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The editorial emphasis of this magazine is on the practical use of the cameras in the field. It looks at the modern photographic world by encouraging photography as part of a lifestyle. It motivates readers to make use of equipment and their talents in conjunction with recreational activities. In addition, its articles intend to inspire readers to seek new equipment, try new techniques and travel to new destinations.

Customer Reviews:
  • excellent mag
    I've been a subcriber to this magazine for over 2 years a look forward to it every month. It's packed with new techniques, great new gear (even comparisons btwn expensive pro gear and cheaper alternatives for wannabe pros/hobbyists). great pictures, great articles, and it motivates me every month to seek out new places to photograph!...more info
  • Besides Beautiful Pictures, Not Much Here.
    Well, I'm 5 issues into my subscription, and I have to say that, so far, I'm not very impressed. I really wanted to like this magazine, but I just don't. The photographs contained within its pages are wonderful, breathtaking even. But that's about it. There is usually one article that's semi-helpful, and the rest is just ads, or articles that read like ads, for the latest camera gear or processing software. The writers are more like cheerleaders for the newest gadgets that they feel you simply must buy. No critical reviews, no head-to-head comparisons...nothing. Even the tips and advice articles are just basic stuff that can easily be found on the internet. Needless to say, I won't be renewing my subscription....more info
  • Subscribe and you'll be scammed out of money with threats
    What a load - my subscription ran out and I get a notice from a collection agency threatening me if I didn't pay them for a subscription I didn't renew. This a month after my previous subscription expired. Werner publishing, also the publishers of Digital Photo Pro, PC photo and numerous other useless golf and video rags, seem to think this is the way to build customers. If you're tired of big companies messing with you, don't bother with this magazine. Even if it was free, it is little more than a glossy shill for the advertisers who pay to advertise.

    For a fun game, try and find one negative review of a product from an advertiser that has a full page ad in the same issue. Good luck!...more info
  • Excellent Magazine for Outdoor Photographers
    This is an excellent magazine for three reasons: 1)the beauty of the outdoor pictures; 2)the rationale and technique described in achieving the shots; 3)fewer ads cluttering the pages as compared to most Photography magazines. I look forward to each copy....more info
  • Favorite Photography Magazine
    Over the years, I have subscribed to several different magazines relating to photography but Outdoor Photographer is my favorite. If you are interested in nature and wildlife photography, this is the magazine for you. It contains articles written by photographers who list tips and certain techniques. Attractive photos and stories about the photos are included. While there are some advertisements of camera equipment these are far less than in other photography magazines. The subcription price is a real bargain....more info
  • Absolutely the best photography magazine!
    I look forward to this magazine coming to my postbox! I read it from cover to cover and have them indexed in my photo library. There is so much great information every month. It is absolutely, to me, the best photo magazine out there! It has everything from technical to artistic!...more info
  • Do NOT subscribe to this magazine
    I let my original subscription run out without renewing, ignoring their numerous requests to sign up for another year. The publisher, Werner Publishing, sent my account to a collection agency, despite the fact that I had not purchased anything, nor said that I would renew the subscription. They sent me a threatening letter saying they were trying to collect a debt, and that "full payment is expected." When I called the agency, they even had a phone menu option for stating that you never renewed the magazine, showing clearly that this is a well-known, standardized process.

    This tactic of harassing people and frightening them into coughing up $14.97 for a magazine renewal is unconscionable. They need to be held accountable for using this scare technique as part of their regular business practice. This publisher also publishes such magazines as PC Photo and Digital Photo Pro. At a minimum, they caused me to waste a fair amount of my time correcting the problem.

    It's a shame, too, because the magazine is well-written, has great photography, and decent equipmnent reviews. Some outstanding photographers write here. However, their efforts are ruined by their terrible publisher. Do not support these harassment tactics. For a mere $14.97, they've permanently lost a customer, and I hope others as well.
    ...more info
  • If you like landscapes....
    If your thing in photography is outdoors- landscapes, sun sets, dawn, mountains, lakes, wild life, etc., then this is the correct magazine for you. The techncial level is just right for a serious amateur photographer, or even professionals. The articles and the ads are very useful. Price is good; results are excellent....more info
  • Required reading where I come from.
    To me this magazine is one of those things in life we call necessary.
    Of course I subcribe!
    Of course it arrives... month after month.. and always has since the first issue.
    Outdoor photographer publishes the work, advice and exploits of some of the most experienced photographers of our generation.
    Not all of the top outdoor photographers author a column but even so you feel the high standards of the magazine reflect those out in the field as well.
    To be honest I didn't realize getting this magazine was a choice.
    It's just automatic for me!
    Good luck!...more info
  • THE magazine for Outdoor shooting!
    Outdoor Photographer Magazine is my favorite photo magazine. Period. Excellent images with insightful instruction on both shooting and post processing. Predominently a digital venue it covers the newest post processing softwares and techniques designed to make you a better photographer as well as the newest equipment for the outdoor shooter. I read every issue cover to cover without being burdened by excessive advertising. Last but not least is the great information on when and where to get those images we all desire in our portfolio....more info
  • Trite and unimaginative
    If I see another picture of a blurred waterfall or creek I am going to puke...I have not seen one truly imaginative, artistic image in this magazine. Everything is run of the mill, boring, standard outdoor photography. Lots of sunsets, flower fields. No different angles or perspectives, colors, nothing new. The articles are geared toward inexperienced photographers and really repetitive. I think I clipped one interesting article in a year worth of magazines......more info
  • One truly great wretched photo magazine
    I was a charter subscriber to this magazine when it started up publication. It was a breath of fresh air in a stagnant field of almost universally wretched photography magazines. Over the years things changed. Columnists died or moved on. Editorial directions were switched. Articles that once inspired now only offered consumerist bullfeathers. When digital photography became dominant in the marketplace, "Outdoor Photographer" was in the vanguard, pushing every gadget and Photoshop manipulation plug-in that popped up. The magazine became a wasteland of promises of better pictures if you just buy _____ (fill in the blank with whatever the current trend might be). What I thought was ironic at the time was that the best photographs they printed were being done by photographers using the least sophisticated equipment. Photographers using film (!?), a lot of large format guys, occasionally some black and white and stuff made with cameras just about any serious hobbist already owned. But these portfolios began to dwindle from occasional to rare to almost non-existent.

