Belkin F5D7010 Wireless 54 Mbps Notebook Card
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Product Description

The Belkin 54g WirelessNetworking products run at speeds of up to 54Mbps and operate on the same 2.4GHz frequency band as 802.11b Wi-Fi products. Backward-compatible with existing Wi-Fi-certified IEEE 802.11b products and with other products that display the 54g mark, the complete range of 54g Wireless Networking products from Belkin will be backward-compatible with current wireless 802.11b products already installed and will continue to be operational and interoperable with wireless 54g products being added to a home or business network.What sets the Belkin line of 54g Wireless Networking products apart from the competition is their included software programs. Designed to assist the end user in using these products, Belkin includes its Easy Install Wizard, which eliminates the need for users to deal with complicated information such as IP addresses and host names in order to connect the router to the Internet, and takes the guesswork out of setting up a router. Once the user inserts the CD into the computer's CD-ROM drive, the Easy Install Wizard takes over the job of determining what type of connection is being used and setting up the router to connect to the Internet ServiceProvider. Once the router setup is finished, the user has an option to set up more computers, or just begin surfing the Internet.PRODUCT FEATURES: Fits in any 32-bit CardBus slot; 64- and 128-bit WEP encryption; Keeps notebook batteries running longer with advanced, low-power consumption chipset; Offers Turbo mode.

  • Device Type - Network Card
  • Form Factor - N/A
  • Interface Type - CardBus
  • Cabling Type - N/A
Customer Reviews:
  • stay away
    This product is horrible. It does not work. I am running Vista and the disc will not even let me install. I went to the belkin homepage and downloaded the vista drivers but still nothing. It is a completely useless product. I did some research after I bought it (if only I did before) and this is a universally despised product. Don't be suckered in by the low price. It the worst 20 bucks (with shipping) I ever spent. ...more info
  • Nice product
    I recently decided to add wireless to my home system after buying a new laptop with built in wireless capability for my daughter, and after adding a wireless access point, it worked really well with my network. Based on that, I have an old Compaq Presario 700 laptop with Windows XP that I decided to bring out of retirement and make wireless, too, so after doing some research, I ordered the Belkin F5D7010 wireless card; it was inexpensive and since I did not want to invest a lot in my wireless endeavor, I figured it was just what I needed. The software installed quickly and easily, I followed the instructions, the card "saw" my access point immediately, and within 10 minutes of starting the process, I was completely wireless with no hassle or problem....more info
  • Doesn't work with Ubuntu 6.06
    Wouldn't connect with Linux, post office lost the package I returned to Amazon, so I am out over $30 so far with nothing to show for it. A much less expensive D-Link worked fine with Ubuntu 6.06....more info
  • Good but not Excelent
    The device is a good device, but the range is no the better and the software is a little odd....more info
  • Easy Net Access
    Well worth the price. Compatable with WIN XP Pro. Up and running with strong signal in no time....more info
  • Works pretty well
    This is definitely a steal. The product works great, (most of the time) and the price was amazing. It didn't work for me the first time, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and then it worked. I would recommend it for the price, but if price is no object, buy a new computer with internal wireless....more info
  • nice
    Free shipping thats a pain thing. I had to wait 2 weeks until it was delivered to me. I dont live in Alaska though. Card is very good: good speed, easy to install. What else do you need......more info
  • Fine product, but costly
    Belkin F5D7010 Wireless 54 Mbps Notebook Card
    I thought I had purchased this item ($34.12), with a $30.00 gift card, expecting to be billed the balance on my master card. This month's bill came with the full ($34.12) amount billed. Now In selecting a product link,(above) the price is lower at $22.95. Go figure!...more info
  • No major complaints
    These devices are basically all the same these days. I got this card because it is supposedly compatible with Linux, but then I ended up needing to keep Windows installed on my laptop.

    My only complaint was that the Belkin software isn't all that great, but I just ended up using the Windows wireless configuration tool. Specifically, I think my problem was with entering my WEP key as ASCII....more info
  • Good Budget Card
    Good card for those on a budget. I dual boot on my laptop between Windows and Ubuntu. Card works great with decent reception strength in Windows and I have been able to get it working with Ubuntu.

