Insight Adjustable Book & Copy Holder
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Product Description

The InSight Adjustable Book and Copyholder is the paper and task management solution for when you have to retype, collate or just read as you work!

  • Firm grip copy clip holds up to 50 multi-size pages
  • Supports both portrait and landscape formats
  • Sturdy enough for a large book
  • Adjustable height and angle
  • 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Not bad for the money
    This looks good and works fairly well. Not good for thick textbooks, however. Nice engineering except for the slide up-and-down function, which needs to have a way to click into different positions rather than be gravity fed, in my opinion....more info
  • not for books, disappointed
    Despite the name, this is clearly not designed for ANY books (thick or thin), and I have found it not very useful for copy either as the top clip does not grip at all. Its very light and compact, but does not lock into place, no base weight or rubber base to prevent constant slipping and collapsing....more info
  • nice easel
    folds almost completely flat very nice easel. Holds books if they are not thicker than an inch in the clip. adjustable angle....more info
  • Its good
    I am a law student with big text books. This thing makes my life easier by propping the books up when I read, which is good for reducing neck strain....more info
  • Not for thick books
    Despite being called a Book & Copy Holder, this item does not work for books much more than 1/2-inch thick, and the clip come off fairly readily when trying to set up a book. What does work well for books is FEL10024 - Wire Study Stand, which is less expensive to boot....more info
  • Great Product
    This stand works great, it holds quite a bit of paper, and is terrific for transcription work....more info
  • Insight Adjustable Book & Copy Holder
    Basic and affordable copy holder. Haven't tried it for a book, but holding documents while typing on the computer is very effective and saves time....more info
  • Kensington's Insight Adjustable Book & Copy Holder
    This product sucks...This is not meant for books...I wish I could get my money back..
    ...more info
  • Fits perfectly
    I don't have much room on my desk, but this copy holder fits perfectly and is still sturdy enough to hold up most texts. ...more info
    I wish I never bought this because it was not sturdy enough for textbooks. If you put a textbook on it and turn the page, it collapses and or tears the page. I wouldn't even use this for a notebook. ...more info
  • Cheap Notebook Stand
    This is working out real well as a notebook stand for me. You can't beat the price...more info
  • An ok holder
    This product is [retty good, but don't even try putting a bood on it, the holder will tip over and it doesn't clip the pages of a book very well. But for papers it's good and it's adjustable, which is convient. It did hold my notebook very well, but for books it sucks. ...more info
  • Perfect for papers, not for books
    This holder keeps papers upright and in position, but it doesn't handle books particularly well, as the clip cannot grip surfaces as thick as most books and the base isn't as wide as most books when they're opened. I have this AND a book stand so I keep myself covered on both ends....more info