Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control for D50 & D70 Digital SLR Cameras
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Product Description

Nikon is a precision optical company with worldwide manufacturing, research and marketing capabilities. The Nikon name is equated with extraordinary photographic performance, innovation, precision and optical quality.

  • Slim wireless remote instantly triggers shutter without disturbing camera
  • Ideal for subjects that are difficult to approach or for minimizing vibrations
  • Includes pouch
  • For use with Nikon D70, N65, N75, F65, Pronea S, Nuvis S, Lite Touch 110s, and 130 ED cameras
  • Also used as replacement or spare for Nikon Coolpix 8400 and 8800
Customer Reviews:
  • It works without any problem... So far!
    It works OK on a short distance. I don't see any reason why not to give this product 5 stars....more info
  • Indespensable
    Granted it is small, I just put the pouch on the camera strap to keep it. The autofocus does not seem to be a problem. I use it all the time. The only problem is when I try to do birds from a distance I can not be behind the camera(D70).Better than any cable release I ever had....more info
  • Never received the product or notification 31 days
    Chose this seller because they are in driving distance. Tracking info showed that they received the product and estimated delivery date to me was 11.07.08. Never received the product. After e-mailing them and 30 days later; I finally called them. They said it was returned by USPS; "addressee temp. away"... We haven't been away in years.They credited my account back. I was never notified. My previous e-mail was never returned. They said I could pick it up at their store. She transferred me and disconnected. I immediately ordered from another seller. Will see how that works out. I have been to their store in the past and spent much $ through the years. Always got the feeling that I was bothering them when I was there. I think the salesmen have been there too long. They need some fresh blood who are interested in the customers needs. Retail is tough but nobody's holding a gun to their head. ...more info
  • Nikon MO-L3 Wireless Remote
    No instructions came with product. Very small. Could be lost easily. A lot of the photos I took using this remote were out of focus. Not as helpful as I anticipated. I've only had a couple of misses where the remote didn't activate my camera. I haven't figured out how to get my camera to stay on the 'focus' point when I use the remote from a distance. Only had my DSLR for 4 months, so I may not be using the camera/remote combination properly....more info
  • Works the way it should.
    I was a bit nervous purchasing this based on the reviews for it, but it works the way I thought it would. There's nothing wrong with it, although I don't recommend using it on auto focus because it takes forever to take a shot. It's a nice extra gadget to have. PS I used this on a D80....more info
  • A handy device to have
    This is something that even the high end Nikons could use.
    Easily hidden, so you can use it while you're in the picture. No setting the timer then rushing to get into the shot. And the thing I like most about it, I can set up the camera a few feet away and take pictures of that pesky rabbit that's been digging up my yard.
    I Highly recommend this. ...more info
  • ok product
    Some times it is creating problem. not sure why. Need to try it more times....more info
  • Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote for Nikon D40, D40x, D60, D80
    Got the remote on time.
    Exactly what I expected.
    Prompt & timely delivery. Good Job !
    Thanks !...more info
  • Works well for what it is...
    I liked using this product for a Nikon D50 and the Nikon D80. It functioned very well and I didn't have any major problems with it. While shooting outdoors there were occasional instances of the camera not receiving the signal. It works awesome indoors where the signal can bounce off of walls (if you're in a situation where you want to trip two or more cameras).

    I have used this while interviewing people. I often am required to submit photos of the subject during the interview and a lot of people find it awkward to talk to you candidly while you are pointing a camera at them. I would just set a camera on a tripod and use this remote to trip the camera and got great spontaneous photos.

    Stay away from this if you shoot with a higher end DSLR. This doesn't work with my D300 or any cameras in its class.

    ...more info
  • works with Nikon D40 and D40X
    Works with Nikon D40 and D40X. Just remember to set the camera to receive IR signal. To do this, click on MENU, choose CUSTOM SETTING MENU, click on SHOOTING MODE, then choose either 2-sec. DELAY or QUICK RESPONSE REMOTE. It took a while for me to figure this out because this remote control does not come with instructions. I hope this helps. Best wishes with your photos!...more info
  • Works great with the D40
    Very useful for an average D40 user. Lets you take a picture instantly or with a 2-second delay.

    Great for scenery pictures if you have a tripod and need to get people in the picture....more info
  • Great gadget for the money!
    This is a great product, especially for the price. I got this for my Nikon D60. Easy to use, even my kids like to use it to take pictures. It is great for getting the Photographer in the shot. Which we all know, is usually left out.
    I've even found it helpful when trying to get the kids posed just right, and snapping off the shot before they move and before you get back to the camera to press the button. I would definately recommend this. Easy to use and a great accessory for the busy photographer. ...more info
  • Not bad
    I wish the range was better, but it certainly does what is says it does. You have to be right in front of the camera as not too far away. Worked great for family portraits with the D40 2 second delay on remote....more info
  • It's great
    Simply it's great. It does its job perfectly. Very small size too (which makes it easy to lose :)...more info
  • Nikon ML-L3 remote
    I used this with my D70. Little did I know, many of the higher end models (I now own the D300) don't even have the remote option for such a tiny price and a tiny product as this. It IS worth having but there are challenges:

    1) You need to point this thing in the direction of the infrared sensor (you can't be behind the camera or have a lens between the side of the camera with the sensor on it - unless somehow my product was defective -which sometimes I wondered). It is often tough to get it to trigger.

    2) This thing is tiny. A bit of anecdote here: I lost 2 of these so to prevent me from losing another, I added a bright blue bit of plastic string and taped it on with black electrical tape. I could put it around my wrist too. Anyway, the security at te airport doesn't like to see remote controls with WIRES attached. They though I was triggering a BOMB not a shutter.

    Such a big review for such a tiny product. Anyway, this is good to have for a hobby photog. but isn't acceptable if you are working professionally because it can be frustrating to use and doesn't work from all positions.

    ...more info
  • Why wouldn't you own this?
    This little item should be in every Nikon users bag. I just got into digital slr photography. I got a Nikon D90. One of the first things I did was try different techniques, you know, playing with shutter speeds and apertures etc... I found out right away there were going to be times when I wanted to use slow shutter speeds and my hands and arms are not always steady enough to hold the lense perfectly motionless. I can set up the pod, step away and just hit the button. It also helps with taking family(group)pics. No more setting the timer then sprinting over to the group and taking my place just in time. No more of the group having to hold the smile for an eternity waiting for the snap. When you're ready you just click. I would have payed triple the price for this little gadget. At this price there is no reason to not own one......more info
  • Great Item
    Great Item works great and for the price you can't beat it, you can bounce the signal off shiny objects so you don't always have to be In front of the camera...more info
  • Does what it's supposed to
    Easy to change the battery even though I haven't needed to. Perfectly still snaps a press of a button away....more info
  • You need one
    The first thing I thought was how small it was. It was the best price on the net,well packaged,and received when they promised. Every Nikon owner could use one of these!!...more info
  • This is how you use it!
    So, this remote came with absolutely no instructions, and it took a while of searching to find it on the Nikon website, its SO simple, but I coudn't figure it out right away! I'm using a D40x, but this holds true for much of nikon's digital slr's. Go into the menu, go to custom setting menu, then to shooting mode (where you set multiple frame shooting, singe frame, etc.) And select the little remote icon, or the 2 second delay remote icon, easy as that!...more info
  • ML-L3 Wireless Remote useful accessory for D60
    The ML-L3 remote is a very useful tool for photography.
    - Allowing shutter activation without shaking the camera
    - Allows the photographer to be in the photo
    - Flexibility when coupled with the timed shutter release
    - A must-have for self-portrait photographers
    - Allows you to step away from the camera and adjust the scene more quickly in studio work

    - It appears that the IR sensor for the D60 is on the front of the hand grip

    Although the location of the sensor is in front of the camera, the remote can be used at angles to the camera and from behind when adequate surfaces exist around the camera to bounce the signal to the sensor.

    Very happy with my purchase. This remote brings creative photography to a new level....more info
  • Easy to lose!
    This is a must have item for many of todays new cameras.

    Do yourself a favor two!

    It works great if you've got you're camera set up on a Grizzly and you've shot and shot at him feeding on berries and your waiting for him to raise his head and look knarly at you. Then you can be all comfortable setting ready to press the button.

    It is also good if your shooting Half Dome in Yosemite and your waiting for the clouds to clear just right. If you find yourself in a meadow doing just that, look around your feet, you may find my old ML-3. I think that is the last place I lost it. It is one hard item to keep track of.

    I'm back here for more!...more info
  • Hope It works!
    I think the remote is a great idea, especially for the product shoots I have to do. I thought I was getting a good deal by combining with some other purchases to get free freight, However, once I received the item, I discovered that it didn't work, due to a DEAD battery. So I have to go out and pay another $2.50 to replace it, so maybe I didn't get such a great deal after all. Amazon must either have a large, old inventory or they're not selling very quickly....more info
  • works great!
    i have no issues with my ML-L3 remote control, the wireless remote works geat with my nikon D80. just point and click and the camera timer will start... very easy to use, and for only $14.25 after shipping, you can't really go wrong....more info
  • Very easy to use
    When I take upclose pictures of hummingbirds and butterflies, I can stand away from the camera and still get the shot...more info
  • remote
    it is a christmas gift, so i won't know much about it until then, but it arrived quickly with no problems...more info
  • Item did not work
    I waste my money purchasing this item. It did not work from the very first try....more info
  • Amazing Remote
    The title says it all. Incredibly useful and well designed. Simple and effective. Great range and eliminates the need for a cable release. Best of all the price is very reasonable but be wary of imitators and stick with Nikon brands....more info
  • Its a remote and it works!!!
    Im not jumping up and down over this, but its a remote and it works. If you want to take pictures of yourself for myspace, but don't have someone to take them, this is the item you need!! Works good for taking family photos as well.

    ...more info
  • Best Toy Ever!
    Okay.. this is the best remote ever. I have tested other remotes, but this is the best! Better get two, because it is so easy to misplace....more info
  • Awesome !!!
    got it for my new D40. Amazing product works all around the camera (360 degrees around) with no issues at all. finally i was able to take my own pictures using 2 sec delay exposure. included pouch is totally worth, just put it on the camera strap and the remote will come handy at any time....more info
  • Disappointed
    I like the premise of this handy little gadget; however, it doesn't work with my Nikon D-50. Can you suggest a solution?...more info
  • NIKON ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control
    Received the item very promptly. Tested the remote w/ my NIKON D50. Works well....more info
  • Wow, so covinient!
    It just works great. So much better than running back and forth to shoot with a timer. Also great for eliminating camera shake on tripod or long exposures. If your DSLR works with this remote, it is a must have. Most problems mentioned by some reviewers seem to me to be the issue with camera. I use it with D40. And though I wish it was more powerful, it works great. I've even used it across a small street from the camera.

    Plus, D40 gives some options to users how we want to use the remote. In the main menu you can set the "Remote On Duration" to 1, 5, 10 or 15 min. And when you want to turn it on, you press the "Fn" button in the front(with the timer symbol) right under the button for flash. As you hold the button down, turn the Command Dial on the back. As it rotes between several options, you can choose simple remote or "2S" remote where it fires 2 seconds after you press the remote. Very cool. You can press the remote and hide it!

    And as someone mentioned, the remote works much better when there are lots of things to bounce off. In my experience, outdoors, the remote didn't work right behind the camera, but indoors, it worked just fine from the same position....more info
  • Nikon Remote
    I don't know what most of the peeps here is biatching about, but mine works from all kinds of direction ( as long as you point it towards the camera) I used the control behind the camera and it senses it just fine. This product is cool. I bought it solely to alleviate a time consuming stop motion project. ...more info
  • Great value,
    Seems to work fine. Light weight. Instructions were not in the box and I couldn't find my D-80 manual. Took a few minutes to figure out. Does not work well off axis. ...more info
  • Nikon remote for D40 camera
    I love this item. The price was very reasonable. It makes it possible to join your family for photos. It works quite well and is small enough to put in a pocket or in any camera case. My only suggestion is to be sure to look in your camera's manual to find directions for use of the remote. The remote itself doesn't come with instructions. ...more info
  • Perfect for D90, triggers w/o having to point in 1 direction
    This is an excellent companion when used with the new Nikon D90; its small size and VERY easy triggering (no need to point directly at the source sensor, just in its VERY vague vicinity). I know that operational proximity & ease of triggering are important performance characteristics to many prospective buyers, so I'll provide more specificity: the unit's operational proximity exceeds that which has been advertised (16.4 ft.) by 10-12% (appx. 18.2 ft.) -- perhaps this is a result of my use with a new model that had not yet been released when these "specs" were written, or perhaps the newness of the battery is at play, or conservative spec writing -- I suspect it's ultimately some combination of these three factors -- I'm not sure, but the results are absolutely great! When considering the price, acceptable fit/finish & reliable feel, this item win this a 5 star without hesitation, it comes with a black, snug-fitting tasteful case w/ Velcro seal. One small caveat: the unit must be VERY close to the body when attempting to trigger from behind the camera. A couple of configurations required that I move it in front of the camera altogether, not a big deal at all, but others have expressed concern on this issue or as part of a future "wish list," and Nikon seems to have left this design aspect unchanged with their newest dSLR (the D90, as of 07 OCT 2008)....more info
  • Nikon wireless remote
    Works great with my Nikon D50. I was worried that I would have to put the remote right in front of the sensor to get it to take pictures, but the infrared beam bounces off of just about anything. Only time that's a problem is if you have lots of "dead air" in front of the camera with nothing to bounce the the beam off of. It is a shame Nikon didn't include this with the camera, and it's also a shame that the price keeps going up on this remote, but it turned out to be an essential item for me, so I paid the price. Comes with a handy little pouch that attaches right to your camera's neck strap. ...more info
  • Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control for Nikon D40, D40x, D60 & D80 Digital SLR Cameras
    I am happy to get this little device for my new Nikon D90. It's relatively small, easy to carry, and very convenient to use (read the camera manual). Battery is included. I ordered the device and got it within a few days. Very reasonal price and excellent service from
    ...more info
  • Click from a distance
    Small case provided for easier carrying. Worked well at our family reunion. Finally I do not need to set up the group, then run and get in the picture before the shutter opens. I can stand with the group and point. It's great!...more info
  • Works behind the camera also.
    Hold you hand over the top of the camera and this will work perfect. Stand to the side and it will work. Your hand will not be in the picture unless you are an idiot....more info
  • Works well but..........
    This little gadget does an adequate job as long as it can see the sensor(front of camera) Useless from any other position....more info
  • Excellent Product, Small Flaws
    Pros-small, long-battery life, high-quality
    Cons-short ranged, can only be used in front of camera
    I love my remote, and wouldn't trade it for anything but a good old cable release. The wireless is nice, but I'd like to be able to use it from behind my camera.
    ...more info
  • Perfect
    Much smaller than I expected, which is a good thing. Simple to use, small enough for any camera bag, and the price is definitely right....more info
  • very helpful
    The Nikon ML-L3 does exactly like it supposed to do. You get the case with the remote, attach it to your strap so you won't lose it....more info
  • Great REMOTE!!!
    I'm not sure why people are complaining but it was sooo easy to install and use.

    First it has no documentation because it can be used for the D40's, D50's ,D70's, D80's and I assume the new D90's. The instructions is in the camera documentation. Besides... just look through the setup and you'll see where it is. I have a D40 and it was in the shooting mode. There is a 2sec delay and an instant shoot. I program my FN button to change the shooting mode. You cannot have continuous shoots with the remote mode.

    Second. All infrared remotes are line of sight. Most people don't know the difference between Infrared, RF(car remote), high end Radio (Wireless networks and Wireless phones) & Bluetooth. All of them are wireless... (WIRE + LESS) Infrared can only go about 8 to 20 feet depending on the conditions and the size of the sensor. Think of it this way... how far can you be to change the tv channel? 10 feet? 20 feet? Outside the house? This is exactly the same.

    In conclusion. It's a great buy. If it costs $30 it would still be worth it. No need to watch the blinking light and run across the room to be in the picture. Also you can get some funny candid shots when no one knows when the picture takes place....more info
  • Remote Functions as advertised
    The product worked as specified... Thanks. The case looks cheap and should be of better quality....more info
  • Good remote
    I don't use it very often, but works great. Easy to setup, good range....more info
  • Very good remote for Nikon DSLR
    It works really well with my Nikon D60... i just set-up the D60 with perfect camera angle and i get to be in the picture too....more info
  • Revision of Previous Service Comment
    Beach Camera did a first rate job of correcting a customer service error by replacing a defective wireless remote with a new one at no additional cost to me.

    Thank you Beach Camera and thank you for having a product review system that helps vendors improve their customer service. ...more info
  • Why didn't they add simple instructions?

    You need to change to quick response mode -
    Hold down the self timer button (near shutter release) and spin the command dial until the icon appears in the LCD control panel that looks like a little remote with rays coming out of it.

    Be within 16 ft.

    You can also make it delay the shutter release (icon that looks like a little remote and a clock) if you want to snap yourself and give 2 seconds to put down the remote. Choose the remote icon with a little clock.

    Make sure to return remote setting to OFF - no clock/remote icon in LCD after spinning self-timer button -- to go back to normal shooting.

    See page 22-23 in Nikon D50 manual.

