Digital Concepts BP-2LHCL 1500 MAH Replacement Battery for Canon NB-2L/NB-2LH
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Product Description

Sakar International Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets digital cameras, binoculars, computer accessories, electronic toys and sport fitness products. It offers consumers a unique blend of high-quality products at affordable prices. In addition, Sakar offers a variety of highly reliable power options that always give you sufficient power.This battery is designed for Canon Powershot S30, Powershot S40 digital cameras and Elura 40MC digital camcorder.

  • For use with Canon S30. S40, S45 and ELURA 40 MC
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • 1500 MAH
  • Lithium Battery
Customer Reviews:
  • Does the job
    I got two of these about a month ago and followed the instructions regarding charging for 10 hours the first time, even though the green light on my charger came on after about two. Several charge/discharge cycles later, I shot 2600+ images yesterday at a marching band competition before changing the battery when the indicator on my Canon Rebel XTi dropped to one bar. (Most were shot in burst mode. None with flash. I started about 4:30 pm and ended after 10:00 pm so about half were daylight/dusk and half were stadium lights only. The only time my display is on is when I am setting, changing or checking settings, otherwise it is turned off.) This exceeds the performance I have been getting out of the OEM battery supplied with the camera and at less than 1/4 the price is a great value. We'll see how they compare to the Canon battery in terms of total charge/recharge cycles....more info
  • Not Good (was okay for a month)
    Hello folks,
    I guess most of the good reviews are written with in a month of purchase.

    This battery was okay (Not good) for few initial charges . Now when I put it for charging, the charge complte light will come on in 5 minutes. Then i could take few pics. My original canon battery (5 yrs)hold more charge than this one. I could not locate the warranty form in the original packagng. Tried their website and the only thing I found was a pdf to send the produt back to them (No RMA etc).

    I do not under stand how they rate the battery to 1500mah(may be just sticker).

    Bottom line : IMO do not BUY this product....more info
  • Absolute Garbage
    Amazing...I got 4 photos out of this battery in my XTi and it would not recharge. I should have known from the price that these were worthless. You live and learn. The original Canon keeps going and going and going..!!!!! The tag says 1500 mah but it's more like 10 mah.
    Stay away from these batteries....more info
  • Terrible battery
    I can not say anything positive about this battery except that it has not exploded. Yet.

    It will charge up, work for a brief time with a 100% charge according to the camera meter, then quickly stop working 30 seconds after telling me the battery is low. Interestingly, if i take it out and put it back in, or shake my camera, I can *sometimes* get it to work (and the camera says its charged). The day after getting it, I made the huge mistake of forgetting it was in my camera...thinking the original was in place. As a result, it failed at a critical moment and I missed getting a good shot of my daughter's graduation. I hold myself responsible as I bought this piece of junk. I cant find the original packaging, and at this price its probably not worth the effort to send it back....more info
  • Battery doesn't hold charge after only 4 months of light use
    Probably used it 5 times in 4 months. Now it doesn't hold a charge. Waste of money. (Original Canon battery works great still.)...more info
  • Lasted less than a year and 15 charges
    Purchased this battery as spare battery for my Canon G7. Mainly used original battery during all my trips / shots, and used this one just 4-5 times during last year (charged it about 10-15 time just to make sure there is emought power just in case OEM baterry is depleted). Noticed also that Digital Concepts BP-2LHCL-C 1500 mAh bettery can't hold power as the original Canon battery does even this one is "1500 mAh" as opposite to OEMs 800mAh.

    So, just a week after first year I checked this Digital Concepts BP-2LHCL-C battery and found that it is completely dead! No power, you can't charge it, nothing. And it is no longer in warranty.

    I need second battery because, you know, every moment is unique, If I can, I would like to capture this moment before its gone. That's why I will never purchase cheap "replacement" battery for my cameras and camcorders. I'm going to buy original Japan-made Canon battery at Amazon. Yes, I know, it cost 3 times more, but I know it will work for years and I can rely on it.

    Do yourself a favour and purchase OEM battery....more info
  • Superior to the original.
    This battery lasts much longer than the original battery that came with the camera ever did. It did state a 1500 MAH but it is actually 1300 MAH as stated on the side of the battery.

    They charge fairly quickly and as stated above they last much longer. As usual cold affects them somewhat, they don't last as long in cold weather but with two of them charged I don't worry about charging for a week and that is taking a lot of pictures each day in that week....more info
  • Good battery, but be careful when you receive it
    The battery is great. Works well with reasonable charge capacity. Both my camera and myself satisfy with it.

    But the order came in with a wrong one at first. This one is 1500 MAh, but they have another one of 1000MAh. They looks very close except the label of capacity on the paper and on battery label. Guess what, these two models have the same UPC number on their barcodes. Be careful when you receive it. Look on the print first before opening the package.

