Bose 201 Series IV - Speaker - 60 Watt - 2-way
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The Bose 201 speakers are the most affordable Direct/Reflecting speakers. Like all Direct/Reflecting speakers, they let you experience lifelike spaciousness and Stereo Everywhere speaker performance.The 201 Direct/Reflecting speakers utilize the renowned Bose Direct/Reflecting speaker technology to deliver balanced stereo sound throughout the listening area, instead of one small "sweet spot" like most conventional speakers. A high-sensitivity Stereo Targeting tweeter and 6 1/2" woofer create rich, room-filling sound. You hear smoother, cleaner bass - even at high volumes - as a result of the noise-reducing flared-port design. Use the 201 Direct/Reflecting speakers almost anywhere - living rooms, bedrooms, dorm room - even as part of your home theater configuration. Their sleek, compact bookshelf enclosures take up minimal space while blending elegantly into any room's decor.