    You can Velcro shut the case on your camera strap. If they left a hole at the end, you could probably use it without taking out of its little case.

    See page 100 for changing the time the camera waits for the remote. What this means is, how long the camera remains in remote mode, before it returns to normal operation.

    Go to settings (the pencil) and then go to 20 Remote and set to 5 minutes, whatever. (Pencil icon/20 Remote)

    The advantage of keeping to the default of 1 minute is, it will go back to normal operation in 1 minute and you will not have to reset it.

    The advantage of increasing to a higher time is, you can fiddle with the remote and not have it resetting in only one minute.

    The battery in the remote is a Maxell CR2025 3V coin cell.

    The indicator light on the front of the camera lights after the exposure.

    ...more info
  • Very useful
    I use my remote whenever my camera is mounted on its tripod. I set my Nikon D60's remote-on duration for 15 minutes and I choose the remote shutter release setting. Then, I hold the remote a few inches from the shutter release, and the remote works every time....more info
  • In the picture without running!
    I'm finally in family photos without having to run from behind the camera! And yes, I've knocked over a camera making that mad dash....more info
  • Works well
    Note: I have used this product in clear weather (no precipitation) with a Nikon D40x in moderate sunlight and at night, but not in bright sunlight.

    - Response is very quick
    - Operating distance (from remote to camera) is at least 2 meters
    - Operating area (around camera) anywhere within the 180 degrees in the front of the camera, and even somewhat behind when the remote is closer to the camera
    - The device itself is very light and small

    I've encountered no major problems to speak of, though it'd be nice if the remote could be used from directly behind the camera, though I suppose that's a function of sensor placement on the camera.

    It's not a big plus, but it comes with its own carrying case. I cannot comment on battery life yet, as my first battery has not worn out yet (after several months of occasional use).
    ...more info
  • Works Great!
    It's just as simple as it looks and works just as simply. I love the little pouch that came with, so I can just attach it to my camera strap and never have to dig through the bag for it. It's a great little remote....more info
  • Gr8 Product
    Gr8 remote.

    Strongly recommended.
    Its simply point and shoot!!

    Could have been more useful....more info
  • Very quick delivery, brand new condition
    I bought this remote for my Nikon D60 camera. I have found it very useful in taking pictures. Usually I don't end up in many vacation photos, but with this remote I was in quite a few. It is much easier to use than just a self timer. It is also very useful when taking pictures in low light with the manual setting (much less camera shake). Great product....more info
  • Love it!
    I can finally be included in my family photos. This was a simple and inexpensive solution. Works well!...more info
  • Nice Little Gadget
    I use my remote for taking pictures of my wife and I when we go on vacation. I just put my camera on a tripod and set the camera to remote and that's it. I also use it when I'm taking pictures with slow shutter speeds to avoid camera shake. I use it on my D70 and my D40X. Very nice and worth the money....more info
  • Works great. No instructions.
    The wireless remote works. I was suprised that it came with no instructions. Maybe that's the way Nikon sends it. I got out the instuction booklet that came with my camera and found out how to use the remote. I found it odd that nothing like that came with the remote package. ...more info
  • Be glad this is available
    If you own a higher end Nikon DSLR, to reproduce the function of this little remote costs almost $200. This is a cheap accessory that allows you to take a picture while not holding the camera. So what if you don't get 360 coverage. If you want that, go spend 10 times a much. This is a great device that works as it should. Others may expect their $$ to have $$$ results, not me. Get it and enjoy the freedom it offers....more info
  • Must have item
    Inexpensive, durable, light-weight, purposeful.

    This item is a must have for all DSLR owners. Easy to use and works perfectly.

    This is a good accessory to have....more info
  • Small, very useful and works great with D60
    - Very small (2 inches approx)
    - Comes with a battery & cover
    - Camera strap can be threaded through the cover
    - Works from front, behind, top & bottom of camera (I checked it to verify some of the reviews here saying it doesn't work from behind)

    - No instructions on how to sync/connect with camera
    - This $15 part should come with the $600 camera.

    1. How to connect/sync this remote with D60?
    - Get to Quick Setting display (page 48 of D60 manual)
    - Get to the Release Mode and select Remote option. (Check D60 manual page 54 & 55)

    2. How to replace the battery?
    - See page 156 of D60 manual....more info
  • Nikon ML-L3 remote shutter release
    Good price on a product that is required to use the self timer, or time exposure functions effectively on my Nikon D50 . The fact that it is wireless makes for easy use. ...more info
  • NiKon wireless remote
    Remote works if held in front of the camera - will not work from behind. You also have to set-up the remote sensing in the camera's memory before you can use the remote - it will return to default setting wehen the camera is shut off. Otherwise the remote works fine....more info
  • Good value in a small package
    Hard to fault this remote. It's small, light weight, cheap ... battery life is good. I think it would be better with a lockable off switch so the battery isn't drained when in a case and pressure is accidently applied to the switch. The little cloth case is sad for normal Nikon quality ... but again the whole thing is very low cost. The important thing is the remote is all it's promised to be and more....more info
  • Nikon Wireless Remote
    It works well. One drawback; there are no instructions. You have to use the camera manual and your imagination....more info
  • Wonderful item
    This product is great for long exposure shots. I used it to take pictures of some fireworks we had a few weeks ago and the pictures came out amazing!...more info
  • works nicely
    This is a very handy thing to have. I have used it a couple of times, and it works exactly like it is supposed to!...more info
  • A good accesory.
    I recently bought this remote for my Nikon D40. I use it specially on night shots and when using my tripod. It's a good accesory and it's not expensive.

    The only issue is that the IR sensor is located on the front of the camera so you must be located in front or pointing at it.

    Overall you get a helpful accesory.

    ...more info
  • dissatisfied
    the product that was sent to me does not work. I wrote the seller twice and have not had any response from. I expect more from people who deal with Amazon. I am very put out by this....more info
  • Simple and sweet
    I was really pleased with it but I've found that the remote has a "sweet spot" that you have to hit dead on. Kinda annoying but still it gets the job done....more info
  • A gotta have
    A really neat gadget. Eliminates the chance of moving the camera off of focus when depressing the shutter release. If my camera is on a tripod, I'm most likely going to use this remote. Even though the instructions say you have to be in front of the camera to activate it, I find that standing along side and even to the rear of the camera within 10 to 15 feet works just as well. ...more info
  • Nice Price
    I purchased this little item to aid in taking macro photos. I had to have it because the Fstop is set for more depth of field. A remote shutter release and a tripod are mandatory. This one fit the bill nicely....more info
  • Works almost as advertised... line of sight is imperative!
    Received in a timely manner from Amazon...
    The device sets up easily with the D80 and D40 that we are using it with. Range is as described, but position is limited. you have to be able to see the front right side of the camera from where you are standing in order to successfully use the RC. It worked reasonably well for our group shots during our family vacation. Best way that we found to use it was with the "remote delay" setting on the camera. with this set, there is a confirmation light 2 seconds before the shutter clicks. ...more info
  • Works great on the D50
  • Perfect Addition to Your Nikon Accessories
    The remote is quite handy for low light and longer exposure shooting. Providing you have a tripod or you are able to keep the camera still, this remote is perfect. I was able to get great 4th of July shots and night scenes with the use of the remote....more info
    The Wireless Remote Control for the new Nikon D40X is the best thing ever invented! It gives you the oportunity to be in the picture everytime without having to run like a maniac once you press that shutter. It also helps you to take perfect night shots without the blur created by the movement when you press the shutter.

    It has made my life easier and my pictures better!...more info
  • Can Take Pictures Of Me and not Depend On You.
    Good price and does what it is suppose too. Comes with a pouch that can be attached to your camera strap so you do not need to worry about losing it. Use it with my Nikon D80 and D40x. The part I like about this remote is that I am the one usually taking pictures and very seldom see me in the photos, especially group photos etc and with wife. Guess what, I do not have to have someone else, or a stranger take pictures of me when I can do it all by myself with this little remote and a tripod. Do not have to worry about some stranger running off with my camera when he's taking my photo. Your laughing, I had a camera stolen from me like that while I was in Germany. So I love this little remote. Just set up my camera and go to the set location and press the button. Have had great results and with me in some of the photos. Yahoo, to Nikon for such a fantastic little gizmo....more info
  • great deal!
    a great item for night shots and self portraits! one thing though; yuo can only use it from the front or left side...more info
  • cheap fun!
    This is surely the best bang for the buck fun accessory I've gotten for my D50. As other reviewers point out, it can sometimes be frustrating to use -- it needs line-of-sight to the camera and sometimes fails to fire. And it's much harder to use out of doors where it can't bounce of walls, it needs to be aimed *straight* at the camera.

    but at the same time, it's only fifteen bucks. Even if it isn't perfect it's a must-have....more info
  • It Works as Advertised
    I bought this as a replacement for one I bought with my camera. The darn things are so little that they're too easy to lose. This is the only way to remotely trigger some of the Nikon DSLRs because they don't have a cable release mount. This sends an IR signal to the camera and triggers it. Unfortunately, the receiver window is on the front of the camera, so YOU have to be in front of the camera pointing at it, or at least off to the side, because it's line-of-sight. It's great for including yourself in the picture because you can set it to delay the shutter activation for a few seconds in order to get the remote control out of the picture....more info
  • Not Much Use
    I had great hopes for this little gizmo, but because the sensor is on the front of the D40X it's difficult to use it...not to mention the distance range is pitiful. It might be OK for self portrait type shots, but is of little use to capture birds, etc as I had hoped. ...more info
  • Simple remote does just that.
    I'm using this with a D40. This is an inexpensive remote that works fine within 10 or 15 feet in front of the camera or to the side of the camera. It also works to bounce off a wall in some cases, if you need to shoot from behind. The sensor for the remote is on the front of the camera, so doesn't do so well from behind with nothing to bounce off of.

    Don't understand why something this simple, inexpensive, and functional wasn't included with the camera. Odd. It is very small and although I did my best to attach it securely to my camera strap, I wonder how long it will take before I misplace or lose it!...more info
  • Very useful and works great for my Nikon D40
    What else could I say. It's very very useful especially when taking a self-portrait or a group picture. I've been using this remote for my Nikon D40. Great Great product!...more info
  • Does Exactly What it is Supposed to do
    This Wireless Remote is incredibly handy.
    No more messing with timers and running back and forth. Self Portraits in Photography is my specialty, and this little guy was the perfect addition to my camera family. It is a little bit small... I tend to lose small things. But, on the plus side, you can easily put it somewhere where the camera won't see it!

    The Ml-L3 actually went through the washing machine in the pocket of my jeans once. Surprisingly, nothing was damaged and it still works like a charm. Feels good in the hand as well. Great product! I recommend it for every photographer. I used it with my D40. ...more info
  • Great, but, cannot use it from behind the camera
    This is a great product. I love using it, and while visiting people I hand it over to others while taking group pictures. Everybody at parties and get-together love using it.

    I would have given it a five star, except that for the fact that it cannot be used from behind the camera. That would be great for macro work, animal photography and so on....more info
  • Just what you'd expect from a wireless trigger
    It allows you to take shots from a tripod without touching your camera; it's practically a give away; and, it comes with a small carrying pouch....more info
    I boutght this as one of the Christmas present requests for my daughter to go with her new camera. She loves and and is able to take great pictures because now the camera can stay on the tripod and there is no hand shaking whilst holding the camera before you click....more info
  • Camera wireless remote
    The wireless remote in its product included case fits onto almost any camera shoulder strap making it very accessable for use. The remote is easy to use and works perfectly with my Nikon D50. ...more info
  • Not Stopping
    It's no secret that people use digital media to take pictures that are adult in nature and this little remote helps with that. Anyone that has ever tried to take pictures of "Honeymoon" action knows it's not easy to constantly stop and start and with you don't have to. It's small enough that you can hide it and with a quick enough response that you get the really good shots. You could also use it to take family pictures, but why would anyone want to do that?...more info
  • Terrific range!!
    It's small, convenient, and has some terrific range. I snapped a remote shot from over 75' from my camera!...more info
  • Great
    Works well, including on "bulb" setting. With this and a tripod,
    you can greatly expand the type of shots you can get. I am using it
    with a Nikon D-80....more info
  • Works as advertised
    Does what it's supposed to do. I haven't had a problem with line of sight. The remote works when pointed at an angle. Although I'm sure extreme angles would be more difficult. It is extremely small. Don't lose it!

    Works well, good price, more handy than you think. Everyone should get one....more info
  • small but usefull
    Works well w/the D80 once you figure out how to use it. I skiped the owners manual. You have to tell the camer you are about to use a remote. Once that is done it is all thumbs up!...more info
  • Works great!
    Use as a remote trigger for group shots or to reduce shaking on a tripod.
    WORKS GREAT!!...more info
  • Great Product
    This remote works great and from a good distance away as well. Used it with my D40 and is great for those self-portraits and shots where you need to eliminate camera shake....more info
  • Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote
    Simple product that works as described at a reasonable price. I use it with my Nikon D60. Amazon delivery was excellent, as always....more info
  • It's a must if you need SHarp pictures
    This remote shutter is a must if you use a tripod and want to have vibration free sharp pictures.
    Since it is wireless there's no dangling issue of wires!...more info
  • This is an amazing wireles tool.
    Somebody said in a review, the the ML-L3 works just behind the camara, but that's not true, I'm using it with a D40x Nikon and it works around the camara from big distances (I tested in a 8 mts room). Some times it did not shoot the camara because the camara was working in Autofocus mode and it can't get a sharpest focus and doesn't work. So be sure the subject is in focus, and no problem to shoot from distance.
    ...more info
  • Nikon Remote
    This remote is one of the best accessories I have purchased for my camera gear. It is almost essential for anyone serious about their photography, as it eliminates camera shake caused by pressing the shutter release. I have also enjoyed it for travel, because I can mount the camera on a tripod and set the camera on the 2 sec. delay, and take a picture of my family without worrying about some stranger running off with my camera. I have also found that the remote will work at distances of over 60 ft! While I have yet to find a use for using the remote at such a distance, I still think it is pretty cool....more info
  • I love it
    I would say go get it. No issues as of now and I love using it.I use it with my D40 and works pretty well....more info
  • Great Little Remote
    I have used this remote with my Nikon D80 for about a year. I has worked flawlessly for group photos and tripod shots. The range is decent. I have taken photos up to 12' away. It is compact and comes with a canvass sleeve/case that you can attach and store on your camera strap. I would recommend it to everyone. Who hasn't needed a wireless remote for their camera at some point? I only wish it came with the camera bodies. It should be an included accessory!...more info
  • Works as expected
    This remote worked as expected with fairly good range. The remote does require "line of sight", but the signal can be bounced off of many types of reflective surfaces....more info
  • Great Little Must-Have Accessory!
    This remote infrared transmitter will work on almost all Nikon Point-n-Shoot, SLR and DSLR cameras with infrared! The supplied 3V coin cell will probably last at least five years under light to medium usage. It's a snap to get going - no instructions necessary. You should probably consult your camera documentation however, to determine the easiest way to control the infrared receiver (camera side).

    On the latest Nikon DSLR's, most have an fn button on the front of the body, next to the lens mount (left hand), that defaults to infrared enable (2 second after-focus delay). Thus, menu-playing is unnecessary - you just push fn, aim the thing at the camera from within the prescribed distance, and push the button. The flash assist light will come on for a second or two after the shutter, aperture, and focusing is done, and the shot will go. Really simple, really cool!...more info
  • Works like a champ for my D40
    Took me about three or four minutes to figure out how it worked, but once I got the hang of it, the remote worked great. Very happy with it....more info
  • Buy it
    you will love it. Not for only D50/D70. It works like a champ in my D40....more info
  • Works with D40, D40x, D60, D70, & D80!
    At this price, who doesn't want one!? I got a whole bunch and gave it away to all my photographer friends!...more info
  • Remote Control
    I am very happy with this product and with the speed in which it was shipped and received....more info
  • Great Remote.
    Love having this remote. More practical than using the self-timer mode in my camera. The remote works great. Excellent performance. Would highly recommend it. Amazon also provided excellent service and fast delivery. Will continue to buy from Amazon. Great prices and great everything....more info
  • As advertised
    This works as advertised! Works great for HDR bracketed photos. I make the mirror lock up and shoot the three bracketed photos with out touching the camera! No cords and little price!...more info
  • Works great and is conveniently small
    I was surprised at how small the remote was. I couldn't tell the size from the pictures, and was glad to see that the remote was small.

    I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the remote came with a small, fabric case to protect the remote while in a bag or when in use in semi-harsh weather conditions.

    The case has a triangle cut-out that allows visibility and access to the release button so you don't have to take it out of the small case to use it if you don't want to.