    However if you are buying this for a linux installation, I would suggest searching the support forums of your linux distribution before purchasing. The card I received had the Broadcom BCM4318 chipset [AirForce One 54g] which was recognized but wouldn't "work" out of the box. It seems most linux distributions don't contain firmware to fully enable Broadcom based cards because of copyright etc... I needed to use wired connection to download firmware to fully activate natively supported kernel drivers. In the end I didn't like performance so went the ndiswrapper path.

    Summary - Good card with no problems in Windows. If you are new to Linux or want simple plug and play you might want to try another card....more info
  • Easy Install and Great Range
    My mother and I were looking for a wireless internet card for her laptop. She has an older laptop running Windows ME. We searched around and this wireless card had the best reviews of any on this site. So we went and bought one. The installation was simple (took about 5 minutes). We live in a house behind the main house. The main house has the wireless router, yet in our house (about 60 feet away through numerous walls) the reception is amazing with a whopping four bars. The CD with the installation drivers worked fine and dandy and there was no trouble with the product whatsoever. I would most certainly buy Belkin products again!...more info
  • wireless card
    Easy to install, followed instructions on the cd. I use this card in an old school building, the reception is excellent. Have used for a few months now without any problem....more info
  • Good Purchase!
    This card is a great investment if you do not have built-in capabilities. Easy to install and works well with the belkin router. I would definately purchase this product again....more info
  • Great product
    This card work fine, as advertised. Install was a breeze. I highly recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Good Choice
    I am happy with this wireless card. I have several computers that I have installed wireless cards on. This one was one the easiest one to install, because the software worked the first time. I have had trouble in the past with some other well known brands, but this card was installed and working in a few minutes. I haven't tried it outside of my house yet so I don't know what kind of range it has, but it works well in my house. Before this I had a wireless usb card and it broke because it projected out of the back of my Dell laptop and when I would set the laptop down, it was usually the back first and so it became damaged. This card does not project out nearly as far as the usb type and also comes out the side so I don't have to worry about damaging it. I highly recommend this card....more info
  • Linux Users Beware
    I purchased this card after borrowing a card with an identical product number from a friend. My friend's card worked out of the box with my version of Ubuntu Linux.
    When I received my card, it simply did not work. After doing some research, I found that I had a card with a different version number, and a different chipset. My friend's card had a chipset made by Atheros, which worked out of the box. The card that I purchased had a Broadcom chipset, which is notorious for being incompatible with Linux. Even after going to the forums, I was unable to make the card work.
    Belkin is dishonest, in that it makes changes to the chipset without changing the product number, only the version number, which the consumer is not made aware of. Had I been aware that the card had a different chipset, I would not have ordered it....more info
  • This card will work with Windows 2000 with Belkin's version 4 driver only
    This card works great after much testing of their different drivers. Version 4 (or lower) of the drivers on their website was the only (newest) driver I was able to get to work... so yes :) it works in Windows 2000, but save yourself time and only download Belkin's version 4 driver....more info
  • Great card, works out of the box
    I bought this wireless card because I found some linux site saying it was compatible with most distros. Installing Ubuntu, it worked without a problem. So, if you're looking for a linux wireless PCMCIA card, stick with this. You don't have to mess with any ndiswrapper nonsense....more info
  • Belkin F5D7010- Great Value-Low Price
    I have two of these cards, both bought from Amazon. The cards install very easily with the supplied software. I use the Windows 2000 system so others i'm not sure of. I believe the cards have lifetime warrantee so you can't beat it....more info
  • Works well with dodgy XP installs
    I bought a wireless adapter for $20 from some manufacturer that I hadn't ever heard of and don't remember. It had some clash with my XP install, and kept blue-screening. I gave up on it and their crappy tech support, and shelled out for the Belkin. It was worth the extra price....more info
  • Works well in Linux
    I was looking for a card that I could use easily in GNU/Linux without trying to emulate Windows drivers. I'd read that this was possible with this card so I decided to try it out. I'm running Debian with a 2.6.17 kernel. All it took was the following: download MadWifi (free, open source), extract the program, run 'make', 'make install', then 'modprobe ath_pci'. Using KNetworkManager you can then connect to any detected networks and easily switch between wired and wireless networks. It seems to work very well so far.

