Universal Remote Control MX-500 10-Device LCD Viewscreen Remote Control with Joystick Operation
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Product Description

This preprogrammed and learning remote control is designed to simplify your entertainment experience. The brightly backlit LCD view screen actually has 26 individual pages for operating up to 10 audio and/or video components. The component buttons are strategically placed around the LCD view screen and can be renamed, according to the actual components that your audio or video system may include. The MX-500 boasts a built-in preprogrammed database of over 1, 000 audio and video component codes, and is also fully capable of learning your home theater system's audio/video components remote control codes (up to 530 functions). For those households that require more than one remote control, the MX-500 can easily be cloned via infrared from another programmed MX-500. It's that simple!

  • Controls up to ten devices
  • Preprogrammed for over 1,000 audio/video components
  • Learns up to 530 commands via infrared from device remotes
  • Send out multiple commands at once with the macro function
  • LCD viewscreen with 26 individual pages
Customer Reviews:
  • Remote gets into an endless test mode loop
    I have used this remote for less than 6 months and it gotten itself into a mode (test) that it can't come out of. I've checked the web and it seems this is a fairly common issue and no one has the answer to resolve it other than sending it back to the manufacturer....more info
  • Easy to program and use
    This remote was easy to program, although it was not quick to program. It took a few hours to get it just how I liked it. Also, I programed every key for my three different devices manually. The three quick start multi function keys are very useful. The custom screens with device-specific keys are great.

    Also, my little boy stuck the remote in a glass of Mountain Dew. I broke the thing apart, soaked it in alcohol, and scrubbed it down with a tooth brush. When I got it back together it still worked just fine and didn't loose any programming. ...more info
  • Universal MX 500
    This is the fourth MX 500 I have programmed. It is the easiest and most convient remote I've used. I would recommend it to anyone with multiple sources....more info
  • Still a great universal remote
    This unit has been around for quite a while and at the current price is quite a bargain. The list of built in codes is quite outdated but as long as you have a working IR remote this unit will 'learn' the codes. Setup is quite simple and can be done without a PC and/or online access required by some units. ...more info
  • Had one for over 4 years never any problem
    This is a great remote, it's survived being dropped, thrown, sat one and lots of button pushing over it's 4 years of heavy daily use. You can't go wrong on this one....more info
  • Had one for over 4 years never any problem
    This is a great remote, it's survived being dropped, thrown, sat one and lots of button pushing over it's 4 years of heavy daily use. You can't go wrong on this one....more info
  • Does what it says it does.
    I read many personal reviews about this product and decided that I would give it a shot for $70 rather than spend hundreds on a real fancy color display. I have successfully programmed my cable remote, audio remote, TV remote and DVD recorder remote into this universal remote. The commands that were not programmed pursuant to the manufacturer codes, were easily learned by this remote. I read a lot of independent reviews about this product and ones similar, and all indicated that for the price, this model had the most functions and more importantly, was easy to program.

    It may not be the fanciest remote out there, but if you're looking for something that will handle the average persons audio/visual components, you can't go wrong with product....more info
  • customizable remote
    Universal Remote Control MX-500 10-Device LCD Viewscreen Remote Control with Joystick Operation

    I am very happy with my MX-500. It's easy to customize and to use. Overall, I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

    ...more info
  • BUY THIS REMOTE!!!!!!!
    TRULY AWSOME REMOTE!!!!!!! Finally, a remote that really can replace all your remotes at a reasonable price. And the best thing is, it is not cumbersome to use after it is programmed. This is the one to buy!!!!! NOTE: Some users did not like the key setup around the scroll button because it was easy to hit the wrong key in the dark. The keys have been redesigned to minimize this from happening....more info
  • Flexible design that works wonders
    This universal remote is simple to setup and works great. It is easy to program devices and setup in our crazy electronics world we live in. I previously owned a more expensive Harmony remote which broke down over time recharging. This remote simply needs batteries when it runs out and that took a long time to reach. I have a Tivo and this remote allows me to do everything with my Tivo that I used it for.

    This is one of the best kept secrets. So many electronic reviewers marvel at the Harmony remotes, but they do not work nearly as well as this unit. The MX 500 is perfect for me and I could not be happier....more info
  • MX-500 is a great remote
    I found the MX-500 easy to program and love the macro capibility. The pre-programmed modes are okay for a start but the learn mode was nice to fill in the specific features needed. I am operating my surround sound 7.1 receiver, hdtv, dvc and vcr without any problems. I have not tried smaller devices but it looks like it would operate just about anything....more info
  • Best Remote On The Market!!!
    I own several of these remotes as they are so awesome! I hope they will alwys keep manufacturing this model!

    The main positive is that the most important buttons are imeediately at your disposal and has an essential LCD to program those unique buttons every crappy device remote seems to have.

    The buttons have a great, sturdy tactile feel with button numbers that WON'T rub out after a short time (unlike other famous much more expensive glitzy models).

    The only thing I wish this remote had was a hibernation feature where the LCD goes off after a certain amount of time (left to the user's discretion). This would save a HUGE AMOUNT of battery life! Battery life is still OK at about 5 months of constant daily use, but it could be so much better at over a year if they implemented this feature which even cheapo LCD units have. Thank goodness for cheap batteries at Costco!

    In addition, I wish it had a battery meter. You never know when the batteries are running out. Only when you get to the point where you have to press buttons several times do you get the hint that it's not the unit that's failing you but the batteries.

    Other than than that, the unit is solid and a near perfect efficient combination of hard buttons and LCD usefulness!...more info
  • Basic Universal Remote
    Nice unit, but not nearly updated enough to make it easy to set up systems with. A nice basic universal....more info
  • Great remote for the price
    Universal Remote Control MX-500 10-Device LCD - great little unit for the price. Had difficulty learning a few of the commands from other remotes....more info
  • very happy 4-year user
    I've had this remote for my system for over four years and I love it. My toddler loves to hurl this thing and it keeps right on ticking. Something is rattling inside of it from abuse but it works like a champ. I love the ability to customize it when I have new ideas for macro's.

    you just can't beat having a single remote sitting on the couch.

    enjoy....more info
  • Hard to read display
    I bought two of these. One has an OK display the other is hard to see unless you have just the right light and hold it at the perfect angle. I guess you need to buy two or three of these and hope one is good. If all three are bad you could return all three and hope one of the next three is good. A large percent of these "reviews" are written by persons trying to sell you the items and are not honest....more info
  • Remote
    Not as fancy as some remotes, but for the price, it is a great deal.

    Easily programmed and controls everything....more info
  • Universal Remote Control MX-500
    excellent remote for the price. i used to have a pronto ts1000 but found that we were using the original remotes most of the time. the lcd was cool, but not being able to use it without looking at it was a pain. the mx-500 has both so it's easy to change channels or volume by feel. i did find that manually programming it in learning mode was a lot better than using the codes. which is probably the way to go anyway since you can design the remote exactly how you want it. joystick can take a little getting used to. it's pretty small so when you press the middle button you can accidentally roll it to the side. it'll save you a lot of batteries and also, i think it has more power than your normal remote. it's also easy to use program and use. if you have a lot of money, i guess there are better remotes, but for under $100 i think this is the best. under $70 at amazon....more info
  • Finally, a universal remote that truly is universal
    I've made several tentative forays into the world of "universal" remotes. All have disappointed for one reason or another. I was convinced truly universal remotes were only the playthings of fabulously wealthy people who could drop hundreds of dollars on a top-of-the-line model.

    Not so. This remote IS universal. Well, universal for the 6 components I want to control, two of which are "off-brand" DVD players (Oppo and Protron).

    Drawback: The library of codes is so outdated that I wasn't able to program any of my devices using them. It recognized my Sharp Aquos TV only after the tedious process of searching code by code.

    Perk: It learns from other remotes so easily that I was able to fully customize button placement from the beginning, rather than seeing which buttons the manufacturer thought should be which and having to decide to change them or not. I only had trouble teaching it one function, my JVC receiver volume. Customer service was friendly and helpful. The fix was as simple as trying different distances between the two remotes.

    I was able to program all the essential TV and DVR functions onto one page, so the only reason to change components is for DVD watching. Very nice!

    Unlike the other remotes I've tried in this price range, the LCD buttons are fully editable. I was led to believe this feature was also only available in higher-end models.

    Sure, the Logitech Harmony is much prettier. It also sounds more complex, and the more complex you get, the more potential problems you have. The MX-500 isn't as high-tech, but it definitely gets the job done, which is all I want. Actual universality!

    Slightly off-topic, in reading reviews for this remote I was struck by how many users made comments in the vein of "So simple even the little lady can use it!" While this is true, I have to wonder what kind of space-age consoles they were using before that eluded the intelligence of the average woman. Perhaps if they gave her a chance to touch the remote once in awhile, it would remove some of the mystery. ...more info
  • This remote does everything I need it to do
    I don't write many product reviews, but I read them before I buy just about anything. However, this remote is so good I just had to give a review.

    I was able to get 5 remotes off the end table with this remote. The MX-500 can control 10, but I have different ways I like to control my home theater system. The MX-500 allows you to be creative in how you program it. Here is an example of what I did.

    I have an HD Sat Receiver with a DVR built in. I normally like to use the Sony Receiver to control the sound, but sometimes I just want to use the TV sound. I programmed the SAT Receiver remote into two of the 10 inputs, and set one for sound with the TV and one with the SAT. I did this for the DVD player as well. You can create your own label for your inputs so I have a SAT, DVD, SATTV, and DVDTV input.

    With the second page of functions for each input, I was able to program some of the Receiver functions so I can change receiver settings for the sound I want. That way if I am watching a concert on the SAT, I can control the SAT receiver and the Audio receiver settings without going back and forth from SAT to Audio.

    There are many Macros you can set up. Not just the main 5. I set up mine so when you are watching SAT and decide to watch a Blu-Ray movie, you just go to the main menu and push and hold the Blu-Ray input down for 1 second and the remote automatically turns on the Blu-Ray, changes the TV input to the Blu-Ray, changes the Receiver input to the Blu-Ray, then ends up in the Blu-Ray menu on the remote. I then set up the M1 macro to re-set everything to watch SAT again.

    Although I do not have a remote for my Wii, I set up one input on the Remote for Game. That way when you want to play the Wii, you press the Game input from the main menu for 1second, and the remote changes the TV input to the Game input and the receiver to the Game sound. This makes it easy for my kids to get the audio and video set up to play a game. Likewise, I set up M3 macro to re-set everything to watch SAT again.

    Here are the components I have programmed in the remote:

    1. Toshiba 52" HD TV
    2. Dish Network HD DVR
    3. ClearPlay DVD Player
    4. Sony Blu-Ray DVD Player
    5. Sony Audio Receiver.

    Only one very minor change I would make to the remote: The Skip forward, Skip back, record, and pause buttons share with the guide, menu, exit, and info. With a DVR, you need all 8 of these commands. Not a big deal, I just programmed the Guide, Menu, Exit, and Info commands to the LCD screen.

