HP Premium Photo Paper, Glossy (Q1990A, 4x6, 100 Sheets)
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Product Description

Hewlett-Packard takes great care of its customers and supplies them will a wide range of accessories and supplies needed today and tomorrow to satisfy most sophisticated printing needs.The company offers its Premium photo paper with a glossy finish that looks like a traditional photograph. The photo paper lets you print your own photographs at home or the office - professional looking results with the satisfaction of having done it yourself.

  • 100-count package
  • 4-by-6-inch sheets for vibrant color photos
  • Glossy finish for true photo quality
  • 9 mil thickness
  • Smooth edges and a perforated tear-off tab
Customer Reviews:
  • quality not meeting my expectation
    I just bought 2 packs(200 sheets total). I compared the same EPSON and Canon photo paper pro print with HP one, they are way better than HP Premium Photo Paper. EPSON ultra premium photo and Canon photo
    paper pro, a bit expensive but print quality are way better. And some people pointed put, perforated edge is something that was never mentioned and I would have never purchased if it was mentioned....more info
  • Why The Tear-off Tab?
    Other brands of photo paper and even the trial suppy provided with my HP printer were 4 X 6 and printed as expected. I didn't realize that my latest purchase of HP photo paper had a perforated tab until I noticed the stack of borderless photos I had just printed were white on the edge. Not the perforated edge! So, I looked into it and discovered that a tab was intended to ease handling of the wet prints. I then inserted the paper with the edge facing out(tear off tab outside the printed area of the paper). But the tear off tab was not presented after printing - it was positioned deep in the output tray where it was inaccesible. After tearing away the perforated tab, several photos retained jagged edges where the tab did not separate cleanly. ...more info
  • "pixel cracks" on shadowed area of printed photo
    I purchased this paper to print on both my HP photosmart 7350 (very old model) and Canon PIXMA pro9000 printers (professional injet printer). The outcome of the prints are quite the same with everything set to the best printing quality, that you can find areas of what I will call "pixel cracks" show up especially where you have low light(but not completely black)area in your picture. However, areas in the picture that have bright light do not have this problem.

    Thinking that this may be because my picture does not have high enough resolution, I went to frys and got a pack of Canon photo plus, glossy photo paper and tested on both printers again. The different is quite clear, the Canon PIXMA pro9000 gives me a photo I can not distinguish from those done in professional photo print store with the canon photo paper plus. Even the HP photosmart 7350 give me reasonally good photo with much less "pixel cracks" on the photo with the canon photo paper.

    The funny thing is, I also purchased the HP Q7854A Advanced Glossy Paper/100-Sheet 8.5" x 11" and this paper seems to be much better.

    To my opinion, I will pick the Canon photo papers instead of this one....more info
  • Photographic results
    The quality of the paper and the ink, both produced excellent results.I was very satisfied...more info
  • HP 4x6 Glossy Photo Paper
    High quality heavy paper stock and finish. Makes great digital photos with vivid color.

    Has a rough texture on reverse side of paper which resolves the feed problem on HP photo printers. With continued use the printer's feed rollers slip due to ink accumulation.

    ...more info
  • HP Glossy photo paper
    Beautiful product, you get what you pay for with HP. Costs more but it's worth it....more info
  • Great Customer Service
    Order and receive, and just be happy, that's how I feel, great job for me....more info
    Purchased HP photo paper, it is the worst paper ever! Photos always sticky to the touch, it never seems to dry. Didnt even care about how color or print quality was, couldnt get past tacky feeling. Stick with Canon or Epson, I mix and match Epson and Canon paper between all my printers and its QUALITY, DRY, EXCEPTIONAL PHOTOS each time! HP is a stinker for paper!...more info
  • This is 4x6.5" with a perforated edge!
    WARNING: The paper is nice but it is actually 4x6.5" with one of the short edges having a perforated tab.

    This was not shown in the screenshot and I am really disappointed in my purchase since I was misled into thinking this was a normal 4x6" sheet with no tabs or preforated edges....more info
  • HP paper
    Love HP paper, get better color on it with my Canon printer than on Canon paper....more info
  • Excellent Quality at an Unbeatable Price
    This sturdy, high gloss photo paper produces professionally pictures; highly recommended, both product and seller!...more info
  • Great photo paper
    I use this photo paper and highly recommend. The pictures come out great and it makes them look great too....more info
  • HP Photo Paer
    Fantastic price and the quality I've come to expect from all HP products...more info
  • Great prints of snap pictures
    I purchased this paper to print snaps of family and friends. The paper has worked great, though did require me to configure the paper type of the software I am using(Photoshop), though this is not something unique to this paper.

    Though most folks who print photos regularly know this well, it took me a few tries to learn how to correctly adjust the ink and paper settings. In Windows this setting is typically in the 'Advanced' printing options. Here just choose the paper type 'HP Premium Glossy'. Oh, and don't forget to choose at least 1200dpi for your prints which will be an available option after choosing 'best' print quality. On my Mac these settings were untuitively found under the 'Paper' tab in the print options.

    Now that I know how to print I need to learn how to take better photos......more info
  • Quality way worse than Canon Photo paper pro
    I just bought 2 packs(200 sheets total), after first print, I saw the photo has very low resolution in the dark color and high contrast part. I compared the same Canon photo paper pro print with HP one, it's way better than HP Premium Photo Paper. Canon photo
    paper pro print quality is exact the same or better than photo lab develop.
    So, spend your money on something better quality than HP premium
    Photo Paper. I will never buy another HP photo paper again....more info
  • Not quite what I expected
    Although the photo paper was the correct quality, it has preferation marks on the bottom. The preferation tears off, but does not make for a very smooth edge....more info
  • good product, good shipping time.
    Prints come out very nice on this paper, but I'm not really sure why there's a tear off tab, doesn't bother me though....more info
  • Photo Paper is Super
    The photo paper does what it's supposed to. It dries quickly without any smudges. Good for the price....more info
  • pretty good paper
    I have an hp photosmart 7150 I have never encountered the Problem with the white dots mainly because it is an older printer and only has round tubelike metal rollers. it works great too and I love how the paper has the line to tear off un like other printers. ...more info
  • White dots on HP Premium Paper, Glossy
    I also encountered the white dot problem with HP Premium glossy photo paper on my HP PSC 2355 printer. I even changed my printers at Best Buy, thinking that I have a defective printer, but still the same result. The pictures look good, but the white dots are quite annoying. They are virtualy imperceptible on lighter colors, but are glaring on dark colors, especially black. I would not recommend using this paper if you have an HP printer similar to mine (2355, 2175, 1315, 1350, etc.). Premium PLUS paper indeed corrects this problem, but it is almost twice as expensive. (If one looks very intently the white dots are still present even on Premium plus paper, they are just not conspicuous.) Because of this, I am now thinking of returning my HP printer, even thought the overall picture quality, as well as the product reliability, is quite high....more info
  • Good Paper- But not made for your HP printer
    This HP paper is good. The 5 megapixel photos that I print from my HP Photosmart 7960 come out very well on this paper except for one thing. The little metal rollers that are inside most HP printers leave little dots that are visible on your photos (more visible with darker pictures). After calling HP about this, they said you need to get Premium PLUS photo paper and that the premium plus paper will correct the problem. If you don't mind having little white dots on your photos, then this paper is amazing. If you do mind then go with the Premium Plus....more info