    The remote works great on my Nikon D60 camera. It works while in front, at the side or behind the camera....more info
  • Almost Never Works
    I have found that I have to press the button multiple times to get it to finally take a picture. Very frustrating....more info
  • Great Item
    Great Item, I used it with my Nikon D80. Makes taking pictures easy. I used this to take photos of my roommate for "passport" style photos and it let the subject be in charge of when the shutter went off. It is great for any time you are using a tripod. You just set it down, set the camera to operate with the remote or the remote+timer and you can be anywhere inside or outside of the frame taking photos with a tiny remote that you can hide in your hand....more info
  • Wireless Remote
    For less than $20 you cannot go wrong. It just works!. As an added bonus, it comes with a pouch you can attach to your neck strap so that you always have it when you need it....more info
  • Nice remote for Nikon SLR
    I wish when I first purchased my Nikon D70s SLR that I had already owned a wireless remote for my camera. It would have been really handy to have one in certain situation. Anyway its a nice remote but at times its range to the side of the camera is hard to use, but it is great to use in front of your camera....more info
  • Great toy for the camera
    I have enjoyed the remote. It does have a limited operating angle but it has still improved low light and macro shots by eliminating me touching the camera...more info
  • Nice accessory
    The remote works fine as long as it's close enough to the camera. In some lighting conditions it takes more than one button press to activate the shutter. I would reccomend buying the remote, as it does do a pretty good job, even with it's limitations....more info
  • Nice little remote for the D40x
    I bought this remote about 8-9 months ago, shortly after I purchased my Nikon D40x. I used it enough at that time to figure out how to use the remote then I put it away until 2 weeks ago. Happy to say the remote still worked with the same battery. I used it when taking pictures at the Grand Canyon and like another reviewer, found I had to have the remote close to the camera when using it (maybe the battery needs replacing soon?). The remote runs on a button battery; replacements can be bought at most stores which sell batteries. The only complaint I have about the remote is its holder which has a slot to fit the (flimsy) strap that comes with the camera, otherwise one must improvise or keep good track of where they keep the remote when they're not using it....more info
  • Wonderful Product
    I took this remote with me to Peru and Machu Picchu. This worked wonderfully at ranges up to 30+ feet. I was able to take group photos with the camera on a tripod two tiers above my position. Also, this works great to prevent shaking the camera when trying to take low-light pictures on a tripod. Amazing traffic shots from freeway over-passes. The NIKON has an instant, 2-second and 10-second delay. The 2 second delay works best for group shots so people don't smile for 10 seconds and miss the moment....more info
  • Nikon D40 remote
    A must have with a Nikon D40. Awesome; Does the trick. Cool and simple to use....more info
  • Handy!!!
    I really like this item.........Lets me take as many pictures as I like. No running back and forth to the camera. Well worth the money!!!...more info
  • Great, as described and works fine, not many options
    Works just fine. I wish it had options right on the remote though (like for immediate shot or delay shot, etc.), rather than on the camera. Otherwise fine and works as it should....more info
  • Get IN Your Pictures!
    This remote works great. I use it with my Nikon D40x (or whatever the model # is)

    My suggestion, this remote is small and easy to lose. Keep an extra handy!

    (For all you techies... It works on IR, no direct connection needed like bluetooth, so you can use multiple remotes with the same camera without hassle)....more info
  • Necessary addon to nikon d-slr
    It is a very neccessary addon to your nikon d-slr. It works flawlessly and gives the remote access to click your camera. Perfect for taking self shots and night shots on tripod. Its small in size to fit in your camera bag (about 1.5 inch by 1 inch by 1/4 inch) and uses a button battery for operation. A must for your Nikon. ...more info
  • great for the price
    This little gizmo is worth the $12. What's really great is that it will fires my d50 & d40 simutaneously. get the same subject from different angles at the same time....more info
  • Great Tool
    This worked right out of the box and is incredibly easy to use. I'm using it with a D40 and the infrared sensor is close enough to the side of the camera that I don't have to point the remote right at the front; slightly to the side works just fine....more info
  • Useful Gadget
    Extremely small and preform as advertised.
    Nifty tool for long exposures and self portraits.
    Comes with battery....more info
  • Works if used correctly
    I'll keep this short. The remote only works if pointed towards the sensor on the front of the camera. I piggy backed my camera to a telescope and it would not work from the back. I just aim the remote directly in front of the sensor to get it to work. I have read it works up to 14ft, i haven't tried the distance test yet. I only really brought it to use on my telescope so i can use the bulb setting without touching the camera. Works for what i need it for, so i am pleased....more info
  • very nice to have
    comes handy if you like to be in the pictures.
    the only downside is that the camera sensor is on the front, if you are close to it it sometimes works form the back...more info
  • Great addition to camera
    Wonderful little accessory for my D80. Works well, is built well, has pretty good range. It's a bit small, so sometimes easy to lose if you don't keep track of it. Depending on your camera, you'll have to aim pretty accurately for the IR sensor. Long lenses can get in the way....more info
  • ML-L3
    Response time could be a little quicker but beats running to your spot when taking self portrait of oneself or with the family....more info
  • Best thing ever
    This remote is a life saver. I don't know how I was living without it. I always had problems when taking self portraits with my D50 until I bought this remote. It allows you to take great self portraits and make candid images of animals or kids. ...more info
  • nikon remote... OK- not great
    I got this to take pictures of kids and not have to stand behind the camera. I have to be directly in front of the camera or it don't work.
    I also have to reset my camera before I can do it again.. remote is just ok.......more info
  • great product, but no instruction book
    I love this little remote but it took a while to figure out how to make it work. I don't have much experience with SLR or digital cameras, so I wasn't sure if it was me or the product. My camera manual only tells how to adjust the time limit to use the remote (I have a Nikon D50), and the remote came with no instructions, other than to pull the tab to activate the battery. Once I figured out you had to set the timer and then push the remote button it worked great. Definitely worth the money in my opinion. Of course I am far from a professional and if photography is how you put meat (or vegetables as the case may be) on the table I am quite unqualified to make that call. But for the average "Jill" such as myself (or Joe) who just wants outstanding quality pictures of your family, it was a great $15 (after shipping) investment....more info
  • Works with Nikon D40
    works great with my Nikon D40. Do not even have to point at the camera, held it behind my back, and it took just fine. Of course this was indoors, so may have bounced off walls. Have yet to push it and it not take a picture. So, I rate this one as a great remote for my Nikon D40....more info
  • Pleased
    I recently purchased the Nikon ML-L3, and I love the product. It's great! While it may not have much functionality as some other remote shutters, it does exactly what its supposed to, and it does it well. I've read some reviews where people couldn't get it to work, and said it was a cheap product, but as long as you read the directions, and make sure your camera is in the right setting (remote) this product is great. Its nice and compact, just make sure you keep it close, cause its easily misplaced!...more info
  • Easy to Use!
    This is great! It was very simple to use (once I found a tip from another online user on HOW since there are no directions!) For anyone who is wondering...
    On my Nikon D50, I had to hit the "timer" button 3 times until the remote icon appeared without the timer icon. I would think that would be about the same on other models.

    I did have a little trouble getting it to trigger the shutter if I was more than 8 ft away. It worked great for doing some self-portraits!...more info
  • Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote for D50 & D70 Digital SLR Cameras
    What can I say? Simple to use. Works every time. Nikon makes great products. ...more info
  • Value!
    I should have bought this remote long ago. I'm a land-sea-sky-scape amateur who almost always uses a tripod. I had been using my camera timers for years, with both film and digital, to allow the camera to "settle" after I place my settings. This remote has allowed me to get my bracketed shots much quicker and it's nice to be able to get into some of the pictures myself without running away from the camera and trying to look natural after!

    It's a great item for the price. It came packaged with battery and one of those handy plastic tabs that prevent contact before purchase, which also prevents corrosion. I'm very happy with it. I bought two at the time since they were cheap and now I have a backup. I knew I would use it for almost all of my hobby shots. Great product.

    I've heard that some newer cameras have sensors in the back to pick up the remote. That would be ideal. I have to reach around to the front of my camera to the right to use the remote....more info
  • Nikon remote
    Great if you are alone a lot and want to take pictures of yourself from a distance. However, range is limited and you have to point the remote at the camera. It works well up to about 15 feet....more info
  • Simple, does what it says on the tin
    Take it out of the box, set the camera to remote control mode, point remote at camera from the front, press the button, it works. Could not be simpler. I have used it with a D40.

    However, I did notice that sometimes the camera would not take the photo, which I presume might be when it could not focus? Here comes the only gripe I have with this - there is no manual in the box at all - so I could not look it up to see whether I was meant to press, press and hold, half press - anything like that. I suspect it's just press to send the signal and that's it....more info
  • Great remote!
    This remote works great. It is quite inexpensive and functions quite well....don't know how I got along without it!...more info
  • Finally I'm in the photo! On three, ready....
    OK...last Christmas I had enough. I hate setting up the camera on a tripod, setting the timer to 10 sec, tripping the shutter and then running like a madman to get in the group photo. Of course you get there in 2 seconds and then have to wait stupidly (along with everyone else) for the flash to fire and the photo to be taken - I hate it! Now with Nikon's remote control you set up the camera, walk cooly to the group, ensure everyone is ready and then say, "OK, on three,, two (everyone smiles), THREE! Much better way to do this! You can also (at least on my Nikons) set it to remote&timer so you can trip the timer with the remote and the camera will fire two seconds later. I love this little device and for 13 bucks it's an awesome value. I also use the remote for low light tripod situations where I want to eliminate any camera shake at all....more info
  • Nikon ML-L3
    This arrived on time. I jumped on a plane the next day and have many excellent, low-light photos thanks to the Nikon ML-L3. It works great! What more can you ask for....more info
  • Pleasantly surprised.

    Yowza! I pickted this remote up for my Nikon D40, and this thing was shipped fast. I used standard shipping and it showed up in two days.

    As for the remote itself, it's smaller than I imagined (which is actually a good thing since it fits easily in my bag's pockets). I'm not sure about the pouch it comes with. It looks to be made to loop through the camera strap, which may be handy for some people. But, with its size, it's probably just easier to stick it in a pocket.

    The range on the remote is decent. I was about ten feet away, and the signal still went through to the camera.

    This is definitely something everyone should have in his or her camera bag. It's cheap, tiny, easy to use, and provides some much needed alternatives to standard shooting (I set my D40 up on a tripod near a bird feeder and got some great shots until a finch landed on my lens, but a simple push of the button shook the little dude off when the shutter released). ...more info
  • Great for photographing young children
    Trying to photograph my baby was too hard with a camera in front of my face, but this has made a huge difference. Now I set up the tripod and my baby can still see me and interract with me while I click the remote to get the best shots. Works great too when I want to be in the picture - no more setting the timer shots and having to run to get in place :)...more info
  • it's smart
    shipped in time and works as descibed. pretty useful when u take a shot for yourself and a group of people. ...more info
  • It's A Remote
    Does what it is supposed to do. It is small...don't lose it in th field. ;)...more info
  • i love this item!!!
    im an aspiring photographer.. i love it.. and it helps me when i am shooting children..especially toddlers.. YIPPIEEEEE!!!...more info
  • Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote
    A must have. Use with my D40 when shooting low light from a tripod. Works great from sides and back of camera as long as the distance is not too great. Wish that this item was included in the D40 package, however, guess that's expecting too much....more info
  • Works great with Nikon D40
    It works fine with Nikon D40, once you change your camera settings to remote. I will recommend to everyone who uses Nikon D40, 50, 70, 80...more info
  • Nikon D40 - works great!
    This is a must have for self portraits or long exposures or anytime!.
    The configuration on my D40 is easy, you just go into the Menu/shooting mode and choose either the "delayed remote" (2 sec) or Quick-response remote" option and you are ready to go. Not a problem with the remote because it is 100% fabulous, but a camera nag (or maybe operator error) is I wish I could save the remote setting as a default instead of losing the remote set up each time the camera shuts off and having to go into the menu to reset it.. Anyway, I love this little tiny simple gizmo. It has a little pouch which you can attach to your camera strap so its handy whenever you want it. I recommend this for everyone!...more info
  • Great Deal!
    This is an excellent product, it was cheap and works perfect with my d40x. I read certain reviews that said this product only worked pointing from the front of the camera. Well, i must say that's not true. I works fine even if you're placed behind your camera.

    It is simple to use. Super light and accurate. A great tool for selfportraits and/or steady shots to avoid the movement caused by the finger on the shutter. ...more info
  • Good value but needs instructions!
    I just got this for my D40 and it works as advertised. It really is pretty convenient if you want to use it for taking pictures of yourself remotely or if you want a steady shot for a low light shot. We were on vacation in Malaysia last year and I wanted to pick one up there and a store there wanted like US$60 for it! I remembered how much it was for on Amazon and passed on it. Having got this now, I realized how much more convenient it would have been to have had this then, especially with all of the family photos we were taking. A couple of issues that I should mention. There are no instructions that come with this device. You will have to go to Nikon's website to get an understanding of how to use this (essentially, you will have to set your Nikon's shot drive settings for the remote). Also, the access to the battery compartment is confusing and unnecessarily difficult in my opinion. Nevertheless, it is pretty good value for the money....more info
  • The Nikon ML-3 Remote Is GREAT!!
    If you do a lot of work on a tripod or slow shutter speeds, this little item is the way to go. On my Nikon 8800 I can set either a 3 or 10 second timer, then use the remote to prevent any camera movement from pushing on the shutter release. Also works great for self portaits....more info
  • Great camera accessory
    I bought this to use with my D40 and it works great. It didn't come with directions so it took me a minute before I realized to change the camera settings to remote in the shooting mode. Highly recommended, inexpensive camera accessory. ...more info
  • Just what I needed!
    This is such a handy, easy to use gadget, I can't believe we didn't get it sooner. For those looking for instructions on how to use it, just check out your camera's owner's manual and about 10 seconds later you'll be snapping pix!

    Highly recommended product to accompany the camera -- and affordable no less!...more info
  • Work perfectly with Nikon D40
    With this one and a tripod, you can improve significantly your long exposure shot (where even a gentle touch can introduce some vibration to your camera). This is also helpful when you want to take self portrait, or group photo with you in it but don't want to click and run back and forth several times ;-)
    Since it cost you only more than 10 bucks, it is really an excellent investment....more info
  • Good Product for the Price
    This remote works well with our Nikon SLR camera. You can either set it up to take instant shots or with a short delay, which we we can try and get wiggly kids ready for the picture. No more trying to beat the clock on the timer function on the camera....more info
  • Works pretty good
    Just bought this product and have been using it ever since, really convenient to keep clicking pictures. Easy to use - Setup the camera in remote or delay timed remote shutter release mode and point the remote to left side of the camera and press the button. My only complaint is that if you don't point it to the left side, it does not work....more info
  • Helpful little product
    This is definately worth the $20.
    It frees up your hands for those portraits you want to be involved in as well timed/long exposures and all other situations where you want to minimize camera shake as much as possible. Couple the ML-L3 with a quality tripod and that should suffice for any touchy situation you may have.

    I gave it four stars due to the fact you have to be in front of the camera for it to work.I suppose if you are creative you could hook up some sort of mirror contraption lol....more info
  • Works perfectly with my D80
    I absolutely love this wireless remote. It works perfectly with my Nikon D80 and has been a great tool for shots that I couldn't pull off before....more info
  • Perfect.
    Does exactly what I expected it to do in a small, easily pocketable size. You won't regret it....more info
  • works with the Nikon D40
    The description does not specify, but this remote control works perfectly with the Nikon D40. It is small, lightweight, and cheap. Highly recommended....more info
  • Easy to use and flawless product
    I've been using this wonderful remote to shoot photos with my Nikon D70. It works like a charm everytime.

    Hint: to use the remote with your camera on a tripod just point the remote from directly above and pointed down toward the shutter release. Your hand will be completely out of view of the photo. The remote works flawlessly in this fashion every single time.
    ...more info
  • Best remote
    This is the best little remote and very easy to use. It has helped me take pictures that would blurry without it. No more waiting for a timer to go off. ...more info
  • Remote is great.
    It's a great value product, since you can always take a good shot with no need to run like crazy to be in the picture.

    You can set your camera to be with the remote sensor on and you just change your smile and press the button. Change positions, and shoot again. That's great for the family or groups pictures......more info
  • Small and great
    This is a a great accessory. Everyone who has a Nikon should have one. It makes taking a picture with the photographer in it easy.

    I have a Nikon D40, the best little DSLR and the ML-l3 is wonderful....more info
  • works well
    Purchased this remote for a Nikon D60. It works well from at least 10ft, although it must have a clear sight line to the label side of the camera....more info
  • Every Nikon Kit Should Have One
    For just about ten bucks, the ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control is a must-have for almost all Nikon D40/x/50/70/80 users. Being an IR Remote, it has it's minor disadvantages, such as the inability to conceal the remote completely, when taking photos out in the open. It works better indoors as the remote is more likely to be able to deflect the IR light off of an object to get to the camera. Think of it as a remote control, not so much a radio transmitter.

    Using an IR remote will drastically reduce movement from releasing the shutter on the camera by hand for long exposures, and saves having to set the timer for every shot. The result will be clearer and sharper exposures.

    This is, in my opinion, probably the second most important must-have next to a tripod if you own a D40/x/50/70/80....more info
  • No worries with this!
    I have a Nikon D50, and the remote worked like a charm. I didn't experience any of the range problems that some others did (some reported that the sensor didn't work from behind the camera)... for me, it worked everywhere I wanted within a 4 meter radius, as long as there was a clear line-of-sight....more info
  • Works well
    I bought this remote for my Nikon D40 and despite reviews saying that it doesn't work well for portraits or from behind the camera, i have found it to work fine from all angles. It also has a very quick response time. Overall I am happy with it, and for the price it is definitely worth it....more info
  • Not the remote's fault, but...
    This cute little remote works just fine. Unfortunately, most, if not all, digital Nikons can only receive the remote's signal from the front.