    Bottom line: I have had 5 different universal remotes, and this is the only one that allowed me to clear the end table of all of my remotes.
    ...more info
  • Ummm
    We had to name one button Bunny and one button Kitty so I would know what to push to make this monster thing work... I still wont use it.
    ...more info
  • Great Universal Remote
    I just purchased my second one of these - I've owned the first one for years and have been very pleased with it but it's started wearing out and some of the buttons are getting hard to press. You can control many devices with it and although it comes with preprogramming, it is a learning remote so you can teach it any code you want on any button - a feature I use extensively.

    I was apprehensive about having to completely reprogram the new one but I discovered a feature I didn't know about before - the "clone" feature. I was able to clone the old remote into the new one in under a minute with just a few button pushes - fantastic feature! It copied all the programming including my customized labels and macros. ...more info
  • mx500 good!
    Great little cheap universal. If you only have 3 or 4 things to control use this bad boy. ...more info
  • Great Unexpected Results
    I am extremely pleased with how well this remote does at managing going from one device to another, creating macros to streamline repetitive tasks, and ability to edit the LCD.
    I am using this remote to control a Samsung LCD TV, a Sony VCR, a Yamaha Receiver and a Scientific Atlanta DVR/Cable box. It took a little practice learning the editting and programming, but after doing a few, it's pretty intuitive and consistent, no complaints to be realistic with expectations, especially at the price offered ($67).
    PS3 Users: The only thing I can't control with it is my PS3 which I use to watch DVDs with, not surprisingly since it used Bluetooth technology for it's signals, as opposed to IR. That's OK, I can accept that I need to use the PS3 remote when watching a DVD, but I have at least programmed a macro to automatically get the rest of the system in "DVD mode" for both the TV input as well as the receiver.
    The "Favorites" button is a nice feature, providing the ability to program up to 50 of your favorite channels with quick reference thru 5 pages of LCD, each with 10 stations....more info
  • Finally...
    This eaasy to set up it really controls ALL the functions on ALL of my 9 different components. Cable, TV, DVD, CD, Laser Disc, VCR, projector and switch box. It allows certain controls from one component, such as volume from Amp to work with DVD, VCR etc. Recorder controls can be multi set up on other components such as DVD record while in Cable mode. Eliminates the need to switch back and forth.

    Amazon service great - ordered Sat. and received unit Monday afternoon. Free shippng as well.

    Very pleased all around....more info
  • Still as good as ever
    I had an MX-500 years ago, along with an IRClone device, which allowed me to program it from my PC via a USB cable. It was the best remote imaginable, far better than much more expensive touch-screen remotes I tried. Nice big buttons, everything programmable, great mix of standard-function buttons for most frequently used functions and buttons with editable LCD labels for functions specific to a given device.

    Alas, that MX-500 and the IRClone are long gone, but recently I bought another MX-500. Time has moved on, while the MX-500 has not, and the internal device database appears not to have been updated in years. This meant I had to program most of the functions for my current TV, DVD player, DVD recorder, and even DirecTV satellite set-top box by learning each function from the device's original remote.

    Ok, so I had to sit there for a few hours teaching the remote, and editing labels. But now that I'm done, I've - once again - got the best remote imaginable. Nice big buttons, nice mix of standard and LCD-labeled functions...

    If only Universal Remote Control would see fit to update the MX-500's internal device database!...more info
  • In My Opinion? PERFECT
    If you need a robust remote to accommodate everything you have and is easy to program and intuitive to use, buy the MX-500. FANTASTIC!...more info
  • Not the best one
    It recognizes all components quickly and cool to use it but not good if you have multiple DVRs to controls.Odd thing is Batteries needs to replace every other month. I can say, you can get better than this....more info
  • Buy this remote!
    Like a lot of you I have struggled with multiple remotes or some that promised the world (harmony) and didn't deliver. I have purchased two of these, one each for me and the spouse.


    Easy to program, I had it up and running for hdtv, cable, vcr, receiver and dvd in about an hour.

    Punch thru options let you single out one component to always handle volume or changing channels.

    Big buttons, editible labels.

    Favorite channels!

    Cloning. Once you get one set up, you can quickly clone it to another remote.

    Nice and weighty, feels good in my hand.


    The manual is detailed and thorough, but it would be nice to have more examples of "why" you would want to use a particular feature or function. Real world examples would be nice.

    The back light is kind of weak.

    Only 5 programmable macro buttons, though you can do macros for each component.

    Would like a bigger "mute" button.
    ...more info
  • Great Remote
    This remote does what it's supposed to do, consolidate multiple remotes into one unit. Have used this remote for 6 month's now and it's worked without a single problem.

    Learning how to program the remote is straight forward. I found that using the learning mode offered the most flexibility and allowed me to move around certain device codes to buttons that suit my needs better than the preprogrammed remote emulation codes..

    All in all a good remote to solve coffee table clutter....more info
  • MX-500 does the job at a great price
    I have 5 of these remotes in the house. They handle everything I throw at them including my ceiling fans. They are easy to use, and the price can't be beat. The only negative I find is that they are a bit hard on batteries, the 3 AAA need to be replaced every couple of months depending on amount of use, so I recommend rechargeable batteries....more info
  • Better than the Harmony, because it works...
    I had a Harmony 880 Univeraal remote for about a year and a half, and had a love-hate relationship with it. When it worked, it was magical. But it only worked "magically" about half the time. At least once per day I had to struggle through layers of help menues when it did not do what it was supposed to do. It was always a struggle to get it to recharge, and it eventually just gave up and died. A new battery from the factory would not revive the unit, forcing me to shop for another remote. When I received my MX-500 in the mail, I was put off by it's less than elegant form and daunting manual full of codes and such. After about half an hour, though, it was working perfectly. It had not malfunctioned once in a week of usage, and has won my wife over as well. While the Harmony was capable of deft, minute adjustments that could be easily programmed through the web, it often failed in its command string. I probably don't have the patience to plod through the macro functions of the MX-500 to go as deep as the Haromy did, but I don't mind, and it does the big stuff easily enough, and allows simple access to the deeper menues on the devices. It is not cool and flashy like the Harmony, but it is a superior product simply because it works....more info
  • Truly Great Remote
    This is a great piece of kit. I have ditched my pronto and use these now to control XBOX Media Centre, HDTV Tuner, 7.1 Panasonic Amp/Tuner, Apple TV & Samsung LCD Screen. Programming was a breeze and the IR is so strong you can almost see it burn a hole in the wall :)

    It is simple to use. Menus are great, learning the codes is consistent and easy. If you are looking to get rid of all oft hose remotes then go with this beast. Its is cheap, versatile, comfortable to use, easy and not a brick to hold....more info
  • It really tied the room together.
    I was quite impressed by this remote. Easy to program and works as advertised. Macros were quite easy to set up. Not quite as fancy as other universal remotes, but reasonably priced and delivers as promised....more info
  • You can teach this old dog new tricks
    The MX-500 is now about 7 years old but is still one of the better programmable remotes out there for the money. I replaced 6 remotes with this one. The macro feature is great when you have complicated equipment that you want to make "one click" friendly. I even have my theater room lighting controlled by this remote. The remote found pre-programmed settings for my audio, dvd player, and lighting but does not have pre-programmed settings for projectors or the new DirecTV equipment. You will have to use the learn feature and edit the buttons to the desired result. Takes about an hour to figure this all out but time well spent. I found it was best to only program the buttons you actually use and forget about the rest of the buttons. Makes the remote more user friendly. My main complaints are the dim backlight and the bulk of this remote. It gets a little heavy in your hand after a while. This is a best value if you are wanting to control alot with a tight budget. Update: After owning this for several months I've noticed that it's a real battery hog. The backlight gets dim after about a month of intermittent use and requires fresh batteries. ...more info
  • Great Programmable
    Great programmable remote will replace the many that mess up our AV rooms. Buttons are large and easy to use, and the LCD screen of reasonable size. I like the backlight which will illuminate the buttons for easy use in low or no light setting environment. Supplier (X-Passport) is also excellent in their service - fast, efficient and on time. Programming for pre-sets of manufacturer equipment takes a bit of trial and error though, and some patience is needed. Not all such pre-sets work. All in all, a great remote worth every dollar!...more info
  • I like the remote overall...
    but one thing I never see mentioned is that the display is extremely hard to see, especially at night. The backlight, even with battery at full power, stinks. I am replacing my batteries weekly to maintain a backlight that is half way reasonable because I watch television primarily at night.

    I actually have a flashlight on my coffee table so I can see the display.

    Other than this, I agree with the other reviews. But if you can't see it, how good is it?

    ...more info
  • Best remove ever
    I read about this remote on epinions and decided to give it a try. After purchasing one, we loved it so much we bought two more for our other TV's. It is simple to program and to use. Trust me, this is the best remote on the market....more info
  • Clunky and difficult
    I compared this to a Harmony 659. The MX-500 build was solid but not very sexy. I did not like the layout and it was much more complicated to use than the Harmony. The Harmony's online setup is simple, well written and straight forward....more info
  • Best remote ever
    I have had 2 of these for over 3 years they really are the best remotes out there for the price if you need RF just buy next model up of the MX-etc. I cant believe how long the battery last over a year....more info
  • My MX-500 Universal Remote
    I purchased a 40" Plasma TV from Viewsonic and believe you-me, their [nice] TV doesn't have compatible remote codes for my Directv satellite receiver...and you really need ONE remote to operate the various functions.
    I did some research and found out via various internet blogs that the MX-500 works several devices. I ordered it and EVERYTHING is working to perfection!
    Dr. M. Jones...more info
  • Better than any I've used
    Don't even think about it; go ahead and buy it! Controls all equipment; even my digital cable box with all functions available. May have to tweak a bit, but it works where others have failed. No problem: even with some items I relabeled and I had to use learn feature on others. You may have to finnagle a bit but wow it is the real deal!!...more info
  • Powerful Learning Remote
    This is the second unit I have purchased because I wanted to clone my first unit. This one has it all, it learns from all of your remotes, and you can easily program macros to turn off or on multiple devices. I have read other reviews and I am convinced this is the cadilac of universal remote controls....more info
  • Love this universal remote.
    This is my first universal remote. Got tired of having 5 remote control around. After reading all the positive reviews I decided to give it a try.

    The Universal Remote Control MX-500 is a great remote, versitile, easy to program, and priced well. I control my receiver, tv, 2 DVDs players, and VCR player, with just one remote control now. I have not had any issues with the remote. Would highly recomend this remote....more info
  • Versatility at a modest price
    The Home Theater Master Learning Remote Control MX-500 is a wonderfully versatile and powerful universal IR remote control at a surprisingly low price considering its wealth of function. One can select from hundreds of pre-programmed codes for TVs, CD players, DVD players, etc.; but for those that aren't included, this remote can learn the codes from the original devices' remotes.

    Just about everything is customizable; so if you want to go to the trouble, you can change the function of almost any button. Most of the buttons have named functions that you'd probably not want to change; but there are also 10 buttons next to an LCD on which you can give them any name and function that you wish. In addition, it has "punch-through" and macro capabilities.

    My recent purchase at Amazon was of my third MX-500; I like it so much that I have one each for three different rooms in the house.

