Enterasys Networks XSR-1805 X-pedition Security Router
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Product Description

Ideally suited for the enterprise branch office or central site of a small or medium business, the X-Pedition Security Router 1805 offers a complete networking and security solution in a single box. Created to meet the connectivity, security, accessibility and upgradeability requirements of today's distributed networked enterprise, the XSR-1805 is a desktop-mounted IP router with complete virtual private network functionality, advanced firewall technology, two 10/100 Ethernet LAN interfaces, IPSec VPN hardware acceleration and a wide selection of WAN interfaces, including Fractional T1/E1 with CSU/DSU, Channelized T1/E1 with CSU/DSU, high-speed serial, ISDN BRI (U and S/T interface) and ISDN PRI.With the X-Pedition 1805, security is ensured via extranet, site-to-site and remote access VPN support - including standards-based IPSec/IKE, Windows XP/2000-compatible L2TP/IPSec, Extensible Authentication Protocol, and AES encryption - as well as a policy-managed distributed firewall to protect the network from unauthorized access or attack. The XSR-1805 also offers comprehensive IP routing and Quality of Service features. The standards-based XSR-1805 is fully upgradeable to meet future security and connectivity needs, and its WAN modules are compatible with central site X-Pedition switch routers for true investment protection.