Linksys WMA11B Wireless Digital Media Adapter
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Product Description

Linksys WMA11B Wireless-B Media Adapter - Technology advances have allowed us to store countless pictures & audio files on our computer. But getting that off of the computer to share with others can be difficult. Thankfully Linksys has created a the perfect solution with it's Wireless Media Adapter. With it you can enjoy your pictures & music right on your television & home stereo - without wires! The Media Adapter sits near your A/V equipment and connects to your TV & stereo via normal audio & video inputs. Then with 802.11b wireless technology & a convenient on-screen menu, you can browse & play your files from your computer while relaxing in your living room! Plays MP3 or WMA music by title, artist, genre, folder, or playlist Play music in the background while viewing photos

The Linksys Wireless-B media adapter lets you bring the digital pictures and music stored on your computer to your home entertainment center, without running cables through the house. Using a wireless connection, the media adapter displays your digital photographs on the TV for the whole family to enjoy. And your digital music collection is finally freed from those little computer speakers and can play in full glory through your stereo system.

The Wireless-B media adapter sits by your home stereo and television and connects to them using standard consumer electronics cables. Then it connects to your home network by Wireless-B (802.11b) wireless networking or, if you prefer, it can be connected via standard 10/100 Ethernet cabling. Using the included remote c ontrol and the user-friendly menus on your TV, you can browse through the digital pictures on your computer by folder, filename, or thumbnail. You can view pictures one at a time, or watch an automatically created slideshow of all the pictures in a given folder. The media adapter supports five popular picture formats: JPG, GIF, TIF, and BMP. Use the remote control's Zoom button to get a close-up of the details in your pictures. You can also use the remote to browse your MP3- or WMA-formatted music collection by title, artist, genre, folder, or playlist. Choose the music you want, and let the Wireless-B media adapter play it through your stereo system. You can even let music play in the background while you browse your pictures.

Power and Simplicity
  • Connects your home entertainment center to a Wireless-B (802.11b) network
  • Listen to your MP3 and WMA digital music collection through your stereo syst em
  • Browse your digital pictures on your television (JPG, GIF, TIF, and BMP)
  • Select songs and pictures from on-screen menus with the easy-to-use remote c ontrol
  • Supports popular audio formats (MP3 and WMA), image formats (JPG, GIF, TIF, a nd BMP), and playlist formats (M3U and ASX)
  • S-video output for best video quality
  • RCA connectors for left and right stereo audio output and composite video ou tput
  • Easy TV setup and convenient Setup Wizard for configuration
  • User-friendly utility runs on your PC to manage music and picture folders
  • Wireless security with up to 128-bit WEP encryption
  • Compatibility with 802.11b (2.4 GHz) standard
  • Up to 11 Mbps, high-speed wireless data transfer rate
  • RJ-45, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection

See a comparison diagram of the different wireless technologies.

Wireless networks are rapidly becoming more popular and coming down in price. Since they don't require cables, you can use the devices anywhere in an office or home, even out on the patio. There's no need to roll out an Ethernet network cable to each room of a house; you can network anywhere--without wires. Outside the home, wireless networking is available in hotspots at coffee shops, businesses, airports--great when you're on the road and need to get some work done. For convenience, wireless networking is the answer.

Which Wireless Standard Is Right for Me?
Now that you've decided to create a wireless network, the next step is to figure out which wireless standard to use.

Basically, a standard is a set of specifications for a device. All devices that follow a specific standard share operating characteristics, such as the radio frequency used and maximum data transfer speed.

For wireless networking, there are three standards to choose from at this time:

  • 802.11b
  • 802.11a
  • 802.11g

To learn about the differences between the standards and select the right one for your network, click here for an easy-to-understand chart.

  • Connects your Home Entertainment Center to a Wireless-B (802.11b) network
  • Supports MP3 and WMA digital music files
  • Browse your digital pictures on your television (JPG, GIF, TIF, and BMP)
  • Select songs and pictures from on-screen menus with the easy-to-use remote control
  • Includes Media Adapter, remote, RCA and S-video cables
Customer Reviews:
  • horrible. Re-wiring is simper!
    What a horrible product. I absolutely cannot make this product work and Linksys will not help. Under no circumstances should you but this. ...more info
  • Little wonder
    Having done interent radio for several years I have, as you might imagine, quite the collection of music on my drives. In fact, 99% of the music I listen to is off of those drives. I have very little in the way of CDs anymore which poses a problem: My computer is upstairs and my home theater system is downstairs. How do I get the two of them together without running a long cord down the stairs or through the walls?

    Answer: this little baby.

    Now, for perfection of service I would have only given this thing 4 stars but the price is more than right which bumps it up for me. You won't get high-fi perfection out of this thing if your MP3s/WMAs arent high quality. This thing won't improve your files but the difference between a quality home theater/stereo system and your dinky computer sound system is phenomenal.

    Installation was pretty much a breeze. Don't know why some folks had problems. All you need is a bit of knowlege about your system/router setup and the rest is a cake walk. Configure via direct connection on your system, unplug it and take it to the stereo, plug it into your inputs, give it a second to connect and go. Easy as pie.

    If I'm not mistaken, when you're in play mode this thing reads a second or two ahead. When I let it run on it's own I had no drop-outs or stuttering at all even while watching photos and large graphics at the same time. Don't know why some folks complain of this. It was only when I had it go to a specific song while another was already playing did it stutter slightly. By doing this I wasn't giving it time to read ahead and it had to start streaming 'cold'. Not that big of a deal for me anyway - I'm not one to sit in front of the stereo and micro-manage my selections all the time. Sound quality was very good and coupled with my home theater system the sound is dynamic and responsive.

    Over-all I'm very happy with my purchase and even happier with the fact that I didn't go with the more expensive systems. For my needs this unit is perfect.

    One word of caution: You -=WILL=- need a Linksys wireless router if you want to use this thing in wireless mode. It doesn't come with one. You can connect directly via ethernet port but as far as I'm concerned that defeats the purpose of this unit. You could use the s-video out on your graphics card and run a cable from your sound card if that's all you really want. The price along with the fact that I already had the wireless router were the deciding factors for me.

    Final judgement: Good piece of kit for the price.

    LJ...more info
  • Would be a five star if Linksys hadn't abandoned it
    (first - a note to SP2 users: there is a patch on the Linksys site that allows you to use it with SP2 and it works fine - look for it in the support pages)

    I've had this product for over a year and I love the spartan, pragmatic, cheap approach. It is very simple and straightforward: plays music from your Wi-Fi network on your TV. That's it. Nothing more.

    The biggest problem is that this product was clearly abandoned by Linksys and there was never any firmware or PC software update. And many of the design flaws could have been solved easily with a little bit of software development. I am talking about the fact that it does not play music from network files or the fact that the client software cannot be installed in more than one PC or the complicated setup, things like this, not major design decisions. I am OK with the major limitations.

