SUNPAK AP-200T Auto Pan/Tilt Head with Wireless Remote
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Product Description

The AP-200W Auto Pan/Tilt Head responds to infrared remote control signals from thirty feet away (left, right, up, down), or it can be preset for continuous panning. Powered by Sony, Panasonic, or JVC type 6volt camcorder batteries. The remote control can also activate lens zooming and record/pause functions with the latest version Sony, JVC, Canon and Hitachi 8mm and VHS-C compact camcorders (and equivalent models). The optional RS-200 Remote Cord, further extends the AP-200W's range to more than 50 feet.

  • 90? max pan angle
  • Tilt angle 10? up or down
  • Remote operates Sony camcorder functions
  • Auto pan mode 90? total coverage
  • Uses 6v rechargeable camcorder battery