    That is great for self-portraits and occasions where you don't want to touch the camera. I wanted to activate mine from behind, to get sneak shots of the local wildlife.

    It has sufficient range and sometimes you can bounce the signal off a ceiling or wall, like with a TV remote. I have even used it through windows.

    Nikon owners should get this remote, but I wish the camera was designed so that it would work from all directions. Guilty by association, so only three stars....more info
  • Perfect
    Just set the camera to accept a remote... There is a sensor in the back and front of the D40x. Great item!!...more info
  • It sets you free
    It sets you free! without help from others, I am able to take pictures for myself. Besides, it is useful to avoid shaking when I need a long exposure time photography....more info
  • Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote
    i got this remote for my D40. Small, light, easy to use. what else can I say? works great! convenient to have around and doesn't take up any room in a camera bag. just have to remember where you put it! :)...more info
  • Nikon Wireless Remote
    Very durable. I accidently left it in a pocket, washed it and dryed it on high. The remote survived the water, the tumbling and worked immediately after removing it from the dryer.

    Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control for D50 & D70 Digital SLR Cameras

    I have a Nikon D40 and this product works great when you are in front of the camera. If you are shooting using a tripod and you are behind the camera the sensor on the camera does not pick up the signal as well. I found I have to bounce it off something in front of the camera but that is a limitation of the camera not the remote....more info
  • perfect
    It's small, sleek, cheap, and does exactly what you bought it for. The battery has lasted me many months, and the remote has never malfunctioned. You can't beat this....more info
  • A Nikon SLR MUST
    I love my remote. If you want to do any self-portraits it is a must and the price is right....more info
    Once I learned how to use the remote,it has become a wonderful thing. I sometimes have a problem keeping my camera still when taking shots and this remote has come in very handy. I like taking pictures of my nieces and nephews and even my dog. This enables me to interact with them and just shoot when I have them ready for the shot....more info
  • Works fine
    Works just fine with my Nikon D40. No complaints other than I really think Nikon should give everyone one with camera in the first place....more info
  • Works very's perfect!
    This remote is very small, and it does what it's supposed to do. You will not be disappointed...especially with the price.

    I say, get one. You'll always be able to find a use for snapping pictures so that you don't cause camera shake through your tripod, and is also good for taking self portraits....more info
  • a bit puzzled
    This remote is a great gadget to have for my camera. However, it took lots of hunting and frustration to learn how to use it. There are no directions provided with the remote or with my camera....more info
  • Invaluable
    This is a great little remote. It works flawlessly with my D40X. It is really worth the price when taking low light level shots. If and when this breaks, I would definitely buy another one. ...more info
  • Great did it's job!
    This remote was great especially for the price. I wish that range was little longer. In all a great product and very handy.
    ...more info
  • camera remote
    I have used the product for several months now and it works very well.
    I use it for wild life pictures as I can hide away from the camera and still get the shot....more info
  • Works OK
    There is a bit of a delay, and it can sometimes be difficult getting the signal across. I have a D50. But it gets the job done....more info
  • A must have product!
    A simple product that works exactly as designed. A must have for your camera bag and for under $20, a steal.Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control for D50 & D70 Digital SLR Cameras...more info
    This is a great little 'tool' to add in helping the photographer that needs to 'step away' to view & not hinder the 'perfect moment'! A GOOD & inexpensive purchase....more info
  • Not Work
    I recieved this remote control without any instructions. Try to use and activate the camera but without success. I've read the Nikon D40x camera manual but again there is not a word of how to set up this remote control. I've returned this item. Very disappointed!!!...more info
  • Handy gadget
    The price was right, and the free shipping was the clincher. (when combined with another item)Works as advertised. The only caveat is the same as mentioned by others...... Must be in front of the camera....more info
  • Great for the price.
    In case you hadn't noticed, this product costs $13.00. Given this, you should not be expecting something that has phenomenal range, and advanced remote camera control features. This is a very simple one-button shutter release remote for a very fitting low price. I bought this device for my Nikon D40, and it works just as it is intended to. As others have mentioned, it's great for long exposures, particularly in bulb shutter mode.

    Some of the people who have given this product bad ratings have mentioned in their reviews that you might as well just use the cameras self timer setting. In many cases, sure, that will work just fine, but here are some advantages of using the remote over self-timer:

    -Bulb mode. If you use the self timer, you are still required to physically hold and release the camera button. Using the remote control, there's no need to touch the camera what-so-ever. Now, think about it. When you use bulb mode, chances are you're using it for a very long exposure. If the camera moves at all during the exposure time, you'll get a blurry image. Chances are you'll have the camera mounted on a tripod, but if the tripod is flimsy, you're still going to cause movement by pushing down on it. Press the remote control once to release the shutter, and a second time to close it. You'll have no issues with blurring.

    -Self timer mode can be tedious. After each shot with it, you are required to get up and put the camera back into self-timer mode. Say you're taking family portraits, and want to include yourself in the picture. If you're taking more than one picture, why get up, walk over to the camera, put it back into self timer mode, press the shutter release button again, and quickly pose again? With the remote control, the camera will stay in remote mode. You can stay in your spot and release the shutter as many times as you want over and over without fiddling with the camera each time.

    For $13, those 2 features are worth it, to me at least (especially the first one). This is not a do-it-all remote. It's just a simple handy gadget to add to your goodies bag. At this price, I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
    edit: This last august, I was in New York (not NYC, just a small town within the state). It turned out that the place we visited had great potential for star trail shots and other astro-photography (in other words, there was no light pollution AT ALL there). To my dismay, I forgot to bring this remote control with me. I had a very sturdy tripod with me, but in order to get good star trails, I would have had to stand there and hold my finger on the shutter release button for at least half an hour! Knowing what a ludicrous idea that would have been, I decided not to... I missed an excellent photo opportunity, all because I didn't bring this little device with me. Knowing now the consequences of not having this product, I would recommend it even more highly than before (and I will always make sure that I have it with me in my gear bag, now)....more info
  • Nikon Wireless Remote Control rocks
    We have a bird feeder in the front of my house and we get alot of sparrows and doves everyday. My office is right in the front of the house facing the tree with the bird feeder and I'm able to take all kinds of awesome shots of the birds without alerting them. I just sit my Nikon D80 camera on the Universal Digital Tripod and click away. I have not tried it yet, but with the wireless remote it makes it easier to take family photos with little effort. We also use the Nikon D80 camera, lenses and wireless remote for our Wedding Preparation business. It is a must have in my opinion. The Nikon D80 camera is awesome, but can get heavy at times and this gives you hands free picture taking.

    GOD Bless!...more info
  • Nikon ML-13 Wireless remote
    Works great on the D80 also, Price was outstanding and delivery was quick. You have to read your camera manual or do the on line tutorial to find the proper settings for it to work as instructions are not provided, but even that is a piece of cake! Also, it comes with a nice little pouch that fits right on the camera strap...more info
  • Fantastic toy
    I'm very happy with this remote control. It's small, hooks on to the strap, and works flawlessly.
    ...more info
  • ML-L3 wireless remote for D40
    Although the description says this remote is used for the Nikon D50 and D70 cameras, it can be used easily with the D40 and D40x as well, as described in the D40 users manual. I bought it for my sister as a Christmas gift and spent about half the money I would have spent if I had purchased it at National Camera.

    I use this remote on my D50 any time I put my camera on a tripod to help avoid camera shake or to take self-timer exposures of groups at family events (anyone else tired of being left out of pictures?). My sister is new to DSLR photography, but has a tripod for her camcorder - and now can't wait to use the remote to take family portaits.

    Remote for less that $15 is a must have!! Buy it NOW!
    ...more info
  • remote shutter conrtrol
    the nikon remote shutter control ML-3 works very well with the N65 nikon camera that I use for family activity and especially it makes it very easy for me to be in the pictures when I chose. Excellent qualty at a very attractive price....more info
  • Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote
    Just before Christmas, I purchased 2 remotes, one for myself and one for my sister-in-law. She loved it! She will use it for a women's group to take self-portraits. For me, photography is secondary to art (charcoal, oil, mixed media). I mostly shoot nudes, so the fact that this is not a 360 degree remote is a little inconvenient, but I was aware of this before I purchased it. This remote does exactly what it is supposed to and for the price, you can't beat it!...more info
  • something simple that works
    I've always been slightly perturbed that using a cable release was not possible with a Nikon D80 this little remote ML-L3 is the answer I was looking for - I mildly kick myself for not knowing it was out there. My intuition should have told me Nikon would have thought of it. Bill Patterson...more info
  • Nikon Wireless Remote
    Great and important accessory when you use tripods and long shutter speeds. Also useful when taking ego pics of yourself. Works fine. This little guy is TINY!...more info
  • Good enough sensitivity not Perfect
    Have to point the ML-L3 to the infra red receptor (1 meter away is fine) before making post...otherwise it just won't work. Overall, I think it is worthy buying it for 14 bucks....more info
  • Well worth the money
    I use it on my D40. Much more convenient for when I include myself in the portrait. No more rushing to meet the 10 second self-timer. I trigger the remote from a hand pointing the remote at the camera but out of frame (thanks to Ken Rockwell for this tip). I also get better low ISO night shots. No matter how gently I push the shutter release, it still seems to affect some shots, but this is no longer a problem using this remote!
    ...more info
  • Perfect!
    I believe I got this remote for under $10... A great addition for self portraits with a tripod. Works perfectly for my D80....more info
  • must-have addition for Nikon D40
    Works perfectly with Nikon D40 and makes 'group photos' a snap. No more sprinting from camera to group, only to find you bumped the camera while hitting the shutter release. Great range and inexpensive. Comes with small pocket that slides onto camera strap... always there when you need it!...more info
  • Nikon remote for D80
    This gizmo works great for taking group pictures. Nikon should supply it with the camera however....more info
  • Not what I expected
    I bought this to shoot portraits of my grandchildren, hands free, behind or parallel to the camera, so they would not pay attention to the camera. But because the remote must be pointed at the front of the camera, this is difficult to impossible. Spontaneity is soooo important, and this remote does not enhance my ability to get the shot!...more info
  • Small and simple
    I've been using ML-L3 with Nikon D40 and the combination works really well.
    I was able to trigger the shutter while to the side of the camera and several feet away. The thing is tiny so it'll fit anywhere and even comes with a nice protective pouch.
    The suggested price is high for what essentially is a simple infrared remote with one button, but the convenience is worth it. With Amazon's discounted prices it's a no brainer.
    ...more info
  • Nikon wireless remote review
    I bought the wireless remote for my camera from and I am very satisfied with my purchase. Of course anything from Nikon is first rate but above and beyond that, the item came very fast and it was exactly what I expected. Good Work!...more info
  • Flawless product
    Never feel left out of a family photo again! Everybody can be in group photos now :)...more info
  • Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control for D50 & D70 Digital SLR Cam
    Works great but the sensitivity is quite poor you have to to be in the middle in order for it to work...overall its ok....more info
  • did not recieve
    I ordered a Flash and remote. The flash came in but the remote was not in the shipping box....more info
  • Works well with the D80
    The remote works well with the D80. You have to make sure the camera is in the remote mode. I put the D80 on a tripod and pointed to my family members sitting in a group and having fun. They didn't realize I had the remote until the camera start flashing. I kept snapping pictures while being part of the fun. It was great. It is tricky at time to make it work. I wonder if you can stand behind the camera and use the remote? Will find out......more info
  • like it, but not in love
    works well most of the time the range is not as great as i was hoping as you really have to point it at the sensor or you wont have a chance of catching that shot you wanted

    im using it on a d80, but for the price you really cant complain

    ...more info
  • comes in handy
    what a great buy!! Perfect for setting up the tripod and taking self pics. Only downside is that the working distance is about 50-60 feet max, but i doubt i would need anything further than that....more info
  • Very useful
    Very useful when you use a tripod. The only problem is the camera design. The sensor is on the front of my camera - I use Nikon D40x. So the camera sensor is mostly designed for self-shots - very strange. When you shoot something in front of you and located behind the camera you have to move the control (in your hand) in front of the camera so it could see the sensor. It also means that at the time of shooting you have to be close to the camera.
    Otherwise it is 'must-to-have' item. I'm surprised it's not a part of the standard retail package....more info
  • Pretty much as expected
    Works well with my Nikon D40. I have a few complaints about how the camera must be in remote mode and all, but that's not a problem with the remote itself.

    The remote seems fairly sturdy. I wish it was more like my wired remote I used on my Panasonic Lumix FZ-20 that had a two position switch with a shutter lock option, but this will get the job done. It is IR so you do need to be somewhat facing the camera. You can stand just behind it without too much of a problem, but as with any IR device, you really need to point towards the receiver. The battery slider is a bit loose on mine; not to the point of sliding out but it won't always sit flush with the bottom of the case. More an annoyance than anything.

    All in all, I can't really complain. I do quite a few low-light shots so this is a must. Not having to deal with that annoying cable is quite a relief too....more info
  • Controlling the D80
    No user of the D80 (as well as other Nikon cameras that use this product) should be without the remote control. I just recently purchased it and have used it extensively to surreptitiously take pictures of birds and to take pictures where camera movement would occur from pressing the shutter release button or where using the timer is not possible....more info
  • Nikon Remote
    The remote works well from in front of camera but has some difficulty at angles. That being said, I would highly recommend it to any that wants to take pics that would require the shooter to be in the frame. Great for family or candid shots. I would score it a winner. The deliverly time was excellent as well....more info
  • Very good accessory
    Really happy with this remote control for my D50. Makes timer shots for groups much easier. Also expect it will come in handy to help steady regular tripod shots. Delivery was quick....more info
  • Excellent product. The best for Nikon D80. Highly recommended.
    Nikon ML-L3 wireless remote control is very simple and easy to use, especially with Nikon D80 SLR. It works both in the front and behind ND80. I had taken family pictures for christmas holiday, and gave them out to people for compliment of the seasons. Just keep pointing behind the camera, surely flash will come up. Incredible! ...more info
  • Good But Not Great
    This tiny remote hides good in your hand. You have to be pretty close to your camera with a clear path to the sensor (on the front of the camera), but thats not the remotes fault. It comes with a battery but I sometimes wonder if supplied batteries are as fresh and would work better if new ones were used. I do recommend it and would buy it again....more info
  • neat gadget
    i thought this was defective at first, or that i had a dead battery. it took me a while to realize the camera (i have a d80) needs to be set correctly to self-timer mode (same button as continuous shooting). once i did that, it was fine. i suggest using AF-A mode, which requires the camera to focus before it will shoot, as the button doesn't really depress halfway--well maybe it does, but its not a smooth action -- sometimes it just fires as soon as you press it. or shoot in manual-focus mode, unless you want out of focus pics. that's not really a design flaw, though, since this thing is under $20, but--and this might seem obvious in hindsight-- you do have to know the functions of your camera to get it to work correctly. as others have pointed out, it only works when there's a clear line of sight between the remote and the IR sensor on the front. so if you want to shoot from behind the camera, you need a cable remote. ok, no big deal. more stuff to buy. anyway, once i figured it out, it worked reasonably well most of the time. great for self-portraits and group shots with you in it. if you dont want a picture of you pointing the remote, use the self-timer. four stars because it does work and at the price, you can't really argue. sure, nikon should make one with a shutter button that depresses halfway or even better use RF to transmit its signal, but if they do it'll cost a lot more....more info
  • Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote a necessity!
    Used this remote for the first time at Christmas. Fantastic accessory!! Now everyone can be in the family pictures (including me!) by using this remote wireless shutter release. Also used it to simplify taking baby pics of the new granddaughter. "Must have" accessory....more info
  • Nikon ML-L3 wireless remote
    Even though it say it is for the Nikon D50 and D70, it does work great with the D40X....more info
  • Great Little Remote
    I bought this remote so that I could take pictures at a candle light Christmas service in which I was participating. The remote worked great from well over 100 ft. away and from various angles. My D80 camera was hidden in a small package with only a hole for the lens and a small hole for the infrared receiver. I held the remote in my hand the whole time and no one even knew I was taking pictures until a few days later when I sent out a slide show of the event. Great camera and remote....more info
  • Excellent little tool, works perfectly from front or side!
    This is a wonderful addition to my Nikon D40, I have been using it both for "self-portrait" type shots as well as tripod exposures where I don't want camera shake. It's much faster to set it to snap the picture on remote press than to use a 2 second timer on a tripod for every shot.

    To answer several questions, it can quite easily be used from the normal position "behind" the D40 when on a tripod, just reach the remote slightly around the side of the hand-grip and point the remote in the general direction of the camera, it has fired every time for me.

    The included case is great to slip on your camera strap so the remote is always available, and so you don't lose this little gadget!

    Excellent purchase, worth every penny!...more info
  • simple & effective
    Great product for my Nikon D70s. very simple to use and greatly effective for this price. Highly recommended....more info
  • Great Remote
    I bought this product based on reviews and I wasn't disappointed. I spent about $15 total and I would've payed twice that. Sometimes the sensor has trouble catching depending on where you are relative to the front of the camera but it does a great job. Its very tiny, decievingly small only about 3" long. I have already recommended this to a friend....more info
  • Does what it is meant to do!
    An excellent accessory for those occasions when you (the photographer) want to be in the picture you are taking. Instructions are not supplied with the remote. Instructions are in the manual for the camera. This particular Nikon remote is for the D50 and D70. Use, of course, requires that the camera be mounted on a tripod. Frame the picture, get into the scene, press the remote button. Take several shots since you are not behind the camera to see what other subjects may look like. ...more info
  • Handy
    For the price, its a no-brainer to get this, especially for those of us photogs that never get to be in the picture.