    Plus, Linksys does a HORRIBLE JOB in communicating with customers. The SP2 patch is hidden in the support pages, the size limit for the pictures is 1.7 Mb but you won't find this information anywhere on the linksys website.

    And not only is the product orphan but there is no direct successor. I would definitely buy a wireless G version, with video/DIVX support. Instead you have to cough up 200 bucks for the D-Link equivalent or for some oher product with speakers (that I don't need) or a LCD remote control.
    ...more info
  • Good while it lasted
    Short and sweet review... incidently, just like the life of my WMA11B media adapter. It worked fine for about 3 months, then steadily begin failing to respond to the remote. Changed the batteries repeatedly, to no avail. Now it won't even turn on with the power button. Time to RMA.

    While it worked, it worked fine. If you go in with the expectation that this will only play songs through your home stereo, you won't be disappointed. If you're expecting any type of bell or whistle, this product isn't for you....more info
  • Does not work with Windows XP Media Center Edition
    I was told by their online support it is my tough luck that the packaging doesnt say it won't work with Windows XP Media Center because it was printed before the release of Media Center. I asked for a refund and they refused....more info
  • good performance, bad user software
    I've had this device a couple of months now, it works just as expected. The software is very very limited. The menu is too simple and no visualizations during playback. The quality of sound is Ok.
    I really would like to have at least the same menus in the PC to control the device from my PC, not only to add folders but to control it. I have the unit just for music and don't want to have it conected to my TV just to program the music for my party......more info
  • Works as advertised
    I've had my Media Adapter for about 1 year now and it continues to work as advertised. The user interface is usable, but there are some features that are lacking. I am not a music purist, but enjoy listening to my MP3s on my stereo system and this achieves that goal well. I am content creating playlists when I want a specific song order (besides alphabetical).

    My complaints: (1) The player's "shuffle" mode doesn't provide more than one shuffled order for a given playlist. That is, trying to shuffle multiple times always produces the same "shuffled" list. So while it's shuffled, it's not random. (2) There isn't a way without using playlists to select multiple albums to listen to. Each time you add a song/album it clears the previous list. (3) Not only do I store all my music on my computer, I also store my digital pictures. However, when starting up the Media Adapter software, it seems to scan all your files that you setup to be shared. Since I have a large picture collection, this takes some time. So I simply don't share my pictures and don't use the slideshow feature (although it does work fine). If you leave the Media Adapter services running all the time this may not be an issue as it only happens once, but since I'm using a laptop I close it down at night (and stop the services).

    Why it's worth it: It works. Plain and simple. I've always preferred storing my music collection on my computer and now I'm able to bring that collection to the rest of our home.

    As someone who works with computers for a living, I thought I would share a comment about the complaint that this device doesn't support using network drives. This is very far from the truth. I'm sure that what the Media Adapter is doing is that it is itself mapping network drives to your shared music folders on the host computer and playing the music from there (so the whole system is built on network drives). You have to think of the adapter as a separate computer altogether. Now, one of the "rules" of mapping network drives is that you can't map a drive on one computer to a mapped (networked) drive on another computer. You must map the drive directly to the computer that has the hard drive. It is for this reason that you can't "share network drives". The proper setup if you are using a network server to host your music library is to run the Media Adapter software on that host server rather than another computer. Be aware that this means that the host server must meet the system requirements for the software (run the Windows OS).

    Overall, I have been very satisfied with the media adapter. For what I've gotten out of it, it has been very much worth the price. But for those that are more picky with their music, you may want to shell out the extra cash to get a more flexible and customizable product....more info
  • Great for the Price
    This product is great for 29.99. It is not without flaws, but overall I think it is great. I saw several reviews that state the software does not work with XP SP2, I have not had that problem with SP2. It took a couple minutes to install the software and get the software to locate the device on my network. Once it did, I unhooked the hard line and move the device to my TV and stereo system, where it has worked for the last couple months with no problem. Don't be scared off by the other reviews...nice product for only 29.99....more info
  • JPG limitations
    Will not show .jpgs that are greater than 1.7MB in size. If you shoot in fine jpeg mode and you camera is 4MP or better, this thing is pretty useless.

    The cust support guys don't even know about it....more info
  • A hassle but definately worth 29.99 and 3 hours of debugging
    I purchased the Linksys for 29.99. I figured for 29.99 it would not be the biggest waste of money I had ever spent. So after spending an hour installing the software. (Mainly due to the fact that Windows Firewall will not allow the adapter to be found. Hint: Disable Windows Firewall temporarily.)After installation of software, the hardware was a breeze. After waiting for the host computer to allow access for 10 minutes I once again had to disable the Wiondows Firewall. After doing so worked like a charm. I have a 55" HD television and a decent sound system for my HT system. I have to say I was surprised that the sound and picture quality was as good as it was. Great...No..But suitable for showing the family some pics and listening to some non-audiophile qualty tunes. Overall build is somewhat cheap but it works. RCA cable sent is very very cheap, would suggest buying a better quality for sure. Overall, definately worth the money assuming you are not in love with the Windows Firewall....more info
  • Not bad for the right price.
    In order to do a lot of MP3's on this you have seperate them into seperate sub folders(ie A-H,I-M, etc) Seems to have a 28 subfolder limit per folder.

    Still locks up for me on Pictures, but maybe I need to do the same with the pictures I did for the MP3.
    Otherwise works with WEP and I even have the utility installed on a Server 2003 server, seems to work fine. Does have to be local disk access as network folders do not work.
    It's not a $200 media center, but for the right price it does the basics....more info
  • Mine works great!
    Took under 15 mins to install. XP2 Media Center; G Router; WEP Security. Steps:

    * Connected via wire to router; turn on
    * Ran setup from Linksys web site download
    * Applied XP2 Patch from UK Linksys Support
    * Selected pics and music folders in the Linksys Host Utility
    * Connected to TV and stereo
    * No problems; works fine. If you have a lot of pics/music, do allow for the host utility to load all of them before they show up on the TV

    Have only used one day, but I'm happy to report it works fine.
    ...more info
  • bah!
    Sent it back. This was a miserable device, isn't compatible with SP2 or any non-Microsoft products. Menus load horribly slowly, confusing reboot/config cycle....more info
  • Decent hardware, horrible software
    I have had the WMA11B for over a year now. It is the worst piece of consumer electronics I have purchased in 20 years. The device itself is nice. It is small, connects easily, and sounds good. The PC software on the other hand is pathetic, and even worse, Linksys has essentially abandoned this device. Others have written about XP SP2 problems, but Linksys is clearly over their head in this market. This device only works with obsolete versions of Microsoft .NET. Microsoft has released at least two versions, plus fixes, beyond the version supported by this. The host software also has trouble when you rip new music and add to the managed folders. The Linksys loses track of huge portions of the music folders until you reboot the computer. Very amateurish effort by what otherwise is a decent company. Stay away. ...more info
  • WMA 11B & Service Pack 2 Solution!!!!!!!
    I read this from a CNET post and did exactly what it says and it WORKS!!!! Like many of you, I too went the Linksys support route..... Never got anywhere and wasted 2 hours over three days! I love my media adapter and after the support I didn't received, I'll be spending a little more for something that's not labeled Linksys when I make my future wireless purchases. I hope this help all of you WMA11B owners in the same boat!