    I do hope Amazon inform the manufactor of such error and avoid the wrong shipments in future. This costs Amazon too.
    ...more info
  • Not 1500Mah!
    Was sent a 1300 Mah battery. Complained to Amazon but they said that since they aren't doing business with that company anymore they can only offer a full refund if I send it back. Decided it wasn't worth the effort to get the refund....more info
  • Defective
    I have had good luck with off-brand camera batteries in the past so I was confident when I purchased this one as a second battery for my Canon G9. Unfortunately, I have just returned it. When placed in the charger, the charge light would illuminate but, instead of turning green when the charge is complete, the light would just go out. When I tried the battery in the camera - nothing. Would not power up at all. The camera and charger work fine with my original battery, so it's definitely this off-brand battery that's the problem. I won't order another Digital Concepts battery....more info
  • Short charge time, long lifetime
    Use these with my Canon Xti in a battery grip. They provide a long lived charge and have slightly improved my internal flash recycle time. Highly recommend this battery....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I read the reviews and was a little skeptical but thought for the cost I had to try it. I paid $3.73 + $4.98 s/h. It has now been 3 months and the battery is working flawless. I have to admit it has only been cycled (charged/discharged) approx 5 or 6 times. But I feel I have gotten my money's worth if were to die today (I hope it doesn't). It seems to last just a long as the Canon battery. Just a general note I received a 1700mAh battery not the 1500mAh listed....more info
  • Great!
    I bought it for Canon G9. It works beyond my expectation. It works as long as Canon's original battery on G9.
    5-year warranty and cheap price make this battery the best 2nd battery for Canon G9. ...more info
  • Battery Review
    It works, it's beyond cheap compared to official models. It does not last as long as the original battery that came with the camera. I would say about 80% as long. I doubt it actually has the storage capacity the manufacturer claims. But I can buy five of them for the price of one of the Japanese made ones. So for my needs it works. But I suggest you should not believe it will last equal to or longer than the one that comes with the camera originally. Expect 80% the capacity for 10% of the price of the OEM battery. (1500 MAH appears bogus to me but I don't have accurate scientific equipment to verify it)...more info
  • Buy the official Canon version, unless you really really can't afford it
    I use a Rebel XT and this battery, while 1/3 the price of the Canon NB-2LH, only lasts 1/3 as long. I purchased this thinking I would only use it when the battery that came with my camera was recharging, but I found that in many cases it couldn't even even last through the whole day of shooting on a vacation. I ended up buying a second Canon NB-2LH and now only keep this around as an emergency backup....more info
  • spray painted batteries
    they are spray painted silver over the original dark gray. 8.3V and actually 720mA. i have used them for a month. they tend to last about as along as the original canon battery....more info
  • Terrible!
    I got my first battery when I originally bought my Canon G7 camera in November. It worked for a couple months, and then it simply would not charge. The charger said it was full after 2 minutes, put it in the camera, and it's completely dead. The packaging suggests letting charge a full 10+ hours, even when the charger says it's full, and then next time it will only take 2 hrs to charge. Tried it, let it charge all night, next morning tried it in camera, still dead. Sent it back. Received a replacement battery in February. Worked fine the first couple months, now it's doing the same thing the last one did. I'm done with these batteries. The Canon battery that came with my camera still works great! I'm getting a Canon battery this time....more info
  • Great battery at a fraction of the price.
    I haven't had the battery for long but so far it works great. It actually surpasses my original battery that came with the camera so far. I'm so glad I looked around and found this one before ordering a much more expensive one from Canon. Definately is as advertised and working great!...more info
  • Better than original
    Ordered before we went to Disney as a back-up to original battery, and it by far outlasted the original. After 1st day, I went with this one, and left the original in the bag. Lasted about 1.5 hours of recording time on my Canon Mini DV, with mixed use of screen vs. viewfinder. ...more info
  • Very Happy
    I purchased this about 2 months ago and so far have been very happy. It definitely last longer (significantly) than the original Canon battery and has given absolutely no trouble so far. It charges in the Canon charger that came with my G7. On a trip I just completed to Rome the camera was in constant use, with the :CD screen on. I also reviewed many photos on the screen in the evening. The camera lasted for days without a charge or any indication that the battery was in need of charging. Overall, very good....more info
  • Cheap battery that works
    Honestly, I didn't expect much from this battery but thought I would give it a try since it only cost $4.00 at the time I purchased it. I have used it to take over 400 shot with my rebel XT and I still show a full charge. Maybe I got lucky but I have only had success so far with this budget battery....more info
  • Has never worked with my Canon charger.
    I received this battery (the 1000 mAh version) as part of a bundle when I purchased my Powershot S60 a couple years ago. This battery has never worked with the charger that came with my camera. No matter how long I leave it in the charger, it simply will not charge.