    I have only one small issue with this remote, and that is its joystick button. It is not always easy to push the center, or "enter" portion of this control without accidentally veering off onto one of the directional functions. I think it would be better if there were five separate buttons in a joystick configuration rather than one button that rocks five different ways. One of the three MX-500's that I own has a very weak center or "enter" function, but the other two work well enough with reasonable care. There is a workaround if one should find the joystick too difficult to use for "enter," and that is simply to use the separate "ENT" button; the only trouble is that it is not in the center of the directional buttons as one may have become accustomed to expect. Really a minor quibble for this otherwise superb device....more info
  • Fantastic. Period.
    I've had this thing for over 3 years now and it continues to be perfect. Totally excellent. My girlfriend got this for me as a gift and I still praise her for it.

    Solid construction, excellent surface coating, durable buttons, just an overall well made product. Its been dropped countless times, rolled over on, sat on, you name it and the thing laughs it all off.

    I have never had any problems programming it, and its worked fine with everything Ive tried it on. I never use the pre-programed codes, I always program in the functions myself matching it up with the original remote so I can set the buttons up as I please. I just like doing it that way better, not that the other option doesnt work fine. I have my own layout that Im used to and so program to fit that.

    I have used this with 3 different televisions, 4 DVD players, 1 VHS, 2 Home Theater Systems, and its worked fine with everything, programmed fine off the remote from each, never a single problem.

    Battery life depends really on what kind of batteries you use. Cheap ones get me about 3-4 months with what I think most would call moderate to heavy use. Good batteries go longer - about 6 months I'd say. The batteries I have in now are Panasonic brand (which I would have thought were average quality at best) but I cant remember when I put them in. Has to be a good 4 months ago and they are still working fine. I dont use the light much at all though, since I am so used to the settings that I can work them in the dark easily.

    One of the few things Ive gotten over the last 5 years that I havent ended up having some sort of complaint over.

    If this one ever does break I hope the model is still being made because I wouldnt hesitate to buy a replacement. And it doesnt shock me seeing that years later this one is still on the market - its a good product.
    ...more info
  • good but bulky
    this is a good controller, and overall i am happy with my purchase. The macros are a great function--i wish there were more! (the limit is 5 macros).

    the two minor drawbacks are: it's rather bulky and it feels heavy in your hand; it's a stretch to reach some of the buttons with your thumb if you are trying to operate with one hand. ...more info
  • Universal Remote
    This is a must have product. Easy to use replaced five remotes for me!...more info
  • Awesome All in one controller
    At first I was confused on how to program this controller but all you need is your old controllers to program it with. You simply select the device you wish to program and press the learn key and start programming your buttons. It is awesome! It works great with all my components, tivo, receiver, dvd, etc. You can even program it to shut all your components down and turn on in the correct order. It is Definately worth the money. My husband (who is stubborn :) loves this remote. I would Definately reccomend it!!!...more info
  • My MX 500 Remote
    This product is the easiest to set up, most versatile and easiest to use remote I have ever owned. There is nothing about the remote that I don't like, except that it is not being made anymore. It is and always has been a great value....more info
  • Good deal for the money
    I replaced a Sony RM-3000 with this remote. I found this remote much easier to program than the Sony, and much more logical in its layout. It's very intuitive, which is obvious from the short length of the instruction booklet (but everything you need is in there). Still, you need to be patient in programming this unit considering the complexity of certain receivers and DVR devices.

    Buttons are easy to use
    Macros are easy to program and can include many steps
    Easy to operate with one hand
    Ease of learning functions from other remotes
    Logical layout

    Layout needs separate buttons for guide, menu, info and exit (esp. considering using with DVR)
    Backlight on LCD could be better
    Joystick is a bit awkward
    Could be a little easier to move from one device to another if you route system through receiver (hard keys for devices?)...more info
  • Pretty Decent Remote
    Does exactly as described..Programming a little vague, but got the hang of it..Backlite screen a little dim, but acceptable..LCD screen nicer than just a pile of buttons typical of remotes in this price range. Good value..Got it for $75.00..Easily learns old remotes. One click-turns on TV, Stereo, Cable Box, sets correct input on stereo, and ends up on Cable Box for volume and channel control. Now the wife can truly do 'One Click" operation for the "Remote Challenged". ...more info
  • Excellent Remote for the Price
    I own 3 of these remotes and have had them for several years. Recently I bought a new DVD Recorder and the MX-500 did not have a code for it. The remote that came with the DVDR was very weak and could not be learned by the MX500. I contacted Universal Remote Control and they had me send in both the MX-500 and the remote that couldn't be learned and they created a new code for the remote and reprogrammed my MX-500 with it. I thought that was excellent customer support and this was done at no charge to me (except for shipping).
    I have setup Macros to turn off and on my complete Audio\Video system as well as macros that change inputs when I change the device.

    Nice layout, can be held and used in a single hand (not to large).
    Can control 10 different items.
    Can learn from existing remotes to fill in missing commands or to program unsupported devices.
    Very strong Macro programming.
    10 hard buttons with programable LCD display for customized usage.

    No direct key for the "-" dash key, which is needed for Over-The-Air ATSC HD tuner.
    Backlight is a bit dim.
    No native support for computer programing, although there is a 3rd party vender that makes a computer interface and program. (IRCLONE-MX500e)
    Favorate channel can only use direct keyboard numbers not a learned value programmed into the LCD screen....more info
  • Getting down to one remote takes time
    I love the unit. It works great, however, it takes a while to get it programmed and then even longer to get used to using it for all functions. I found that most of my eqpt was not preprogrammed, so I had to "learn" from other remotes. This is simple to do, but takes some time. I control TV with multiple sources, Dish Sat DVR receiver, DVD, VCR, and Sound system with multiple sources and multiple sounds. When I want to pause live tv, back up a DVR, or other function in a hurry, I have a tendency to reach for the native remote instead of using the MX-500. This is because some of the unlabled buttons don't correspond to the native remote and I just haven't trained myself to play the right notes yet. However, the problems have all been operator error and not the fault of the equip. It is great and i'm glad I got it. ...more info
  • Good in many ways, but...
    I originally received this remote 2 years ago as a gift since I was looking for the perfect remote. The reviews were good so I thought I had found it. In many ways this is the perfect remote. The Macros are relatively easy to program (a computer interface would be easier), setting up devices takes time but works effectively, and it is probably to most powerful LED I have ever experienced. One time I was upstairs and about 50 feet away pointing the remote in the general direction of my entertainment center and it was able to shut everything off.

    The downside for me, and the reason it didn't get 5 stars. Within 3 months of receiving this remote, the LCD display died. It just stopped showing anything. I contacted the company about this, and they seemed to be surprised to hear from a consumer. They did ask me to send it back to them and about 3 weeks after doing so I received a new remote. I was impressed with the service and chalked that up to a single faulty device. Early in 2006 the problem happened again though. At this point I was tired of dealing with my remote and decided to try something different.

    Summary: Great remote, when it works. If I hadn't memorized which buttons were which, I would have been up a creek when the LCD died both times....more info
  • Universal Remote Control MX-500
    Elimated the need to use the other remotes that I own - fast and easy to program the other remote functions - learing function of the remote....more info
  • Good universal remote, but a little limited
    I've had an MX-800 for a home theater system for a couple years and bought the MX-500 for a simpler stereo/TV combination. The MX-800 has many more customizable features than the MX-500 which are needed for a complex home theater system, but the MX-500 is an outstanding universal remote that works well to eliminate multiple remote controls at a much better price. The macros that you can store for the MX-500 are limited but still useful for a small entertainment system. If you have a complex system to control, the MX-500 might be lacking a bit. The MX-500 has a good list of pre-programmed codes for most devices: cable boxes, TV's, VCR/DVD, even light switches. If you can't find a code for your device, as long as you've got the original remote, the MX-500 will easily learn any button you have on your old remotes. ...more info
  • You couldn't ask for a BETTER Universal Remote
    I just have to say that this remote is excellent! I just ordered my second MX-500 after having used my last one for the last 5 years. The backlit screen has dimmed a little over the years so I wanted a new one. I couldn't be happier with this product. Worth every penny spent on it. Controls every component I own.....and it's learning feature works flawlessly. Love it!...more info
  • Great inexpensive remote control
    I have not used very many universal remotes before but this device meets my needs easily and I have a audio video amp, VCR, DVD, Computer and and Plasma TV which I need to control. It is easy to program and seems to be a very solid product. I have had no problems with it and can recommend it to anyone. ...more info
  • My URC100 died...this was actually on sale cheaper.
    This is so much better in my opinion than the URC100 which I also liked. I really hated having to upgrade it, but it fell off the counter onto a tile floor and the backlight and joystick stopped working. Universal Remote could fix it for $30 even out of warranty.

    I saw the MX500 on sale here at amazon. It seemed like it would be overkill and maybe difficult to set up...that was not the case at all.

    Setup is simple and with plain text user defined label it makes it easy for my wife to control everything without asking me "what button does what?".

    I have two TV's, my DVD, VCR, reciever, a setting to change the 'soundfields' on my reciever, my A/C, and a CD Changer all programmed.

    There was some discussion that the MX500 has a hard to operate joystick, but this has the latest and best version of it. Just as easy as my URC100 was.

    ...more info
  • Great Remote
    I bought this remote to replace the big and bulky Sony RM-AV 3000 that I've had for the past three years. This remote does everything I want it to do, controlling 7 devices. It fits in your hand perfectly and the screen and buttons make it very easy to use. I set one of the macros to turn on all the equipment, put the stereo in the right mode, all with the touch of one button. It's very easy to program, very ease to use and is just the right size. I highly recommend this remote for anyone that wants to get rid of 7 or 8 remotes and use one to control virtually all your home theater equipment. I looked at several others before choosing this one, mainly for the size, versatility, and the fact that it doesn't eat batteries. Batteries are supposed to last up to 6 months which is a big plus in my eyes....more info
  • Phenomenal
    I already had this remote and wanted one for the master bedroom as well. I can't say enough about how great this remote is. ...more info
  • Blows away Harmonys
    I tried a Harmony 525 as everyone was raving about it, but found it to be quite dire. Half the database entries are wrong, you have to update it via PC (even for one button), which is very slow, the activities do not think outside the box and the build quality is no match for the MX-500.

    The MX-500 is very functional is design and more device based, so you can achieve multiple tasks easily. Add in a few macros and you're off. It's very fast to learn codes (I suggest you always press and hold) in you armchair for quick re-test.

    The buttons are superb. You can use spare buttons on any layout and link them via favourites to do complex macros if you like. The repeat send are actually smoother than my amp and cd remotes, so now I have very smooth volume and search control.

    Recommended! This remote is still going strong after three years, which if real proof of this unit's quality....more info
  • Great Remote With One Annoying Problem
    The title of my review may seem like a contradiction so I will explain what I mean. This remote is highly versatile and can replace just about any remote. I won't get into all the details since first of all I'm not very good at explaining all the technical details and many others have written some fine reviews on how great this remote is. My main purpose is to let others know that there is one flaw in this remote that could potentially have been a major one, if it weren't for the fact that you can program any button on this remote to take the place of any button on a original remote.