    * Cheap, just get it. Do it.
    * No setup needed
    * Be in the picture

    * Remember to set the camera up for this function (On the D-80 its the single/continuous/timer button just next to the shutter release). Sometimes this setting reverts, so make sure every so many shots that its still engaged.
    * Limited/unknown range. It doesn't appear to work from the left of the camera, you have to move yourself to the right so the infra-red receiver/transmitter can see the signal....more info
  • A GREAT accessory!

    Bought this remote for self portraits in travel and family get togethers. Works perfect for me...have to remember to set the camera to "read" it...beginner here. I think it's well worth every penny and is a great addition to my D50 accessories collection....more info
  • Handy Remote - Awesome!
    The remote is so handy & nicely sized--on the small size & I love it! The battery is easily changed and comes with the plastic slip piece so it's not a dead battery when you receive it. Just wonderful. It even has it's own little case so in my camera bag it's all cared for. Dandy....more info
  • Works well
    Works exactly as represented with my Nikon D40 and my friend's D70S. It works from in front of the lens, not from behind the camera. Set your camera setting to accept this mode and you can flash upon pushing button with it set on Auto camera settings or you can chose a delayed shutter release. Very handy for portrait work when you're trying to elicit response from subject by being close to them but just off camera....more info
  • Delay not an issue
    I was wondering whether to buy this product since I wanted the functionality of at least a 2 second delay after pressing the remote. (For family self-portraits).

    I have the Nikon D70. It dawned on me after I bought the remote that you can set the delay in the camera itself. I've tried it with a 2 second delay and it works like a charm. (Haven't tested it with any other delay setting)....more info
  • small and mighty product
    this little remote is smaller then expected. witch is nice, although easy to loose. functions well. easly hidden for the person taking the picture to be in the picture to be in the picture. also great for slow long shots on a tripod. ...more info
  • it's a NIKON !
    Not much can be said, other than another great Nikon product.
    It works without any problems whatsoever!
    Simple device, simple to use.

    You may want to read some descriptions as how to use it with your Nikon....more info
  • Great buy, Fast shipping
    This is one of the best things I've ever bought for my camera. It has quick response and a long range long as there is no obstructions....more info
  • Does what you would expect-- DOES focus image before triggering shutter
    It's no surprise that when you stand in front of the camera and push the
    button, the remote triggers the shutter. There does seem to be some
    confusion in reviews, both here and elsewhere, as to the remote's ability
    to focus the lens before triggering the shutter.

    This remote is capable of focusing the lens before triggering the shutter.
    However, it will not focus the lens if the photographer has already
    pushed the shutter release button on the camera half way down to focus
    the image or if you are shooting in Manual mode and have AF-C set as
    the Autofocus mode.

    This means that if you are composing a photograph and push the shutter
    button half way down to focus the image and you then stand in front of
    the camera and push the remote button, the image will not focus
    because you've already pushed the camera shutter release button half
    way down to focus. To get the image to focus while you are standing in
    front of the camera, compose the shot but do not push the camera's
    shutter release button half way down, get in front of the camera and
    then push the button....more info
  • Handy to Have
    I use this for the following:

    - When I don't want the camera to shake when taking photos with slow shutter speeds. (Also night shots when using a tripod).
    - When I want to take group pictures and include myself in them. (You can also set the timer using the remote).
    - When I am taking shots in the same place/position and don't want to hold the camera.

    The only con is that you have to aim the remote in FRONT of the camera. Or at a angle, you cannot be behind the camera for this to work. ...more info
  • Easy to use; great to be in the pictures for once!
    As an owner of a Nikon D40, I find that this product is simply a breeze to use. It's simple to set up (Custom Setting Menu - Shooting Mode - Quick Response Remote) and works well almost every time. The only time that I've had issues using this device is when I'm outside and behind the camera. Otherwise, it works great indoors, from any angle.

    It's added so much ease of use to my camera, and I'm glad that I can finally be in my photos! I would recommend this product to any Nikon camera owner who wants to have more control and use with their cameras....more info
  • Great Item
    Works like a charm.
    I agree with the other comments, should be part of the kit from Nikon when purchased....more info
  • Tiny little thing!
    Realize this is tiny! The longest side of it is only around 2 inches. That's good though, you need to conceal it when you're framing that family portrait! The device works perfectly for what you need it to do!...more info
  • Remote Digital SLR
    Handy little device for those of us who have difficulty keeping the camera steady or if you want to take pictures with yourself in them or from a hidden location to shoot wildlife or camera-shy people. I use this with my D40X Nikon....more info
  • Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote
    Great remote, works well, and it is small enough for group pictures to hide in your hand. I had no problems using it with my d40x....more info
  • Cant go wrong for the price.
    I dont use this remote very often, but when I do it works. I have no problems with it, but also dont find very many uses for it. For the price though it is worth it to have it in the bag....more info
  • What a great addition
    This is great for family portraits. Took my family portrait a few days ago. Easy to use and dependable. ...more info
  • Wish I'd bought it sooner!
    I can't tell you how many times I've run back and forth between my camera and family to set the timer to shoot a picture only to see my son make a mean face or turn away. With this remote, I can simply push the button when we're all ready. I actually shoot with no timer or delay, just push and click I got it. So helpful. Additionally, the remote means my camera stays rock solid steady. I can shoot stop motion with it. Or compositing elements from one shoot to the next in photoshop is super easy to. The registration is perfect. The camera never moves. I love this thing. For what it does, the price is ridiculously cheap. Buy it....more info
  • Should have come with the camera
    it takes a picture nothing more. It would have cost nikon $5 more to put it in the box....more info
  • A Must Have
    Bought this remote for group shots and night time stills, for the price and the range you've got to have it in your bag ( or on the camera strap with the included case) Great product and great price...more info
  • Works great with Nikon D50
    Nice little remote, comes with a storage pouch. Works fine, range seems good enough, I had no problems making it work with my Nikon D50....more info
  • Good remote for Nikon D80
    It works as advertised. I would buy it again. I give it only 4 stars because I don't find it as useful as the wired remote cable for the D80. I don't take self portaits very often, and the wireless remote is not as useful as the wired remote for bulb setting because it needs to be able to 'see' the IR....more info
  • Does exactly what it's supposed to
    Simple - easy to use - nice holder.

    I set up my D50 to use the remote in about 20 seconds. Very simple and the remote works exactly as expected....more info
  • Works Perfectly- GREAT Item
    This remote control is a handy little gadget. And I mean little- it is tiny, it will take up no space in your kit, and is invisible in your hand when taking group portraits. The remote is 1 inch wide, 2 5/16 inches tall, and 3/8 inch thick.

    No more releasing the shutter and then scurrying into the picture. With the D40 in "Quick-response remote" shooting mode, I can take multiple single shots by repeatedly pressing the remote button. It works well, is inexpensive, and a great gadget to have. It will auto-focus if you have the appropriate lens and settings. Reviewers who could not make this work properly apparently have trouble with their TV remotes, VCRs, and toasters. There are NO directions included with this thing-- it's that simple.

    Other great uses include extreme close-up work (flowers, etc), extreme slow shutter speeds (recent eclipse), and studio portraits where you want the subjects to look at you and be less distracted by the camera. This DOES work from behind, or next to, the camera, just not eight feet behind; for side and rear use you need to be somewhat close by. It's WELL worth the $16 or so dollars....more info
  • it works
    well, it's a remote and it works well on my D40. now, i can take pictures with myself included in group photos and i don't have to press the camera to take additional shots. i just press the remote and i can take multiple shots without leaving my position. highly recommended!...more info
  • Oh Please!
    Pay no attention to the troglodytes rating a IR remote based on the location of the IR sensor on their CAMERA. It's pretty simple: press the button, and the camera makes a clicking sound, unless you messed up the settings. Like every remote before it, you have to actually point the darn thing at the sensor. Ever worked at TV remote?

    FYI the D80 (and others I presume) will focus, THEN take the picture if its in auto focus mode. If it can't focus, no picture. In manual focus mode it will fire every time.

    Now to ask the question that is on everyone's mind. Can I program my Harmony 550 remote to mimic all IR communication between my camera, remotes and flashes?

    UPDATE! Yes...I can teach the harmony to do it. Cool....more info
  • Nikon ML-L3 Remote
    The remote works well with the D80. Just wish didn't have to be in front of the camera for the signal to work. Has time delay and fast shutter release. ...more info
  • Pretty good remote control
    Good remote control, small the price is cheap compare to canon. you should get one if you plan to take pictures at night with tripod. It work great with my D80....more info
  • Instructions - Works with D80
    This product works with the Nikon D80.

    In order to make the remote work, you will need to activate the IR receiver on the camera. You can do this by pressing the "shooting mode" button on the right side of the camera. This is the button in front of the button marked "AF", and has an icon that looks like a few frames on top of each other.

    Press the shooting mode button until you see what appears to be a remote control (for immediate shutter release) or a remote control with a timer in front of it (for a 2 second delay).

    Point the front of the remote anywhere towards the front of the camera and press the button. You will see a white light glow on the front of the camera, but you will not see any light being emitted from the remote control.

    I use both the cable shutter release (MC-DC1 - Remote Cord) and the remote control (ML-L3), and I am very pleased with both. However, the cable shutter release will activate the auto-focus; whereas, the remote only will trigger the shutter (you'll need to focus first).

    Nikon MC-DC1 Remote Cord for Nikon D70S Digital Cameras...more info
  • Not so much
    I'm a Nikon fan--but I find this product sub-par. Does not work in sweet light/sunset for portrait shooting. I ended up using the timer and running back and forth for pics of my family. It does work inside if you point the remote directly at the camera and rush to get your hand down for a natural pose. Nikon can do better than this. I'd rather chip in some more cash for some extra juice on the power needed for this remote....more info
  • Remote Control fails on one thing
    The remote control is very handy when taking family photos and the photographer wants to be included. The only thing is that the remote fails to focus when you press the button. When you press the button it takes the picture, its not like the remote cord where you press it half way down to focus and then finish pressing it to take the picture. You're going to have to focus your camera first and then you can use the remote to take the picture. Other than that it is very handy, remember to put your camera in the mode to recieve the remote signal and remember to point it at the lens so the sensor can "see" it. ...more info
  • Excellent for Astro Photography
    I bought this remote with the intent of using it for taking Astrophotography Pics with my Nikon D50 DSLR. Just as I imagined my pictures are at least ten times as still as they would be if I pushed the shoot button on the camera myself....more info
  • Shipped fast, received as ordered, works great with my D70
    Shipped fast, received as ordered, works great with my D70.
    Nice for setting camera on tripod, and then shooting away with remote.
    ...more info
  • Remote Photo Gizmo
    The remote for the Nikon D40 is an excellent product works without any problems is very easy to use even a caveman can use it !! I take cruises in the countryside by myself as I am retired and take photos of the scenery and other sites..well now I put myself in the photos with just a simple press on the remote and the photos come out perfect !! I highly recommend this remote to everyone who wants to be in their photos more often....more info
  • Nikon quality
    Good remote, works great with my D-50. Haven't used it much yet, but it seems to function pretty well. Triggering the shutter isn't as tricky as some people make it out to be. Fine product, well worth the price....more info
  • D40 Wireless Remote Shutter Release
    This is so cheap you shouldn't be without it. Although listed for other Nikon models, also works great on D40. Useful for those family portraits during the holidays. I've been using mine for shooting hummingbirds off a tripod on the patio. Effective range seems to be 8-10'. Must be facing camera and line of sight to work. Uses coin style lithium battery(included). Paid less than $8 at Cameta. ...more info
  • Required reading
    You MUST have this little gem if you have a Nikon D40, D50, D70 or D80. I don't know why they don't come in the box. Great trick from Ken Rockwell: the ML-L3 converts the 'BULB' mode to 'TIME' mode for long exposures. With 'BULB', the shutter remains open as long as you hold down the shutter release. Quite a pain for hour long star trails. With the ML-L3 in 'BULB', the first button press opens the shutter, and the second one closes the shutter. (What Nikon in the past has called 'TIME'). Achtung: once in Remote Control mode, if you prefocus, that focus remains set for ALL subsequent remote shots. If you don't prefocus, every remote shot will refocus. Good to know/remember. Further, you MUST be in line-of-sight with the little IR receiver on the camera. Find out where yours is and make sure it is not blocked by the lens and it should fire every time....more info
  • A great accessory.
    This is a great accessory for any Nikon camera that supports it. Taking fireworks and sunset shots are a breeze with this gadget.

    There seems to be varying opinion regarding the ease of use of this product and I think I've figured out that it completely depends on your camera model. My D80 allows me to select the remote for use with just a couple button presses on the camera body and doesn't require me to root around through any menus on the LCD, so I find it very easy to use. I suppose that cameras without this feature would make the setup less intuitive.

    My only gripe about the product is probably more against the camera, but it does seem to require a more head-on activation than I'd hoped....more info
  • Nifty little remote works with D80 too
    I bought this remote on a Saturday evening for a Monday photo shoot so needed to buy it at a local photo shop. I paid almost twice the Amazon price and felt it was still a good deal. Now I'll buy a spare from Amazon since I'm known for leaving little gadgets in my pockets for my wife to wash in the laundry!

    Seriously, this remote worked exactly as described and it worked perfect for my application. I took over 100 head and shoulder shots of 30 high school students over a 45 minute time frame. I needed to move fast. My D80 was setup on a tripod and with multiple off camera flashes in slave mode. The remote made it extremely easy to snap off pics without touching the shutter button.

    The remote must be pointed at the camera but the camera seems to pick up the signal from all sides of the camera. Very helpful.

    > Small and lightweight
    > Uses flat CR2025 batteries not AA or AAA
    > Works as described
    > Works from any angle, very handy
    > Because it is so small, can easily be hidden in hand for remote triggering of self portraits

    Very Minor Cons:
    > Almost too small...
    ....could be easy to loose (would love the ability to attach a small lanyard to put around my wrist) is so light that you hardly feel it in your hands so sometimes I held it backwards (I'll probably get used to the feel)

    Recommendation - makes tripod shooting much easier!...more info
  • Great little gadget
    This inexpensive wireless remote control works great with my Nikon D70 as long as you know where to point it at the camera. This criticism is on the camera design, not at the remote control.

    Since the D70 does not have mirror lock up, this remote control is almost a must to prevent camera shake. I use it every time I photograph the moon and fireworks. It comes with a carrying case that can be attached to the camera strap.

    I have had this almost since I bought the D70 in April 2004 and it's still working great! I have taken it to cold places like Churchill, Manitoba in Northern Canada and Antarctica. Since I've never had the need to change battery, I honestly don't know if I can replace the battery....more info
  • Love it
    I have a Nikon D40. It was easy to use with it. I also have a one year old, so this remote was invaluable in allowing me to position her and quickly take the shot with me standing right next to her (but just out of the pix). Highly recommend!...more info
  • Great product, great price, easy to use.
    Althought it has some downfalls, like not being able to shoot quite as fast as your camera is able to, and not always working from behind things or facing away from the camera. For 8 bucks (that's what I found it for, don't pay more than that), you can't go wrong. There is no setup involved, you just activate the battery and go. D50 and higher support it out of the box. I also have a D40x which also supports it, it just takes some setup, which you will need your camera manual for, as this product doesn't come with a manual.

    An absolute MUST for any nikon user. Cheap, simple, works pretty good....more info
  • Works per design
    This product works just as it is designed to do. Note: due to the limitations of camera operations, some features are not available w/ the infrared remote. The only time you can use the infrared remote, is when you have the wireless remote turned on; this works in instant picture mode and timer modes ONLY. It is, however, great for landscape, self-portrait and other situations that you'd need remote shutter control or minimal/no camera shake. Keep this in mind with your purchase, and you'll be happy you got this added tool....more info
  • How to pair the ML-L3 wirless remote control with your Nikon D 80 camera
    I was quite worried when I brought the ML-L3 remote control for my Nikon D 80 camera because the Nikon website did not include this product in the list of accessories for the D 80. I also got mixed reviews from certain customers form Amazon. I have brought this product and it woks perfectly with the D 80. Go to the cnet link here to find out how to pair the device with your D 80. These instructions are hard to find in the instruction manual. info
  • It's okay...
    This remote works fine, but not great. The range is somewhat limited and you have to point the remote directly at the camera for it to work. As a result, I have recently taken a lot of photos of myself trying to get the dumb thing to work.

    On the other hand it is very small and extremely handy, just don't misplace it or you never may see it again!...more info
  • Fine product; poor instructions
    Let me state right off the line, that this is a very good product, giving a wireless remote control solution that is both cheap and easy to use. Great for including yourself in family or scenic photos without having to outrun the self-timer. It also ensures that you will not shake the camera pressing the shutter release in longer exposures.

    That said, setting up your camera to receive the remote's signal is not intuitive (at least, not for me). Compounding that, no instructions are included with the product. I first thought the controller was broken.

