking photos inside or outside when not having to move around too much.
    The prongs for the power also fold into the adapter so it fits easily into my camaera bag and the cable is long enough to be usefull but not too long to get in the way....more info
  • AC ADAPTER? For what? Starting kindle wood fires??????????
    I ordered this adapter for my Olympus D-520 zoom digital camera that was 1 week old. After several emails to seller, I was assured the adapter was fine even though other sellers never mentioned my model # on similar adapter they offered. The end result? I attached the adapter to my NEW camera & it caught on fire. The reason being, TOO MUCH voltage fried the camera insides. ......more info
  • It worked fine, until it stopped working.
    I purchased an Olympus digital camera in December, 2001. The major electronics store in which I purchased it sold Digipower AC Adapters, not Olympus, but any ac adapter will do, right? Well, I thought so, but my Digipower stopped working after about 10 months. I didn't abuse it. It stayed in a drawer most of the time. I used it only to download pictures to my hard drive. Yes, I took a lot of pictures - maybe 4000 - but I downloaded them in bunches, maybe 30 to 40 times, totaling 60 to 90 minutes at most. I think I paid $.. for this. I recently ordered an Olympus brand ac adapter, for about $.. more. I hope it works....more info