Battery Technology's Digital Camera Battery for Nikon EN-EL1
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Product Description

As a leading manufacturer of portable computer power accessories, Battery Technology is dedicated to providing innovation, reliable and affordable battery technology to generate power and functionality for notebook computers, camcorders, portable peripherals and cellular phones.This battery is intended for the following Nikon cameras: CoolPix 4500; CoolPix 5000; CoolPix 5700; CoolPix 775; CoolPix 880; CoolPix 885; CoolPix 995.For a complete compatibility list please refer to the original manufacturer's web site.

Lithium ion batteries are ideal for power-hungry toys like digital cameras; their small size and high energy density combine to create a rechargeable fuel source that allows electronics to pack tons of features into very small packages. They also hold little "memory" effect, which means you don't have to drain the battery dry before popping it back into the charger.

This battery is designed especially for use in a number of Nikon's digital cameras, including the Cool Pix series 885, 775, 880, 995, 4300, 5000, and 5700, as well as model E880. The manufacturer provides a six-month warranty in case of defect.

  • Lithium Ion formulation
  • Compatible with Cool Pix series models 885, 775, 880, 995, 4300, 5000, and 5700, and with E880
  • Yields 7.4 v, 720mAh
  • Low memory effect
  • 6-month warranty