Azden WMS-PRO Wireless Microphone System
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Product Description

WMS-PRO is the "all-time" best selling wireless microphone for videography. This versatile system consists of the WM-PRO belt-pack transmitter, 2 plug-in electret condenser microphones, a lavalier and handheld, and the WR-PRO receiver, which comes with both shoe-mount and velcro.

Azden's WMS-PRO wireless microphone system offers untethered convenience and clear FM transmission from compact, unobtrusive components. The system consists of Azden's WM-PRO transmitter, WR-PRO receiver, EX-503 clip-on electret microphone, and EX-413 handheld microphone. Affix the electret microphone to your lapel or grasp the handheld mic, plug the mic cord into the transmitter, and away you go.

The transmitter and receiver operate in the VHF band, where interference is very low. Choose between 169.445 MHz and 170.245 MHz for the clearest transmission and reception. The transmitter and receiver each operates for about 10 continuous hours on a single 9V battery (not included).

The receiver comes with an attached shoe mount for mounting a video camera, which may be easily removed using a Philips-head screwdriver. You can also attach the receiver with the supplied Velcro strip. The receiver includes an output jack and a telescopic antenna. Plug the supplied earphone into the jack to monitor your recording, or plug the earphone into a camera's earphone jack.

The system conforms to Part 90 of FCC rules, and it's not to be used in high temperatures, high humidity, or near a broadcasting station, airport, or on an airplane.

What's in the Box
WM-PRO transmitter, WR-PRO receiver, EX-503 lapel microphone, EX-413 handheld microphone, a camera shoe mount, a monaural earphone, a Velcro strip, and a user's manual/spec sheet.

  • LEDs on transmitter and receiver confirm system status
  • Ear-phone included to monitor sound being recorded and receiver plugs into cameras external microphone jack
  • Both units use 1 AA battery
  • System includes: WR-PRO receiver, WM-PRO belt-pack transmitter, lavaliere electret condenser microphone and hand-held electret condenser microphone
Customer Reviews:
  • Good Value For the Money
    I bought this unit yesterday, tested it out, and found that it works as advertised.

    The signal quality is very good, even at ranges out to 200 feet. It also works well in a fairly heavy cross-wind due to the built in wind-shield on the lavalier microphone (it also comes with a hand-held microphone).

    I'll post some test footage to YouTube.

    I'm no pro, but this is a good prosumer unit.

    The only caveat is that, as mentioned by others, you have to buy a $3 mono to stereo converter at Radio Shack if you want to input the audio into a video camera....more info
  • Missing that joy-joy feeling
    This is not in the league of fully-featured professional AV equipment, but it's not in thee price range either. It's a cheap solution if you need a wireless mike at a push. But the build quality is suspect, the lack of stereo is strangely disturbing, and overall proves the adage that you get what you pay for. ...more info
  • Good For Performances, Podcasts, Digital Storytelling
    I've used the Azden WMS-PRO Wireless Microphone System for more than one year now. I am overall very satisfied. I've used it almost exclusively to record audio for my Sony video camera. These videos either become casual demo videos for my work or I take the audio from the tapes to use for podcasts. The audio quality has been so high that I am able to use some recordings for future CD projects of storytelling and spoken word performances. I have high standards for my CD productions, so I was more than surprised to find such a high quality in this wireless system. I have also used the system to record onto my Video Ipod (via a separate-purchase plug in microphone attachment) where situations did not lend themselves to using a video camera.

    Battery life seems to be good. I do, as a matter of caution, put new 9v batteries in the mic and receiver whenever I am working on a project that is important. I've never had a dead battery during a performance, so we've managed to eke out at least three hours from a standard 9v battery set. I use the batteries I've taken out for other low-power 9v items and I am surprised how much power is left in them. I know that's not very technical, but this process of replacing batteries has played well for me and I have no concerns about the battery life for this Azden system.

    Initially, due to the light plastic construction, I thought that these mics were just "toys." I resisted the urge to send them back to Amazon immediately and I am glad that I gave them a chance to work for me. The set has proven to be very durable after having crossed the USA in my carry on bags dozens of times. I'd buy them again if I needed an additional set. They moved from my "quick, cheap fix until I can get expensive mics" to my everyday sound system for my work. I can' t remember the last time I used just the video camera microphone for anything other than recording my children playing with the dogs.

    The only problem I've ever had was using this set in a very large high-school auditorium. The sound cut out a few times, but only for a moment. The camera was at the farthest point possible from my place on the stage behind some 700 people. I have used the set in a similar situation with fewer bodies in the audience, so I am ready to believe that the number of people insulated the frequency for this particular event. I also noticed that the sound cut out when I turned quickly up stage or down stage. In those events where I have little movement, there has never been any sound loss at all.