    I've never been able to find any information about Digital Concepts online so that I might contact them directly.

    Be very careful with any generic aftermarket battery. The extra mAh in these batteries will make your camera shoot longer but they produce quite a bit of extra heat that could seriously damage your camera's electronics over time. The cheaper the battery, the hotter they tend to get with use....more info
  • Poor Performance
    This 1500mAH performance after full charge is worse than the original Canon Battery, 750mAH....more info
  • Good value
    First of all, it was not 1500 Mah as advertised. They sent me a 850 Mah model. Other than that, the battery works fine and does last a lot longer than the OEM Canon battery and is a lot cheaper. I've charged it twice and no problems yet....more info
  • I got what I paid for...
    I bought this as a second battery for my Canon EOS Rebel, so that I could go longer between charges. I can't argue with the price, but I can argue with the 1500mAh rating printed on the side. In using it for high-speed sports photography, it lasted for almost exactly half as many shots as the original Canon 800mAh battery. It was worth the $13 I paid for it, but still......more info
  • Packaging Info Different than Advertised
    The ad states these batteries are 1500mAh, but if you look at the close-up of the package, it indicates the battery is 800mAh. mAh indicates battery capacity, so the advertised capacity is a lot less than the package indicates. Buyer Beware!...more info
  • Superb battery. Exceeded ALL my expectations.
    This battery is 1500 Mah (at least, the one that I received.)

    After a two-hour charge, I put it into my Rebel XTi and started shooting:

    After 800 shots, the Rebel's battery indicator still shows FULL. Wow. I had to stop shooting because I filled up my 4GB memory card!

    So kudos to Digital Concepts for building a battery that lasts well over twice as long as Canon's standard (720Mah) battery, yet costs 75% less.

    I'll be ordering another one, just as soon as Amazon restocks them. This is a crazy good price for a battery of this quality....more info
  • Package notes
    Just an FYI since many seem to report the fact that when first connected to a charger the battery is reported as charged within a few minutes.

    On the package it states:
    " When recharging a new battery or one that has not been used for months, your charger may indicate the battery has been fully recharged after a few minutes. Please do not disconnect the battery and charger, because the recharging is not completed yet. The charger will recharge the battery in about 10 hours. This is not a problem. The same battery will be fully recharged within 2 hours next time. The battery will require 3 to 5 charge/discharges before achieving its rated capacity."

    I still own 2 batteries from this company for my original Rebel 300D and followed this instruction and get great life out of the batteries. I have used them nearly 2 years now without any apparent loss of life. I will report back once I charge and use the 2 (now 1500mAh) batteries from this company. ...more info
  • Must Have Had Billy Buckteeth Write Amazon's Discription
    Yup, this is an 800 mAH battery, really, it says it right on the front of the package. Billy Buckteeth must have thought that meant 1300 mAH. Damn I wish they could get this right to save a lot of hassle. Why is mAH significant? It stands for milliampere hours, and is relevant to how much power a battery can store. Higher the mAH, longer the charge. Haven't used the battery yet so I'm not rating based upon performance.

    Update: After taking some time to scratch my left butt cheek, they posted a new picture of this battery 5 minutes after posting this review, literally (You can see where it says 800mAH on the left side of package now). What a shocker! Keepin'em on the up and up ain't ya. Still might want to change the title of the battery there tiger. ...more info
  • Great price on great product
    This is an inexpensive alternative to buying batteries direct from Canon. It also will provide longer battery life with each charge compared to the Canon equivalent battery....more info
  • Significantly not as described
    Ordered from Eforcity

