NOVI WI-4S Additional Intercom
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Product Description

Additional 4 Channel Unit For WHI-4C

  • Additional intercom for use with WI-4C
Customer Reviews:
  • Intercom!
    I bought this intercom to connect an upstairs bedroom, my shop about 100' away from house and wife's kitchen area. She can communicate with me in the shop and my grandson in the upstairs romm with the push of a button. The system has performed flawlessly and makes our lives easier. ...more info
    I buy three of these apparatuses and they do not serve for anything. They do not work nor to 5 meters. He is but the bad thing that has made that prestigious mark (I order the Novi mark but they dispatched three to me Westinghouse). Those apparatuses are a swindle, sincerely, if they could give back them the haria which happens is that it buys them in amazon and I took to another one pais to them and to give back them to costaria the double me. But in truth they are very bad, deficient, do not serve. Laura Piedra...more info
  • Disappointing
    Product failed to have a range over 90 ft. States it only wokrs if on the same electrical circuit , yet if you plugged it into an extension cord and moved it closer to other unit still in the same outlet then it would work... Original Novi's that i bought 8 years ago worked flawlessly in same outlets, these are far inferior...........more info