Belkin F5D7000 Wireless Desktop Network Card
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Product Description

The Belkin Wireless Desktop PCI network card implements wireless networking into desktop PCs with a quick installation. Placing the PCI card into PCI expansion slot is all it takes to enable wireless networking capabilities in your desktop PC.Now you can share files and peripherals while enjoying the freedom of connecting without cables. Used with the router this installation lets the desktop PC access your shared broadband Internet account, as well. Belkin solutions give you the most complete and simple wireless networking advantage.

  • Device Type - Network Card
  • Form Factor - N/A
  • Interface Type - PCI
  • Cabling Type - N/A
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Value Wireless Card
    The Belkin wireless network card was one of the lower priced options I came across while shopping online. The card was easy to install and works great. My desktop is now outperforming my laptop with a factory installed wireless card on our home wireless network. ...more info
  • Belkin F5D7000 Wireless Desktop Network Card
    I have tried the product on two computers, on running XP the other running 98SE. It worked acceptably on unprotected routers but very poorly on protected ones....more info
  • Reliable Wireless Card
    Easy to install and configure. It is operating very well
    and very reliable. No problem at all....more info
  • Card works great! Software stinks!
    Just installed this little jewel in my Dell PC. Installation was a snap. Followed the set-up instructions and everthing installed smoothly. I had the card configured and running in no time. Started out using the Wireless managment software that came with it, that is, until it started loosing connection and refusing to reconnect with an indication that there were no wireless links available. This in spite of the fact I was getting 5 full bars indicated for the designated connector. In frustration, I switched to Windows wireless managment configuration and everything is working rock solid. The software provided with the card also would not reconnect from Stand-by, which was mildly annoying in itself.
    This is on an XP-Pro, SP3 OS.
    I would give the product 5 stars, but the software took away 2 stars for failing to connect in the presence of a strong signal. ...more info
  • Belkin Wireless works great
    This wireless card works real fine, the only drawback is that it is set to always connect at start-up, and it does not offer an option to connect only when requested or initiated....more info
  • Avoid this product
    I've had this product for several months and it has given me a lot of trouble. I'm finally going to uninstall it and throw it in the trash and go get a different brand of wireless card.

    - Signal strength varied from good to low to disconnected even when my laptop sitting 2 feet away had excellent signal strength

    - Technical support is lousy. Nice guys, but completely unable to do anything but connect you to the returns department.

    ...more info
  • Extremely Unreliable
    I've had this card for about 6 months now and have had nothing but trouble. The card installed fine, drivers work, but the quality of my connection is terrible. I should actually say the reliability is terrible. I get 5 bars quality from the windows wireless configuration tool, but the connection disconnects randomly. Some days are better than others, where I remain connected to my BELKIN router and I just get ping timeouts every few minutes. This makes it very hard to play most games like normal people. I am always at a disadvantage. I've tried using the Belkin tool to connect, while disabling the windows configurator with no success. My laptop with a Broadcom adapter gets flawless wireless access with the router as well as another desktop on my network that uses a netgear adapter. The bottom line is, if you use your computer for anything other than checking your email, get a card that actually works....more info
  • Worked the first time
    Being new to wireless technology, I was unsure of what brand to go with. I read lots of reviews, both positive and negative and ended up settling on the Belkin wireless G router and card. Both worked flawlessly the first time with my Mac (hardwired to the router), PC (wireless), and even the PS3 (wireless). Needless to say I am satisfied with my purchase and the price is hard to beat.Belkin Wireless G Router DSL/ Cable gateway...more info
  • Remember the look is a black aerial and it works like any other
    You could in theory spend twice the price of this for another WNC that does exactly the same thing and works exactly the same way. Why? ... because they are built by the same labor forces and the same material and the same production methods. The days of `brand name equals higher quality' has long since been terminated. Just look at the market since 2000. It has all changed. As long as you go with the top companies and distributors you are going to be getting stuff that is practically the same especially when it comes to hardware like this. If you want a router with a `look' or a modem with a look then obviously that plays a big part in what you want. However when it comes to WNC's you are talking about a black aerial sticking out of the back of the PC. There isn't much of a look there. In fact you can't tell the difference until you see the software that controls it. In this case the software is the same stuff everywhere. Detect wireless internet connections and connect to them. It's the same stuff and this works fine and dandy without error. Great. Cheap. Works. What more could you want for a black aerial sticking out of your PC?

    It works with all wireless routers I have detected with it. It is cheaper and does the same thing as all the rest. Get it.