    Battery was not brand advertised nor 1300MAH cheap knock-off...more info
  • Excellent!!!
    I have used this battery for the past 4 months on my Canon RebelXT and it works great. The battery last as long as the Canon NB-2LH battery that came with the camera. I highly recommend this battery....more info
  • You got what you paid for.
    Not as good as described. Hold the charge much shorter than the canon battery....more info
  • No as good as advertised
    I bought the battery from Amazon one year ago, and the battery already dead....more info
  • Great Battery
    It fits fine in my Powershot G7 and does seem to last longer than the standard canon batteries....more info
  • Works great so far
    I've only had this item a few weeks, but so far, it is holding a charge well. The one thing I noticed is that the first time I charged it, the green light in the charger came on. I put the battery in the camera, but it was not fully charged. Back in the charger for a while and it was fully charged. It seems to hold a charge well....more info
  • Maybe I received a lemon
    Purchased this battery for my camcorder as a backup to the original battery that came with the camera in January, 2006. It is now September, 2006 and The battery will no longer hold the charge. Will try and contact the manufacturer and get a replacement...more info
  • Good battery, good price
    I was skeptical about purchasing this Digital Concepts replacement battery due to some of the poor reviews I had read. But I decided to take a chance as they are significantly cheaper than the Canon issued battery. I purchased 2 Digital Concepts 1500 MAH Batteries one year ago and haven taken well over 10,000 pictures and reviewed hours and hours of photos with these batteries on my Canon Rebel Digital XT. I have to tell you I am very pleased with the battery performance. They have been recharged many dozen times and hold a charge quite well. Up to this point I have no complaint, they operate just as well or better than the Canon issued battery at a fraction of the price....more info
  • 1300 MAH of power
    Well I bought one of these last week for my Canon EOS 350D. The one I recieved is 1300 MAH, not the 1000 MAH that amazon is advertising or the 800MAH in the photo.
    Anyways, the battery came completely dead. I tossed it into my canon charger for a good 2 hours and I've taken atleast 800 photos this week with it and it's still going strong. I love this battery. I'll be buying a few more before I need to go out of town with my camera....more info
  • Digital Concepts 1000 MAH Replacement Battery for Canon NB-2L/NB-2LH
    It did not charge well. Sakar customer service is very average. They said they will send a replacement....more info
  • Hit or miss
    I bought one of these in March of 2003 and it wouldn't hold a charge. I returned it to buydig dot com where I bought it. The next one they sent has worked well for over 2.5 years. It has been losing capacity though. The original Canon of the same age is losing capacity as well so I guess it's just usage and I used the DC one as my main battery most of the time.

    I'd be wary of open-box specials on these for sure. Inquire as to how the seller tests them. A voltmeter won't do jack for you. If you get a working one, they're great. Or you could go for less risk of returns and just buy two Canon batteries to carry around so you don't run out of juice.

    The battery has 800mAh on it. The 1000mAh is misleading marketing on the supplier's part and the retailers who parrot both ratings. It's 800mAh, it's hit or miss. You decide if it's worth the potential hassle of a return for the prices they're going for these days....more info
  • Do not buy this...stick with the Canon product
    I bought this battery to save money. It doesn't hold a charge, not at all. The charger keeps blinking red and green. Had to return it. Don't waste your time thinking you are saving money with this one....more info
  • Works not fine
    It can not hold a charge, After fully charging this battery the Powershot S70 shows that I need to recharge battery.I figured I'd save money and purchase this battery instead of one of Canon's for my S70 camera. Just blinks red and green. Not worth it at all.
    ...more info
  • False Advertising?
    You have to be a little suspicious about this battery. First, in big letters, the info page says "5 year warranty". But then, in the finer print, it turns out it's a one-year warranty.

    Also, the page describes it as a 1000 ma-H (milliampere-hour) battery, an indication of it's total capacity, hence usable time between recharges. But if you examine the photo of the product closely, the packaging says it's NOT 1000 ma-H, but 800 ma-H. And in smaller type on the description, it also says 800 ma-H.

    Is this Amazon's mistake, or is the company trying to put one (or two) over on us?...more info
  • Digital Concepts/Sakar Canon NB2L replacement battery
    This is the worst battery I have ever purchased. After fully charging this battery the Powershot S50 shows that I need to recharge battery. I had to contact Sakar (distributor) numerous times via e-mail and phone. Finally a rep was reached and advised I must pay $5.00 for handling and shipping. I received a new battery. Same thing. It could not hold a charge. The first battery from Sakar cannot even power up the camera. I can take four shots with the second battery. I have tried charging with my original Canon charger. Still no good.The Digital Concepts charger is crap. The DC charger does not even fit into the car lighter. I always thought Sakar products were cheap and inferior. They are not even that. They are just crap. Never, ever purchase their products. Buy the original equipment batteries or separate adjunct batteries....more info
  • False advertising on warranty
    I just bought the battery, works fine, but want to say that "5 year limited warranty" is a lie. If you look up the warranty on the web site, it simply is a "one year warranty."...more info
  • Works fine
    The battery works fine, the only thing I don't like about it is that it's silver color and does not match with my Canon Optura 30. I saw cheaper compatible, bigger mah batteries on ebay and other places but not sure if they are any good. I've heard cheap battery may explode due to cheap chemical. I've seen cheap batteries labled "product from Japan, assembled in China". It does not say which part from japan and which from china....more info
  • True high capacity
    I have owned one of these Sakar batteries for over two years and it is still going strong. It truly takes more pictures per charge than the Canon 570 mAh battery that came with my Powershot S50. I paid $39 at a different e-tailer two years ago and that is still what they charge. This is a bargain! I just bought three here at Amazon and they all work fine....more info