    At some point, my interest in this garbage lapsed before my subscription. The magazine made a once monthly trip from the mailbox to the trashcan without even opening it until they finally stopped sending it.

    "Outdoor Photographer" impresses people who measure quality photography by whether or not the equipment used in production cost the equivalent of the gross national product of small third world countries. It offers little in the way of nutrition to a hungry mind. It's empty calories, just making you want more and more while starving your potential. It truly is wretched. ...more info
  • OP (Outdoor Photographer)
    This magazine offers a complete guide to shooting anything that takes me outdoors....more info
  • Well...
    You know, somehow I ended up with a free subscription to this magazine, and although I've been getting it for months it hasn't made much of an impression.

    It's more balanced between gear and technique than say Popular Photography. However, I'm sitting here trying to conjure up an interesting article from memory, and I'm getting nothing.

    Outdoor photography is difficult from an artistic standpoint, but from a technique standpoint there's just not all that much to know. Put your camera on a tripod when you can. Worry about Lens flare. Autofocus is good for rapidly moving animals. Wait for the light. Experiment with fill flash until you find a level that you like. Ho hum. You're not going to find any tips in this magazine on how to bring out the highlights of a B&W photo with farmer's reducer, or anything like that. It's all on the blur-the-waterfall-with-a-slow-shutterspeed kind of level.

    Anyways, a beginner might like it for a year or two, so I've given it 3 stars....more info
  • Very unbalanced coverage!
    If you want a generalized photography magazine that covers protraiture, product, glamour, or wedding/events photo techniques...read the cover before you buy this magazine. If you want a fine instructional magazine devoted to outdoor and travel photography, there may not be a better one in print. Filled with beautiful photos that, more often than not, have details about equipment/settings used to make them and where they were taken. I've been a subscriber for years and will continue....more info
  • A How-To Magazine for Creating Cliches
    The typical photo magazine aimed at amateurs is 90% about equipment and 10% about art. And that's a very sucessful formula, as most amateur "photographers" are really equipment junkies and not artists.

    Outdoor Photographer is more like 50:50 gear and technique. There's still a lot of equipment writing- which tripod, which lens and so forth- but a significant amount of editorial space is devoted to technique as well. Unfortunately most of it is about creating the same stale and hackneyed nature photos that fill the pages of this and other magazines: Heavily filtered, over saturated color images of senic vistas that make for nice posters but say very little about the subject.

    In some sense the notion of there being an "outdoor" genre of photography is rather silly; can you imagine a magazine called "Indoor Photography"? Good photographers are good photographers, and can see images wherever they are- and with whatever equipment they use. For every Ansel Adams who obsesses over technique there's a Cartier-Bresson, who couldn't be troubled to get his exposures quite right, and truth be told, Cartier-Bresson was the better of the two when it came to art....more info

  • The Best Magazine Dedicated to Outdoor Photography
    Outdoor Photographer is the essential how-to and where-to magazine for the outdoor photographer. I would recommend it for all levels of photographic skill, although most discussions of technique are suited to intermediate to advanced skill levels. There is only occasional discussion of the most basic techniques, as would benefit beginners. There are, however, so many great ideas on where and what to photograph that I think beginners can get a lot out of the magazine as well. And you won't be a beginner for long. The "outdoor" in the title does not refer exclusively to nature photography. Most of the magazine is dedicated to nature photography,but there are frequent articles on travel, location, and other sorts of outdoor photography, as well.

    In Outdoor Photographer you will find how-to articles on lighting, exposure, filters, gear, preparing yourself and your gear for the elements -be they arctic cold or rain forest heat and humidity, along with some advice specifically for digital cameras and the digital darkroom. And you will find this information for everything from close-up to landscape photography. Outdoor photographer focuses primarily on 35 mm and digital photography, with an occasional article on medium format. The discussions of exposure, lighting and locations are applicable to all formats of photography, however. And there is George Lepp's monthly question and answer column for those questions on just about any photographic or digital imaging subject that are not answered elsewhere.

