Pro Video RQS-10B B/W Quad Splitter
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Product Description


The Pro Video RQS-10B B/W Quad Splitter is for those who take their security-surveillance applications or area-monitoring systems seriously. This black-and-white quad splitter delivers high-resolution video in real time from up to four cameras simultaneously on a single monitor. With five different display options and features such as on-screen date/time/title display, VCR playback, a 2x digital zoom and alarm-associated activities, the RQS-10B is an ideal addition to any multiple CCTV-camera surveillance system.

Operating on the EIA (Electronics Industries Association) TV system, the Pro Video RQS-10B color processor includes four BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman) connector inputs for live-camera feeds with a BNC quad-video output for a monitor, as well as one VCR BNC input and output that allows recording and playback of video. The RQS-10B achieves a resolution of up to 30 fps (frames-per-second) with a maximum of 1024 x 512 effective pixels. This unit features user-friendly on-screen display programming, picture enhancement controls, and an auto-skip of disconnected channels and an adjustable dwell time for sequential mode. For security functionality, this unit also features alarm inputs and outputs for connecting external devices, video motion detection and video loss detection, and adjustable alarm reset and scan times with an alarm history log. This unit allows quad or single camera views during VCR playback, and allows quad, PIP (picture-in-picture), single, auto-sequence and freeze real-time display modes.

Technical Features:

  • Video inputs: 4 BNC connectors
  • Resolution: up to 30 fps with 1024 x 512 effective pixels
  • Viewing modes: single, quad, PIP, auto-sequence and freeze
  • Operating temperatures: -10 to 50 degrees Celsius
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 8.2 x 2.5 inches (W x D x H)
For any monitoring situation that entails a small-scale multi-camera application, you should seriously consider the Pro Video RQS-10B. Powered by 12-volts DC via an included adapter, this unit is compatible with other Pro Video devices, such as DVRs (digital video recorders) and time-lapse VCRs, as well as specialty cameras for when you need to upgrade to a more professional-level security surveillance operation.
  • View B/W video from up to 4 cameras simultaneously or individually in sequence on one monitor
  • Includes VCR input/output for recording and playback of video
  • Features resolution of up to 30 fps with 1024 x 512 effective pixels
  • Includes four alarm inputs and one output for connecting external devices
  • Utilizes BNC-type connectors for video inputs and runs on 12-volt DC power