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Control plug-in devices through walls, from your car or garage. No wiring required, easy installation. Receiver plugs into any 3-prong grounded standard outlet. Operation range of 100 feet. Max. Resistive Loading: 960W. Max. Incandescent Loading: 300W Turn lamps on before entering the house. Control outdoor Christmas lighting from inside the house.

  • Control plug-in devices through walls, from your car or garage.
  • No wiring required, easy installation. Receiver plugs into any 3-prong grounded standard outlet.
  • Operation range of 100 feet. Max. Resistive Loading: 960W. Max. Incandescent Loading: 300W
  • Turn lamps on before entering the house.
  • Control outdoor Christmas lighting from inside the house.
Customer Reviews:
  • Home owner
    Works great, just as advertised. I looked far and wide for a unit that I could use to turn on lights between my house and my shop. Because of the distance(about 80 feet) most didn't do the job. Thanks...more info
  • WS-100 remote works fine.
    I now have 3 of them. 2 use the same frequency, which allows us to use 1 receiver with 2 remotes so we can operate our front porch light from inside and outside without carrying a remote back and forth. ...more info
  • Automatic Remote
    This product works extremely well. The distance I used it was approximately 100 feet.. It turned a light in my porch on and off.....more info
  • Channel A or Channel B??
    This is a great item, but the manufacturer produces two of these. Each one operates on a different signal and Amazon isn't letting you know which one you're getting. If you order two, you may even get both for all you know. That might be fine for how you want to use them, but I want one to match what I already have. I'd like to know or be given a choice. Wouldn't you? Look at the review of one person at http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A31JLPJ5CBJZ9V/ref=cm_cr_dp_pdp...more info
  • Super product!
    This is a great product! I have a studio outside my residence and this little helper allows me to turn on not only the porch lights to my studio, but an inside light...allowing me to walk out to the building at night feeling safe. I don't have to worry about entering a dark building. ...more info
  • Does the job!
    Works as advertised. Simple to install and use. Price is low compared to competitor products and quality appears to be equal. I may buy another one or two for use in different locations.

    I understand all units of this model - maybe the whole brand - all work on the same frequency, so independent operation of additional power switches within the range of one remote signal is impossible. To be fair, I don't know if any competitors offer a choice in frequency either, so this product may be as good as the entire market offers - especially in this price range.

    I works reliably and I like it....more info
  • Works great
    We bought this product to control a flourescent light fixture in my husband's workshop which is in a covered patio area outside. The switch works great, exactly as promised. The nice thing was that Amazon would ship this to our location which is in Puerto Rico, & they won't ship many electronic items here, so if you live in a hard-to-ship-to area, this may be your best solution. The remote works from a good distance away & we hung the unit upside down as per instructions - also a good idea if you mount it outside so water doesn't get inside. Now we can turn the light on/off from inside the house. I heartily recommend this product....more info
  • A fine product
    I inserted the unit in a waterproof box behind a masonry wall. It works consistently at about 50 feet. I wanted it to work at 75 feet (which would bring it into the house), but it consistently does not. Not bad--and I really didn't expect it to work through the box and wall--but not as perfect as I would have liked....more info
  • I am ordering 2 more.
    We love this remote. We are using it for outside lights and it works from inside the house also. I am ordering 2 more for the other lights....more info
  • Durable, high quality and great value
    I own four of these remote lighting/appliance controls and now would not even consider another brand. They're obviously rugged and well-constructed and have proven themselves in my home for over a year of daily use. The one downside is that there are only two frequencies sold and it's a 'Forrest Gump' proposition ("you never know what you're gonna get"). Otherwise, I would highly recommend it....more info
    I must update my previous review with new info.

    First, I ripped open the second receiver and could find no reason to mount it vertically except for the ferite antenna which is mounted horizontally in the box, Radio range may be to only reason that they said it must be mounted vertically. I found no internal device that would cause problems if mounted differently than they recommend. But I'd rather hear that from the manufacturer, yes?

    Secondly, the second transmitter DID NOT WORK WITH THE FIRST RECEIVER!

    So, they must have different frequencies available, albiet unpublished.

    An early poster stated that both of his were on the same frequency. My two are different.

    So pay your money and take your chances, yes?...more info
  • Good unit.
    Ordered two of these from Amazon. Figured I may find a couple of uses for them. However, they are all on the same frequency. No way to change.

    So, if you have two applications within 100-150' of each other, one will turn the other on and vice-versa.

    No big deal as now I have one unit driving my alarm with two transmitters.

    Another quirk I want to share with you is that the receiver (big box), must be mounted vertically on a wall with the mains jack (what you'll plug your device into) pointed down! So, I guess that means you cannot leave it laying on the floor (?).

    My only guess for this requirement is that there is a mercury-whetted relay inside that needs the mercury at a certain point. Cannot hazard a guess of what may happen if mounted other than their requirements (?)

    This would be a good thing for the mfg. to touch upon in their blog above.