    Compounding that, there are instructions buried in my D80's manual, but they are simply not found with a logical search of either the table of contents or the index. After an email to Nikon (and a strong recommendation to throw in an instruction sheet), everything is fine.

    With that caveat, buy this product. If a brief instruction sheet were included, this product would easily get a five-star rating from me....more info
  • Works on D80
    Straight forward to use, however it has to point to the sensor area on the camera body, not very wide range as I had thought. Still, it is something good to have....more info
  • Works great, once you figure out how!
    Someone else here said that, though the unit comes with no directions, it's a no brainer to figure out. That other reviewer must be smarter than I am, 'cuz it took me a while to figure out how to make this work.

    For those in my intelligence range and working with the Nikon D40, go into your menu settings, and enter the menu with the pencil icon. Select Shooting mode then select Delayed Remote. (This may be buried under Self-time on some models)

    Once set, this little guy works great. It sure would have been nice for Nikon to include some basic instructions, however. ...more info
  • fun to use
    I brought this after I realized I was not in many of the pictures with my new daughter because I was behind the camera taking the pictures. Now I can place the camera on a tripod and be in the pictures. Fun to use with the D50. You may have to point it directly at the camera but can probably point at a reflecting surface and bounce the signal to the camera also. So far I am happy with this product....more info
  • Simple and effective...
    Simple and effective. A previous reviewer said the autofocus didn't work... thought that was a negative but I wanted it anyway, so I got it. Turns out, with my D80, the autofocus works just fine. Press the remote button, it focuses and shoots. Don't want it to focus before shooting, turn off the autofocus. There's even a function on the camera to use the remote with a timer so you can get in place, trigger the timer, and get your hand back down before it fires.

    Nice little gadget!...more info
  • A must-have for all D40 users!
    This tiny Remote Control works flawlessly with my Nikon D40 DSLR. It is far smaller than I had expected (making it easy to misplace); I immediately installed its little fabric carrying case on my camera's neck-strap to minimize the odds of that happening.

    Once the D40 is set to recognize the ML-L3, it works splendidly from the front, sides, and rear of the camera, making it much more convenient and elegant than the old-style cable releases. The range is around 20 feet or so, and yes, you can bounce the beam off a hard surface and the camera will still 'see' it and act accordingly.

    Truly a must-have for all D40 users and, as a side-note, Amazon delivered mine in record time.

    I'm thrilled with my purchase and will definitely order more goodies from Amazon!...more info
  • Works with the D80 as well
    This does work with the D80; you can frame your picture and then take off the eyepiece cover and put an optional cover over it and then go sit in front of the camera with the remote setting on and shoot away. It is nice to have if you would like to set up your camera in a stationary position....more info
  • Also works with D40
    I just bought mine at my local camera store for $18.00, so Amazon's is a GREAT price. I have only used it to test it so far, but it worked fine with my Nikon D40. ...more info
  • Great Little Remote for the Nikon D50
    I purchased this remote to enable me to include myself in some photo's without having to set the timer and get into position. This allows me to take numerous shots at once if needed. A small price to pay for convenience....more info
  • It's worth it. You never know when you might need it!
    For the price, it's worth purchasing even if you're unsure as to whether you'll need it or not. I use it everytime my D50 is mounted to a tripod, just to be sure I don't add any added movement to the camera and lens during exposure. Why else would this come in handy? Self-portraits and group photos where you would like to include yourself! No more hassle with a self-timer.

    Get it. It's small enough to put in your camera bag, or carry in your pocket. And you'll definitely end up using it more than you think you will. ...more info
  • ML-L3, A Must Have
    I have had this for quite a few weeks and I have to say its a must have for a landscape photographer. I mostly take night shots (long exposures) using a tripod and the slightest movement will blur my picture. when i push down the shutter button, that would shake my tripod (not a very expensive one) and i would have blurry pictures. Now, i have the ml-l3 and i cannot live without. It is a must have for any pro-photographer, as well as amateurs. And you can't beat the price either. My advice: Just Get It! P.S. It doesn't just work with the d50 and d70, it also works with my n75 as well as others. ...more info
  • Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control for D50 & D70 Digital SLR Cameras
    I neat accessory. worth the few dollars to buy it. Very asy to take pictures with. I recommend it!...more info
  • After 2 years, still works great.
    This is a great item that has been tucked away on my camera strap in its little case for over 2 years now, and still works great. It does have to be in sight of the IR window on your camera, but will trigger your shutter from at least 75' away. It is perfect for group shots, and landscapes to help with shutter vibration. ...more info
  • Small and works great
    It works great with Nikon D70. It is very compact to put in the camera case. Only bad part is that does not do auto focus for you. You have to set focus before use it. It is great for wide angle landscape shots....more info
  • Itty Bitty Remote
    I have recently switched over to digital after years of 35mm photography. In all those years I used Canon and Minolta as my cameras of choice. This is the first time I purchased a Nikon. I bought this for use with my new D-80 (really good camera). The remote is a necessity if you are planning to do any closeup or low light work. The remote is very basic and it is small enough to put in just about any nook in your gadget bag.

    Therein lies the problem and thus my three star review; there is no way to attach it to the camera or camera strap. Therefore it is rather easy to loose (I have misplaced mine twice thus far) With my Canon wireless remote, it came with a bracket that attached to the camera strap. That way the remote was always ready to go. The other fault I found with this remote is that there is no way of knowing if the battery is working or not. One can just aim it at the camera and see if the indicator light flashes that it received the signal or not but a function LED would be nice. It is much better than a wired remote for long distance work but you must be in front of the camera for it to work; great for getting in on the fun when at parties and other social events.

    Overall this functions as promised but it is very, very basic.

    ...more info
  • Better design needed
    The wireless remote works well as designed; however, the design could be improved. Notice that there is no eyelet on which to attach a tether line to the remote. A tether line would allow you to hang the remote from a tripod, much as you would a cable release. As it stands now, I have to keep reaching into my pocket for the remote and then put it away while I set up for the next shot. That gets tiresome after several dozen landscape shots....more info
  • Love It!
    We have been anticipating the delivery of this product. It arrived on time, and works like a charm....more info
  • Very small and useful
    Great for family groups, no running from tripod to group. Most effective from stage right, or left from camera/tripod point of view. Next will try nature shots, up close to birds at rest etc. Does not work with D200. Understand it works with Nikon D70, D70s, D50, D40, D40x, D80....more info
  • Nikon remote module
    Got what I ordered in good time and at a good price. Remote works fine....more info
  • Not So Good...
    This little infrared remote must be used in front of the camera. So, its most useful function is taking portraits of yourself. Hardly worth the effort....more info
  • Good Product for the price
    This remote really does serve its purpose. You push the button, and it takes a picture. The good points are that its small and it focuses the camera so you get a good picture.

    The Negative aspect of this remote are that it is delayed, so you get the picture several seconds after you hit the button. Which really isn't a big deal. Overall, I think this is a good deal!!...more info
  • Works on D40x
    I bought this for my D40x. I have tried a few snaps and it works great. You just need to adjust the settings on the manual for Remote Control on your D40x camera. I recommend this if you want to take self or family photos where you will not miss anyone out....more info
  • Yes!
    It's a Nikon product, so I trusted the name. It's cheap. It works flawlessly. It's so simple that it has only one button. Period. Push the button, take a picture. Perfect. If you've ever wanted to take a family portrait at a family reunion without having to set the self timer and run into the picture, you need this....more info
  • Limited use!
    The range of effective connection via infrared is short. It does work but the working distance is limiting its use! I wasn't that much impressed with this control....more info
  • works great
    Very simple (one button), Lithium-Ion battery, line-of-site to about 30 ft. Works on D-80s too....more info
  • D50 IR remote review
    This remote is a great little addition to the Camera. In an enclosed space (no sunlight) it works at least over 40ft. It's small size makes it very convenient to stow. Inexpensive too....more info
  • Does exactly what it says
    This is a must have for self portraits. I use this also to take photos of birds on a birdhouse/feeder that is several feet away from my house. It allows me to release the shutter on my Nikon D80 and not run off the birds or squirls that come close to the camera while on a tripod. The remote works a lot further than Nikon indicates which is very good. I see no reason to buy a trigger release when you have this item as it does the exact same thing, but only better and further....more info
  • Great remote
    For $20, no one should be without this remote. I bought it and used it for a few days just to mess around with. Then I didn't touch it for about a week. One day I decided to shoot some sparklers and firecrackers just to experiment with. The remote made it easy to light something, get out of the frame and take the shot, without having to run to the camera to press the shutter button. I've also used it for nighttime shots of the moon, and a family portrait at a reunion. It makes for absolutely no camera shake when taking long exposure shots, and makes it easy to not be behind your camera when taking the photo.

    I highly recommend this. It comes with everything needed to use it, and as I said, for $20 you can't afford not to have this....more info
  • One of those things you can't live without.
    What a nifty little device. I use the remote with my D40x/tripod and its very easy to master. FYI, it does not come with instructions - for that, please refer to your camera's user manual. The remote itself is very thin/small in size - great addition to your camera bag....more info
  • Works great!
    The remote works very well with my D80. Indoors or if the camera has nearby objects, the IR beam seems to bounce off and reach from any angle, even directly behind and from at least 10ft away (I didn't have more room). Outside without surrounding objects, I was able to fire it from a side. I think its a great product. Match it with a Joby Gorilla tripod an you get easy to setup and trigger shots at night or in low lights....more info
  • Works Fine
    This remote is no powerhouse, you have to be fairly close to the camera however for the cost it's well worth having. It comes with a little pouch that attaches to your camera's strap. Once attached you don't even know it's there....more info
  • Oh the possibilities
    I ordered this thinking it was cheap enough so if it didn't work I wouldn't feel too bad. I also thought it would probably arrive weeks from now. But to my great surprise it showed up within days and works perfectly.

    A bargain for sure....more info
  • D70 REMOTE
  • ok, but not great.
    This remote serves it's purpose. I agree with one of the other reviews that there should be a sensor on the back of the remote. Makes shooting from behind the camera almost pointless, (stars, cityscape, etc) and the only reason for this remote would be to shoot yourself. As well, you can't press it half way down and lock in the exposure/focus like you can on the MC-DC1. One you fire, that's it so you better make sure you have the subject focused, and no one/thing moves, other wise it will fire the shutter regardless if it's in focus or not. The advantage over the MC-DC1 is that there's no cord to get in the way, and accidentally trip over, and cause an expensive accident. Depending on what you are going to use remote shutter release, you might want to consider the MC-DC1 and weigh out the pros and cons....more info
  • Simple and Worth every penny
    This is a simple well built little device. It does exactly what you would expect. It's been a tool in my camera tool box and I love it. Rugged and it works all the time. If you have a Nikon D Series Camera you need one of these...oh and a tripod in most cases....more info
  • RC
    The remote control was delivered ahead of the projected shipping time, no problem with the supplier. I was told by some that the remote control was designed for the D50 and the D70 and would probably not work on my D80. One reliable source did say that they used it on their D80 so I took a chance. It has worked without any problems and I am satisfied with it. A good investment for $20. ...more info
  • OK, but....
    This product works fine - once you get your camera (mine is a D80) set up correctly. I sort of feel like a dunderhead, but the ML-L3 comes with absolutely NO documentation. Having never used one before, and being relatively new to the D80, I could not get the remote to trigger the camera. I looked at every menu to no avail. Finally, I tried the "Bearded Rectangle" (shutter control) button on the top-right side of the camera, just below the shutter release button and right of the top LCD. You hold this button down and turn the rear dial until you see the Remote Control icon. After this it works fine. This IS covered in the D80 manual (I found later) but it is hard to find under "Accessories." Makes sense now that I've found it....more info
  • works like it should
    good range on this remote, unlike some of the reviews I have read about it. Works just like it should. My only reservation is not being able to re-focus using the remote....more info
  • Finicky
    I'm not sure if i just don't know how to use this, but I sometimes have to point it at certain parts of the camera for it to trigger the shutter. It would have been better if it triggered from any where otherwise I may as well use a cord. Other than that it works....more info
  • Wireless Remote Control D-50/70
    This remote gave me more freedom to create and explore. The Remote also allowed me to us it from behind the camera or 360 deg. around the camera. I did'nt know that the remote did this. It has worked flawless for me.
    Great addition!...more info
  • A must have for a tripod!
    Is a great product! The only reason I have it 4 stars was that I feel like they should have a radio signal remote not a inferred remote. But it works like a charm....more info
  • The Ml-L3 is a D-80 Remote too...
    Ordered this from Adorama, it arrived two days later, and 5 minutes after the UPS guy left, I was taking pictures using the remote with my Nikon D-80. For the price it can't be beat......more info
  • Remote control
    Very useful feature and accessory for my camera (Nikon D50). The wireless remote came in a very timely manner. I've been using it since I received it in the mail.
    Only wish it had a longer range. ...more info
  • Does everything it's supposed to do
    I bought this so I could be in some of the photos I took with my Nikon D50. Works great. Good range, even from front angle.
    This is just what I wanted. The Grandkids think it's magic....more info
  • Works great
    I am very pleased with the product. Works great with my D70s and has come in very hany dozens of times in my short time of ownership. Probably the best accessory I have bought thus far....more info
  • Small, very convenient!
    The remote control works quite well.

    Very useful for panoramic photography, when you don't have enough hands to level the cam as well as press the shutter button....more info
  • Great little gadget!!
    I recently purchased this item and was worried because of some of the recent reviews I had seen posted here. I decided I would risk the $13.99 to see whether it worked as indicated in the manual that came with my camera. It works great!

    You should have your shot all set before you push the button--that's the intended use according to the manual. I have found that autofocus will work (at least on the D40). The camera will focus and fire the shot immediately.

    I have small children that I love to photograph. I find that I can set the camera up to shoot a certain spot. I can then arrange the children and tease them into smiling. Then click--a perfect picture!

    I also use the remote for long exposure photography at night. I have used the timed delay, which works very well. However, with the ML-L3 I can pick the exact moment of the shot, which has given me some very nice results.

    This is perhaps the best $13.99 I have spent in recent years. I love this little gadget!...more info
  • Does fire camera, but will not initiate autofocus...
    The ML-3 does release the shutter okay, at least from the front and left side of the camera. However, I want to see the image I'm about to take and a half-press of the ML-3 button does not activate autofocus. You have to half-press the shutter release on the camera then release the shutter from the remote.

    To be fair, it costs very little. And the delay to release seems to eliminate camera vibration completely.

    If you want to be able to initiate autofocus off-camera with a half-button press, you need to use one of the cable releases....more info
  • piece of junk
    It is not working, i've tried changing the batteries but nothing, zippo. Made in China....more info
  • Disappointed
    It was cheap so I don't feel too bad. It just doesn't fire consistently. I have read all the reviews and I worked with it for a good while on several different occasions before coming to this conclusion. When it works it's great. Now I am just using the timer in the camera....more info
  • Wireless Remote Control
    I purchased this remote control for my D80. I like using a tripod to get as little as possible camera shake. There is also a feature with the D80 when the shutter release button is pressed, there is a lag between the mirror moving out of the way and the photo actually being taken which further eliminates vibration. Add this remote and you virtually take away any possibility for camera shake (wind not included)....more info
  • It does the job..
    The ML-L3 is very small and light, which is good for me, however some find this a cons.
    I bought this because i am into HDR photography and i need to get consecutive sharp image (sometime up to 7) and this is the only way to do it.

    I am using it with my D80 and it works flawlessly. it works within a good range (about 32 ft). the fact that you have to point to front or the side of the camera (hardly success from behind) i think is the camera design fault not the remote. if you don't like you can always get the cable release.

    The only thing i wish it had is auto focus, half press the remote do the auto focus and full press for the shot, now you have to half press on the camera to get the focus and then execute from the remote.

    overall, nice slim and light remote that gets the job done very well....more info
    This wireless remote control is really cool! it allows me to have awesome photos without the nasty blur that show up on photos when manually pushing the button on the camera. It takes my photography to a whole different level....more info
  • small and easy to use
    I bought this remote control for my Nikon 80D, works well. convenient to use after setting well on camera.
    I love it....more info
  • Bit annoying
    used this for macro work on the D70s and would have been better off simply using the built in "Timed shutter release" This can be set to 2, 5, 10 seconds if I remember rightly.
    1, This little gadget really needs to be aimed at the front of the camera which can mean 10 - 15 presses if you're behind the camera.
    2, Its to small. Put it down and you'll search for ages trying to find it. I would recommend a small loop like on a USB memory stick so it could be hung around one neck.
    When I upgraded to the D200 I was forced to buy a cable release. Which annoyed me at first but the cable release works.

    I still maintain that the built in self timer is better. For one you can use "Mirror-up" mode. This will increase sharpness enormously.

    If i use a cable release I use a Chinese copy I bought for buttons on fleabay.
    Spent more time looking for ML-L3 than using it.

    Still given it a 4 Star as it does work OK and may be convenient for other applications. ...more info
  • Better than wired
    It's a must if you like shooting slow shutter or nighttime. Because this is infrared remote, the included case covers the infrared, so I don't understand what the hole in its case is for???...more info
  • Must for nightshots
    I've had the product for over 6 months now, and this is truly a must for nightshots. I have a D50 and not having my hands on the camera while clicking the shutter button will reduce a LOT of hand-shakes and vibrations.