    I have not tested the card in Windows, although since it was designed for Windows yet works well in Linux I can only assume that it will work at least as well in Windows. According to the very simple-looking quick start guide, Windows users need only insert the CD, go through a standard install wizard, and plug the card in to have it work.

    I have used Belkin products in the past and have never been disappointed; it doesn't seem like this product will break that chain....more info
  • easy to use
    bought one for my college daughter, installed it prior to her leaving. She was amazed to turn on her computer at the airport and was immediately connected....more info
  • stay away!!!
    Terrible! The CD-ROM didn't even have any data on it. I am in the process of returing this junk for a refund....more info
  • Very fast and dependable
    We've had our Belkin wireless card for a few months and are very happy. Installation was a breeze with our DSL wireless hub, made some moves to get the hub up high and away from appliances, and not a glitch since. Transmits every bit as fast as plugging in to the hub directly (haven't tried moving any big files though)....more info
  • Worked Immediately "As It Should"
    My internal wireless went KA-PLOEY so I rushed to the nearest store and bought the least expensive card I could find. I followed the simple "3" step directions and it installed perfectly. I then entered my router info and MAC address (helps if you know what they are and what you're doing) and I was back in buisness. Opening the package to surfing the net !!.UNDER 5 MINUTES.!!!...more info
  • awesome card
    This is my secnd Belkin 54g card ... It works great I oringinally bought it to connect to hotspots, however my neighbor two houses over has a linksysy network router ...I pick his signal up at 11 Mbps stable. granted I can't rome all throughout my house but it is after all a network two homes over ... I rate this card very high . I will however say that since this is my second card of this same model number Belkin changes the design of the card often... the two look nothing alike but yet same model....more info
  • Excellent WiFi card and a great value
    I had problems with very poor reception while using a U.S. Robotics 802.11b card in my laptop. The signal simply couldn't reliably penetrate through the floor to the room below, where the 802.11b router was located.

    I'd read 802.11g cards could improve matters even when used on 802.11b networks, so I first tried a D-Link card (couldn't get it to work at all) and then this Belkin card. I've been using it for nearly 18 months and all I can say is WOW! The reception is vastly improved and I can roam all over the house and still get a good signal! I know this is not some fluke of other conditions because I've tested my laptop and this card side-by-side with other laptops using various 802.11b cards. My laptop always maintains its signal, yet the others frequently drop theirs.

    I'm not always a fan of Belkin products, but this one definitely deserves all five stars....more info
  • Incompatible with Mac OS X - Error on Belkin's Website
    I bought Ver. 5000 of this card to use with my Pismo PowerBook running Mac OS X 10.3.9. Despite the claims on Belkin's website, this card is incompatible with Macs. Belkin does not even provide Mac drivers for this 'Mac-Compatible' card !!! A quick call to Tech Support confirmed this.

    Older versions of this card (ver. 2000 and 3000) used the Broadcom chipset and are Mac compatible. Newer versions use the Atheros (?) chipset, which does not work in Macs.