    Note: This is version 6 or above. The version 4 models and above have WPA2 security. Be aware that older models in the shop might not have WPA2 and only WPA so check the specs before you buy. This version was WPA2....more info
  • Works with Linux Ubuntu 6.10, Atheros Chipset
    This card worked out of the box on my Linux, Ubuntu 6.10 based system. This Belkin card--at least the version I have-- is based on the Atheros chip set....more info
  • Better luck next time.
    Despite what the Belkin folk told me over the phone, this does not work on a mac....more info
  • Danger, Will Robinson!! Avoid Avoid!
    This card was completely useless for me. I tried to install it in a Dell PC with a Pentium II running Me. Granted, it's an older setup, but Belkin says it will work. Not for me. The software/drivers wouldn't even load properly. I called Belkin, they said don't use the CD, download the new version from their website. Ooookay. Well, it installed, but it would not recognize the card or connect to the internet. My PC could never find the hardware either. Believe me, I tried every setting I could think of, un- and re-installed the software, everything. Zilch. The phone guy, though nice enough, was no help. So I scrapped it, went and bought the Linksys equivalent. It went right in, the drivers got it running and I get strong, reliable wireless internet while completely across the house from our router. Heed the words of myself and the others and don't buy this. Spend the extra couple dollars for a Linksys....more info
  • Far Below One Star, I'd go into Negative Stars...
    Having given Belkin about 4 hours of my life, I thought I'd spend the next 5 mins encouraging others NOT TO BUY this crummy wireless card. Here are some details: I have Win XP on a 1.7Ghz intel computer I built in 2002, slightly older system but it's been updated regularly, anti-virus, not on a work/school network etc. I've had ZERO problems with this system and I know it like the back of my hand.

    Enter Belkin Wireless PC Network Card. We get a wireless router and I decide to go wireless after years of cable lines.

    The drivers for this card are horrible. They tell you to first install the drivers etc from the CD-Rom, then insert the PCI card, then run the Belkin Utility Set Up. OK, Done. For about 1 week, I had rather poor internet, not too bad, but running slow -- I know, that comes with wireless sometimes.

    However, one day out of the blue and totally randomly it says it cannot find my IP address? As an indication of how backwards this product it, the SUPPORT IS AN INTERNET LINK. In the utilities, it says BELKIN SUPPORT and it's a LINK to their WEBSITE. How backwards is that?

    Beyond that I've uninstalled and re-installed the drivers and they won't fully install. When you download the XP drivers from the Belkin Website (I borrowed a friends laptop, which is how I am writing this hot statement of protest), they ask you to INSTALL THE PCI CARD first before continuing with driver installation.

    I've turned on and off my computer a million times, inserted and re-inserted the cards, downloaded drivers to my thumb drive and saved to my desktop incase it was my CD-ROM just not reading the CD correctly.

    My last steps:
    1. Uninstall (if I can, last I tried, the drivers won't uninstall all the way either, they freeze half way through)
    2. box it up and send back
    3. buy a different card (link sys or netgear)

    Can I just say "YARRRRG!"
    ...more info
  • Decent card for your budget
    Installing the card is a bit tricky. You have to install the driver first, then insert the card into the PCI slot. For some reason, the first PCI slot didn't work on my computer. I had to uninstall it and try another PCI slot, and the card was recognized by Windows. However, the monitor port on my computer is right above the antenna jack, so the antenna can't assume the upright position that is required for this card to work! Imagine that! After much agony, I decided to buy a flexible external antenna and replace the tiny antenna that comes with the card. It finally worked. Now I think about it, I may need a third-party external antenna anyway, because the AP is really very far from my computer. After all, this card works like it should and is really inexpensive, despite all the hassels I had to go through....more info
  • Terrible Piece of Equipment
    After constant dropouts for the past 6 months and no help from the "Belkin Bozo's"(support). I received a long delayed canned e-mail answer to my problem which didn't help a bit. I finally got rid of this piece of junk and installed a Linksys Network Card. Both Linksys hardware and software are a vast improvement. No more dropouts.
    I would suggest that prospective purchasers of Belkin products hesitate before buying.. It's one thing to have a product that works intermittantly, but it's really frustrating when Product Support is worthless....more info
  • Does NOT work with Mac OS X 10.4
    I just purchased this exact model from Amazon a few days ago. It arrived today and there's nothing anywhere about mac compatibility. No drivers on the Cd or on the Belkin website, and its not plug-and-play either. Apparently Belkin frequently changes the chip manufacturers that make the underlying technology, and their newest cards use chips that dont have mac drivers. Booo