    Even though the timers will provide the same function, sometimes on a less-than-steady surface, the fact that you have to click the shutter button will cause some blurriness in the images.

    About other's comments about it having to face the camera - it's not entirely true. Yes, the remote sensor is in the front of the camera, but it does work at about 90 degrees from the camera.

    Also it's fun to place with especially if you give it to someone on a remote-shutter mode and you keep pressing the remote button to enjoy the expressions on their faces. Sometimes they panic, thinking that they broke it. :)...more info
  • excellent product
    Excellent product, not a complaint about range or sensor reach, and fits perfect with d80 (in case you're wondering)
    Arrived in time and in perfect condition...more info
  • Inexpensive but very helpful add-on to your Nikon
    What's not to love? This little remote is very inexpensive, but provides exactly what it needs to. At this price, why would you not buy one? A must for anyone doing long exposure, or self-photography....more info
  • Expensive from Amazon, same product
    Great Product, easy to use, I use it on my Nikon D-80. Nothing to plug in, receiver is already in the camera. Lost a star because at Amazon I paid twice as much as its market value because Amazon was the only place that had it in stock. Oh well. ...more info
  • Cheap and Good!
    gone were the days with those irritating wired remotes. the range is very good for this, and its a must have for group shots, you can set it to 2sec timer/remote etc. Focusing was no problem at all. saves one the effort of setting a 10second timer and trouble running from the cam to pose with the group etc.

    i got it for usd $16 and this remote is worth every cent of it. the pouch for it can be attached to your camera's neck strap, so you can easily get access to it and wont misplace the remote as its small.

    works with the D40, D50, D70 & D80...more info
  • Must Have gsdget !
    must have for long exposure, long lens. It is one of the few deals that come from Nikon that is importatnt....more info
  • Works with Nikon D80
    I purchased this remote unsure whether it would work with my Nikon D80. After switching the camera capture mode to the remote symbol and pressing the button it instantly took a picture. No other setup or installation required. I've only had it for 24 hours so I'll have to write more later when I've used it a while but it's perfect for what I wanted to use it for so far. Works with my camera and it nicely fits on the strap so you'll always have it with your camera. I recommend!!...more info
  • I love it
    I love this little thing. I own a nikon d50 and its a great little tool. I used to have to set the timer everytime so that I wouldnt have a camera-shake blurr, but now I can simply focus and press the button. I no longer have to wait 5 seconds for the camera to count down. Its a great product and I highly recommend it....more info
  • Worth purchasing!
    I didn't read the measurements when I purchased the remote so I was pleasantly surprised upon receiving it. The remote is very small and can be hidden in the palm of your hand. The only drawback is that sometimes it is difficult to hide the remote and still remain within view of the sensor. ...more info
  • Despite what others have said...
    I just got mine and had to test it to see if I really had to point it at the front of the camera (i've got a D50) to get it to work... I had read somewhere that someone tried pointing theirs from the top and it worked that way, so I tried it.Lo and behold, it worked. So I tried from the back, and it worked too! I even walked away and pointed it at the back and it still worked! It's super small, and you'd best tape it to your forehead so it doesn't get lost, but I think it's fantastic anyway....more info
  • Great misunderstood tool from Nikon
    A lot of people see to be having problems with this but I haven't had any. Indoors you can point the remote in the general direction of the camera and still have it fire. I just bounced the beam off the ceiling and still had it work. Out side if your standing beside the camera and even a little behind the camera you can still get it to trigger without an issue. The only legitimate problems with this setup is if your doing super wide angle photography with a 180 degree lens. If so just hold your hand in front of the sensor or tape a piece of index card to the grip and you can bounce the beam off it it. Nikon should have put a sensor on the rear of the camera, but on the D50 which is aimed at the semi-pro consumer, the need to do self portraits was prioritized. The D70s and above have a cable release port as they are aimed at semi-professionals and professional photographers. I love this release because it works with the bulb function for late night long exposers without any issue....more info
  • short on range
    It beats running back forth to the camera, but it can be tricky to hit the sensor just right. A must for anyone taking long exposures or family portraits....more info
  • Nikon, Remote, D70s
    This product is great. It allows me the time to set up my shots rather then rushing to get in the photo after setting the timer. I control the action, not the camera....more info
  • Works perfectly with Nikon D40.
    If you shoot using a tripod (or other support), want to avoid camera shake, and don't want to wait for the self-timer to count down, this unit is an excellent way to trigger your shot. The unit is very compact, and will easily fit into the pocket of most any camera case, or you can even attach the fabric case to your camera's neck strap. Keep in mind that the infrared receiver on many cameras is on the front of the body, so anyone having problems triggering their shot may simply not be pointing it toward the front of the camera body. It would be nice if there was also an IR receiver on the rear of the camera, but the failed shutter response that another reviewer described is not likely due to to a failure of the remote to perform its function. You also need to be sure that you have set your camera to the remote control mode. I stand behind my tripod-mounted D40 and hold the remote above the camera pointing downward. It successfully trips the shutter every time. ...more info
  • Wouldn't want to be without this
    If you ever use your D50 on a tripod, get the ML-L3 Wireless Remote. Don't wonder, don't think twice, just get it! Studio, tabletop, macro/micro, scenic, architecture, etc, get it! Cheap, rugged, works great, get it!...more info
  • Does exactly what it's supposed to!
    Functions just as expected. No complaints! Definitely my favorite camera accessory! Works great with my Nikon D70s....more info
  • Nikon Wireless IR Remote
    A must needed item for self-portrait and slow shutter photograhy. Works amazingly well.

    One constaint is the IR..i.e., it has to point to the IR receiver (which is in front of the camera), but that isnt a big issue, since the IR reciever is away from lens.

    When u can spend a grand in a camera, spending this $20 isn't isnt a big issue. I assure you, it'll be of great help....more info
  • Nice little remote for Nikon D80
    The remote name suggest it works only on D50 and D70, but it works also on the D80.

    This is a nice little 1 button remote that is very handy for tripod, self portrait and other uses.

    Simple and fun, recommended....more info
  • Good service
    Good service. received the ML - L3 Remote on time and is doing great....more info
  • Nothing really wrong with this.
    I wish it worked from behind the camera a little bit better, but otherwise this is a great purchase. Highly recommended....more info
  • It does what it should!!
    Great little remote, works like it should and has surprising range (a bit more than I was expecting for an IR remote)....more info
  • Works well
    Been using this for about a month now with my Nikon D50. It's a remote - so it's pretty basic. But it does what it's supposed to and that's okay with me.

    Buy it where it is cheapest.
    ...more info
  • Very useful addition to your D50 or D70
    I've had the remote for about a month now - use it almost everyday (doing a selfportrait project on flickr). It was tricky to figure out how to set the camera up so the remote would work - no instructions with the remote (on the D50 you press and hold selftimer, and then use the thumb wheel to set the camera to remote or remote+self timer modes - and in set up, you can set a timer that tells the camera how long to remain waiting for the remote 'session' - I use 5 minutes). Also, it works with 'bulb' or longer than 30 seconds in Manual mode - first click to open the shutter, second click to close (again, no instructions). Besides no instructions, wish this had a way to attach a small strap (pretty small, afraid I'm going to lose it) and would be very nice if it would do multiple shots (i.e. hold the remote down and let the camera shoot several shots - 3fps for D50) but it dosen't. Still - for the money, a great thing to have. Buy on line since its always sold out at local high end photo shops : )...more info
  • Very Pleased
    The remote operates as well as expected and I like the fact that I can program the amount of time between pressing the button and triggering the shutter (via the camera)- this way self-portraits won't show you pressing the remote....more info
  • A must have!
    Amazing! A genuine Nikon product for so little cash. I haven't tested the distance the remote will work from, but taking the family picture just got a whole lot easier!...more info
  • A Must Have Tool For Your Photographic Arsenal.
    This is a fantastic little remote. Its great for product photography and any other application where you dont want to take the risk of shaking the camera. For the $18 this is a must have tool for your photographic arsenal. Highly Reccomend....more info
  • Nikon-L13 Wireless Remote
    A "must have" for the price. Compose group photo, stroll calmly to your spot, and push the button on the remote three times. Select best picture and print....more info
  • Great Service
    I received my order ahead of schedule without any issues and my order was in perfect condition. Thanks so much!...more info
  • Must have for Macro work
    This is a must have for Macro work or long exposure work. I own the D80 and use it almost daily. The only limit to this product is the firmware in the D80 has a maximum exposure time of 30 minutes unless you use a wired trigger release.

    Recommend this to all Nikon owners....more info
  • Star Performer
    This works great in group shots where I'm part of the picture, placing the camera in the corner and snapping candid shots, or placing on a tripod and triggering instant shots so there's no movement. Has worked every time I've used it, and I carry it with me all the time....more info
  • could be better
    Once you set up your camera for remote, make sure you dont go back and try to take a shot using the camera button, it takes it out of remote mode (D80). Why cant they both work in unison? I dont know. Aside from that small issue, works as expected, first press is focus, second is shutter. They could have implemented a two stage button to have some sort of consistancy, but they chose to keep the remote slim....more info
  • Tiny Wonder
    This is tiny, which is my only concern since it could wind up on the bottom of my gaget bag. The nylon case helps ID the device. Not really concerned with the range since it is for family group photos and outdoor photos which I will be fairly close anyway....more info
  • Excellent product
    It makes taking timed exposures and your own portraits extremely nice. Rock on Nikon!...more info
  • Wireless Remote, no more, no less.
    I bought this device because I wanted a way to trigger the camera on the tripod and didn't want to use the timer. It works exactly as advertised and that is deserving of the 4 star rating. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars has to do with the design and functionality. It just feels like it should do more. More than merely a trigger. I believe that Ninkon desiners should have made it to feel and function like the shutter button then it would be a perfect little device. Maybe then it wouldn't be the ~$20 device but I think I would have gladly paid twice as much for something that does just that....more info
  • wife loves it
    bought it for a present for my wife and she loves it....more info
  • Remote for Nikon D80
    Very small, and with an exceptional design to complement the camera. It does not work well from behind the camera, but does well from on top to infront. The remote allows you to fire the camera without transfering motion and it does this job well....more info
  • Small but mighty
    This was a Christmas gift for our daughter-in-law and when I first saw it I thought she would be disappointed because it was so small. She said it is perfect because it can slip in a pocket or anywhere which makes it easy to bring along. It works wonderfully. So much better than having a delayed button and hurrying to get yourself in the picture....more info
  • Works great
    Now I can be in all of those group pictures or set my camera somewhere and then shoot...more info
  • Great remote.
    It does exactly what it's supposed to do. I am occasionally restricted by being a little too far away, but it's not much of a problem. Definitely worth the money....more info
  • Love This
    This product is great and purchasing it on amazon is the best and cheapest way to go. Most stores sold this product for twice the amount that I paid for it on amazon. It shipped on time and it works great!! It works great!!!!!!...more info
  • You must buy this
    This should be included with the camera in the first place. If you are serious about sharp photos, then buy a good tripod and this wireless remote. ...more info
  • Great product, great value
    I thought that a $15 remote would be sub-standard.
    I was wrong. This is a piece of gear that is a must to have. It is simple to set up, and simple to use with my Nikon D80. It works great, and has allowed me to be in the family pictures!...more info
  • IR Remote
    This is a line of sight remote control, and works well as such. I would have given the product a 5 if it worked at radio frequency instead. You basically have to be in front of the camera to activate it. If you are trying to take wild life pictures remotely, this may not serve your purpose.

    As with other labels that my be incorrect or incomplete, please note that this product does not work with the Nikon D200, however, I suspect it does work with the D80, and the D50....more info
  • Great gadet
    This little remote is exactly what I was looking for. I can't believe it isn't included with the camera. It adds so much value at so little cost. I haven't had any trouble with range. The only downside I have noticed is angle. The sensor is located on the right hand side of the camera when looking at the lens. Trying to get the camera to trigger from the left hand side of the lens is near impossible. The remote is line of sight, so I have even had a little trouble when directly in front of the camera. Usually twisting my wrist outward a little gets the camera to shoot, but that can make for some funny looking pictures. This is not a professional grade remote trigger, but well worth the cost in my opinion....more info
  • Wouldn't be without it
    This remote is wonderful, we don't know what we ever did without it....more info
  • Great when it works
    This little device provides great hands-free operation of my D50 and D80 cameras. There is no need to use timer and run from the camera to be in the picture. I also use it for taking portraits so that I could have more interactions with the subjects. When I used it indoors, the distance and the direction the remote is pointing to was great.

    Sometimes, the shutter of the camera did not release upon pushing the remote. The camera did not provide any error information when that happened. It was very frustrating when you pushed the remote and nothing happened and while you walked back to the camera, the shutter released. The same problem occurred to the shutter release on the camera occasionally, so I can't completely blame on the remote. But being feet away from the camera and could not get the camera to work is aggravating. ...more info
  • Remote control
    A necessary piece for astronomic photography, as well as many other types.
    This unit is a "Must-Have"...more info
  • Must-Have accessory but it should have been standard issue
    The remote works as intended, though oddly Nikon didn't bother putting a sensor usable from the back of the camera. Nonetheless, this little remote is worth the $13. I believe Nikon should have included it with the camera, though, as small and as cheap as it is.

    NOTE: Get it *directly* from Amazon and *NOT* from Eek Technology, or any other vendor as their shipping is a monstrosity. The box the remote comes in is about the size of a pocket matchbox or a Zippo lighter, and doesn't weigh a full ounce. The remote itself is very small, smaller than most car alarm keychains. Paying more than a couple of dollars for shipping is asinine. DBROTH charges $8 to ship this and Eek Technologies hits you hard at $12 to ship this miniscule item....more info
  • Great gadget.
    Got this remote for Christmas and it's been awesome. It was so much more relaxing taking family pictures without having to beat a timer, although I definitely noticed that I had some distance issues. When I used it again on New Years eve, we were much closer to the camera and I was able to take a bunch of group shots in fairly rapid succession. For the cost of this remote, there's no reason not to have it!...more info
  • Fun and Addictive
    I would never have though to buy a remote for my camera, but I saw the suggestion on Ken Rockwell's awesome Nikon site, so I went for it. This remote is so much fun, even my five-year-old is taking pictures with it. I've had it for two weeks, and I've done self-portraits, long exposures and group shots with it (no more running before the timer goes off!).

    This is a must if you want to do long exposures. I was able to put my camera on a tripod and use the setting that allows you to click the remote once to open the shutter and again to close it. Because I didn't have to touch the camera to operate the shutter, I got really cool pictures of stars and meteors with no camera shake....more info
  • Works Great.
    The ML-L3 works great with my Nikon D50. No directions come with it but the owner's manual of my camera explains how to set the camera up for it, it's no big deal.

    I have used it exclusively from behind the camera and have not had any non firing issues. ...more info
  • Poor..
    I ordered this remote on Oct 20 and I'm yet to receive it. This page still says its instock but I received a message from amazon that I'll have to wait until 15 January 2007. I'm not really sure I would wait 4 months for a remote after placing the order. ...more info
  • Performs as expected
    The device works as advertised. The range is limited, especially if you have sunlight directly hitting the infrared sensor on the camera. Indoors I have not had any problems.

    Some of the other reviewers complained about the lack of a manual. The manual that came with my D70S explains how to use the remote in sufficient detail. The exact details depend on the camera you use.

    Note: the camera will not release the shutter if it cannot focus in AF-S mode. You can avoid this problem by prefocusing the camera, i.e. hit the camera release button before you use the remote. You can also use manual focus.

    A definite buy at this price....more info
  • Works wonderfully.
    I recieved the remote 3 days after I purchased it, which was a nice surprise during this busy shipping season. I bought it to use with my D50, and it works great, even from behind the camera. The case it comes in is very handy - otherwise I would definitely lose it, because it is extremely small! I definitely reccomend it....more info
  • Slow delivery
    Ordered October 9th.... Not delivered as of November 22nd. Now due to arrive mid December. Yuck....more info
  • Works Great
    Bought this Remote about a month ago. It does what it says. You can even use it from behind. Great little device for the price....more info
  • Very nice gadget
    No need to run and guess whether the self-timer has already fired when I want to have a picture together with my girlfriend. Extremely useful when taking shots in low light conditions with long exposure, too. Works perfectly with my D50....more info
  • ML-L3 Nikon DSLR Remote Control
    This is an excellent device. Quick respond with my D80.
    I use it to take the family pictures that include me.
    I just point and press this remote to activate the D80's timer and It works beautifully....more info
  • Very nice, but you can easily lose it
    I love this remote. I find it very convenient to take self portraits and night time long exposure shots. Unfortunately I lost the remote during my trip to smokies and still have no clue how and where - might have slipped from my pocket in a hurry. I have ordered a second one now. It is so tiny that you do not feel the weight or volume in your pocket or camera bag. I wish it had a strap/thread or hole so that it can be attached to key chain or camera or etc. ...more info
  • Cheap, cool make the work.
    I love using it, long exposure, great for bulb. Cheap and cool. ...more info
  • Nikon Wireless Remote for D70
    Works as advertised. I use it extensively for environmental work where I want to remain a short distance from my camera. It's great for portraits where I am near and concentrating on my subject and can shoot remotely without losing contact with model. The remote also came in handy for several self-promotions where I seated seating myself in an office atmosphere.
    ...more info
  • A useful gadget
    I use it with my Nikon D70, and am very satisfied with it.
    I most often use it for long exposures, for taking picture that include myself, and for taking pictures of my 6-month old daughter, who stops acting naturally when she notices I hold the camera, so I place it on the tripod, and take pictures of her.
    ...more info
  • Cute and sometimes handy
    I'll admit that I got this as almost a novelty item, but it turns out that it is actually fairly handy. With long exposures, I'll use it on my D50 so as to prevent camera shake (camera has to be on a tripod of course).