    And now for the best part. Outdoor Photographer tells you where to get great outdoor photographs. "Favorite Places" is a one-page feature in every issue that tells you about a great place in the United States to photograph, what there is to see, and what time of the year is best. Be sure to save those in case you ever have the time and means to visit them all. In addition to "Favorite Places" there are featured articles in every issue that detail a place to photograph, how to get there, what to take, what to photograph, etc., frequently written by well-known nature photographers and accompanied by some of their terrific photographs. I counted 3 such articles in the last issue of OP that I received. If you are a photographer or hobbiest who is able to travel a lot, Outdoor Photographer is a terrific bargain just for the locations. And if you don't travel much, it will help you photograph your backyard and local parks and gardens well....more info
  • NOT packed with advertisments!
    I have looked at many photography magazines - many of them are just filled with ads....not what an amateur is looking for. I wanted indepth articles, helpful tips and information to help me improve my craft. I found it here. I read every issue cover to cover and back again. I find helpful information in every issue. I highly recommend this magazine - even if you aren't purely an "outdoor" photographer....more info
  • My Favorite Photography Magazine
    Equipment,technology, technique and clothing: this magazine has it all. Any tip that helps the amateur photographer capture and improve his or her scenic, travel and wildlife images can be found within its monthly pages....more info
  • uneven
    It's hard to know how to rate and review this magazine. It is so specialized that only someone interested in outdoor photography should subscribe to, if even they should. The articles cover topics for the beginner and intermediate photographer would be interested in (no, i don't think the more advanced photographers would find much use for the magazine). Some articles are widely useful, and others will only help a select few. It's a very uneven magazine....more info
  • Not just for photographers
    Outdoor Photography is one of the best sources that I know of for illustrators and other artists who don't have the time or the means to travel to different environments. Sometimes you just can't find a descent 'snowscape' in the middle of July....more info
  • Actually helpful, even for the beginner
    I recently began a subscription to this magazine after realizing it would be cheaper than continuing to purchase it at the newsstand. The thing that really sets it apart from several other photography magazines is that there is actually decent, usable advice in this publication. Other magazines, in my mind, usually have special features that showcase the top-of-the-line equipment, items that are unrealistic to the average reader. I really don't need to know the to fully utilize the newest [amt]camera body since I'll likely never reach the level where I can justify the purchase. Sure, to the 5% of readers who may own the product, it is helpful, but to the average photo buff, looking for solid advice, these articles are merely space fillers. While this magazine does have the occasional high-end equipment review, it is also loaded with columns about techniques and other intricacies that do not take long to learn or apply. The writing is in a logical format and easy to read. It is not too technical and often takes the "just the basics" approach. As with all other photo magazines the back half is dedicated to ads, most of which are misleading and the new reader should be weary. There are only a select few mail order photography companies that are reputable. See photo.net's neighbor to neighbor section for more details.

    I suggest you pick up a copy of this magazine to try if you are at al into photography. The name can be a little misleading as there are often topics covered that pertain to other realms of photography separate, but related to the outdoors. I just received my latest copy today in fact and am anxious to crack it open.

    Thanks for your time......more info

  • The best source for Outdoor Photographer .
    Outdoor Photographer Magazine is the place where you meet very known master Photographers,like FRANSE LANTING ,G.ROWELL,G.LEPP
    and few others like W.NEIL ;who are giving there experienc & photography through this magazine.Who cannot be atracted when seeing photography of FRANSE LANTING for example.This magazine is defenitly the richest Outdoor visual education ....more info
  • Unexciting
    Uncritical and technically shallow product reviews. Cliched writing that regularly recycles content, adjusted to whatever the latest widgets their advertisers are trying to sell. Images varying from impressive to contributors rejects. Unadventurous stock photography bias. Open over a trash can to catch the dozens of advertising reply cards that will cascade from its pages....more info
  • Excellent for learning tricks and tips
    I have been a long-time reader of Outdoor Photographer. The magazine provides excellent tips and tricks that I can easily apply to my own outdoor photographic excursions. The articles cover a wide range of topics; everything from the type of filters to use to the pros and cons of going digital to equipment reviews. I especially enjoy the articles and photography by Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting, Galen Rowell, Thomas D. Mangelsen, John Shaw and Kennan and Karen Ward....more info
  • Read more and you'll see better.
    My photography has improved because of this magazine. I really believe it gets better with each issue. It's another magazine that falls into my favorite category..."cover-to-cover read."

    Issue after issue, the features cover scenic, wildlife, travel, and even sports photography. Every feature contains useful tips and techniques, fascinating anecdotes, and inspiring images. Equipment reviews cover everything from cameras and accessories to outdoor gear and apparel. The line up of columnists is outstanding. It's hard to choose a favorite.

    I also appreciate the attention paid to the increasingly relevant world of digital photography. It is taken seriously without being hyped. All in all, Outdoor Photographer is a great combination of new and evergreen information. It's a keeper....more info