    I have a Quicksilver G4. OS X 10.4.4....more info
  • Works Great with Mac Os X Tiger 10.4.4
    I tried another product before this to work with my Quicksilver G4 tower. I recently upgraded to the Airport Express and needed a wireless solution for the G4. I wasn't sure if anything would work with this other than the original Airport card (which is no longer made). The Airport Extreme card will not work in my machine either. This Belkin card was purchased locally, with the model number FSD7001. As soon as I installed it, the system immediately saw it. It was seamless. No software installation was needed. This works great on OS 10.4.4. Hope this helps you Mac users....more info
  • Constant dropouts
    I have owned this wireless card for about 9 months. When i used the drivers provided by belkin i would get constant dropouts at totally random times. When i purchased the wireless card i also bought a Belkin F5D7633 wireless g router. I have a Compaq laptop that has a inbuilt broadcom wireless g card and this has always worked perfectly. I cant remember a single time that it dropped out on me. I thought that i tried everything to fix my desktop pc wireless card. Ive moved the antenna on the card, updated the router firmware, built a new pc for the card, moved the computer so that the card and router are in a line of sight...and nothing improved my situation until i heard about drivers written by the chipset designer RALINK. I went to ralink's website ( and downloaded the driver 11g-RT2500 version Drv3.0.3.0 (not the 64bit driver). I uninstalled the previous belkin driver and re-started my machine, and then i loaded the new driver. So far, so good! It has only dropped out once since the driver has been installed (usually it would drop out every 5 minutes if i was not streaming internet radio). Im really hoping that it continues to operate properly cuz im nearing the point in that im looking at new cards.

    I really think belkin should clean up their act in regard to drivers and their model numbers, because there are now 6 cards that have the f5d7000 model number. Their website is difficult to navigate too.

    Just for the record, i have the f5d7000-3000 card...more info
  • Finally, a wireless pci card that doesn't disconnect after awhile....
    Before I bought the Belkin F5D7000 (version 5000), I was using a Netgear WG311v2 wireless pci card. I sometimes leave my computer on overnight and I noticed that the Netgear card kept on disconnecting the next morning. I had enough and bought the Belkin card and I'm glad I did. No more problems with disconnecting after awhile! Installation on my Windows computer was a breeze. I suggest to use the Windows XP Wireless Zero Configuration Utility instead of Belkin's utilty....more info
  • Version 4000 "might" work on OSX Tiger 10.4.2
    Super easy to install, rebooted, and automatically showed up as an Airport card, BUT it can't find any networks to connect to. System pref says Airport is on. Tried the trick I learned on but still can't get it to work. Looks like the card has potential but I don't think I know enough about the inner workings to finish this project. I'll give it a neutral 3 stars since it does show up as Airport and a more knowledgeable user may be able to get it going....more info
  • Version "4000" does NOT work on Macintosh
    After seeing a review on this site that claimed Mac compatibility, I bought this card, which turned out NOT to work, since it is "version 4000" and apparently uses a new chip set for which there is no Mac driver. So, I'm out shipping on yet another card that doesn't work on the Mac, which is really getting old....more info
  • Easy to install if you follow the instructions
    This card is really easy to install if you read and follow the instructions. The anti-static wrap on the card states in large bold font that the software must be installed before the card is inserted into the machine. If you install the software first, the card will be recognized right away. Configuration is easy -- just match the settings on your router. I was able to install this card and start browsing the web in 10 minutes. I then downloaded and updated the firmware on the card. The latest firmware is stable. I never lose a connection. I have this computer in a separate room from my router. No more mess of network cables!...more info
  • Version 2000 Works Great in Linux
    Version 2000 of this card works great with Linspire Linux (, and also available here at Amazon). Linspire detected the card out of the box and I was connected to the network at 54MBps after taking only moments to configure the wireless network in Linspire. Great product. Have a strong signal with my router at the other end of the house. I have heard that version 3000 does not use the same chipset, but I DO KNOW that version 2000 works great with Linspire....more info
  • Macintosh Buyer Beware
    I bought this with the understanding that it would work in a Macintosh computer. Much to my dismay, version 3 of this card (the one you're likely to get) no longer uses the Broadcom chipset that Apple uses natively. Supposedly, there are Macintosh OS X drivers available for the RALink chipset used on the current model, but I wasn't able to make it work.

    Despite some other problems in the Compaq box my card ended up in, it seems to work very well, getting a good signal about 50 feet and several walls away from an access point....more info
  • Junk of the first order
    This card just won't work for me. I have a version "3000uk" according to the label on it, which uses an RALink chipset.

    Installed on WinXP Pro, which was a relatively easy install, but the card disconnects from the network after approximately 1 day of the machine being switched on, and refuses to reconnect without power cycling. Needless to say, for a machine I'm using as a server, this is unacceptable behaviour.