    The term remote may be a little misleading, as the only camera function you can control is the shutter release. It's kind of like those "Easy" buttons selling at Staples. You push it, and thats it. In this case, you need to set up your camera for the shot first, then walk away, and towards the front right to get the sensor in the camera to see the remote, which is a little annoying, but I can also be a fair distance away and trigger the camera. I do like having a wireless cable release, though if I ever end up in a place where more than one person is using it, there will be trouble as there is no way to change the channel the remote works on.

    You also need to have line of sight to the camera, if anything gets between you and the sensor on the camera, then you can push the button all you want, with no luck.

    In summary, it's cute, it's handy, but it's no replacement for a pocket wizard, once you get to the point where you need one. ...more info
  • LOVE this item
    I use it with my Nikon d50 and it works as promised. I took some long exposure shots with it last night and they came out crisp. I am also a parent and I find that using a remote is much easier than setting the timer and rangling a toddler in place within the limited window of time. I recommend this device to anyone and I find it quite affordable.

    Like most reviewers, I think it would have been great if it was an included accessory....more info
  • Mixed feelings also
    Like another reviewer's, my experience has been mixed. I use this remote with the D50.

    Sometimes the remote works, then it goes on strike. Then suddenly it works again. Same distance and angle from the camera.

    I changed the battery - same result. I hardly use it anymore because it is so unreliable....more info
  • meets expectations
    Useful piece of kit, cheap and functional. I love what it lets me do. Note to Nikon: this should be a part of every decent camera kit (like the D70 kit I bought this to use with)....more info
  • Great little remote
    I had this for about a year. It's great compliment to my D70s. I use for low shutter speed to reduce camera shake and group picture to to include myself. Only thing negative about this remote is that it won't do a fucusing for you. you have to press shutter lightly to focus before you use the remote....more info
  • How to get started using the Nikon D50 remote control
    I finally had my 15 year old show me how it works. No instructions included in the box. If you look in your camera manual it shows you step by step on how to use it. Turn the camera on. On the top of the camera is the timer button (to the left and below the on-off dial)press this and watch very carefully the display and you will see the ity bity timer icon change. The first time you depress you see the timer icon, next time you will see the remote and the timer, and the third time you depress the timer button you will only see the remote icon. This is the setting that I used. Leave the camera on of course move away keeping the camera pointed at you in the direct line of the remote (like a TV remote control)and push the button. It works great!
    ...more info
  • Can anyone tell me how to get this dang thing to work?
    Got it. Can't make it work. SOmeone Help!!...more info
  • Brilliant technology
    This inexpensive infrared remote controller is a must have because you never know what situations you want to shoot a picture of. It's so small, you better immediately attach it to your Nikon strap so that it cannot get lost! Also, it's so easy to use: make sure the camera settings are right, set the camera to fully remote, slightly press the shutter button till you hear a beep (to ignite the remote) and then you can use the remote by pressing the button on the remote to shoot. It's a marvel of technology making the life of a photographer more convenient and allowing more sharp pictures without blur....more info
  • Nice addition
    I cant go without an electronic release on my film cameras.This is the digital equivalent but better because its wireless! Perfect for tripod and slow exposure work....more info
  • Works Great
    Only bad thing. There is no sensor on the back of my camera. So you do have to reach around towards the front for it to work. Even so, its the best 20 bucks for camera accessories I've spent.

    I also like that the little velcro close pouch it comes with can be attached to my camera strap. How convenient is that!...more info
  • Went through my washer AND dryer and survived
    A great little piece of electronics, and a mandatory accessory for your D50/D70. No more racing back to beat the timer for a group shot -- and better group shots result as everyone has time to do a proper pose. It's also great for the "bulb" shutter mode -- press once to release the shutter, another time to close it. With this I've taken 30 minute exposures, and left to have a cup of coffee while the camera did its business.

    But I am totally amazed that the remote survived a trip in my pants through my washer and dryer.

    I don't think that two Lincolns and a Hamilton is too much for the convenience that this gadget provides, especially if you've already laid down $1000+ on a camera and lenses....more info
  • Mixed Feelings on this Remote
    I purchased this remote mainly for taking low light photographs from a tripod without inducing any camera shake.

    [+] It was more convenient for me than setting the timer, for the extended exposures where I didn't want to have to touch the camera to reset it back to timer mode.

    [-] But at the same time there was definitely a number of times where I pressed that little remote button and nothing happened. It could have been a number of things, but it was frustrating none the less.

    [-/+] I purchased this product in a store (authorised Nikon Retailer) and it DID NOT come with any sort of instructions. It came with a very handy little strap pouch to safely store the remote close at hand, but there were no instructions what so ever. This has to have been a Nikon decision (a bizarre one at that) but at the same time, there is only 1 button, and your camera's instruction manual will tell you as much as you need to know about wireless/remote releases.

    I do still continue to use the remote but I can't definitively say that I would purchase it again, or recommend it to someone else. For me, it's a matter of convenience for those types of shots that I purchased it for. It would just be super helpful if the camera (D70s) and the remote didn't have communication issues....more info
  • IR remote review....
    Well...its a remote.
    I use it with my d50 and it works to about 30 ft. When I get the shot composed, I press the timer button 2x to get the camera ready to shoot, press the button and step out, or sit down and press the button during group shots.

    In bulb mode I do the same. Press the timer 3x to get it ready, press to start the shot and step away. Come back and press the button again and it stops the shot.

    Works just like it is supposed to.

    One thing to remember is to set the camera's time to receive the signal. The camera automatically turns the IR off after a certian amount of time. If this happens, it won't accept it until you turn it back on. If you'll be taking a lot of shots, just change the camera's setting to look for the remote for 5 minutes or so....more info
  • Great gadget
    Works great specially for family photos where everyone wants to be included.
    Although it may seem obvious, need to be carefull about pointing from right side otherwise won't work so well.
    Nice gadget to have. ...more info
  • Remote is very useful.
    I have to say that this is a pretty good accessory to have. The only con that I have ran accross is that it does not work from directly behind the camera, but that's solved by using it from the side. Hope this helps!!...more info
  • Wonderful
    This item is wonderful to use if there is no one else around and you'd like a photo of yourself. A great product, reasonably priced, and a satisfactory transaction with the seller....more info
  • Great device...but...
    I love this thing. It works great during the holidays when we take a group shot. I don't have to worry about setting the timer and hoping we get a good shot. Now I can just keep clicking. With 3 small kids it's awesome.

    my only issue is, you can't use it in bulb mode. Which really would come in handy since there is no place for a cable release on the D50....more info
  • Great Remote Control
    This is an amazing remote control. I've only used it once thus far - to take a picture of my bedroom wall to make sure it works - but boy did it work! Its ease of use is stunning - just press the button and the camera shutter releases! And unlike other remotes I've used, with a myriad of confusing buttons and controls and lots of tiny writing that I can hardly make out, this remote has just a single, large, easy to press button.

    The design is elegant and functional. Bravo, Nikon!
    ...more info
  • Nikon Remote
    I really like this remote. If you have ever fumbled with the timer on your SLR and/or knocked over the tripod, rushing to get into the shot, then this is for you.
    I have found it very useful for long exposure shots; no camera jitter, just depress the remote!...more info
  • remote for your digital slr
    this is a product i had to contact nikon tech support for help on using but once i learned how, it is a breeze. it is an essential part of my gear now, especially when using the telephoto function and when taking family pictures....more info
  • Great tool to have.
    This remote works perfectly and really comes in handy. It is worth every penny and then some. Anyone with a D50 should have this!...more info
  • Why No Product Manual or Instruction Sheet? is apparently aware that this Nikon accessory is being shipped without any product manual or instructions whatsoever. This is absolutely unacceptable. I have used Nikon equipment since 1970, many times professionally, under harsh conditions. The absence of even a short data sheet or instruction sheet is unacceptable. I recommend contact Nikon USA and ask them for an explanation for this ommission. If Nikon USA is unwilling or unable to supply a product manual or product instructions, Amazon should drop the product, and/or find a replacement, if there is one.
    ...more info
  • Sure beats a cable release
    I have not used my remote much, but it has worked great when I have needed it. I agree with other reviewers that the problem with this remote is the location of the sensors on the camera rather then the remote itself. Range has not be an issue for my type of shooting. I have had good luck from 5 to 20 feet. I have a D70....more info
  • Perfect Accessory For The D70/s & D50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A must have if you take night shots or shots that require minimum camera movement. It is also invalualbe for those family portraits that in the past excluded you because your were the "photographer". Now, you can include yourself in the portraits!!! It works very reliably!!! I've taken numerous shots with it and it's never failed to fire. I'm completely satisfied and would definitely recommend it for the D70/s & D50 owners......more info
  • Not really worth the money.
    The range, or lack thereof, that you can use this item really makes it a worthless product. You would be better off just setting the timer. Completley worthless. ...more info
  • Wireless Remote Control
    I use this with my Nikon D70S as a trigger when mounted on a tripod and it works great every time. It is especially handy when you want to be in the picture. You can join with the others in the photo shoot and can take many shots without resetting the camara each time. I would suggest using manual focus if you want perfect pictures for group shots.
    Where this item is almost a necessity, I feel that this inexpensive control should have been shipped free with the original camera kit.
    Dana D....more info
  • An Electronic Cable Release
    Does what it's supposed to do, but would be more useful if there was also a sensor in the back of the camera so this product would work from behind the camera as well....more info
  • A must have for all D70/s and D50 owners
    Not sure why it's listed as Nikon 4730, but this appears to be ML-L3 in Nikon's catalog...

    As a D70 owner, I found this little device invaluable and would recommend it to anyone. The range is good and works as advertised. It's a bargain that is far more useful than you'd first imagine (camera shake, anyone?) ...more info
  • works fine, very cheap
    I just bought my Nikon D50 snf this remote works great, and it is very cheap....more info
  • Nikon should include this feature with the camera
    This remote works great! I really impress people with the ability to take a picture remotely. Perfect for those family shots where you are trying to get everyone to smile and you have to get in the picture as well. I believe Nikon could sell their SLR's better if they marketed this nice feature....more info
  • Wireless Remote is Great
    This remote works great! I recently took a group photo and was able to casually join the group photo without killing myself trying to beat a timer getting into the picture....more info
  • Works as Promised
    The Nikon ML-L3 remote works as promised. The range is very usable, and it is quite compact. It comes with a case than can attach to your camera's neckstrap. This keeps it close at hand when you need it....more info
  • a must have
    If you own a D70 you simply can't be without this item. Because Nikon chose not to include a mechanical cable release option (or an electronic one either), it is difficult to shoot at slow shutter speeds, even on a tripod, without getting camera shake affecting your images. You can use the timer, but that doesn't always work for your shooting situation. With this remote, you get the same basic operation as a cable release as well as a bonus that you can put yourself in front of the lens and use the remote to trip the shutter release. It also works in combination with the self timer. One small concern is that because it's an IR remote, you must point it at the sensor, which is on the front of the camera. This can be awkward standing behind a tripod, but not seriously. I really enjoy using this product. ...more info
  • Amazing Remote Control for Nikon Digital SLRs
    Worked right out of the box; even comes with its own case! Just set the Nikon for remote mode, frame the camera and it's point'n'shoot from then on. No more trying to outrun the 8-second delay to get into the picture; and you can take any number of photos, not just one! For the cost, it's worth it!...more info
  • A needless investment yet necessary!
    This is a good basic product. Nice, sleek and handy. But there are 2 things:
    1. Nikon should have supplied with this as a standard accessory with the camera at the same price.
    2. A cable release and timer control combination works just as good. A remote shutter release only seems to b a gimmick! Or more like a way of making money for Nikon!
    Wish, I dint have to pay for it out of my pocket!
    3. If at all, we have to pay for a remote control separately, it should have been multi-functional rather just a remote. A simple photometer could be an idea or a socket to hold an extra compact flash... or anything else!
    4. I m scared that because its so tiny and not attachable to the camera/camera-bag with any clip-on or strap, I might drop it somewhere.
    BABS...more info
  • Disappointment

    Nikon's ML-L3 is poorly built and does not preform consistently. You would think one would only have to push the button and the camera would take a picture, but it does not happen that way. With the camera set properly for remote control, the unit makes the camera fire only 50% of the time. It will not work behind the camera (for macro work) that is why Nikon added a cable release on the new D70s. I am told the following remotes will work on the D70. You can find them here at: [...]. I have not tried them myself but have it on reliable information that they preform better than the ML-L3.

    A person does not have much of a choice when it comes to buying a remote for the D70 and for the life of me I cannot understand why Nikon would sell such a cheap and disappointing piece of junk. When consumers accept such poor quality in workmanship and function it lowers the quality bar one more notch.


    Bill...more info
  • Another Remote
    I bought this for a Nikon D70 and it works great. It sould have come with the D70. It doesn't take much room in the camera bag. And it is yet another remote that I can play with....more info
  • Digital camera MUST HAVE accessory
    If you buy a Nikon D50 or D70, this is a must have accessory. Costs about the same as a quality old style cable release but has the added feature of NO POSSIBILITY of shaking the camera while in use.

    Works from in front or from behind the camera and either operates the shutter directly or activates the self timer depending on camera settings.

    Great buy, flawless product....more info
  • Nice Little Thing !
    Handy thing ! Now I don't have to stay behind the camera to take pictures. ...more info
  • Piece of junk, but its your only choice
    Typical of Nikon accessories: overpriced. Wish there were a "high power" version capable of reaching more than a couple feet in daylight....more info
  • Nothing fancy... works fine
    There's nothing really fancy about this product, but it works perfectly right out of the box....more info
  • Excellent Choice
    This remote works great. It seems to work well from reasonable distances, and even at lateral angles from the camera....more info
  • ML-L3 Remote Control for D70S Digital Camera.
    I am very satisfied with this product. It is small and handy and does the job it is supposed to do. Now, I don't have to set the camera on "Self Timer" and run to join the group (that is, if I don't trip on the tripod!)...more info
  • D-70 wireless remote
    Upon arrival did not work. Poor documentation. Little surprise the new D-70s added a cable release feature....more info
  • Great little doo-dad
    This is a neat little gadget that has made many photography situations much easier - first, taking a family shot where I am included in the picture! No more trying to run to the camera before the timer goes off! There is also a function on the D70 to use the remote WITH the timer so you don't have a photo of yourself pushing the remote - smart. And, for macro photography, it is wonderful to not have to jiggle the camera by pushing the shutter to get the shot. I am sure it is wonderful in all tripod shots, for that matter.

    I completely agree with the previous reviewers who suggested that it should be included in the kit (this is a cheapy little part), and it really should have a lanyard. ...more info
  • Should be included
    This accessory should be part of the whole package when shipped to the consumer. It works as well as advertised. But do not forget to ready the camera for the IR signal. Otherwise, you will push the button and nothing will happen....more info
  • Maybe add a lanyard
    This remote is great. The first time I used it I was behind the camera, the IR bounced off the wall and activated the camera, because of this I thought for a second it might be RF. The only thing I would add to this would be a hole that you could put a lanyard clip thru; it's so small it gets lost easily. I agree Nikon should figure a way to give these out, maybe make it part of the camera registration process....more info
  • Great idea but poor execution
    Simply put, this is a great idea with poor execution. Once you change the settings on the camera to accept the remote trigger, you need to focus one last time. Then you simply need to find the spot where the camera will see the remote. I have had to press the button a half a dozen times (with a new battery) to get the camera to fire.

    Not sure why this is, when it works it is great....more info
  • Tiny, one-button remote for Nikon cameras
    The ML-L3 is a small plastic remote control for Nikon's SLR cameras. There's just one button on the ML-L3; you'll set the control mode on the camera itself (e.g., immediately shutter release vs. delayed shutter release). Just point to the IR receiver on the camera (usually on the front) and press the button. A small, cheap-feeling pouch is included with the remote control.

    Reviewer "technology analyst" has it right: Nikon should just include this in their SLR and d-SLR kits, esp. the kits that cost over $500. This remote control is made in China so it probably costs them a couple bucks to make (thanks to the unregulated sweatshops in China!), and they would have generated a lot of good will among Nikon owners and potential SLR buyers....more info
  • Does what it is supposed to do!
    Too bad it is out of stock often. But Amazon has it come back once and a while.

    It works well with a N75 and a Nikon Pronea APS SLR (my tests) and is compatible with several other Nikon cameras. The range is acceptable and it comes with batteries pre-installed. There is no documentation, but it is a no-brainer. It also comes with a little fabric case that you can thread through your camera neck strap for safekeeping.

    Nikon should really include this sub ten dollar part with their high end cameras. I am sure that most users would have appreciated it even if it added a little more in price to a D70....more info