Recoton Satellite DSV95A Multi Switch
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Product Description

Recoton is a global leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of branded home and mobile audio products, video and computer game accessories and other consumer electronic accessories. Recoton offers more than 4, 000 high-quality, high-performance items under its many distinctly positioned brands.DSV95A Multi-Switch features: 2 LNB + 1 TV inputs to 4 outputs for 4 satellite receivers; matrix routes between any inputs to any outputs; territorial TV signal mixed to convey by single coaxial cable; inputs selected by 13V/18V from satellite RXs. It also allows DC voltage to pass through antenna port for use with amplified outdoor antennas and includes DC block for use with non-amplified outdoor antennas.

  • 2 LNB and 1 TV inputs to 4 outputs for satellite receivers
  • Matrix routes between any inputs to any outputs
  • VHF/UHF signals can be diplexed
  • 40-2050 MHz
  • Full-color retail packaging