    Some individuals in their reviews have mentioned this. The problem is that the select button in the middle of the joystick area of the remote does not respond properly. Sometimes in order to get the select button to work you have to press the button 2,3, or more times. What I've found is you have to press firmly and centered in order to get it to work. This is very annoying. Some reviewers have written that it takes getting used to. I could not get used to it. Fortunately you can program any other button as your select button. I've chosen the menu button. Usually you are using the up and down buttons on the joystick to browse through the satellite tv listings and you can very easily move your thumb over to the menu button to select a program. Using this button as the select button also works well with other devices such as dvd players, etc. Obviously you will have to program another button as your menu button which isn't a problem.

    So yes this remote is a good one, especially with the lower price on it. I would love to give this remote 5 stars meaning that it is perfect,and it nearly is, but could not because of this one problem.I wish I could give it 4 and 3/4 stars. Again it is a problem that can be easily solved, but nevertheless it is a problem. Still I would highly recommend this remote. Make sure you read the other good reviews of this remote. Many others have given some good info that shows what an outstanding remote the MX-500 is....more info
  • Never Failed Me Yet
    I've had it for over 2 years and it's never failed me yet. I just had to program it once when it was new (as normal) and since then the only thing it needs is a battery change a few times a year....more info
  • Best remote ever
    This is the best remote I've ever had, I'd give it more than 5 stars if I could. It's far better than a much more expensive remote that is programmable via computer. and it's easy to use and reprogram. This item arrived quickly after I ordered it and was packaged very well so it came in excellent shape. This is the best thing I've ever bought on Amazon.com. I can't say enough good things about it....more info
  • Simple Easy & Overall Excellent Remote
    I have purchased three of these remotes over the last few years and I couldn't be happier because this remote delivers. It's easy to use, easy to program, and you can set more complex macros with ease. I've used it to learn my Xbox, stereo, TV, VCR, DVD player, and even my fan's remote. This thing can do it all, and it's even a fairly easy remote to have non-tecnical people master which was a big problem in my household. Just to compare I have tried the more fancy remotes. The touch screen ones that will literally make you popcorn and then some but I always had the same problems. The remotes use was always difficult to explain to other people, and the batteries died SO quickly. This remote doesn't drain batteries like they're going out of style so if you need a simple easy to use remote that can be programmed for anything this is the right choice!...more info
  • wouldn't change a thing
    In my experience with high-end aftermarket remotes I've owned a few. and in my experience the hard-buttoned remotes were always overly complicated to operate, and touch screens were fragile and gimmicky. One of the remotes I've owned was a philips pronto, [...] and I had for about a year, and it was pretty cool with a huge wow factor; but even a tech-saavy geek myself I found their editor software was slow, buggy, and unrefined.

    Touch screen remotes like my pronto also lack tactile feedback, there's no real way to know you've hit the right button, or even if you've hit a button at all, you have to physicly look at the remote because a glass touch screen has no particular texture.

    The mx-500 is exceedingly simple to use but does take a short learning curve as most of these remotes do. It works just like using your factory remote, except better in most cases with some criminally poor-designed OEM remotes, not to mention the mx-500 fully lights up if you actually did have to look at it. but after a while operating your system becomes muscle memory.

    My pronto's life finally ended in a hurried morning, late for work and rushing out the door I stepped on it, broke the screen and found myself needing a replacement.

    That was easily two years ago! my MX-500 is still alive going strong after being dropped, kicked around, lost several times in the deepest, darkest, depths of the sofa, and generally being treated like remotes get treated. Touch screens are cool, but I'm sick of having a gimmicky remote that needs to be handled gently as a laptop. The MX-500 is a perfect example of technology that just plain works.

    Battery life is exceptional for a remote of this caliber, I use dollar store alkalines and usually get about 2 or 3 months on a set of four AAA's.

    I've heard people complaining here about support issues with these remotes and it's true, Home Theater Master isn't a huge company so they might not have people ready and waiting to answer the phones 24/7 but email support was fast and simple the one time that I needed it. The remote is easy to operate and program for both simple and complex systems. and even allows macros so non-technical people can just push a button to send up to 20 button presses on different remotes to coordinate a specific task.

    If you have seven remotes laying about like I did and you'd like to do it all with one, You're a good cantidate for the mx-500.

    Logitech harmony remotes are also quite decent from what I've read. A bit more money though, but you get a USB connection to download new remotes. I can't speak for the quality of the software included but it's also a good option for alot of people.

    When I purchased my mx-500 two years ago for $100, it definately wasn't the most I'd ever paid for a remote, I've owned a few in the past but my shopping around is over! I can say without a doubt that it was money well spent and the mx-500 is the best remote I've used. I wholeheartedly reccomend it to anyone, big or amall system, novice or expert, everyone with more than one component can benefit from owning one of these.

    And the best thing of all, When I have friends over, they're not completely lost at operating my complex system. This remote can make even the most complex systems easy which is why a good share of home theater master's market share is in configure-to-order systems that people pay big bucks to have professionally installed. those professional installers have recognised the greatness of this remote and so can you!...more info
  • Great Remote Control
    This remote is the remote to end multiple remotes. Easy to program and modify for special use. Large screen to actually see it in dim lighting and with the background lighting. Nice size. Fits nicely into the palm of your hand and is not clumsy....more info
  • Believe the reviews
    I had a One For All Kameleon 8. It was supposed to turn on when it was picked up (it was motion sensitive), but it also turned on when a train went by, you breathed, or looked at it. I got tired of the expense of replacing the batteries, and rechargeables had to be replaced every week, so I looked at other remotes and saw all of the great reviews on this one. Believe them ... this thing is absolutely great. Easy to program, and feels like a good quality item. Although it's a bit bulky, it certainly makes it easy to find. No need to spends thousands on an expensive remote...this one will do it all!...more info
  • Excellent
    Already had an MX-600 for our main system in the family room--had it for 2 years, never a problem, very reliable. Bought an MX-500 for an upstairs theater. Same experience, very reliable, nice Macro functions, researched everything else, but for the $ (87.50 on Amazon about 2 months ago), just cannot be matched. ...more info
  • Great Remote! Does everything you need!
    This remote is incredible. It does everything you need to do at a very reasonable price. The remote is a bit bulky, but it feels comfortable in your hand. This remote controls just about every brand of device you can own. I had no problems setting up this remote to control my receiver, tv, satellite/dvr (used dvr setting), and my vcr. There were a few controls on my dvd player that the remote would not contrl, but I was able to use the learn function to program the remote for that command. I love the punch through command, which allows you to control the volume of the receiver, no matter which device the remote is currently controlling. The LCD screen is easy to read and the button layout is good. The indiglo light on the remote is located on the side of the remote, which is easy to activate in the dark. You can even customize the LCD screen options. Another great feature of this remote is the ability to use macros. This allows you to do several things simultaneously with the push of only one button! For example, I used a macro key to turn on my receiver, the dvr to live tv, and my tv with one push of the button. I used another to shut down the dvr and turn off the unit, along with the tv and receiver. This remote is amazing and well worth the price you pay. My wife, who is technologically challenged, said the remote was easy to use once I went through the setup with her. All in all, this is a great buy. Do not look any further for your all-in-one home theater remote!...more info
  • Dead out of the box
    Did not work right out of the box. Their customer service people told me to just return it....more info
  • ...where's the...
    I can never find it! The TV, the VCR, the DVD, the Sky Box, the Digi Box, the Stereo, the AirCon, the PHONE!!! The REMOTE - where IS IT???

    LCD makes no odds to me! I cant find it anyway!!! No matter how much I parade around the 'ouse miming it and no matter how much I imagine it is actually in my hand I STILL CANT FIND IT!!!

    Just press the buttons provided on the actual electrical device and save yerself the bother!!!...more info
    After the TiVo, this has to rate as the second greatest invention ever to hit the home theatre scene! Very well built, feels solid, nice anti-slip rubber coating, ample sized buttons, and well laid out. One of my main gripes when I spent $4k on a new Sony Plasma was the tiny remote where some of the most used buttons (like the previous channel jump) were way undersized and unergonomically located at the very bottom of the remote. This remote puts the most used buttons in the center where you don't need to readjust your grip every time.

    An absolute snap to set-up. It literally took me 15 minutes to completely program this remote for my entire system:

    Sony KDE-42XS955 42" WEGA Plasma
    Harman Kardon AVR 335 7.1 Surround A/V Receiver
    Toshiba RS-TX60 160 GB TiVo Series2
    Sony DVP-S7700 DVD Player
    Sony SLV-N900 4-Head Hi-Fi VCR
    Technics 5 Component Stereo Deck

    The preprogrammed codes worked for 99.9% of all the required functions on my devices. The only two incorrect/missing functions I've found so far were the disc tray open/close on the DVD player and the Stop playback on the TiVo. It took maybe 30 seconds each to program those in the "learning" mode from the original remotes - ouch, hurt me some more! ;-) I'm sure I'll find a few more missing functions now and then in the future as I test out the rest of the functions, but programming is so easy I'll probably be eager to find one just so I can program some more!

    I researched many universal remotes before buying this one and saw quite a few with fancy, color LCD screens and other Bluetooth Do-Dads that sold from $500 to $1500! Give me a break! Unless those others can also perform some kind of illicit sex acts or, at the very least, help the kids with their homework, I can't see what could possible justify shelling out that kind of money (other than maybe bragging rights for when the In-Laws come over to visit) when this remote will do everything and then some for a fraction of the cost. Like I said - GET THIS REMOTE!!!
    ...more info
  • Even my wife can use it!
    This is a great remote. I cannot count the number of times I have fumbled around looking for a remote. We currently own a tv, tuner, dvd player, vcr, tivo satellite box, and sirius satellite. In less than 30 minutes I was able to program all my remotes. The process is very simple. You hold the remove in in front of the universal and press the button you want to program. The universal remove notifies tells you when you have succeeded. The best feature on this remote is the macros. They work just like macros in Micosoft Office programs. With the press of a single button, I can turn on the tv, tuner, dvd and satellite. This is great for movies. Now when I am not home my wife is able to watch tv without cursing at the remote....more info
  • One of the best purchases of 2005!
    I bought this remote last year to consolidate all of my home theater components. It's not the most feature-laden, nor is it the most expensive, but in my opinion, it does everything that you need a universal remote to do. If you take the time to carefully program it and teach it all of the codes of your existing remotes, it can virtually eliminate the need for those remotes in 99% of the cases. It works great with my TiVo as well, which many universal remotes did not....more info
  • No Customer Support
    I hoped that the MX-500 would replace my Marantz SR-19 remote. It doesn't have the proper preprogrammed IR code to make it compatible with the Marantz.

    The HomeTheaterMaster.com web site barely functions and has no customer service. The manual lists a customer service email address that does not work. The Home Theater Master telephone customer service number is non-functional.

    Be careful.

    Brock Fisher
    San Diego...more info
  • May not work with Pioneer receivers until firmware upgrade
    This is a great remote with almost unlimited flexibility. However, what no reviewer until now has discovered (lucky me!) is that this remote will not learn certain important remote functions from Pioneer VSX receivers, such as switching surround modes. Most people would expect to have this capability on their remote, especially one as fancy as this one.

    By way of comparison, I have two Philips remotes (one $12 and another $40) that have no trouble learning the very same codes. I read in a forum that some people who had experienced the same problem were able to get it to work by learning the codes into an intermediate remote, and then using that remote to teach the MX-500. However, this method did not work for me.

