NOVI WI-2C 2-Channel FM Wireless Intercom
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Product Description

  • 1500' range
  • Page or talk at any location
  • Lock button provides continuous communication
  • Compatible with all Westinghouse wireless intercoms
  • Includes 2 units
  • Intercoms can not be plugged into a powerstrip or surge protector. They must be plugged directly into an electrical outlet.
  • Features:
    • Up to 1500' range
    • Lock button
    • Compatible with all Novi wireless intercoms
    • Includes 2 units
    Customer Reviews:
    • Do not buy! Manufacturer misrepresents product!
      This and other products like it are NOT wireless. They work over your building's electrical wires. Somebody should force them to take them off the market. Do not be ripped off by the misrepresented product description....more info
    • Thanks to all who reviewed this product.
      My thanks to all who reviewed this product. I'll look at other manufacturers. Evidently Westinghouse isn't very interested in selling a dependable product. So, I'll vote with my feet, and walk away. ...more info
    • JUNK
      These things are junk. They werked for a bit, then the speakers started makin noise, and now I kant even use them. 1,500 feet my a!@#, if they are not on the same circuit For-Get-It. Mine has completely stopped werking, inless they are two feet apart, and even then you kant here on them. NOVI WI-2C 2-Channel FM Wireless Intercom...more info
      The product does not work at all. Since I bought and gave it as a gift for Christmas, original packaging has been discarded, so company will not refund or replace the item. Even manufacturer will not replace since I did not buy direct from Westinghouse- Never again will I deal with these sellers; they are not concerned with customer service, satisfaction or proper work ethics - only their profits from selling defective items. I am furious that I was taken advantage of this way! Do NOT do business with them if you value your time and money. And yes, I have contacted them numerous times, but all I get is non-working hyperlinks to follow to supposedly information on how to get my exchange, not refund....more info
    • Sometimes works, sometimes not
      I had a pair for 2-3 years that worked fine, then one inexplicably stopped working. I assumed it had died and bought a new pair. For some reason they also wouldn't work on the wall plug and circuit they had worked on for 2-3 years. After paying an electrician to completely rewire the circuit it worked again, but he doesn't know why. On another circuit it worked one day and not the next. Westinghouse's explanation as to when they won't work does not include my conditions and they were little help. Save the money and install a real intercom system....more info
    • NOVI WI-2C 2-Channel FM Wireless Intercom
      Purchased for my pre-teen grandchildren (they picked it out), they told me it is just "okay", nothing special, and possibly worth about half of what I paid for it. W. B. Goetz, Lemoyne, Pa ...more info
    • great value for the$$
      good solution for a 2 room intercom ... but one thing to know that wasn't in the directions is that these units don't communicate if plugged into a power strip (at least the ones i use) they need to be plugged into the wall outlet....more info
    • good value
      this is an affordable and easy to use intercom. If you just need something short-term it is perfect....more info
    • Don't work In all households
      When I bought this unit I thought it ran like a 2 way radio.When I hooked it up it wouldn't work.I brought it back and tried another one.That wouldn't work either.I called westinghouse and was told these units work off youre house wiring.They must be pluged into outlets that have there circut breakers on the same side of the panel.In my situation they told me that they weren't going to work.They should tell you about the wiring situation on the box and let consumers know they won't work in all households....more info
    • not for me
      I purchased the intercom system to replace one I had for 10 years. It did not work. ...more info
    • Don't waste your money
      A complete waste of money! Makes noises; works at times; not at others. Should be taken off the market....more info