    Right, here goes !!

    If you add ALL 10 .exe files from "C:\Program Files\Linksys Wireless-B Media Adapter\bin\" under the exceptions list for the firewall, it seems to allow the device to connect to whatever PC you're using as the HOST that may be running XP SP2.

    For added security you can then change the "Scope" to allow for only machines on your subnet to access the .exe files just added into the list of exceptions.

    Works for me now without any problems so far !

    Hope it helps and good luck !!

    ...more info
  • Works with XP sp2
    Email Linksys UK support and ask for WMA 11B service pack 2, its a zip file that is a patch for XP sp2. Do not even waste your time with Linksys US you will never get it . Linksys UK sent it within a few hours. To get the firewall working add the ten .exe files in \Program Files\Linksys Wireless-B Media Adapter\bin to your firewall exceptions. Well that worked for me. I have a 50% wireless signal and it seems to be working fine but have only used it for a few days. Seems like a good deal if you can get past the inital setup....more info
    Before I start I want to say that I am an IT professional with 14 years of experience, so this is not a problem with not being experienced enough to figure out the technology. I've spent countless hours trying to get a Media Adaptor to work... what a waste of time.

    This product will not work with XP SP2. First off, Linksys support tells you that there is a patch to make it work, but your requests for the patch are ignored. Secondly you have to remove .NET V1.1 and disable your firewall. I'm supprised they don't have you disable your antivirus also!

    I am including the 5 conversations that I have had with their tech support so everyone will know not to waste your time asking for help... you won't get it.

    09/22/2005 08:27 PM
    Hi, my name is Lara D(13285). How may I help you?
    Joshua: I just installed my WMA11B and cant get it to see my network
    Lara D(13285): What version of Windows is currently being used on the computer? (for example, Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, etc.)
    Joshua: I confirmed that the encryption keys are correct, it shows 78% signal strength but it doesn't pull an IP if I go to the setup screen
    Joshua: xp on the host
    Lara D(13285): Is it service pack 1 or 2?
    Joshua: 2
    Joshua: do I need to modify the firewall settings
    Lara D(13285): Yes.
    Lara D(13285): You need to disable any firewall installed on the computer including the windows firewall.
    Joshua: ? completly disable it? can't we disable the ports it needs to get to the media adaptor?
    Lara D(13285): Disable it completely.
    Joshua: I have it disabled
    Joshua: What next?
    Lara D(13285): What is the wireless router that you are using?
    Joshua: its the wrt54g
    Lara D(13285): Do you have wireless computers working?
    Joshua: yup, talking to you via my laptop
    Lara D(13285): Okay.
    Lara D(13285): On your laptop, click on Start >Run>type cmd then hit OK. The DOS prompt or a black screen should come out. On the blinking cursor type ipconfig. What is the IP address?
    Joshua: hold on I rebooted the media adptor and it jsut came up
    Joshua: looks like we are getting closer. It brought up a screen showing music pictures help, but none of my files are there
    Lara D(13285): On the host computer, can you see the media folder manager icon?
    Joshua: yeah, when I click on it I get an error that says an unexpected error has occured.
    Joshua: Please start or restart the service using the Digital Media Adaptor utilitie and try again
    Lara D(13285): And the firewall is already disabled right?
    Joshua: yup
    Joshua: should I bounce the digital media adaptor host service?
    Lara D(13285): Normally service pack 2 kills the media folder manager because, it is using the .net framework v1.1. What we can do is send you the patch that will fix it. Can I have your email address?
    Joshua: (removed for privacy)
    Lara D(13285): Any alternate email address?
    Joshua: (removed for privacy)
    Joshua: can you just paste the link to the file here
    Lara D(13285): Okay. I will process a request for the patch for the WMA11B for winxp sp2. Just give us atleast 3 hours before you receive the file.
    Lara D(13285): Are you still there?
    Lara D(13285): If you have no further questions, feel free to exit this Chat Session. Please be aware that a long delay in response times may cause a disconnection. If there is no response in the next 5 minutes, this session will end. Thank you for your cooperation!
    Joshua: sorry I'm here, Can't I just download the file from a URL?
    Joshua: I'd like to get this resolved tonight
    Lara D(13285): No. It's not available from any site since it is a patch. I will process the request after this session so I can indicate the incident number that will be generated at the end of this session.
    Joshua: ok
    Joshua: disconnected
    Lara D(13285): disconnected


    09/23/2005 07:07 AM
    Hi, my name is Imelda A(10756). How may I help you?
    Joshua: Hello
    Joshua: I spoke to a rep last night who was goign to send me a patch to get the wma11b to work with XP SP2
    Joshua: but I never got the email
    Joshua: can you help me?
    Imelda A(10756): is your email address right?
    Joshua: yes, here is the incident # if it helps [Incident:050922-019532]
    Imelda A(10756): Let me check
    Imelda A(10756): Thank you for your time and patience!
    Imelda A(10756): According to the incident number, it was processed
    Imelda A(10756): But I will again follow-up on the file to be sent to you
    Joshua: they asked for a second address which I provided but didnt' get it either place.
    Imelda A(10756): I see, I apologize but I will follow up on this request
    Imelda A(10756): Are you still there
    Joshua: y
    Imelda A(10756): I will follow up on this and expect it within 3 hours
    Joshua: why do I have to wait 3 hours to get a file?
    Imelda A(10756): I will still need to request this again, it will not be me who will send this file personally
    Joshua: ok, I will followup in 3 hours. I'm getting very frustrated with this process
    Imelda A(10756): I apologize for the inconvenience
    Joshua: disconnected
    Imelda A(10756): disconnected