    It was a great disappointment to me, as I really had my heart set on the MX-500. I called Universal Remote tech support (to their credit, they answer the phone right away), but their only solution was for me to send the unit in so they can add a new device code for it. Not only will this take 4-6 weeks and the cost of one-way shipping, but it also doesn't solve the learning problem in case I want the functions stored on another key.

    *** UPDATE: I sent the unit into the manufacturer for a firmware upgrade. Now it works fine with my Pioneer equipment and they even managed to restore my learned codes after the upgrade. I boosted this from 3 to 4 stars, leaving one star off for the hassle and cost of shipping it to the manufacturer....more info
  • Excellent universal remote
    I have had this remote for almost a year now and I can say that it is superb! It gives you the flexibility of one of those full LCD remotes with the good old tactile feel. It was very easy to program (once I had a plan that is) and works perfectly with all of my components (I didn't bother using the database of codes, I just recorded everything from my old remotes).

    The only complaint I have with the remote is that it's a little tough to program the buttons to work with both digital cable and DVR (the guide, info, and exit buttons overlap the fast forward, pause, etc. ones). This isn't really a problem though since you can put whatever functionality you want on the LCD panel.

    This remote is well worth the price and a huge timesaver if you have lots of components. Highly recommended....more info
  • Functional like a hammer; a big, bulky hammer.
    Hammers aren't pretty, either; but try to drive a nail with something that is. The only tweak necessary on this thing is that some of the "universal" codes don't completely match the OEM remote functions, and you have to "teach" the remote what to do in those cases, or search the manual and try different codes. All in all, though, this remote does everything it's supposed to and then some. More macro functions and learning capability than I'll ever need, and I have a HUGE theatre system. Very good purchase, I would do it again....more info
  • mx-500 is the best
    I bought the mx500 to control many newer devices that my older oneforall would not operate. it seemed as though anything I bought in the last year was "uncontrollable" by my old ( 2 years old) learning remote. Well I'm glad to say that the mx500 has solved all those problems and then some. It works all my devices, is very user friendly and easy to program. I really like the 10 buttons on the display. ( Renaming the buttons allows my wife to know what button does what.) I'm even using it for 2 rooms ( living room and bedroom)to control a new VIZIO 32" lcd TV, Sony HDMI DVD player,Samusung DVR, Satellite with DVR , older JVC & Panasonic DVD players and a big screen Hitachi TV. It is very responsive, even better than the original remotes. I don't think you can beat it for the money.
    When I get my 50" Plasma for the living room next year I'll probably upgrade and try the URC MX-700 for the livivng room equipment. ...more info
  • Even an idiot can do this
    After getting an estimate from a "Major Home Theatre Company" for $1,600 to furnish and install a universal remote, I decided to try it myself first. An electronics wiz I'm not, but in less than an hour I had it completed. And get this - it worked!!!!! I may be missing the functions of a button or two on some of my components, but for a difference in $1,550 do you think I'm worried????...more info
  • Almost perfect universal remote
    This remote is very good. I had purchased a Sony universal remote for about 1/2 this price and it didn't hold a candle to this device (backlight didn't stay on long enough, buttons on the remote weren't in line with LCD text in display, etc.)

    But Universal got it almost perfect on this unit. It's extremely easy to set up. The instruction manual is pretty complete (although some of the instructions are just a little confusing and causes you to have to think about it but you get it figured out.

    The only device that was a flop was my Scientific Atlantic Cox DVR Box. When I put in the automatic code that worked, it had very few of the commands pre-configured. But not to worry, they make it VERY easy to change labels and for it the learn the code from another device.

    Don't hesitate to get this unit. It is wonderful and I just bought a second (and Amazon's prices were the lowest I found.)


    * It works great either with automatic codes or by learning codes.
    * Buttons and LCD text are in-line.
    * Easy to use and works great.
    * Really easy text entering.
    * Backlight can be manually turned on and you can set it to stay on a reasonable time (up to 99 seconds).


    * No function that would automatically turn on light everytime a key is pressed. (You can manually turn it on by pushing a button on the side but an option to have the backlight come on on a keypress would be nice.)
    * Kind of big and bulky (but it's "okay..")
    * The backlit screen is VERY easy to read in total darkness but when there is a little light, it becomes hard to read. So you end up with this area between a room with no light (when the backlight works great) and when the room has a little light (where it's hard to read with backlight on and hard to read with it off). This is a little bit of a pain, but in practice, shouldn't really hinder loving the unit.
    * Only 2 pages of commands for each device. This "should" be enough but a third page would have ensured always having enough, even on multifunction devices....more info
  • Pretty darn good
    This thing is pretty remarkable - just tell it what button you want to program, point your old remote at it and it does the rest. It took about an hour to set it all up, but I went from 6 remotes to 2 (I didn't bother programming all the buttons on the DVD player but I guess I could have). It's a little big but it is easy to read and does the job quite well. It seems quite sturdy so you don't have to worry about dropping it. If you're feeling paranoid about losing your work, it also has a clone function that will clone all the programming features you've put in to a backup unit if you so choose. A solid unit if a bit pricey. But if you're looking to get rid of all (I mean all) of your remotes but one, this is a good choice....more info
  • Excellent universal remote
    This unit is pricey but is high quality in construction and function. Had an RCA before and it was full of issues and eventually stopped working completely. Takes a minimal amount of time to read the parts of the manual you need to learn how to program the remote, and you're ready to go....more info
  • Fantastic Remote
    I have owned several universal remotes over the years, and this one is by far the best. It is very, very easy to program and easy to use. My whole family, even our 5-year-old, finds it easy to use. You will not go wrong with this remote....more info
  • Almost perfect... I give it 4.5 stars
    OK - I checked all the reviews before purchasing and everything that is said about this little puppy is true.

    * It works!
    * It controls all kinds of components / devices
    * The learning and punch-through features are cool, quick and powerful.
    * It is relatively easy to use but has complex features
    * Feels good in the handle - feels like high-quality

    But there are some key shortcomings (that assuming the Harmony remote works) might make you consider the Harmony remote.

    1) More space to name/describe a component or function - The remote limits you to six characters or so -- perhaps pre-2004 six characters or so to describe a function would be OK but with today's complex functions this is a shortcoming.

    2) More pages should be provided - each component can contain two pages worth of commands - I have seen other models by the manufacturer and these remotes have up to six pages. I know for $100 bucks or so you cannot have the world but three pages seems to be a minimum.

    3) No defined 10+ key -- for skipping to say, track 15 on a CD/DVD quickly (sure you program a key to be 10+ key but all the other keys are suited for other purposes. This may seem like nit picking but wait until you are in the middle of a CD/movie and want to skip ahead quickly. You will then remember this review. ;-)

    Truthfully I cannot say enough good things about the remote - one of the best purchases for our home entertainment. You will not be disappointed - I just want to inform you of all the features & limitations the product offers.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • Believe the praise! Simply fantastic!
    Believe the raves for this already offered by other reviewers. This device is easy to use, yet offers flexibility of very advanced programming options for more adventuresome users. The A/V receiver, TV and cable box remotes that I had been juggling (three remotes..three different colors, and *never* the correct one closest at hand!) are now stashed out of sight.

    I originally planned to buy a Sony (at 2x the price), but selected this after reading the mixed reviews for the Sony devices. This thing rocks, and I'm a hero for reducing the electronic clutter in the room where it lives...

    ...more info
  • Best remote around!
    I am a remote control addict! I have tried them all, and this is the best one yet. It has the most important features that I need:

    1) Custom buttons with programmable labels.
    2) Learn feature.
    3) Backlight that works!
    4) Buttons that don't wear off. This was a problem with my previous remotes where I could no longer read the labels.
    5) NO touch screen business, only REAL buttons.
    6) Easy programming.
    7) My kids can operate it.
    8) Macros that control multiple devices.

    Trust me, you don't need the PC interface. Programming this remote is a breeze. I am buying another one as soon as it goes on sale so that I can backup my current one! I like it that much.

    It's got a few weaknesses.

    1) 4 AA batteries! Get rechargeable batteries.
    2) Price.
    3) The "joystick" is a bit hard to use. No biggie.
    4) I hardly ever use the keypad. I would have reversed the layout and put the screen and other buttons at the bottom and moved the keypad on top.

    All in all, I simply love this remote. My search for the ultimate remote is done....more info
  • Thor has a new Hammer!
    Thor try many other hammer, none so mighty as the MX-500!

    Other hammers included ones from Sony and Carver. Thor could not believe how quickly other "learning" hammers "filled up". Thor never could replace all of other hammers until now.

    Thor now wields MX-500. Thor now never let hammer go. Thor be powerless without his new hammer. With MX-500, Thor slays the likes of Loki and Tivo with ease.

    Thor now brings pride to Odin (dad) and to all of Asgard.

    This review was, of course, intended to be humorous, but after trying many other replacement remotes, some costing close to $200, I found this to be the drop-dead best....more info
  • Great non pc programmable remote
    Pros: Easily programmed. Great macro functions. Learning remote works well. Like the lcd screen with separate buttons. Amazing range.

    Cons: Does not work with the motorolla moxi calbe box. I have sent it back to company and they said they will update the codes.
    -Its not pc programmable. You can purchace IR-clone which allows for pc programability, although then you have to use codes, and not the learning function.
    ...more info
  • Simply Amazing!
    We previously had 7 remotes around our house. This remote recognized nearly all of the functions of the old remotes via the built in code tables. The few minor controls that were not immediately available were extremely easy to program. This is the only universal remote that has been able to handle all of our devices. Besides handling multiple devices, it can be setup as a task oriented remote, with punch throughs to other layouts and/or fully re-configured layouts. The coolest function is the ability to program Macros. Want to switch the Stereo, TV, and DVD on, while changing A/V inputs and volume levels, just put together a macro and you're all set. Too Cool!...more info
  • Well Designed
    The user manual appears a bit daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's actually really easy to use. The pre-programmed setups generally work OK, but even if certain buttons don't work quite right, it is very easy to get it to learn commands from your original remotes and set it up the way you like. The macros are pretty easy to program as well. For example, I can set it up so that it automatically switches to the proper input on my TV, the proper setting on my AV Receiver and then finish by going to the control screen for my TiVo. I use the two other generic Macro buttons (M2, M3) to switch to my DVD or VCR with just one button. I waited until I used it for over a month before I wrote this review to see if I found any major problems. So far, the only minor nit is that you can't seem to edit the LCD screen button labels on the main screen. You can edit the sub-menus however.

    Not very expensive and works well. Highly recommended....more info
  • Wow - amazing universal remote
    I have to say that I balked at the price, but after all the complaints in my household regarding how many remote controls were sitting on my coffee table, I figured I'd try this out.

    This universal remote is incredible - you're able to pre-program it with standard remote functions using various codes found in the manual, or you can actually manual program it by aiming the remote control at the universal remote. Setup is very easy and quick, and it's built very solidly. You can also program macro buttons - for example, I programmed one button when I want to watch regular cable TV which turns on my TV (including turning it to the proper TV/Video input), receiver (including setting it to the TV input), and cable box. Then I programmed my system off button to turn off all my components with one button.