    I returned this card and bought the F5D7011 Ver. 1101, which runs natively in Mac OS X 10.3.9 and Mac OS X 10.4....more info
  • Easy to Install and it works
    I installed the Belkin F5D7010 card in IBM Thinkpad A22p which is next to the window in apt building. It connected to the internet very quickly. It was amazing. The speed however, is only at 11mbps not 54 as expected. Nevertheless, I am impressed.
    I don't have a router or dsl connection. The card connects to Internet via WLAN whatever that is. I wanted to connect at Hot Spots in neighborhood but now I don't have to go outside to connect. I recommend this product....more info
  • Crap
    tried for two and a half hours to install. Tried installing from the disc, tried downloading drivers from the company that makes the chipset, tried drivers from Belkin's website. NOTHING WORKED. Avoid this piece of crap and save headaches and time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Can't beat the price
    Great deal on this wireless card. Use it on my HP laptop in 802.11g mode. Reception is good and at a substantially lower price than other wireless cards....more info
    Like others I'm having problems with the drivers. One moment it will show the wireless networks tab under the card properties, the next minute after a reboot it won't. This is a real pain when it loses its network settings every time I reboot. I have to reconfigure WEP and the ssid each time since I have a hidden ssid. This card is a pain and there are too many other options out there to put up with this....more info
  • Very good
    I upgraded to g from my built in adapter in my thinkpad. At first I got a netgear USB adapter which had horrible reception. This one has good and stable reception. The range still is not any better than my built in Intel 802.b adapter but the speed certainly is. Its only getting 4 stars because it sucks the life out of my battery (netgear had the same issue which is related to loss of energy in the form of heat- its HOT)....more info
  • Works great with Windows 98se
    I bought a Linksys WPC54G card for my ThinkPad 600e, but couldn't get it to work after many hours and calls to support. Exchanged it for this product and in 15 minutes it was up an running. Strong reception (picks up networks from down the block); provides very fast software downloads, anti-virus updates, etc. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Great for Xandros Desktop 3
    I don't write drivers for Linux so I want something that Xandros Desktop will support. I decided to give Belkin a try since it's name brand and in case I have issues I can call the tech support. I loaded the bundled CD (which was designed for Windows) into the drive. Copied the "Driver" folder onto my HDD. I went to Control Center, the network section, and added the driver to the list. I put the PC card into the PCMCIA slot, and the device was instantaneously recognized by Xandros. No problem at all. Highly recommend....more info
  • It's worked flawlessly for months.
    I'm not sure where things went wrong for J. P. Robinson, but I've been using this card in multiple machines for months and months, with the drivers provided on the CD, and the drivers from the Belkin website. I have used the Belkin configuration utility AND the Windows Wireless Zero-Config utility for setting up connections, and each is brilliant. Last machine I put it in was blue-screening due to integrated wireless with Pentium-M - the Belkin card solved the problem!...more info
  • Belkin's downloadable drivers do not function!
    I am writing this here for anyone having trouble installing this card using Belkin's drivers from their support website.

    Simply they are not the right drivers & will not work!

    For a working driver for Win9x/2K/XP copy the following into the address bar:

    This driver is from the actual chipmaker and works fine :-)

    Ralink's name for the product is 11g-RT2500 and downloads for other OS's including Mac can be found here:

    I hope this helps to shortcut somebody's efforts to get this card working...

    ...more info
  • Works great with Mac G4
    I have been using this wireless card and a Belkin router for about six months now. I am using a Powermac G4 Notebook, 15" using OS 10.3. The only problem was that at that time they had just started supporting the Mac and didn't include the drivers for the card. After I called, they sent them to me quite promptly. They probably include them now. Setup was then easy and I have had no problems at all. Mac users note, this is a PCI card, and does not install like an Apple Airport card, which is internal. This means it keeps your PCI slot tied up, and I have to remove it when I put the computer in my carrying case--but on the other hand there is essentially no installation--no removing battery, etc. as with Airport card....more info
  • Better than expected
    I was a little skeptical buying a Belkin, but the price was right so I went with it. Wow, it has worked flawlessly for 6 months! The range is awesome and nothing seems to bother it. It even worked through a terrible thunderstorm, I thought the lightning would stop it from receiving properly. It was easy to install and the manual was easy to read and understand. Part of my business software runs under Linux and that is the only downside with this card, Belkin doesn't support Linux, a shame considering the small amout of effort required to produce a Linux driver....more info
  • Works with OS X 10.2, 10.3, but 10.4-Tiger requires driver-READ!!!
    Hi Folks,

    I have purchased many of these cards and just received 3 more for client Apple powerbook upgrades. Was ready to return thinking they didn't work with Tiger after reading reviews. GOOD NEWS is I have downloaded the OS X 10.4 Tiger driver from Ralink, the chip maker for Belkin.

