XACT Communication X2X WristLinx 2-Way Wrist Watch
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X2X 2-Way Wrist Watch Communicator - Remember when Dick Tracy had a wireless wristwatch communicator? It seemed so futuristic. It's now possible and, even, affordable. Possibly the best way to keep in touch with your friends and children inyour neighborhood. Electronic Volume Control Call Alert Includes rechargeable batteries and charger

  • Uses FRS and GMRS 2-way local communication walkie-talkie frequencies
  • 22 Channels (14 FRS and 8 GMRS)
  • 1.5 Mile Range
  • VOX Voice Activated operation
  • Digital Watch with backlit LCD
Customer Reviews:
  • good stuff
    Very good item for the money, my daugthers like it very much. I will like to see a small version that could fit better in kids hands....more info
  • Kids Love It but Buyer Beware
    Bought this item for a Christmas gift for my two girls, ages 8 and 9. We did not open or test the product before Christmas morning. Big mistake. One of the batteries was already dead. When we called the company to find out about getting a new battery, we were told we would have to purchase the new battery ($18.00) since we had purchased the product more than 30 days prior. The battery is only warrantied for 30 days. We were not happy about spending the extra money, but we did and now they work fine. The girls use it when riding their bicycles around the neighborhood and are never further than a block away so we can't really comment on the distance reliability....more info
  • These are cool!
    My son loves these, I have played with them too, awesome sound clarity, way better than I expected. The fact that they are rechargeable , makes them well worth the money!!...more info
  • Great talkies
    I ordered these for my nephews for X-mas, although they are still new and they haven't gone to far or different places with them, so far they love them, their easy to use and convenient and the sound quality is great, i actually will be purchasing another set for my self, especially since now they are a tad less expensive than what i paid a month ago. Great gift, actually does what it says it supposed to. Worth the money rather than buying cheaper kid versions that are plastic! Great for adults too!

    ...more info
  • Not sure what to think
    Its a cool design and is great for finding someone quickly (assuming they have a two way with them). Can't say that I would buy one again... but for the price and the look, it was well worth the twenty some dollars. I still preffer my 40 channel CB any day...more info
  • They stopped working too many times
    I loved the idea of this product, and I bought a pair thinking of using it on ski trips. Unfortunately, one of the pair I bought was "dead on arrival", and was replaced by XAct. A few months later, when I was planning on my next ski trip, they wouldn't hold a charge, both of the units! I suppose the batteries died, on both both of them!. Called Customer Support, and was informed that the X2X is discountinued, and they don't support it anymore. It is a cheap toy, and it is what you get for such little money. At least is cheap; I'd be more upset if I had spend more money for it......more info
  • How?
    I hope the watchclock would have at LEAST an extended battery and when the battery runs off do it has another battery just to display the hour?...more info
  • X2X WristLinx GMRS Wristwatch
    Very good quality product, as with all Xact items. I upgraded to the X33X models, though, because of the lack of subcarrier frequencies (privacy channels) on the X2X model.
    These little communicators are great for kids on a campout or for keeping track of the family at the mall. Range is about 1/2 mile in open, flat outdoors, much less indoors or where there is a lot of metal structural components. Great within a cubicled office. Good for car-to-car if you're in eyeball range of the other vehicle.
    The battery lasts about a year with normal use (recharge after use, about 4 - 6 hours on at a time, 3 - 4 times per month) - I found the replacement batteries a little pricey ($15 - $20 each with shipping), and there are no substitutes.
    For coolness and compact portability, these are neat little radios. I would recommend a spare set of batteries and a whistle if tromping through the woods. ...more info
  • My Nephews Love Them
    Really, what is cooler than a walkie-talkie for a young boy? How about a wrist-watch walkie-talkie! I bought my nephews hand held radios about 2 years ago for Christmas, and this last summer bought these as an "upgrade". They love them. These inter operate with the old radios I purchased them, which they now graciously let friends use. These work several block away from each other. I have heard no complaints....more info
  • Peace of mind for parents.
    We got an X2X for our son last summer and tuned one of our family radios to the same frequency. Our son could take off around the neighborhood on his bike or his electric scooter and we could check in with him any time, call him home for supper, etc. He could buzz home to ask if it was OK to stop at a friends' house or let us know where he was. It gave him a lot of freedom and gave us great peace of mind at the same time.