    I use it for a Sony 36" TV, digital cable box, Sony DVD, Sony CD changer, and Harmon Kardon receiver, and have had zero issues. Would highly recommend....more info
  • Still the best bang for the buck!
    Wonderful easy to use universal remote! This remote is easy to use and program. Flexible enough for the most demanding aficionado yet easy enough to operate that the technologically challenged (read my wife) can easy operate it. It is back-lit for evening use. Tremendous number of codes with nearly unlimited programmable buttons. Plenty of macro capability.

    I've tried a ton of remotes and like this, by far, the most. You can spend much more and get little or no better performance and in many cases a more difficult remote to operate and program. ...more info
  • Awesome!!
    This remote is so well thought out. There is nothing you can't do. Perfect! I wish I had bought this remote years ago. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Wife Acceptance Factor - 100%
    Finally! A remote that does everything it claims. We recently purchased a 55" HDTV set and my wife grew more and more frustrated with the multiple remote controls we've used for a while and even the cheapo "One for All" we've had that never quite duplicated all the functionality of our original remotes.

    Take our audio receiver remote for instance. Our One for All 6131 had a code that controlled the volume, power, and several other functions. But it could not switch the input to DVD, although it could switch to VCR1, VCR2, etc. So we had to keep the original audio receiver remote handy. Same thing for the Tivo remote and the TV remote - the One for All could do most, but not all functions.

    Well, the MX-500 takes care of all of that and more. Sure, it has built-in codes and those are a decent place to start. But the key difference about this remote is that it can LEARN from your other remotes. And before you think, "gee, plenty of other cheap remotes say that can learn as well" - they don't even come close to having the memory this one has. Some cheapo learning remotes can learn as few as 30-40 total functions, across all your remotes. That might be nice if you only had one or two devices and it missed only a handful of codes for each.

    The MX-500 is nothing like that. It can learn several hundred commands - plenty to absorb every single function for all five of my devices with room to spare.

    Not only can it learn all of your old remote's functions, you can assign them to virtually any key, including the keys next to the LCD screen that you can customize yourself.

    If I sound excited about this remote its because I am - and the coolest thing - so is my wife!

    The MX-500 also has awesome macro capabilities. I have a macro for turning everything on or off. I have a macro for taking the system from off to everything switched to play a DVD. I have macros for switching to watch Tivo, switching to HD Cable, switching to play Xbox, switching to play PS2 - you name it.

    And the greatest thing? All I have to tell my wife or friends who come over is, "You want to watch Tivo? Just hold the Tivo key down for a second. You want to watch a DVD? Just hold the DVD key down for a second" - and it just works. You'd almost think it was a Mac instead of a remote control.

    Trust me - this remote is worth the price twice over.

    And speaking of cost, I bought this remote at a slightly higher price and paid for overnight shipping. I checked back a couple of days later and the price had dropped by about $9. I emailed Amazon and asked them if they'd credit the difference back to my card - and they did! That's why I keep shopping at Amazon - good customer service....more info
  • I love this remote
    I second what most other users have written about convenience and programmability. Here are some additional points:

    - I have had the remote for just over a year. It still works perfectly and looks almost like the day I bought it.
    - The rubbery plastic that the remote is covered with means it is pleasant to hold, it doesn't scratch tables or become scratched itself.
    - The remote's signal is very strong. I can point it in almost any direction in my living room and the signal still goes through to my devices. This is a relief after using some finicky remotes that had to be pointed EXACTLY at the devices they controlled.
    - The batteries need changing every 4-5 months. Not bad, not great.
    - Some remotes have LCD buttons (which give you no tactile feedback), and some remotes have regular buttons (which you can't change the labels on). The MX-500 eliminates the disadvantages of either approach by combining regular buttons with LCD labels.
    ...more info
  • Used for 3 months now and am extremely happy...
    I would highly recommend this remote. I was looking for a remote that would work well as a replacement for the Tivo "dogbone" remote and the MX-500 had everything I needed in all the proper locations. I'm currently using the remote to control:

    Denon 3803 receiver
    Sony Trinitron TV
    Sony 400 disc DVD changer
    Panasonic DVD player
    Hughes DirectTivo reciever
    Turtle Beach Audiotron

    ...and I still have room for 4 more devices!

    I assumed I would use the built in code library but I quickly found that the remote's learning feature was so fast and easy to do that I just spent 20 minutes with my 5 original remotes and learned the buttons to the MX-500 exactly where I wanted them.

    The LCD text can be changed too which is handy for reassigning keys, (VCR-2 -> MP3). I think everyone pretty much agrees that the macros are the best part of any remote. One button changes the TV to the proper input, turns the receiver on and sets it to DVD, powers on the DVD changer and pulls up the selection menu.

    Another positive thing I've noticed about the remote, in addition to its signal strength, is the response time. I can hit the 30 second skip key for the Tivo about twice as fast with the MX-500 as I could with the original Tivo remote.

    All but 5 of the buttons are learnable! I can't think of any negatives....more info
  • A rare product: easy to use, versatile, and inexpensive!
    After much research, I decided on this remote mostly because of the reviews it received. Here's what I needed to control from it:

    - TiVo (most important to me!)
    - Primary DVD player (Sony)
    - Secondary DVD player (Cyberhome - it decodes PAL ;-)
    - Cambridge SoundWorks Surround Sound Receiver/Amp
    - Two Sony 400-CD linked jukeboxes
    - Marantz receiver
    - Comcast Digital Cable box
    - JVC TV
    - JVC VCR

    That's a total of 10 devices! Most programmable or learning remotes capable of independently controlling 10 devices are over $400 or so, and most of them feel terrible in the hand and require touch-screen interaction (something I can't stand - I much prefer tactile buttons!). So, the MX-500 seemed a perfect fit...

    ...and it was! Rather than bore you with lots of text, here's the "bottom line" summary in bullet point format:

    * This remote is a DREAM to set up. If your original remote codes aren't already in its database, the MX can "learn" them in a jiffy. After one hour, all 10 of my remotes had been programmed in. After another hour, I had set up all my multi-function "macro" keys. That was it - just 2 hours!

    * It has very good macro support! This is the ability to assign multiple commands to one button, so for example I have the "Power" button turn on all my usual devices, set the receiver to "TV", put the TiVo into its main menu, all with only one button! And if I want to watch a DVD, I just press another macro button and my DVD player starts playing, my TV switches inputs, my surround sound comes on, etc...it's just WONDERFUL!

    * The ergonomic design of this remote is second to none. I rarely even look at the buttons now, since my hand instinctively knows where things are. Suck on that, touchscreens!

    * During a movie watching in the dark, I can easily see the remote with the backlight switch - very useful.

    * The range and power of the IR transmitter is jaw-dropping - it will transmit through blankets and bounce off walls!! It's insane!

    * The remote is built like a remote should be built - it feels indestructible! Other remotes of mine feel like they'd break if you shouted at them - not the MX-500!

    There's only one single complaint I have with it: to get into the editing screen, you need to hold down two keys for three seconds. Why three? It feels like forever, especially since you need to edit and re-edit when first setting it up. Once you're done programming though, you'll never have to deal with this niggly detail again ;-)

    I've already told dozens of my friends about this remote, and those that have seen it in action have already placed orders for it. You will not be disappointed!...more info
  • Wonderful remote
    When I bought this remote I promised my wife I would send it back if I could't get rid of the 6 remotes on our coffee table. Well they went away and I still have the MX-500. It is everyting folks have already said and more! The learn facility works a treat + the edit feature means you can get rid of any buttons you're not using.

    Worth spending the money....more info
  • Fantastic, Intuitive, Complete.
    I've long sought a truly good remote which can adequately control my HDTV, Tuner/Reciever, VCR, DVD, Cable Box, Xbox, PS2, in a package that is comfortable (physically) and does not suffer from the unfortunate qualities of overreliance on an LCD display. Much like the movie The Matrix, the most impressive aspect of this remote is it's perfect integration of technology in a manner which feels clean and seamless. The LCD screen used perfectly, without shortchanging the other buttons, or dominating the whole remote. The backlighting is perfect and accessible. Finally, even a brain damaged squirrel could program this remote in any way they saw fit. I've edited many of the LCD labels, and taught many specialized commands, including the entire lexicon of XBOX and PS2 dvd commands, and this remote still has PLENTY of room left for my custom macros and such. Fantastic, comfortable in the hand, attractive, and HIGHLY functional. This remote is THE remote to get unless you need an even more functional one to control a complex surround sound setup and you want on-remote graphics... barring that excess, this (or the -600 - 800 MX series) is for you....more info
  • Too Bad We Can't Give It 6 Stars!
    This is by far the best remote I have ever encountered at any price. Rather than simply echo everyone else, I'll just pass on some tips.

    1. When programming macros, the macros have to be built from buttons/functions already programmed into the MX-500. You can not program a macro directly from the remotes you are learning. This is not really made clear in the manual.

    2. One of the annoying things aout Toshiba VCRs (standalone or in combo units) is that they require two buttons to be pushed simultaneously to record or set timer recording. You can cominbe this into one button on the MX-5000, though. Just pick the button you want to learn to and then press simultaneously the two buttons you need on the Toshiba remote. The MX-500 will learn the combined signal! So, on your MX you'll only need to use one button. This is fantastic engineering (or maybe just plain lucky.

    3. The unit does eat batteries, so be aware of that. It does so much so well, though, that you'll gladly buy the batteries (or use rechargeables).

    4. The only real delicate thing about the unit is the light. Drop the remote a few times, and everything will still work fine but the backlight will be dead.

    5. If you're going to learn a bunch of devices, especially if you're going to combine functions from multiple remotes on one device (i.e. Device uses the signal for TV's volume control, but cable box's channel change), it's a good idea to sit down and plan a bit first. Decide what you want to go where in advance. It's also a good idea that similar functions on various devices (e.g. "Clear" or "Cancel") be programmed for the same button on each device you create. Will make your unit more intuitive and quicker to use.

    6. Edit all your LCD buttons to get the labels you want first, then go back and program them all at once. This is much faster when you're settting up a lot. Tip 5 makes this much easier to do.

    7. Don't be bound by how the original remote was laid out. Lay out the MX-500 in the way that's most comfortable and intuitive for you. Do that, and after a while you'll realize how incredibly clunky most OEM remotes are.

    8. There is a device out there, IRCLONE-MX, which allows you to program the MX-500 via your PC. Essentially, you use a program to lay out your MX-500 and then load it into this devise. It then uses the "clone" feature of the MX to send all the derived codes to your MX-500. It also could serve as a backup for your MX-500 in case something happened to it and you didn't want to go through the whole programming process again. Can't say that this is worth it. The MX-500 is easy to program, and once you're done the first time, how often do you do extensive reprogramming? As a backup device it shows promise, but with Amazon's prcing of the MX-500, it's only $10 bucks cheaper than the MX-500 itself. Just go out and buy a second MX-500 and clone your first one.

    9. Once you've programmed your MX-500, take the batteries out of your OEM remotes and stick them in a drawer somewhere. The only time you'll ever need to pull them out is if you later realize there's a function you want to add to the MX-500. This is also good because OEM remotes cost a fortune if you break one, and could be hard to get for out of production units. This way you preserve your originals.

