Axis 2490 Serial Server (0108-004-02)
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Product Description

With the AXIS 2490 Serial Server it is now possible to extend RS232 full-duplex communication over intranet networks and the Internet, allowing you to fully utilize serial port devices that were previously slaved to a host via a length of cable. Complete with its own built-in Web server and unique IP address, the AXIS 2490 installs onto any 10 or 100 Mbps TCP/IP network to provide direct network access, control, and management of serial devices.The AXIS 2490 has two RS232 ports and one RS485/422 port, which can be used in either 2 or 4 wire configuration (RS422). Data can be transferred back and forth from several serial devices in multi-drop configuration via the Terminal Block connector. The serial devices are accessed from a standard desktop browser or other application that uses serial or network communication. Protect earlier investments in non-networked serial devices with the new AXIS 2490 Serial Server - and enjoy serial port access through network connectivity.

  • Stable aluminum casing that can be mounted on a wall
  • Direct access, configuration and management from a standard Web browser
  • Extends RS232 data communication over intranet networks and the Interne
  • Password protection with user and IP address filtering