    We didn't have any problem with breakage, it was holding up just fine until the boy lost it. I think we'll buy him another one next summer!...more info
    DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE BUYING FROM THIS COMPANY. The products are poor, the repairs are poorer and the customer service is non existant. They will not refund anything, even if your product dies twice in the first 9 weeks. ...more info
  • They are silly, unnecessary, and I love them
    I own a pair of these and they provide endless fun. The ultimate toy for bar crawls and other boozie events.

    Don't listen to the bad reviews.

    They're not the greatest walkie talkies on earth, but they could be the most fun. It's a wrist watch walkie talkie for 20 bucks - did you expect to get Navy Seal quality gear? I love these and will buy more of them. Even if they break, they are cheap enough that it is fine and I will replace them. On the first outing I think they paid for themselves in terms of value and satisfaction
    ...more info
  • Don't be fooled
    Please dont buy this item. The reasons are:-
    1) I bought 4 pieces of which i returned 2 coz the battery was dead on arrival, multiple charging didnt help.
    2) The XACT company's customer support was the worst, they said they wont send me replacement batteries, later they agreed to replace one if i bought one. This happenned the next day of purchase...!!!
    3) Then i sent them back to Amazon and i got my money refunded, minus shipping charges. I lost it for nothing.
    4) Most importantly, the product is not good at all. the range is less than 300ft and nowhere near comparable to miles.

    My advice, dont be fooled......more info
    this watch has one use: to look cool. that is all. The range is probably about half a mile, but thats better than my mororla 2 mile walkie talkie. My friend and I both got one. we live about a mile a part, and as I was walking over, I tried to contact him the whole way. It didn't work until I was very close.
    Both of the wristbands of the watches broke, ITS A HORRIBLE DESIGN. We were able to fix them by puting in a paper clip.

    The watch is to bulky to wear W/O looking like a total moron. WHAT A FAT WATCH.
    the battery is good though...more info
  • I had to get one!
    This watch is incredible! My roomate bought one so i figured it would be nice to get one for myself. We use it on campus all the time. It makes me feel like inspector gadget. And the ladies love it. Good Buy....more info
  • Really cool product, BUT....
    ...I've bought 4 of these. Three of them are now broken and useless because you can't buy the part...nor get them serviced. They all broke in the exact same spot...a pin fell out that holds the metal clip together in the band. Nice idea, but now what do I do with three watches without bands?...more info
  • Great!
    This walkie talkie is great. It is well worth the price of 25$. Most walkie talkies cost about 40. You can contact anyone with a walkie talkie with frequencies. This watch has a scan feature so you can see who is on any channel. The range is ok, at 1.5 miles. It is great to wear, and it has Vox. (you can transmit a message by just talking and you dont need to press the talk button). I bought one of these and one x3x. The x3x is the same, it is just a different color and it is a little less bulky. I have great fun with this....more info
  • Can this be used overseas?
    Has anyone tried this in other countries?...more info
  • FRS Channels FREE, GMRS Channels License CHEAP
    FYI - If you do intend to use the upper channels (GMRS), the FCC license is required. But you don't HAVE to use those channels.

    Even if you do, the FCC licence fee of $75 is actually a $50 one-time processing, plus $25 for the license - WHICH IS GOOD FOR 5 YEARS. Also, if you buy the license for yourself, it also covers friends/family members that use the same frequency. So not EVERYONE has to buy the license. All in all, it's not that bad a deal......more info

  • Cool
    I really love this watch. The features are very cool. It allows me to keep it real with my friends and not have to pay heavy phone bill for 5 minutes. But you do have to charge it up which can be very annoying. Just imagine you're talking with a friend and all of a sudden it shuts off because it needs charging y'know?...more info
  • FCC Requirements
    If people would actually look at what they're buying, they would realize that a license is ONLY required for the GMRS frequencies (15-22) the first 14 frequencies are FRS which require no license. This is true of ALL consumer GMRS/FRS radios....more info
  • cute but not much range
    Like all of the handhelds I have tried, the estimated mile range appears to be a gross exageration. We find half a mile with no interference is about all you can expect. Other than that, it is a fun way to have a two way limited range walkie talkie....more info
  • FCC Charges
    Why would the FCC require a $75 charge when the frequency is unlicensed? All other walkie-talkie type radios do not require any FCC charges....more info
  • federal communications commissions
    the fcc requires users to pay $75.00 to get an fcc permit to use this item. you do not know this until the package is opened and you read the restrictions on it. It works great and is fun to use but the Govt. has their hands in the profits....more info
    WORKS better than Audiovox. Has a great soldering job on the inside. And just great all around!! it has GREAT RANGE!! Even in the woods!!