    I'd suggest this system to anyone who might want to try out the "next step" from their current on-camera microphone. ...more info
  • Good Setup for the Money
    Having used professional audio equipment for years, I wasn't expecting much of this setup for the price. But, I was pleasantly surprised of the value of the Azden WMS-PRO Wireless Microphone System. Though it is a bit light and has some design issues, the system works flawlessly and the sound is above acceptable.

    The Good: Easy to use...decent sound quality...two channels...I have yet to hear any interference or radio signal noise...comes with both lav and hand mics...light and compact.

    The Bad: a little too light, a little too much plastic...I don't expect the belt clips to last for a very long time, but if you are careful, they will last long enough before you might have to improvise a mounting solution...the cable that supplies a signal to the camera or mixer is fixed to the receiver - I can see this being an issue down the line as the stress will build up and eventually cause a short.

    In the end, if you need an inexpensive wireless mic solution, this system will deliver that for you with pretty good sound. As I am building my own production package (I have always used rental gear or gear from where I worked in the past), I will add a more "pro" wireless system in the future and budget allows, but I expect this setup will continue as a good backup in that future....more info
  • Should be cheaper
    This unit should be cheaper. I just got it today and found the sound somewhat low on both microphones. It's definitely plastic, but the 9v battaries will add a little wait for you. I wouldn't count on the velcro helping you much as an alternative attachment to your camera. You'll be better off using the hotshoe or your tripod as a mount. Finally, did I say it should be cheaper? Like say seventy bucks. If you're not doing that many video production jobs that warrants spending $500+ on a wireless system, then this set up is your best bet. I'll use it for a while, but will upgrade and have this one for a backup....more info
  • not bad
    The main thing I like about this system is the small battery operated receiver that i can place right on my camcorder. you get pretty much what you pay for. if you need a wireless that sounds good 90% of the time, this system will do the trick. if you need a wireless that gives you near 100% performance, you're simply going to have to spend a lot more money....more info
  • Not bad - Not great
    Well first off it is Mono - so you will need an adapter to get around this. Finding the adapter was not as easy as I thought - went to several Radio Shacks, WalMart, and Target - Nobody had what I needed. Finally found a place on line that had it. Signal strength is decent, I have on occassion had some interference problems. For the price it does a decent job, however...I wish I would have spent more and gotten something a little better....more info
  • Good but not great!
    This is a MONO mic, so you need a $2 convertor from Radio Shack. That said, the sound is loud, but not very nuanced. The $499 Sony UHF Wireless System is the best way to go. However, at $153 the Azden Pro VHF Wireless is pretty good for the price. Get the UHF Sony is you can afford it, otherwise the Azden is the next best thing, and it is so very cheap....more info
  • cheap and plastic-y
    This item is not worth $150, it looks like a cheap plastic child's toy. Very disappointed, sent it back....more info
  • best for this price
    The Azden wireless mic system is good value for the the money.
    Out of the box and in operation in exactly 3 minutes.

    There was one thing that was a problem, but it wasn't the mic's problem, it was mine. I didn't read carefully enough to notice that it was a mono input jack on the receiver unit. My camcorder requires stereo input. I needed to buy an adapter to convert mono to stereo input, so sound was pumped into both channels. ($2 jack at RS) ...more info
  • For the price, you can't get better.
    Seriously, this is a great wireless lavalier. I borrowed the Azden WMS-PRO from my college and used it for about a week. I have used more expensive brands and models that sound great, but for the price the Azden can't be beat! I will probably end up buying this one, but have been looking around for the best price on a different Azden model. I'm on a tight budget, so I will probably just go for the Azden WLX-PRO or the WMS-PRO. Azden makes great mics for the price....more info
  • Very happy with Azden
    I'm a bit surprised at the reviewer who gave only three stars to this system and said in his title: "I haven't used this system." How can anyone rate it without using it?

    I've used this system for years and have gotten great sound. I've also used higher-priced wireless systems, and to my ear, there is no difference. Also, this cheap little Azden system is still going strong after some of the other brands bit the dust.

    I don't think wireless lav systems can get the great audio you get with a shotgun mic, a boom, and a sound person, but those things are just not in my budget....more info
  • Actually, it works great.
    I have both rented this system from a camera shop, and bought my own here. The sound is very crisp and clear and I have not yet heard a single hiss or garble or other artifact. I have used this to record demonstrations for a commercial website and I don't have any complaints with the results. So, especially considering the cost, I think this is about the best system you can get for the money. As far as the Sony mentioned in another review, check out The opinions there were just the opposite from the review here.
    I would highly recommend the Azden.
    ...more info