    Download here for Tiger driver:

    It is now plug 'n Play after restart. Does not utilize Airport SW as in previous OS X versions, but I also installed my D-Link DWL-650X card software and Belkin's card utilizes it. Go to the D-Link site and download their card installer. The D-Link utility appears at the bottom of "System Preferences". So, now you can see your signal and use the save site functions in the D-Link software.

    Here's the D-Link download link:

    So, bottom-line is install the Ralink driver and it is plug 'n play. To see your signal reception and other goodies, install the D-link DWL-G650x driver.

    No SW needed for OS X 10.2 or 10.3. These previous OS X versions use Airport SW

    Works just fine!!! No complaints and you can't best the price, compared to my $60 plus for my D-Link....more info
  • works under windows xp 64!
    had a heck of a time getting my hp zd8100 to connect wirelessly under XP64 (it's not supported by HP to do this, but i was determined).

    the drivers that come on the CD with this adapter won't do it -- under x64 that is, they'll work for the 32 bit windows -- but the Broadcom 802.11b/g drivers that ship with XP Pro 64bit will work....more info
  • Great wireless notebook card
    The card has a great performance, its range of operation is very good....more info
  • Not Compatible with Tiger
    Although this product sells on AppleStore it is NOT compatible with Tiger.

    Upgraded to Tiger and it does not work anymore.

    I'm talking about this F5D7010 V3 (Ralink Chip)

    Wish I read JAS' review before buying it from Amazon UK

    Good Job Belkin and Apple !...more info
  • I Am So Impressed!!!
    This is a great card. I will admit that I purchased it because I got it for $5 after rebates but I am amazed at the quality. I set this card up in less then 10 minutes and I have been successfully using it for over a week now. Not a single negative thing to say so far but I do live in a small apartment in Queens, NY. I sent over 5GB of data through my network and I still received a 2718/620 speed test using Verizon DSL and a Westell 327 router....more info
  • Excellent product for the price.
    My first wireless notebook experience and it was so easy to install. I take my laptop every where in the house; so conveniant....more info
  • Do NOT buy any of the Belkin Wireless Products!!
    After several hours of telephone support conversation, Belkin told me that there was simply too much interference in my apartment to allow for a connection between my Belkin Router my Belkin wireless notebook card. Mind you, I live in a one-bedroom apartment in Queens, and the distance between the router and the notebook is no more than 40 feet. On top of that, I don't have any cordless phone. So there I went and bought a range extender to place between the router and my laptop. Since then, I have spent several hours of technical support ON A WEEKLY BASIS, because the way they tell me to configure the connections and the wireless bridge just doesn't work! Oh, how I wish I had just bought a very long internet cord instead...
    ...more info
  • Worth every penny
    I just bought the notebook adapter yesterday. So easy to use and so easy to install. The software that is included is easy to use....more info
    Compusa has a $60 price and a $30 rebate til 8-31-04.Belkin rep was there when I was.
    Using it like crazy at Pantera Bread on there wifi.Great food,also. Works great, spent 5 hours there surfing the net first day I got it. Using it on Sony with XP home. No hicups or flaws. Definately would recomend belkin and Pantera Bread, like baseball and apple pie !!!(Just more high tech)...more info
  • very good reception, but it has driver issue
    after couple days of use, I have to re-write the review
    this card has very good reception
    however, it shows only when not under heavy load
    the reception drops dramatically when under load (file transfer, streaming radio)
    after talking w/belkin ts, they suggest the driver from web, unfortunately, I am using with THIS driver, not the one with CD (I lost it the way back home after purchasing)
    I'll give it back 5 stars once I found the solution of this issue (it happens on both laptop, even with any configuration)...more info
  • Love it!
    I tried this out on my 4 year old laptop and I love it! I can go pretty far without and I'm always able to get online. I absolutely love it and I've gotten my dad and friends to buy one because I love it so much. Excellent product, easy to install, works great! Definitely recommend....more info
  • A great upgrade
    I just replaced an older wireless card with this Belkin in my aged Pentium II laptop... wow! Who knew there were so many access points in my apartment building? And I'm getting an 80% signal from my own network, instead of a feeble and unreliable 20%. Way to go, Belkin!...more info