    09/23/2005 10:19 AM
    Hi, my name is Serwen (10990). How may I help you?
    Joshua: I need to get the patch for XP SP2 sent to me
    Joshua: you should refer to [Incident:050923-002213]
    Serwen (10990): Let me check.
    Serwen (10990): I see.
    Serwen (10990): Let me transfer you to one of my senior tech so that this concern of you will be solve quickly.
    Joshua: you probably see that this is the 3rd time I've had to contact support for this now to
    Joshua: thanks!
    Serwen (10990): Yes your correct.
    Serwen (10990): Kindly hold on.
    Joshua: thanks
    Serwen (10990): OK.
    ***** Transferred To Sharon S(18442)
    Joshua: Hello Sharon
    Sharon S(18442): Ho
    Sharon S(18442): Hi
    Joshua: hoping you can help me out here
    Sharon S(18442): Your're computer is getting an unexpected error message after you opened the media folder utility is that correct?
    Joshua: yup
    Sharon S(18442): Have you already check the .net framework under the add/remove programs?
    Joshua: no I haven't
    Joshua: unfortunately I am at work now and don't have access to that computer... what should I check?
    Joshua: I run an IT department, so you can just tell me what to look for and I can check it out tonight.
    Sharon S(18442): Go to add/remove programs and check how many .net framework you have there.
    Joshua: while I have a sr tech onthe line, can you tell me what ports need to be opened on the firewall for this device to work? I'd rather not leave my firewall completely disabled
    Sharon S(18442): You must oly have the .net framework v1.0
    Sharon S(18442): only*
    Joshua: OK I can check that out
    Sharon S(18442): If you see .net framework v1.1, you have to call miscrosoft to uninstall that
    Sharon S(18442): Uninstalling that program may cause the computer to crash so you have to call microsoft to help you with that
    Sharon S(18442): Did the orevious technician told you that he will email the pastck for xp sp2?
    Joshua: yup
    Joshua: will there be a version of your software that is comatible with V1.1?
    Sharon S(18442): No
    Sharon S(18442): As of now, it will only work with v1.0
    Sharon S(18442): I will also email you the patch for that computer
    Joshua: ok, so if I am running v 1.0 and get the patch installed and am still having problems what would the next step be?
    Sharon S(18442): That patch will help you solve that problem.
    Sharon S(18442): We already tested that one.
    Joshua: ok
    Sharon S(18442): You also have to uninstall/reinsatll the media folder utility
    Joshua: can you send me the patch directly or point me to a site to download it? I've had 2 people tell me it was sent already but still havent' gotten it
    Joshua: ok, I'll uninstall/reinstall too
    Joshua: should I uninstall and then run the patch and then reinstall or doesn't it matter the order?
    Sharon S(18442): I'm not the one who will emial it to ou
    Joshua: :( thats what the last 2 folks told me...
    Sharon S(18442): I have to request that patch to the Beta Team
    Sharon S(18442): It's not available in the site.
    Sharon S(18442): You will receive it within this day
    Sharon S(18442): Be sure to visit our Knowledge Base located at The site contains troubleshooting tips, how-to instructions, as well as solutions to common issues relating to all Linksys products.
    Sharon S(18442): Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you through Live Chat Support. May name is Sharon and my badge ID is 18442. For your records, a transcript of this chat session will be e-mailed to you. Feel free to contact us if you require further assistance. Thank you for choosing Linksys and have a great day!
    Joshua: disconnected
    Sharon S(18442): disconnected


    09/23/2005 04:21 PM
    Hi, my name is Enrique (20179). How may I help you?
    Joshua: Please take a minute to review this incident [Incident:050923-005623]
    Enrique (20179): Okay.
    Enrique (20179): One moment please.
    Joshua: You are the 5th person that I have spoken to now to get a patch so I can use your product with Windows XP SP2. Unless you can give me the patch I would like to speak to a supervisor.
    Enrique (20179): One moment please.
    Enrique (20179): I apologize for this one, Joshua.
    Enrique (20179): The device you have is a WMA11B?
    Joshua: yes
    Enrique (20179): One moment please.
    Enrique (20179): I'll be transferring to one of our senior technician again.
    Joshua: ok
    Enrique (20179): So that your concern will be properly accorded to .
    Joshua: ok
    Enrique (20179): Thanks.
    Enrique (20179): Just hold on please.
    ***** Transferred To Carlo V(19333)
    Joshua: hello?
    Carlo V(19333): Yes. This is Carlo V. (19333). How may I help you?
    Joshua: can you see the notes from my conversatoin with the previous tech?
    Carlo V(19333): Okay. Please wait while I review it.
    Carlo V(19333): Thank you for waiting. Are you asking for the patch to make it work with WinXP SP2?
    Joshua: I've been told by 4 different techs that I need this patch and that it would be emailed to me within 3 hours... going on 24 hours and I haven't seen it yet
    Carlo V(19333): Okay. I see. I apologize for that. May I get your telephone number? Please keep mon holding while I check if it is available for download.
    Joshua: 952-200-8125 is my number thanks
    Carlo V(19333): Okay. Thank you. Please wait.
    Carlo V(19333): Thank you for waiting. It was available from the website before but it was removed because of some further testings being done. Do not worry. I will personally go to the email department to forward the patch request.
    Carlo V(19333): May I verify your email address?
    Joshua: (removed for privacy)
    Joshua: thank you
    Carlo V(19333): Thank you. I believe you will recieve it this time. Please wait again and it will be emailed within 3 hours.
    Joshua: ok
    Joshua: disconnected
    Carlo V(19333): disconnected


