Panasonic Network Camera (KX-HCM280)
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Product Description

Panasonic Network Cameras give you the ability to see there when you can't be there. Place cameras in your home, office, vacation home or almost anywhere else that you'd like to keep an eye on things, with no PC required on location! They are easy to install, easy to operate and require no additional software for your viewing PC. All you need is a regular Web browser, as all of the other required software, including control software (TCP/UDP) and e-mail software (SMTP) is already inside of the camera.PRODUCT FEATURES:Network camera;Remote pan and tilt;Multi-image display - view up to 4 cameras simultaneously;Can be viewed by up to 10 users simultaneously;Alarm function capability;No direct pc connection required;Wall/desk/ceiling/tripod mount;Includes AC adapter and stand.

  • Network-enabled camera
  • Still images up to 640 x 480
  • Up to 30 frames/second
  • Easy to install and use
  • Check from any Web-enabled computer
Customer Reviews:
  • Great PTZ camera
    We used a half-dozen of these for law enforcement support operations in Detroit for the recent Super Bowl. We mounted a pair in the rennaissance center and with the 21X optical zoom, we were quite impressed with the clarity and ease of operation. All functions on the cameras worked as advertised, to the point where we stopped thinking about whether or not the cameras were going to work.

    We also used a set of the cameras in some mobile units with comms back to the ops center. They worked great there as well. In those instances, we mounted the cameras on tripods inside the vehicles and everything was pretty much plug-n-play.

    For the price, I think we certainly got a good value for the money and we continue to use these cameras for other operations.

    Setup was easy and we didn't run into anything where we found ourself wanting more - except maybe for some way to add IR illuminators, but nothing one would expect to be integrated into the camera anyway....more info