Caught on Tape, Vol. 1
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Customer Reviews:
  • Good video clips but poor compilation
    The video clips are excellent - some amusing, some shocking. The problem is the voice-overs they do to try to make it funny. The narration itself is good, it's the silly voices they do over the video, that they're pretending the people in the video would say.

    The other problem is, it's CENSORED!!!! WHY?! They show SOME nudity, but the majority of it is censored with blue dots! I've seen the Caught on Tape television specials, so I bought these to get the uncesored commercial free version, but they censor most of the nudity. It's very inconsistant too. Some scenes show a type of nudity, then in another scene, the same parts are censored! This is definately disappointing.... i paid for it so I wouldn't have to have the silly censor-dots babysitting me and telling me what I should and should not see. If it were completely uncensored, it would be MUCH better....more info