    Also worth noting: a lot of sites list this card as Linux compatible. It isn't; they're talking about the earlier 1000 and 2000 versions (based on Broadcom chipset) -- the ralink drivers aren't compatible with ndiswrapper, and the ralink kernel module won't work with the card either.

    Stay well away. The extra for a DLink or Netgear card is well worth it....more info
  • Good Reliable Wireless G PCI Card:N/w conflict with 10/100
    I have a pre-historic machine (PII-400Mhz) that i wanted to use as a file backup (What else?) and wanted a reliable USB or PCI wireless connectivity coz dragging a wire was out of question. Anyways, I bought this for dirt cheap (Sub $10 AR) and tried installing it. Thought it was a pain. the software crashed, etc. Then I figured that I had a D-Link Ethernet 10/100 card and probably they were fighting for survival. Yeah, I was right. I chucked the oldie-goldie out and put this one in place. It immediately found new hardware, had to select the driver from the list and after that it was smooth sailing. The card may not clash with newer PCs but for older ones, if you have this problem, chuck your ethernet card or contact Belkin.
    I've had this card active for about a month now continuously and its working great. My router is Belkin's 802.11g and its great too. And reliable. I'd recommend this card if you don't want ultra highspeed or cannot afford it at this moment (the latter being true). ...more info
  • difficult to install
    i bought this for my new dell 8400 desktop. however, the installation turned out to be very troublesome. i tried all three PCI slots on the motherboard, and the OS could only detect a new hardware once in the specific slot. i also used the universal driver from Ralink instead of the belkin driver, which couldn't find its own belkin wireless adapter in my computer. now the adapter works well with my westell wireless router/modem, no problems at all....more info
  • Doesn't Neccessarily Work with MacOS X
    I bought this card a few weeks ago to use it with MacOS X. The card I received was version 3000. Turns out this latest version does not work with MacOS X. The Mac didn't recognize the card at all. I talked with Belkin technical support and was told that version 1000 (with the Broadcom chipset) did work with MacOS X. Same card, multiple versions. There is a very small sticker on the outside of the box that gives the version number. I suppose you might find a reseller who would be willing to look through boxes to see if they had the older version, but I thought it would be a long shot and sent the card back....more info
  • Great Product, Great Price
    Plug and play with OS X 10.2.8 on my PowerMac G4 Desktop. It uses the built-in Airport software without a hitch. I believe it's only running at 11 mb/ second but that's Apple's fault for not updating thier Airport software for Jaguar. In any event, that speed is fine for me because I'm not running a file sharing network and only using it for internet surfing....more info
  • OS X Installation and usage
    I have just finished the installation of this card into my PowerMac G4 running Mac OS X 10.3.5. I must say I was initially very cautious with the installation because of the poor reviews that it has recieved here on I must say that the installation and setup was extremely easy. Running the latest version of Mac OS X the card works directly from the Airport drivers installed with the operating system, no additional setup is required. I plugged the card in and OS X recognized it immediately. I have had the chance to test the connection speed and it is running at the full 54Mbps, outstanding. Mac users should definately give this one a try, rather than forking out hundred-some dollars for Apple's Airport card....more info
  • If only I could give it no stars
    I've purchased PCI wireless cards from Linksys and Netgear in the past and have installed them with no problems. However, this Belkin PCI card has lots of problems. I installed it on a friend's Dell to use with a SMC router. The connection was very, very slow, but worse than that it somehow disabled the built-in LAN port on the Dell (i.e., the network cable was never removed, but now Windows reports that the "network cable is unplugged."). In order to fix things, I've tried just about everything -- resetting the TCI/IP stack, uninstalling the Belkin card, reinstalling the Belkin card, etc. etc.. Now I am to the point where I'm going to have to reinstall Windows to get my friend's Dell to work again. Go get a Linksys, Netgear or D-link card... not this one....more info
  • Works Great Once It Works
    I have a Belkin Wireless Router and 3 Belkin Desktop Cards. I have three different versions of windows, and the card installed without a problem on two of them. I could not get it installed on the third. I called Belkin Customer Service and the tech got to work fairly quickly. I also had to contact Belkin when I installed the router, and again, Customer Service was very efficient.......I got a tech quikly, and he got the router working in a short time. The third card just went in, and the other two have been in almost a year, and the system works great. The router is in my basement, and one computer is two floors above it, and there is never a signal issue. If this product was easier to set up, I would rate it at 5 stars. Nevertheless, the prize is worth the contest.........more info
  • Very annoyed...
    Do you know that feeling? You buy some new hardware and look forward to using it. The first few steps of the installation work but then something else happens that is not described in the manual. In my case the computer doesn't see any new hardware. Things go rapidly downhill from there; you try doing things in a different order - nothing. You try finding it with the Windows hardware wizard - doesn't appear. On the next iteration the whole computer shuts down and you think you've lost it. By then you know that you are going to waste a lot of time. This is what happened to me after buying the Belkin Wireless Desktop Network Card

    Manual doesn't help; the Belkin website is next to useless. I am not going to make international phonecalls to the States. Several hours on, adrenalin coursing through your veins you just manage to not throw the stuff out of the window. I lost an afternoon, Belkin lost their reputation. This is the last Belkin product that I buy...