    Princess T. (19081): Hi, my name is Princess T. (19081). How may I help you?
    You: Please review [Incident:050923-013727]
    Princess T. (19081): One moment please, while I review your information.
    You: I have not received the patch yet. Please escalate this to a manager
    Princess T. (19081): Please give me a few moments. Yes, im going to refer you. I apologize in advance for the delay.
    Princess T. (19081): When was the last time you requested for that patch file Joshua?
    You: 6:22 yesterday evening
    You: thursday at 10:27PM, Friday at 9:08AM, Friday at 12:20PM, Friday at 6:22
    Princess T. (19081): I see.
    Princess T. (19081): One moment please.
    Princess T. (19081): Please give me a few moments while I look for a supervisor on duty. Thank you?.
    You: thanks
    Princess T. (19081): Ok
    Princess T. (19081): Thank you for waiting
    Princess T. (19081): Please wait for a few moments while I transfer you Joshua.
    You: thanks
    ***** Transferred To Mary_BADGE ID 10999
    Mary_BADGE ID 10999: Hi. My name is Mary Anne with tech ID (10999).
    You: can you send me the patch so that your product will work with XP SP2?
    Mary_BADGE ID 10999: Please hold while I transfer you to the appropriate technician.
    ***** Transferred To Sharon S(18442)
    You: hello?
    Sharon S(18442): Hi Joshua
    You: I never to the patch you were going to send at 12:20 yesterday
    Sharon S(18442): I apologize for that
    Sharon S(18442): You're using winxp sp2, am I correct?
    You: yes
    Sharon S(18442): I just want to verify, you're getting enexpected error when you're trying to open the media folder utility?
    You: you should review the notes on this. You and I spoke yesterday here is the incident # [Incident:050923-005623]
    Sharon S(18442): Give me a moment.
    Sharon S(18442): Thank you for waiting.
    Sharon S(18442): I have already requested the patch to the Beta Team.
    Sharon S(18442): They are the one who will email the patch to you.
    Sharon S(18442): I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
    You: bottom line here is if you can not send me the patch now while we are on the line I am going to exchange this product for something that works and post the 5 conversations I've had with Linksys on the product reviews on Amazon
    You: this support is down right horrible
    Sharon S(18442): Give me few moments. I will it to the Beta Team
    Sharon S(18442): Your email address is (removed for privacy)?
    You: yes
    Sharon S(18442): may I have an alternate email address?
    You: xxx@x.xom (removed for privacy)
    Sharon S(18442): Hold on a second.
    You: I can assure you that there is not a problem emailing to the email address. I am the IT manager there and control the mail servers.
    Sharon S(18442): Thank you for your time and patience!
    Sharon S(18442): I've already forwarded your concern to the Beta Team and they send it they will be sending it to you now.
    You: Sharon, this is the 5th time I've been told this. I'm not buying it anymore.
    Sharon S(18442): If you can wait for a few minutes.'
    You: ok
    Sharon S(18442): Try to check your email ,just tell me if already receive the patch for xp2
    You: no it hasn't arrived
    You: I checked both addresses
    Sharon S(18442): Please wait for a few moment
    You: sure
    You: have you had any luck sending the file?
    Sharon S(18442): I will verify it to them, hold on
    Sharon S(18442): Yes, they said that they already sent it to you
    You: This would be the 5th time that they haven't been able to get it to me then. I think I'll quit wasting my Saturday and return this rotten product. thanks for all the hold time, gave me time to finish my review on Amazon...more info
  • Mediocre at best....
    I'm not one who usually posts this type of review, but I really feel like this product has flaws. First of all, it's not Windows XP SP2 compatable. Well it is according to the box, but when you call and speak to "John" in New Delhi, India he'll tell you in not-so-easy to understand that there is no support for Windows XP Service Pack 2. When I finally went three levels up they told me I'm out of luck. I called the corporate consumer relations department and accused them of printing false information on their website and the box, as it says Windows XP compatable. She got very defensive, so I threatened to get my lawyer involved. All of a sudden she got me on a conference call with an engineer and he said "I'm emailing you a patch that will make it work"... What the.... !?!?!? So it takes legal threats to get this patch, but it's out there. Why so many at Linksys deny it's existance is beyond me... but whatever. I will neverbuy another linksys product again. ...more info
    This is a good adapter... It works well and connects great to stream.. But as most poeple have problems when the stupid thing won't connect to your computer via the wireless link. The reason for this is that your firewall is blocking the adapter. Most people say "ohh just turn off your firewall" but that was NOT a option for me. Goto your firewall settings and under exceptions, add all the files in the /program files/linksys/..../bin directory to the exceptions. This will allow the adapter to communicate with the computer. If this has helped your,, then click on teh "this helped me" button below.. so others will be able to see this as soon as they come to the amazon site!!!....more info
  • misrepresented by linksys
    Linksys' press release for this product touts interoperability with the Rhapsody music service (see or search for wma11b and rhapsody). However, after spending an evening updating drivers, tweaking settings and having an incredibly frustrating online conversation with Linksys support, I have been told that Rhapsody compatibility is impossible with this device. The technical support representative I spoke with claimed that this feature is under development, with no definite timeframe for release. Since this device has been on the market for more than two years, and it's price is plummeting, I suspect they're simply retiring it instead.

    In addition, the television interface is slow and clunky, the documentation is poor, and the remote is very cheap.

    There are much better options available....more info
    it doesnt work with service pack 2 xp. and if you have itunes it doesnt work with that if you bought your music from them. DAMIT APPLE!!! In any case call the linksys people and check to see if your music service works with it...gee itsnt it funny that all them songs I downloaded from Napster {before they got shut down} work fine..oh well Also the linksys service people and support are SUPER!!!! ...more info
  • Forgetaboutit!
    I was with customer support for 4 hours. Finally got it to work wirelessly then it's folder setup program wouldnt work. Why?
    Would you believe it???


    They actually asked me to revert back to WIN XP wonder LINKSYS sold the company to CISCO.

    I dont believe a MAJOR company like LINKSYS would ask that - after Bill Gates made his speech about how important it is for the WORLD COMMUNITY to upgrade to SP2.

    Oh well -- at least I made a bundle with CSCO.

    ...more info
  • Cannot display pictures in landscape format
    I got through the install OK but when trying to operate realized that most of my pictures were not displaying. After struggling with Linksys customer service for 1 1/2 hours (they are the worst customer service I have ever encountered), I debugged myself - only the pictures I had taken in portrait aspect (fyi - the default format for all cameras is LANDSCAPE)displayed.

    Linksys never did respond to my issue and a week later I had to follow-up with them to get an answer. The answer? That due to a product defect landscape pictures would not display. I cannot believe that they would actually release a product that that. I returned it, and strongly recommend against buying it....more info
  • it was a great item at first....
    I installed the WMA11B by myself and it worked great until I downloaded SP2. Then it ceased to work. I spoke with Link-Sys (in Manila) for many many hours and many levels of support only to find out (after getting to the headquarters (Palo Alto, CA) for support) that unless I wipe out my hard drive and reload everything I would not be able to get it working again. I had hired a techie to help me with it @ $75 an hour and the support at Link-Sys assured us a patch to fix the problem would be e-mailed to us within 10 to 15 minutes. This assurance was given on 3 different phone calls after the time limit had passed each time. My hired hand finally left. Five days later Link-Sys admitted there was no patch for the problem and that SP2 had adversely affected the WMA11B. I am stuck with a good media adapter if I buy a new computer or reconfigure my whole computer which I am not willing to do. I have lost all affection for Link-Sys after this....more info
  • Just not reliable AT ALL.
    I am a pretty technical guy and this took a little longer to set up than I had thought it would. I had to call the Linksys support team and they were pretty good helping out. I did finally get it up and running. Problem is, it failed again just a couple of weeks later and I had to go throughthis process all over again...and NOW it has failed again and I am warning all of you to be very careful about this. Cisco needs to really understand this product better and then it more reliable. I do use the wireless G network and as it was told to me, G is backward compatible a B network. I have to say when the music adapter works....IT IS SO COOL..all of my pix and music beaming to the TV and home theatre from my PC. But, as cool as it "was", I am running out of cycles to fix it yet again and am close to returning. One other problme I encountered is the for some reason the linksys media adapter would not pick up my playlists from the Windows media player. I thought it would, and if it is not supposed to, then forget even looking at this thing because you'll have to recreate all your music playlists.

    I think I'll give it one more shot...but I am warning to be very careful getting involved with this "not ready for prime time" product! On a side note, the linksys wireless network is great and reall enjoy the flexibilities if offers. Too bad it's not the same for the media adapter. ...more info
    This is probably the best media center around, for the price we pay for it.

    Initially I had a lot of problem, and even after spending 2-3 hours with Linksys Tech support, could not get the unit working. I had even filled up the AMAZON return forms, but thats when I figured out how to make it work.

    1/if you have a wireless router, you must plug out the CAT5 cable after configuring the WMA11B, else it might work momentarily ...but will never work once you power off and on, Coz the WMA11B has one and only one MAC ADDRESS for both the wired as well as wireless...and the Router confuses on this.