    Works just like a standard walkie talkie without the risk of loss!! Yes there bulky a little, but hey better to be able to FEEL the thing so you know you haven't lost it!!

    Very nice item for being a watch and radio!!...more info

  • 2-way communicator rocks
    In my own words, I like it. It has a pretty good range for its little tiny antenna. It also has a well made design. The only thing I don't like is the fact that it doesn't have any privacy frequencies....more info
  • Very good
    This product is very good and also it would be very good if you bought one and a walkie talkie cause of the walkie talkies on the watches is very exicting and if you get lost in a theme park use it to find your parents or etc....more info
  • Wrist 2-way
    I have had this product now for about 2 months. I have successfully used it at work, weddings, around the house & yard, etc. Works well, however the small speaker is hard to understand at times. The scan is a little slow, but, it does operate with another hand held that I own very well. No problems. Also, i have had no charging problems, holds charge well, and doesn't require constant charging. Great conversation piece as well. ...more info
  • Xact Comunications
    I like the watch it gives me a chance to talk to friends without using the phone i gave it to friends for their birthdays...more info
  • okay
    I like the idea of having the 2 way radio on my wrist but I found it too thick and bulky. So its not exactly comfortable wearing it around. Also this (like any other 2 way radios) is not good for theme parks since everyone has a radio (cellphone still works best). This works for hiking or maybe inside a mall. They have a new version X3X out but I'm not sure if that is thinner. I also have a Motorola Talkabout Radio. It can call my motorola but my motorola can't call it back. I havent had any luck reaching Xact. If you call their tech support phone you will just get routed with all voicemessages, their email also bounces back. I got 4 and will return 2 of them and just wait for the next version....more info
  • Charge it every time after using it ?!
    It seems never can be charged fully after 20 hours charging. The charging indicator always display low level. Even if I don't use it for a week, I need to recharge it again for 12+ hours.

    Any one have same problem?

    Otherwise it's fun to use....more info

  • X2X
    DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT USED!!!! I did and I am having problems with it every time I charge it. It is a fun toy however. Great for hiking and camping. It gets interferince if you are too close to other transmitters though. Scan feature comes in very handy, and the range isnt too bad, though I lost comm. after a few city blocks. Over all though, I would recomend it....more info
  • 2-way wrist watch
    very pleased with the xact wrist watch frs/gmrs radio. used them for the first time yesterday. almost got kicked out of a casino, because they don't allow electronic devices. went to sam's club. wife on one side of the warehouse and i on the other. she ran into our brother-in-law and called me to come over to say hello. later that day we went to a luncheon and the watches/radio were a big hit. grandkids hands off.
  • Awsome Watch
    cool watch neat fatures, just like any other walkie talkie plus tells time and is small. The cloock does not need to recharge...more info
  • XACT COMMUNICATIONS X2X 2-Way Wrist Watch Communicator
  • A sneaky spy gadget
    I think it`s one of my best gadgets.I wear it at school `cause I`m not allowed to go play with my sister on the other side of the playground.I have a mean teacher so my sister and I think of plans to share with one another.Once I made chocolate chip cookies for her and said it was from the principal.It didn`t have chocolate chips,though it had the stuff that tastes like chocolate,but makes you have to go to the restroom.I also love to listen to the radio one the watch.I can`t do much at school so thats why I like it.I have a spy desk withs lots of gadgets.It also makes a stylish look`n watch....more info
  • Wrist Communicator
    I was pleased with the quality of the watch and the cool features, but you probably wont be carrying this thing around your office or school. It IS very bulky-- and you even have to charge it up(with an AC adapter provided.)...more info