    Just read some other reviews of this piece of "kit" and see that I'm not the only one with this problem. I'm going to try and return it to the shop....more info

  • Never got it to install.
    Purchased the F5D7000 because of the price. First attempt, windows XP never found the card. Got replacement card from Belkin. Second attempt, computer would not power up. I would push the power button, the fans would come on, the second I released the power button, the computer would shutdown. Would not boot. Took first card back to Office Max. They would only issue me a replacement. Third attempt, computer would not boot. Took card back to Office Max and demanded a different card. Picked up a D-Link DWL G520 (Extreme G). I was up and running in 5 minutes. Very easy install and setup. I need to go to the D-link site to download the latest firmware but I am very pleased with the D-Link. Save yourself some pain and suffering, don't gamble on this card....more info
  • Decent card for the dosh
    Having relied for ages on a wired link from my PC upstairs to my Router/Firewall downstairs, I decided to take the plunge and go wireless. I bought a Linksys router and the Belkin wireless card. Plugged the card in first, booted up, installed the software and was quickly able to communicate with my linksys router. The performance of the card can be a bit funny now an again, but it is generally very stable and I have no problems accessing the Internet at much the same speed as I did with a wired network. I paid £30.00 for the card, so was impressed with the overall quality considering the low cost. For anyone looking to take the plunge into the wireless market, I can certainly recommend this card and for £30.00 you can't go too far wrong!...more info
  • Pure garbage!
    Horrible card.

    The drivers are very sloppy, and bulky. Also, on my Windows 98 system, after multiple installations, it would not recognize the card. I returned this card and got the D-Link DWL-G520 Airplus Xtreme G card, and had it installed and running in 5-10 minutes.

    Quite disappointing, as the Belkin wireless gateway is fantastic. I just wish the cards were of the same quality....more info

  • Average connectivity, poor interoperability
    Well, I generally assume that only the folks that really hate something will take the time to negatively review a product - that's not the case here.

    Belkin had a product in stores that I could use with my Netgear 54G Cable/DSL Wireless Router so I thought I'd give it a go (a bit impatient). I bought two cards as I have two machines that I put this card into. The first machine responds fairly well, although not working at 54G, it does maintain a connection from the basement to the living room. The second machine however is in a less desirable location on the second floor (one up from the living room) and despite a reported "Excellent" signal strength/connection the connection was flakey at best - after random occasions of functionality I decided to go track down the Netgear equivalent card - I plugged in the new card (Netgear WG311NA) and had a substantially stable connection to the router.

    Understand, when you buy 54G devices right now that they are all built on the intermediate specification for the 54G standard. This means that communication between one manufacturer's device and another is less than desirable. It may very well be that, had I a Belkin router this would not have been an issue. However, for my situation - this card prooved to be less satisfactory that the mentioned Netgear equivalent....more info

  • Garbage!
    Picked this card up two days ago. As usual, I skip the manual and throw the card into a PCI slot on one of my older Pentium machines (Windows 2000 PRO). Computer won't boot. Remove all other cards, still no boot. Tried every available PCI slot - no boot.

    Switched it over to my "main rig" an Athlon based system. No boot. Remove all other other cards, no boot. Try every available PCI slot - no boot.

    So I decide to read the manual. States you must install the software first....hmmm...ok I'm an idiot.....but would that allow my systems to boot? (very skeptical at this point) But what the heck......

    Run setup program on Pentium based system. Gets a little into it and then quite politely tells me the setup could not complete and to try I reboot and try dice.

    Run setup on Athlon based system....Same problem.....

    Call technical support.....they tell me to make sure I have the card in BEFORE installing the software....I'm obviously a little miffed, manual says the exact opposite....Then I tell the guy I tried that, and my PC won't boot.....his answer: it's my motherboards fault.....then I tell him I tried it on two diffent PC's same issue, and on top of that the software setup fails....his answer? Go exchange it for another one......yeah right...another one.....another brand!...more info