    2/Second before turning on the WMA11b after successfully, the Host PC where the host is installed, must make sure that you have included atleast one each of a MP3 folder and a JPG/picture folder.

    For wired is never a problem ...I beleive coz I have wireless at home.

    Oh yes this UNIT works great even with a windows 2003 server although its no where mentioned that it will work, but inorder to configure the unit you have to use a XP PC. The Host application works great on XP,2000, and 2003.

    The host application is not well built and is not a professional one. But just to let you know you can actually Drag and Drop folders into the folder manager ...instead of selecting one-by one....more info
  • Worst Unit I ever Bought
    This unit promise a lot and deliver nothing. I will not work with XP sp2 and the service at link Sys is the worst that I have ever seen from a manufacturer. they tell you to wait for a fix and the firmware has not been upgraded since 2003. It look like they intend to tell you this until you trash the unit out of any ressource. There should be law agains this kind of behavior. It certainly means that i will never buy anytning from LinkSys ever again...more info
  • Exactly what I needed
    Yes, I agree setup is difficult if you are not computer saavy. But I got it opened, configured, and playing music/slides on my family room TV in less than 2 hours while working on other things.

    I haven't done playlists, but overall I like the performance and interface. A great low cost option for people who have a wireless network and want to display photos or play music. Now I can move my CD Carousel to another room in the house!

    ...more info
  • The software does not work with Service Pack 2
    I've had the unit for about a year now and it has worked great. The software occasionally dropped out and the unit had to be restarted but after that it worked. Until microsoft automatically upgraded my machine to service pack 2. Now the included software no longer scans my hard drive for tracks. The unit will connect to my pc and they talk but no music is listed in the server. neither are pictures.

    The software for the unit has not been updated in since 9/29/2003. It does not look like they will ever upgrade the software either.

    If you have windows XP and you already have service pack 2 installed this unit will not function. Otherwise it's a great piece of hardware. I do understand that some people have hacked a linux server together but that's to much work to try and get up and running. I bought the netgear mp101 to replace it. I am hoping that one works better......more info
  • Nice unit - but doesn't shine as well as it could
    I've been using this unit as a feed for audio in my bar (two floors down) and for the most part it does what it's supposed to. My first hurdle during setup was the previously mentioned lack of network drive support. Once I'd duplicated my entire music collection on the local HD and set up the unit all was working fine.

    So really I shouldn't complain - it delivers music, as promised, via 802.11b wifi. Sometimes I have conneciton issues and whilst I shouldn't blame the unit for expecting a wifi connection to travel through two floors, it would really help if you could pull up signal strength on the fly. Instead, I have to reset the unit, wait for the startup message THEN I get about an 8 second window to fiddle with the antenna. Signal strength, even in the shape of a power LED would help massively during fine tuning and placement of the unit.

    My second major complaint is the lack of ANY playlist creation in the unit. I don't expect iTunes built in but would it have been THAT much more costly to have a THUMBS UP/DOWN a la Tivo? All playlist functionality is done through your media player on the PC - and remember where you save them: by default your playlists are exported to your My Documents/user folder whereas the Linksys media player looks for playlists in the My Documents/All users folder.

    My final gripe is the text display onscreen. It's colorful and nice and big - but kind of too big. Band/Song names don't scroll so names are truncated abruptly during song play.

    I could whinge about the lack of WMV support or the shoddy remote that sometimes confuses the unit (press "skip song" and the volume decreases etc) but I won't... these are, after all, small gripes - the unit looks good, performs well and is well priced.

    It could've been great with just a tiny amount of fine tuning before release. Worth the money though....more info
  • Best Deal for this Price Range
    I find it a little interesting, although I am not doubting, that a lot of people found problems with the Linksys media adaptor. The ONLY problem I had with it was during setup. (The instructions in the manual are a bit lengthy, but that is to be expected when you need to set it up for a wireless connection.) Nonetheless, the setup instructions were strait forward, and I was up and running in almost no time at all.

    Referring to the above problem I encountered, my SSID tag on my adaptor was different than that of my router that I was using. This was quickly and easily remedied when I chatted with an online support member at Linksys. (The included CD-ROM has a link to Linksys Support.)

    That aside, this is a well-rounded product for the price range it falls in. There were a few reviewers who pointed out lack of menu customization. While they may not be the most eye-intriguing menus, they serve their purpose. These are strait forward as well.

    During song playback, a few things are shown on the TV screen, (assuming you are not displaying any pictures simultaneously.) It shows the artist, and song, and album. (If the mp3 or WMA was downloaded from a file-sharing server such as KaZaa, then the song may or may not look correct when displayed, as some people don't know how to correctly rip songs.) Also, the screen shows what number song is being played in the current rotation. If you have not set up a playlist beforehand, it will usually display what song is being played out of all the songs you have let the adaptor have access to. If you do have a playlist set up, it will display what song number in that playlist is being played. (Not song number as in position on a playlist, but the actual song being played at that time.) This may seem monotonous, but when you choose shuffled playback, it can serve useful at times.

    Having said that, these descriptions (title, artist, album, etc) are a bit large for the screen, which some people pointed out negatively. For me, I am indifferent. I am usually not sitting infront of my TV watching every song being played, looking to see what the name is, or anything like that. I am usually around and about my house. (After all, that is why I bought the adaptor in the first place... to hear the music on my home stereo!) Point being, if you want to sit and watch all that, that's cool. But I hardly see that as being a flaw. You could EASILY watch a custom picture show instead. (I know I hardly mentioned the picture aspect of the adaptor, but I bought it mainly for the audio aspect.)
    From what I have seen so far, the adaptor displays the pictures very cleanly and I haven't noticed any sort of lag whatsoever when playing both pictures/audio.

    After saying all that, I would recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • Needs refinement
    I've had this product for about a year now. I have used it extensively and find it works well for the most part. It is a good media adapter for SMALL collections of music and pictures. When your collection grows, this wont grow with it. I have a huge music collection, organized in many folders. It takes the media adapter about 5 minutes to start up. If I remove folders, it starts substantially faster.
    Wireless performance is good. Setup is so-so. Image quality is good. Sound quality is pretty good. Remote control sucks bad. Software included is easy to set up, just don't update Windows with the Microsoft .NET framework update or service pack. Updating the framework renders this device useless, as the software stops functioning.

    Bottom Line:
    1. Good for the casual collection, good sound, good images.
    2. Impresses people (still can't figure out why)
    3. Remote control is simply awful (Program a universal remote insted)
    4. Look into D-Link media adapter (might be better)...more info
  • Great products - a couple minor problems
    Not only does it let me listen to my music collection stored on my PC through my stereo system, it lets me bore friends and relatives by showing a slideshow of my digital picture collection. Setup is easy as long as you have a wireless LAN (the only goofy part was that you had to set the channel that your access point uses, its the only client device I've ever seen that makes you do that). It supports WEP, but not WPA. The user interface is pretty intutive although it does help to have all of your MP3s correctly tagged and your pictures in a somewhat logical order.

