Power 2000 ACD-674 Rechargeable Battery ( CANON BP511 Equivalent )
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Product Description

Substitute or extra rechargeable lithium battery pack for select CANON digital cameras / BP511 equivalent

  • Substitute or extra rechargeable lithium battery pack for select CANON digital cameras
  • CANON BP511 equivalent
  • Compatible with CANON G2 - D60 - ZR10 - OPTURAPI and other cameras as indicated here or by manufacturer
  • Two year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Field testing soon!
    I just got this battery as part of a package to my Canon 40D. This review is for the Power2000 ACD-674 7.4v 1700mAh model in gray (there looks to be a black model featured elsewhere on Amazon).

    Like all battery replacements this item arrived power drained. No evident manufacturing date as I can see except for the 2007 copyright. The first posting date of this item on Amazon was in 2006, so given the differences in the charge its safe to assume that I have the updated 2007 model (vs. 1500mAh).

    Used this in the stock Canon battery charger with no problems, fully charged in a matter of about 2hrs. As a side note, the stock Canon BP-511 that arrived with my 40D early today lasted a few hours before giving up on its phantom charge.

    I will be taking this camera to task in a few hours and update this review but until then this battery seems to be working and sold by Adorama, a reputable Canon dealer (yes, Canon USA actually also mentioned B&H) as companies they have had a very long relationship with....more info
  • Old tech junk overstock
    The battery sent was an old tech 1300 mAh unit. It didn't hold up to the capacity of the stock BP-511A battery shipped with either 30D I own. Not close at all. I suspect that with a battery grip using two units, it would do fine in the end, but I just don't trust them.

    Calcellular advertises on this page, and they claimed to offer 1500 mAh batteries with Japanese top quality cells for a few pennies less than nine Dollars each. Since I was looking for a quality replacement battery anyway, I thought that it would be worth throwing away a few more Dollars to test this product. It is exactly as advertised. It has higher capacity than the stock BP-511A Canon pack, costs only a few Dollars, and is built to identical standards as the Canon pack (as far as the eye, and a month or two of heavy testing can tell). I now own four of the Calcellular BP-511A packs, and two of their cheap chargers. I rotate use with my stock Canon packs, and have never had a problem, nor can I tell any difference between the them other than the greater capacity of the Calcellular packs.

    I also bought a 'brick' of 24 inexpensive AA 2500 mAh NiMh batteries from them for flash units, and household appliances, and they also perform as well as advertised. There are bargains out there. Just shop carefully. ...more info
  • replacement battery
    I shot several hundred pictures at a wedding with a battery grip and 2 of these batteries and did not have a single problem with power....more info
  • Bait and Switch
    Don't purchase this if you're expecting to get a 1500 mAh Power2000 ACD-674 battery. They sent a 1300 mAh Digicom battery instead....more info
  • does not work!!
    With a full charge it does not last more than 10min, could not take more than more 15 pics in my camera Canon Pro1. The original battery works well more than 250 pics on each charge. Initially I thought this problem was because it was new battery but after several cycles it does not work at all. I'll try to get a refund and check their customer service too....more info