Sony FIU600 Puppy Fingerprint Identity Device for Windows with Securesuit Software
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Product Description

The FIU-600 was designed by Sony to widen its product offering to account for single sign-on-type applications which may need to accommodate a biometric device that can support both matching on-board as well as off-board / central database-type matching. The USB-based FIU-600 features an upgraded version of the fingerprint technology first deployed on the FIU-710 unit and adds the ability to export templates and scan high-quality fingerprint images (with PUPSDK-1 software development kit - not included). In this way, the FIU-600 is interoperable with third-party fingerprint matching algorithms and software on the market. Let your fingerprint be your password!

  • Easy installation and fingerprint enrollment
  • Log into Windows with your fingerprint
  • Replace passwords on the web and in applications with your fingerprint
  • Encrypt files that only you can unlock
  • State-of-the-art FIU-600 hardware uses convenient USB interface
Customer Reviews:
  • Still has some issues
    No matter what I tried it doesn't work for websites. It works great with logon and programs like AIM but if you are looking for something that handles the passwords for all your different websites you should wait for them to get it right....more info
  • improper description
    the product packaging does not purport to support Mac. Our addtional efforts were fruitless and the product was returned....more info