    This unit is so good that when I bought my first one, I went out and got another two days later, just to have in the drawer in case I broke the first one. Now, with some new equipment in the bedroom, I'm using two interchangeable (cloned) MX-500s, and have ordered another one to keep in "reserve".
    ...more info
  • I have to agree with the positive reviews!
    I too have this Remote. It's by far the best one I've ever owned. I won't just repeat what's been said already, just whole heartedly agree. I've had it a year and have my living room home theatre system wired! To get the most out of it, look into a simple Radio Shacke JP1 compatible remote to aid in discrete code programming this one. Check www.remotecentral.com for about all the information on this you can handle. Buy it GREAT current Amazon price of $90....more info
  • This is the one you've been looking for
    This remote is absolutely fantastic. I've been able to replace 6 other remotes with this one. The learning ability has been flawless so far.

    The backlight works very well and is very easy to see at night. The only complaint I can think of is the "select" button being in the center of the joystick pad like some other reviewers have mentioned. Sometimes when you go to select, you accidently push up, down, etc. But this is very minor and once you get used to it, it's not a problem.

    I've changed the first set of batteries after 6 months (it retains all of the settings when changing batteries). Not super battery life, but a small price to pay for the convenience.

    I would definitely buy again....more info

  • Stellar design & function -- a classic now
    I looked for a good remote for years before the MX-500 was released. Everything feel short in some way -- not enough or the right buttons (I want "song/chapter skip" AND a "fast forward/reverse" pair), couldn't control a specific piece of gear, too expensive, had a funky design (dozens of identical buttons, or weird placement) or lacked buttons (I like the tactile feedback in the dark, no touch screens for me). I drooled over the early reviews of the MX-500 and pre-ordered one. I've had it for a couple of years now, and I'm a happy camper -- I don't even have a wandering eye for other remotes now.

    The pluses:

    * Huge memory capacity so no problem teaching it exactly to the buttons that make sense to you
    * While it's a somewhat large remote, it's designed so well that it doesn't "feel" that large. It's well balanced, the material feels good, and the most frequently used buttons fall easily under the thumb.
    * Tons of abilities and flexibility, which you can make use of if you need, or ignore.
    * Great range and power.

    Univeral really hit a home run with the MX-500....more info

  • Best remote ever, hands down!
    I have had this remote for around a year now. This is the BEST remote i have ever owned. Perfect for those of us with multiple devices running through a reciever. Dont' get that bulky sony remote commander!

    Does this sound familiar? You want to watch a dvd, so you have to

    1. grab the tv's remote, change input
    2. grab the reciever's remote, change input
    3. grab the dvd player's remote, to FINALLY watch a movie.
    4. grab the reciever's remote again to change the volume..

    Never again! Now all i have to do is hold down the dvd button for 2 seconds, and presto, all inputs changed, and now the remote will function as the dvd remote..

    also has some other good features like punch through (meaning the volume only controls the reciever's volume no matter what device your on)..

    this remote has learned every button of every remote i have, even the xbox!

    get this remote now!...more info

  • The Absolute Best for ReplayTV
    Bought this remote several months ago and can't imagine watching TV without it. I have tried so many universal remotes, and this is definately The One. And you can't beat the price! Put all those indivdual component remotes into storage--you won't need any of them again.

    I use the MX-500 to operate a Daewoo plasma, Pioneer A/V receiver, Samsung Directv receiver, Zenith DVD player, ReplayTV and Lutron lighting. All of this works on cue, no problem, and can be activated with the press of one button. I walk in to the den, press a button labeled M1, and my lights do down, my audio/video equipment turns on, and the remote is left in the mode that I want it. I doubt I could be happier with any remote regardless of price.

    The initial setup was somewhat lengthy but fun. The remote is fairly easy to customize if there is no pre-set code for one of your components. I ended up making changes to the pre-sets anyway. The programming and editing options seem endless, yet basic configuration for the non-techie is straightforward.

    The huge plus for me is how well the MX-500 integrates ReplayTV. In fact, it is the only universal remote (that I have found) that matches up button for button.

    Also, a word about signal strength: A lot of the remotes that came with my components didn't seem to put out a strong enough infrared signal....so you would have to hit the button again or hold it down until it got through. Not so with the MX-500....it emits a powerful signal that works first time, every time. We hid some of our components behind a black fabric screen built into our entertainment center, and the signal gets through no problem.

    The MX-500 is not only the best universal remote, it may also be the best overall electronics value on the planet....more info

  • The Best on the Market!
    I bought this remote about 2 years ago. I had a pretty good Home Theater setup, with all the components to go with it. After seeing reviews on Remote Central and other places, I decided to spring for the approximately $100+ cost of this device. It has worked flawlessly, controlling just about everything I have: DVD, Receiver, VCR, and TV.

    The MX-500 fits the hand very well, has very tactile buttons that are easy to find, and has a pleasing blue backlite that shows all controls when needed. It even has the capability of adjusting the amount of time the light stays on! The LCD screen displays what component you are using, and has multiple pages for each device. The one minor gripe I have is the 'Enter' button is all the way at the bottom of the keyboard-kind of a strange spot for a button that gets so much use.

    For my second TV in our bedroom, I purchased a Sony VL900 Universal for about half the price of the MX-500; thought I'd save some money (the original failed, of course). Big mistake! The Sony started losing button functions after just a few months. Should have bought another MX-500 to begin with. I will be doing that shortly.

    For those in need, the MX-500 is just about as good as it gets. Ergonomically sound, easily visible, relatively easy to program, and very flexible, the MX-500 is the one Universal Remote I recommend over all others. Learn how to use it properly, and you won't be disappointed. The most important thing here is reliability - it works over the long haul....more info

  • Best remote I've ever had
    As a victim of countless remotes I tried in vain to consolidate as much as possible to the "universal" RCA remotes that come with satellite TV or DVD players. Unfortunately this left me with at least 2 remotes on the coffee table. I did some research but because of the hefty price, waited for someone to buy it for me as a gift. Now that I've had it for 2 months I wish I'd bought it for myself a long time ago!

    I can easily say this is the best universal I've ever had. The preprgrammed codes as well as the learning feature means you're going to have this baby doing everything you want and in as little time as possible. Starting with preprogrammed codes and editing to my liking, it took me about 3 hours to program nearly EVERY BUTTON from my 5 other remotes, including macros. I currently have the remote controlling my TV, VCR, DirecTV satellite with TiVo, audio receiver and 300 disc DVD player with ZERO problems. As you can imagine, each of these remotes has a few dozen buttons and they're all stored in the MX-500. I've even set up a macro to turn the entire system off/on with the touch on ONE button as well as a macro to switch the audio input and turn the DVD player on/off to easily watch movies. To get around the permanent labels for the non-lcd buttons I've used a hand-held labeler and overlayed the new text. Some of the LCD buttons can be a stretch for smaller hands but that is minimzed by the majority of often used buttons being assigned to the "hard" buttons. There's also the issue of re-learning what buttons are where but this is a problem with any new remote. Fortunately, the problem is minimized here by the similar layout to the most common universal remotes packaged with electronics these days.

    After two months my wife is still commenting on how great a purchase this thing was. If you have the money and the relatively small amount of patience to program it, it's DEFINITELY worth every penny. It will take some logical thinking and know-how to maximize your benefit but the result is worth it.

    Pros: highly customizable, good mix of "hard" and "soft" buttons, pass through function, macros
    Cons: price, limited space for lcd labels, permanent labels for "hard" buttons, ergonomics not ideal for smaller hands...more info

  • Simple. Versitile. Powerful. Outstanding!
    For anyone looking for a truly universal remote control that will allow you to exile your myriad individual remotes to the coffee table drawer, I highly recommend the MX 500. It is absolutely worth the money.

    The MX 500 had all the features I wanted. Every button is backlit (and you can customize the amount of time the remain lit, from one to ten seconds). The function of almost every button can be programmed by learning a command from another remote. The LCD button labels for each component can be renamed to match whatever command you use them for. In fact, the main menu, which lists ten individual components (does anyone really HAVE then different components?) can also be edited. I changed VCR1, which I use to control my Replay TV unit, to RPLAY. As for macros, there are three dedicated macro buttons. Additionally, almost every additional button can hold a macro. While I use this only minimally (to turn on the TV, Replay TV and receiver with a single button push, for instance), more sophisticated users could do much more.

    The MX 500s versatility is incredible. You can control any "box" yet made. I use mine to control my HDTV, Replay TV, receiver and DVD player.

    On opening the box, my first impression was that this remote is a monster. Despites its size, its shape conforms comfortably enough to my hand. My only ergonomical complaint is that I do have to shift the remote in my grasp or use a second hand to reach the full spread of buttons. Compared to juggling the aforementioned four remotes, though, this is the smallest of inconveniences.

    The MX 500 is a dream to set up. Its "on screen" menu makes the task unbelievably easy. Setup could be streamlined a little by combining editing of LCD button labels with command to learn a function from another remote. I found myself constantly bouncing back and forth between the edit and learn menus.

    Once the setup is done, should you ever buy a second MX 500 (Why you would need a second is beyond me), you can simply clone your existing MX 500 to its new brother, which will become an exact...well, clone. I'm sure this is a favorite feature of custom electronics installers, but the average user will probably never use it.

    Using the remote is if anything anti-climactic. I've had mine all of a week, and already I take it for granted. The layout of the buttons is intuitive and easy enough to pick up. The thumb pad is a little "squishy", I would prefer that it be more firm, or than the remote use four individual directional arrows, but it works just fine, so I can't complain too much about it.

    All in all, I would recommend the MX 500 to anyone. You may want to wait a bit, though. Universal, the maker of the MX 500, will soon release a new family of remotes that offer most of the same functionality but in a smaller, and one would assume more ergonomic, package. If you wait, you could select to get the new model, or probably pick up the MX 500 at an even better price.

    Enjoy! I certainly did....more info

  • Worth the price!
    This is the first universal remote I've owned that didn't make me reach for other remotes from time to time. Every function on every component is covered. The programming is very easy. I had it set up to control 5 components within 15 minutes. The button configuration is nice as well. Overall, this remote is well worth the price tag....more info
  • Excellent Universal Remote with Great Functionality
    After performing a great deal of research, I recently decided on purchasing the MX-500 over an Intrigue universal remote. I couldn't be happier with my choice. This remote does everything that it claims and I was able to replace four of my remotes with about 30 minutes of programming. I have a Toshiba big-screen TV, a Pioneer audio receiver, a Sony DirecTV receiver, and a Sony DVD player and this remote works all four of them flawlessly. After entering the pre-programmed codes for those manufacturers, I still had to "teach" the remote a handful of functions from the other remotes. The MX-500 learned every "foreign" command without hesitation. So far, everything works as advertised and I am very pleased with the remote's capabilities....more info
  • The best universal remote control
    I tried about ten different universal remotes and found something wrong with every single one, except for this one.

    This universal remote can learn commands from your other remotes and has a preprogrammed inventory of its own commands. It also has ten buttons at the top for which you can customize labels by changing what displays. These ten buttons can be programmed to be different for each device that you control.

    Plus, the unit can be programmed to send an IR command whenever you change from controlling one device to another. This is convenient if you have a home theater system through which your audio is routed, and you want the remote to automatically switch your home theater system to whatever device you are trying to control.