    The only difficulty I've experienced is that I have to disable the Windows XP firewall on the host computer. I haven't been able to figure out how to configure the firewall to allow traffic from the Linksys (and after a pretty exhaustive search, it doesn't seem possible using the XP firewall). ...more info
  • Works very well
    I initially ran into the dreaded SharedMediaManager error as well. This is actually a .NET framework error (the APPBASE is messed up) and I could not get the WMA to work with .NET 1.1 I uninstalled the WMA11B and the .NET framework and then reinstalled everything letting the WMA11B install to install the .NET framework. Everything worked very well then.

    If all you want is to listening to music and viewing pictures, this works great for the money. The TV UI is very basic and that is my only gripe. I wish it told me how much time has played or is left on a song. I also wish it allowed for more information to be displayed. The sound was very good and the setup (outside the .NET error) was pretty straight forward.

    For the money, it is a good music/picture streamer......more info
  • Will Not Work With Network Storage Link
    Linksys sells a Network Storage Link (NSLU2) to add large shared drives to your network. A practical use for this in a home network would be to store large music librairies, allowing access to any song in seconds from any PC in the house.

    However, the Linksys Media Adapter's (WMA11B) software will not recognize any drive except a local drive. Even a mapped network drive is not acceptd by the WMA's Media Folder Manager software. You simply cannot use these 2 products together.

    Counting these 2 pieces of hardware, plus the 300GB Maxtor drive, I have $600 invested in a non-solution. Look for a better way. Linksys support folks simply say that the 2 products are not designed to work togther. I do not understand how a company like Linksys can overlook this. Is it asking too much for 2 of their own network devices to work together? ...more info
  • disappointing - wait for the next or 3rd generation
    I set up this product with a belkin router (g) and a pc running XP w/ sp2. The media adapter was not easy to configure with this hardware (2.5 hours on the phone w/ Linksys). The WMA11b's software seems to have conflicts with service pack 2 which I have still not been able to resolve.

    Once it was up and running it was kind of a novelty to finally be able to stream my music and photos to a TV and stereo.

    Though the distance from my router to the adapter was only 20 feet, the reception was never good. Perhaps because of this, the sound quality was always poor.

    Finally, to search for music you must do it with your TV on which was a little irritating. A unit that can display your music library info on the remote control would be worth the extra $$.

    After a week of attempting to live with the less than stellar music quality I gave up and returned this product. I wish I could now return my PC to pre-WMA11b qualities as well.. ...more info
  • There is a reason it is cheap
    If your configuration is:

    1 PC, a simple router and a TV
    You are running Win 2000 OR are confident you can configure Windows XP Firewall at an Administrator level
    You check the support for the product on the Linksys web site and realize that is as good as it is going to get.
    You don't mind yet another background process running on your PC
    Your files are not on a network drive or a mapped drive

    This might be for you......

    Otherwise - forget it - period...more info
  • Generally OK, a little basic for what I wanted
    This product appears to work as advertised. I have compared it to some other products (Turtle Beach and SlimMP3 from Slim Devices) which have several more features. The WMA11B is a lot cheaper than some of the alternatives. I almost bought the D-Link MP101, but decided to go with Linksys due to my experience with other Linksys devices.

    I would really like to be able to control the device from the host computer as well as using the remote. It doesn't have this feature. This is one of the reasons for not giving it more stars.

    I did get this to work with the Windows Firewall. If you go to the Exceptions part of the Windows Firewall configuration, you can add the .exe files from the program files\linksys wireles...\bin directory. I am not sure which file exactly needs adding, but if you add them all, it works.

    Overall, for a basic, first generation wireless media adapter, it works OK....more info
  • SharedMediaManager Error is Killing Me!!!!!!
    When it worked, this was my favroite device I have ever owned- finnally bridging the PC and The Stereo beautifully... but, then, an error occurred... "ShareMediaManager" error. I am extremely proficient with computers but for the life of me, can't fix the problem.

    Linksys support is worthless, both on the phone and live chat... I am EXTREMELY frustrated!!!!!!
    ...more info
  • Replacement software for WMA11B have released replacement software for the wma11b that allows you to stream music from iTunes.

    It works a lot better than the standard software linksys provide and turtlehead have released the source so you can make your own player for the wma11b.....more info
  • Does a great job!
    The unit was a breeze to set up just by following the "Quick Installation" guide.

    From opening the box to watching a slideshow of all my digital images and listening to my music in the background took about 15 minutes (it would have been quicker but I like to have all the cables tidy!).

    The installation is totally hassle free, and although I don't use Windows Firewall I do have Norton Internet Security which spotted the unit and made the appropriate "allow" changes to itself.

    Video quality is excellent and far better than expected. Its up to DVD quality. The audio is just awesome.

    I have been thinking of buying an i-pod for ages now...but since I drive to work I dont know when I would use it! This is like a home i-pod, but with the great advantage of being able to see all those forgotten digital photos.

    Of course the other way is to burn slideshows onto DVD's, but like the archived still images these would end up on the shelf with the others.. Like this I get to watch them.

    Teh software does have some quirks...and seems to assemble a database of media when booting and so takes a little time at startup, but other than that its very very neat :)

    What's missing? It would dhave been nice to share media on computers on a network running other Operating Systems (eg Mac OSX).

    Linksys / CISCO should be congratulated on developing a wonderful product at such a good price.

    ...more info
  • Works as Advertised
    I had this product up and running in about 15 minutes. I am using the device wirelessly with WEP encryption. I did have to disable my firewall during the setup process. It was annoying to have to approve every action the software was taking during setup. Ran into a problem using it, once I went from using the Ethernet port connection to wireless, because I re-enabled my firewall. Over came this by adding a static IP address to the device and then allowing that address access through the firewall. The device does everything advertised. I even have it pulling music from 3 different PC's on my network. Upgrades I would recommend to Linksys include:
    1. Optical output
    2. Enhanced scrolling through folders
    3. Display of album art
    4. Ability to play video
    5. Component video output
    6. Upgrade to 802.11g...more info
  • i really like linksys, but:
    i did not expect i would be writting this review for this product. my initial experience was very good and the product performed as advertised. Unfortunately some where along the line the software suffered the same fate as other customers. that is the client software crashes and refuses to run under xp pro. the online tech support is useless and the fact pages clearly are not addressing this problem. it makes the product useless and a nice paper weight. for background i have tried re-installing the software and .net many times to see if i could fix the problem (by the way the uninstaller also crashes so this is a manual process) with no success. i really like linksys products as they are doing some neat stuff but it is clear they are having some real technical support issues. make sure you can get a refund if you buy this product!...more info
  • When it works, it's great; the software needs improving
    When it works, it's great. I won't duplicate all the positives and features mentioned by other reviewers.