    Otherwise, good unit and a good value....more info
  • Works perfectly
    I got this for Christmas last year and haven't had to replace the battery yet. I use it to switch my bedroom lamp on a high shelf since my apartment was improperly wired - none of the wall switches actually do anything. It works from the parking lot probably because it's on a frequency that doesn't have much other use (according to the FCC's website). The receiver box doesn't require line of sight or even height, like most wireless devices. I have it wedged inbetween a dresser and the wall and it is touching the floor.

    If you can find one still in stock somewhere and need it for a single device, buy it. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Wireless Remote
    This thing works great. No problems connecting, worked out of the box and has good range. The price is right, too....more info
  • wireless remote
    I am very happy with my purchase of the wireless remote it makes turning on my fountain much more convenient, before I had to climb up on the planter and crawl behind and plug it in. I am 66 year old female and I was concerned about me falling and lying there for hours before anyone found me....more info
  • 120 Volt outdoor Remote Control
    Outstanding product. I bought several after trying the one. I wish they would sell units which worked on different frequencies. ...more info
  • Wireless RF switch
    The product works fine as a one unit stand alone switch. I was attempting to controll 4 units simultaneously and was shipped 3 units on one frequency and one on a different control frequency. There was no way of ordering 4 alike and no way to reprogram the units. They should have DIP switches for flexibilty similar to ceiling fans or operable skylites....more info
  • Great Product at a Great Price!
    What can I say ... works as advertised. I installed at the outlet inside my well cover, plugged my 2 low voltage landscape lighting transformers into it and now can control from the house which is about 80 feet away. Works flawlessly. I couldn't be happier. Only wish I could get one for the rear of the house too, but there is no way to distinguish between multiples, as there is only one frequency....more info
  • Excellent product!
    Since I have a fountain in my back yard, I wanted something that would be able to switch the fountain on or off when I wanted. I also needed it to be remote controlled. I originally bought a remote control similar to this one on Ebay. It was a different brand. That one worked well for about 2 days. I was able to switch the fountain on or off about 50-60 feet away, even inside. But, for some reason, it decided to stop working as designed. It would only work if I was about 10 feet away. So, I decided to try another type. I came across this one on Amazon.com. Once I received it, I plugged it inline with the fountain's pump, and it has worked consistently every time. It will work with no obstruction to about 60-70 feet away. Inside through a wall, sometimes it will work sometimes not, cause there is a small obstruction in the way where I point the transmitter. But, it does work through walls as stated. Overall, I don't think you can get any better than this for the price! It was also cheaper than the one for sale on Ebay! ...more info
  • A very good product
    I Purchased this item to control an outdoor fountain. The distance from our front deck to the fountain is about 50ft. With the one exception noted below, this item has worked everytime on the first click and without interference to other remote controls in use. In my initial temporary installation of the unit, I was not careful to install the remote vertically with the plug-in receptical down as noted in the instructions. Water got into the unit during a heavy rain and the unit stopped working. After drying it out, it worked just fine. This is one reliable, tough product, and well worth the price. ...more info
    Although the item is described as functioning like a garage door opener, it cannot be used as a garage door opener....more info
  • GREAT item!!
    This is a fantastic product. Anyone with outdoor lighting- especially around the holidays- should have this wireless remote. I bought two for my father for holiday lights and he loved them. The lights outside go on and off with just the push of a button. No more walking outside in the cold and/or bad weather. I'm going to buy some for myself now. ...more info
  • Works GREAT, but......
    I bought the package of 2 remote receivers and 2 remote controllers. The units installed easily and the everything works perfectly. But....... To my great annoyance both receivers and both controllers all work off the same signal! So when I turn on upper porch lights, the lower porch lights also come on, and vice versa. The URL for the company website is disconnected, so I am unsure what to do. Good quality product, but very silly design from my point of view....more info
  • Great Item!
    We purchased this item to be able to turn our fountain on and off at leisure and it works beautifully....more info
  • Great Remote at a Great Price!
    This is a _very_ functional unit. I have the Skylink plugged into an outlet within my outdoor metal generator housing! for use as an on/off switch for a wireless camera system. The Skylink is 40' away from my window and with the blinds closed and works perfectly! My only two minor complaints are the plug wire from the base unit is only about 3 inches long and there is no LED on/off light indicator on the base unit. They claim 100' range but that probably would need line of sight. This unit does have -22 degree low temp operating range, we'll see this winter! I Highly recommend this unit! ...more info
  • Perfect for holiday lights
    I bought two of the wireless remote controllers and they are great. The remote control works just like a garage door opener. You point it at the devise and push the button. It's as simple as that.

    I use one controller for the outdoor lights so I don't have to run outside on a dark, cold night to unplug them. I use the other for the Christmas tree to avoid tripping over the presents to unplug it. I realize some people may use timers for their holiday lights, but my schedule varies and I only like leaving lights on when I am at home and I always turn them off when I go to sleep.

    This remote controller would also make a great exchange gift because it has universal appeal....more info