    This remote is relatively easy to program and easy to use. The button layout is intuitive and easy to remember. The buttons themselves have a good tactile feel. The unit works flawlessly....more info

  • I wish I had bought it sooner
    This is an excellent remote for solving the all-too-common problem of remote clutter. This remote successfully replaces 4 separate remote controls for my home theater.

    Things I especially like about this remote:
    1) It has well-made "hard keys" rather than a touch screen. Hard keys are the only way to go for durability, ease of use, and a good tactile feeling.

    2) Becuase of the learning capability (which worked flawlessly for me), and the ability to customize the LCD labels, you can set up this remote to be "activity-centric" rather than "device-centric." For example, you can program the remote to function in DVD-watching mode--which will allow you to control all of the functions necessary to watch a DVD for all of your components (like surround sound settings, wide-screen settings, volume, etc.) without having to switch back and forth between devices.

    3) Three macro keys and a "system off" key. The macro programming is very powerful, especially if you use the learning feature. For example, I programmed a macro to turn on all my components, switch the receiver to DVD mode, and open the tray on my DVD player.

    4) Great backlight. The backlight button is well-placed (so you can find it in the dark), and you can customize how long the backlight stays on when you press the backlight button.

    Overall, I am thrilled with this remote and highly recommend it....more info

  • Everything you need... where you need it.
    I've never had a universal remote that didn't force me to comprimise somewhere. Most "learning" remotes force you to learn too much and the lack of tactile buttons is a negative for the LCD models. The pre-programmed off the shelf universal's are not nearly customizable for my tastes.

    The MX-500, however, is nearly perfect. I love being able to put virtualy any function into the top LCD area while still being able to control the remote by sense of touch.

    I had the entire remote configured for my system in about 15 minutes, but I spent an extra hour programming macros and custom functions because it was so cool. When I turn my DVD player on, my TV switches to DVD input, adjusts its color settings to my preferred movie setting, and the remote sets itself into its custom DVD mode on the LCD. All I need is an IR receiver for my lights (which the MX-500 had preprogrammed codes for) and I'll be in heaven!...more info

  • Had to send it back
    Disappointed. None of the codes worked with my Onkyo receiver. I tried the "learn" feature but became frustrated (said "good" to imply it learned the command, but for some reason still would not work.)

    Looks nice...fairly straightforward design but again could not use it with my system....more info

  • Best Universal at Any Price
    Before buying the MX-500 I tried many remotes. I bought and returned the 1 for all Kameleon.(Far too confusing and not enough buttons.) I then bought and returned the Sony AV 3000. (Again, not enough buttons, no way to label those that are there properly and a touchy touch screen.) I then tried the Phillips Pronto at a dealer. My God - how many screens do you have to go through to find the one you need?

    I finally started doing some research on the Internet and decided to try the MX-500. Every once in a great while someone hits upon a design that is so simple and elegant that you wonder why nobody ever thought of it before. The MX-500 is one of these classics. I won't go through all of the things it does so well which other reviewers have eloquently described except to say that I have been able to program every command from every remote I have in such a way that I am able to know which button does what and to access them all quickly. I can also, for example, go to the VCR device and control some necessary TV functions (such as changing the TV input) from the VCR device. And I don't have to guess which button to press because it's clearly labeled. In fact, the MX-500 is easier to use than some of the original remotes which it replaces since some of them had tiny or confusingly placed buttons.

    The MX-500's display is crisp with excellent contrast even in dim room lighting. If you have even a dim lamp on anywhere in the room you will be able to read the display. I never use the backlight. In fact,if there's anything bad to say about the MX-500 it's that the backlight is useless except in very dark surroundings.

    In short, I think this is the best universal remote AT ANY PRICE....more info

  • Excellent Remote, couldn't be happier!
    I've had the remote for about 8 months now. It has been by far the best remote i've ever used. It looks really cool, feels great in your hands, and operates nearly perfect. I've bought other crappy, cheap, $30 and under universal remotes and always ended up not even using them and just using 4-5 remotes instead. With the ms-500, I've finally put the remotes away for good. Haven't used any of them since I got the thing fully programed.

    There are just a few negative things about the remote, which don't really take away from it:

    1. I've noticed that sometimes the volume on the tv mode won't read through fully and will take multiple hits of the button in order for it to work. These are the only buttons that do this for me, it may just be the TV itself.

    2. This is really just a minar pet peeve that doesn't really bother me but it should be noted anyway. The numbered buttons (1,2,3 etc.) are located at the bottom of the remote as you can see in the picture. If you're trying to operate them you have to grasp the remote all the way at the bottom which feels awkward. Or you can use two hands.

    Many people complain about the middle joystick portion, but I really like this feature.

    Bottom line: If your looking for a suitable universal remote for 3+ devices, don't waste your money on a cheap one because you'll probably not use it in the long run and you'll regret the purchase most likely. Go with the mx-500 - you won't be disapointed!

    Decided to re-visit my review and see how its aged overtime :)
    As I write this it's 2/05 - i've now owned the remote for about 2 years, and it's still going strong and running perfectly! Someone else mentioned that they're a hero around the house for making it so easy to operate all of the devices, and it's the same for me. I'm thought of as some kind of genius for progamming the thing; of course I never argue with that and don't mention that it's overly simple to program it in the first place. ;)

    Looking back, I think I should have listed the devices I have the remote synched to, so I'll do that now.

    1. HD Television
    2. DVD Player
    3. Audio Receiver
    4. HD Cable Box
    5. VCR
    6. Camcorder...more info
  • Simple, yet does it all...
    I beleive for most people this remote will do what they want it to without being overly complex. I got the remote out of thebox and within one hour I had it programmed and ready to go. It does all the functions I need for all my componets (inlcuding all the advanced features on my Tivo and Reciever).

    I was also impressed with the build. Other remotes with similiar features (yet are cheaper) feel cheaper. This one, although not heavy, has a solid feel to it. I also prefer the hard buttons to LCD buttons. I find the LCD buttons not as accurate (I noticed this most when flipping channels).

    My wife likes it to and to be honest she is the deciding factor. she wanted a remote that simplified my ausio/video system. She likes the Macros plus the favorite channel screens (no more turn TV on, turn satelite on then turn amp on and put remote in satelite mode).

    My only negative would be it only controls 10 componets. Not a problem for me but with larger systems this could be a problem. I also wish you could delete or add pages as needed. I know more advanced remotes can do that but they also cost much more......more info

  • Too Easy. . .and IT WORKS!
    Easy to program. Instructions are great. It works with all of my stuff (some high-end, some low end, some old, some new). I cannot imagine an easier remote to program and use. Well worth the money!...more info
  • By far the best remote and value out there
    I had a friend who convinced me to buy this remote and decided I needed to ditch the clutter and take the plunge.

    Setup was simple after you get the hang of it. I also got a separate remote with a JP1 connector to program discrete codes and it's been a dream....

    Hard buttons are the way to go. LCD touch screens have problems with durability and accuracy.

    Highly recommended.

    UPDATE: A year later and it's still a champ. Replaced the batteries only once. I am still a strong advocate for buying this as a replacement for the clutter of remotes most people have....more info

  • It's great
    It's a great remote with a lot of features. It's easy to use and it's easy to set up. I don't like that even though I have a lot of buttons for each appliance you cannot assign a macro to each of them. So that only leaves you about 65 choices for macros...( yes, but even channel 123 is a macro!) I also don't like that it cannot fix some of the problems that my original equipment has, but how much can you ask from a remote. This is one of a kind, I understand, so it's definetely the best Universal Remote below 200$.
    The initial paragraph was done in December 2002.
    Now is June and the remote is still working, I changed the bateries the other day, so they lasted 5 months. I still did not finish to program more then 3 appliances (TV, Satelite, and VCR).
    For the Home theater and DVD, I use the original remote, except for a the volume.
    I only figured out 2 macros they I need, to start the satelite, put the password, change to weather channel, decrease the volume on TV and start the home theater) and another little one. I've been trying to do what it's suggested in the instructions, program the activity, not the appliance.

    So if I watch a tape I can also change the close captioning on TV, and adjust the volume and the listening mode on the home theater.
    Having said that I only use 3 "appliances", so far, I didn't figure out in 6 months what more I need. And I learned things that I don't like, first of all having to use 2 buttons to change the appliance is very frustrating. Also some macros that I tried would send the remote to the main screen, so it takes another button to return to the previous activity. (example: I watch satelite, and I click a macro that would change twice the input on my TV - it has a cycle of 5 inputs -. So I was watching satelite, I realize that the TV is on antena, I click the macro and the satelite doesn't work - I have to look at it and click on it again. It's frustrating, but it's minor.
    I read a review before buying it, someone was complaining that you need 2 buttons to change appliances, I thought he was picky, but it's annoying. The enthusiasm has diminished, but it's the same rating....more info

  • It just works!
    I gave up on my Sony RM-VL1000 and got an MX-500, and am *very* happy with it. The remote is customizable in all of the ways I wanted. There are several macro buttons that you can hit on the remote without having to go through any menus. The volume buttons can be customized to pass through to your amp. It's got a nice joystick. I found the setup process to be very easy and intuitive (I don't think I'll have to reference the manual to tweak things in the future). There's good feedback on the LCD as you do things. It's easy to customize what's shown on the LCD for different buttons.

    It's got a backlit display, and I like the rubberized feel of the remote.

    Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase....more info

  • Near perfect universal remote
    I highly recommend the MX-500 for anyone trying to control 4+ devices in a home theater system. You can program it to control almost any device with the built-in codes or use the original remote that came with your equipment to "teach" the MX-500 the necessary codes. I use it to control a Directivo, Zenith TV, Panasonic DVD player, Mitsubishi & GE VCRs, Yamaha CD player and a Sony digital receiver.

    Customization is very easy, with the ability to edit button labels (on the LCD screen) with the names or types of your equipment, and the ability to program buttons for 50 of your favorite channels (a must if you have satellite or cable service of 150+ channels). The MX-500 also permits macro programming, i.e., the ability to execute multiple commands with one button. For example, the "Power" button can be programmed to power on all your home theater equipment; the "System Off" button can be programmed to turn it all off. Three other macro buttons are provided for other customized, multiple commands.

    You can also teach it, like most higher-end remotes, to "push down" certain commands, e.g., the volume buttons can be set to manipulate the volume of your home theater receiver, regardless of which device you are using (DVD, VCR, TV).

    The IR range of the remote is excellent: I've changed channels across the room pointing the remote at the wall !! Battery life is also top-notch (it uses 4 AAA batteries) and the user manual is well-written.

    The one weakness with this remote is that the "select" button (the black center bezel) is a little awkward to use because it's almost too stiff. I tend to use the joint of my thumb rather than the pad to engage it because otherwise I was inadvertently hitting the up, down, or left/right arrows.

    End-user support via discussion forums and dedicated sites like remotecentral is excellent so you can always find an answer to a question you may have that the manual doesn't cover, as well as tips and tricks for using/programming the remote.

    If you want absolute customization in a universal remote, then buy the more expensive Philips Pronto (or the costly Pronto Pro) which with available software, permit you to use your PC to edit every aspect of the remote. But if you want near perfect customization at an affordable price, then you can't miss with the MX-500....more info