Cisco Syst. PIX Fwall 515E Bndl (UR) ( PIX-515E-DC-UR-BUN )
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Product Description

The Cisco PIX 515E Firewall is an enhanced version of the widely popular Cisco PIX 515 platform, providing industry-leading stateful firewall and IP Security (IPSec) virtual private networking (VPN) services. Designed for small and medium businesses, as well as enterprise remote offices, the Cisco PIX 515E features increased processing power and integrated, hardware-based IPSec acceleration (certain models) delivering even more robust performance for high throughput security requirements.The PIX 515E "Unrestricted" model extends the capabilities of the family with support for stateful failover, additional LAN interfaces, and increased VPN throughput via integrated hardware-based VPN acceleration. The Cisco PIX 515E-UR also adds the ability to share state information with a hot-standby Cisco PIX Firewall for complete firewall redundancy.

  • PIX 515 Firewall DC Chassis
  • Unrestricted software
  • (2) FE ports,(2) 10/100 ports