    As many other reviewers have said, the TV interface is basic, the remote is more complicated than it needs to be, the unit doesn't support Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall, and the email support, in my experience, is completely incompetent.

    I also have problems with the software that runs on the PC. I have about 18,000 MP3s + JPEGs. When my machine reboots, the WMA11B's XWPCHostService.exe consumes 99% of my CPU for the first 10 minutes after boot. It also consumes over 100MB of memory.

    Finally, XWPCHostService.exe watches for new files. When a new file appears, such as a new JPEG, it opens it to do some kind of cataloging. This unfortunately interferes with a photo downloading program I have that downloads an image and then rotates it if necessary....more info

  • Incomaptability with firewalls is a serious drawback
    The idea behind the WMA is great. But it has a serious problem. You cannot use it if you use the Windows XP firewall.

    I just contacted the Linksys technical support chat and they confirmed that you can't do it. The box in which the adapter comes provides no warning, and the installation instructions mention the firewall problem way back on page 35 in Appendix A.

    One would be justified in wondering whether the product is technically smart and whether the packaging and instructions might not be more transparent....more info

  • Let down by software
    This product can be very hard to setup, for example it will not run at all if the Windows Firewall is enabled which is an abvious security risk and at least in my case caused me to spend hours on the phone to various utterly useless Indian help desk people ("Sorry could you repeat that?", "Is there anyone there who speaks English?", on and on ad nauseum). Eventually I only found a solution to my problem by searching the internet for problems other people have had with this unit. There are quite a few - even Tech TV could not get their test machine working for their review.

    Also, the software that goes onto your PC that shares the music and pictures is by far the worst software I have ever seen from a reputable company. The software will crash on a regular basis and whenever you start it up again you will have to reload all of your media which takes a fair few minutes - the idea you can just start playing music anytime you like just doesn't work.

    In other words the wind has to be blowing in the right direction with the planets in alignment before anything will even work at all.

    Having said that when it does work it does the job ok although you can only play MP3s/WMAs and not stream any other type of audio (for example internet radio).

    It just isn't worth the money or the time you have to spend messing with it make it do what you would expect it to do immediately....more info

  • Doesn't deserve the bad rap it gets!
    I was influenced somewhat by the reviews I have read for this product. You tend to hear a lot of complaints about ease-of-use in both the interface and installation of this unit. I let the price convince me that this unit was worth taking a risk on and I am glad I did so. I agree with one reviewer on this string that stated it "works as advertised" and nothing beyond that. This unit is very small and light. It is very simple in engineering and will barely be a noticeable addition to your system. The interface is not the best thing in the world and it is not as easy as using a music interface on your PC to play music, but given the limitations of processor and bandwidth this is to be expected. The interface is very simple, fast and easy to use. Although you cannot access artists by quickly typing in the first letter of the name, you do have a page up/down button on the remote that makes an easy task of this. The volume control on the remote is a plus as it the ability to quickly move between picture/music mode. You can play music while looking at a slide show and you can access playlists you have put together in WMP and ti plays .wma files, which not all of these type units do.
    Granted, the installation of the unit, as with ANY wireless/wired networking interface, is not for everyone. I consider myself moderately skilled at installation and it took a quick glance at the owners manual's troubleshooting section to get the unit up and running (firewall issues).
    Bottom line: for less than $150, you cannot do better than this unit. I have a TIVO with Home Media Option that truly does a poor job of streaming music, not to mention at an increased monthly charge. The Linksys unit interface is basic, but nice and the control has everything you need....more info
  • I am returning this
    I wish I had read the amazon reviews before I bought this. I seem to be having the same problem another reviewer had, which is that the utility software is not working on my Windows XP Home PC. The service XWPCHostService crashes right after it is started. I've spent days trying to fix this, from re-installing .NET (which, for some reason Linksys requires for this to work), scanning system files, even re-installing XP.

    Also, as some other reviewers have commented, support is horrible. Over the phone, forget it. It took me 30 minutes to get someone on the lines. Then, you will be talking with someone over in India, I believe, who you simply do not understand. To make things worse, they have no clue what their own product has. The person I talked to did not know what a "service" was. And XWPCHostService.exe, which is their OWN software supplied with the product!!! Finally, they have some type of voice over IP communication system, so the person you're talking to, not only is difficult to understand, but is constantly breaking up... The only thing I understood was "try re-starting your PC". Excuse-me?

    Then I've sent an e-mail to technical support and, guess what: no response after 4 days...

    They are definitely giving me my money back on this one......more info

  • Not ready for prime-time
    It turns out that it's fairly easy to set up -- if you totally ignore the instructions shipped with the unit! The easiest way to set it up is to connect it directly to your TV/stereo and use the remote control to set it up (rather than the complicated connect-to-your-PC approach they recommend, which doesn't work unless you are lucky enough to have your PC setup exactly they way they expect -- which might work if you own a linksys router and haven't done any changes, but is unlikely to work otherwise).

    Warning though: it does not work with newer computers. Turns out it doesn't support the latest Microsoft Windows updates....more info

  • Great, but shaky to get there
    Reading the reviews, it all seems to depend on which version you get. I have the latest driver, 1.06 (I think) which doesn't have any of the problems associated with display.

    The problem is connection, there it's a little shaky. I'm running on a laptop under W2K, using an Ad-Hoc network to a non-LinkSys card. Most of my music is stored on a portable hard-drive that is most of the time not connected. The problems I've found are:-

    1) You cannot go into Standby, a little message says that the host program can't do this. So I have to completely shut-down to turn off.
    2) Every re-boot the host program then spends 10 minutes catalogue my files on the portable.
    3) Over 110Mb of thumbnails are secretly created for my 1.77Gb of pictures. This is still a significant amount of space.
    4) I am prevented from removing my portable hard-drive while it contains media files associated with the host. So I have to de-catalogue each time I unplug it and re-catalogue when I plug it in. All takes time.
    5) So far I have been unable to get a WEP connection to work.

    Connection is a bit of a gamble really. I generally get frustrated at the `Waiting for Host' message. Waiting for what? The TV doesn't tell me, the host doesn't say anything, so I have to wait. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    Once connected though everything is perfect. I often stream all daylong without any clitches. It is reliable.

    All in all, if you're tolerant and don't mind a few workarounds, then this is a step into the new media world. I have devised scripts to shut-down the host service when not in use, that way allowing me to standby. And with that I am content with this product....more info

  • Great Product for the Price!
    This adapter is awesome if you want to avoid the hassles of hooking up a PC or laptop to your stereo or continuosly burning CDs. Basically it allows you to play music (through TV or Stereo) and show pictures on your television. It does require the TV for use, but you don't have to have the TV on once you get the music running. For the price, its a steal. Just remember, if you are using a linksys router, there is no need to have your firewall software activated on your computer--otherwise the computer will not commmicate with it....more info
  • Lacking flexibility - Requires using the TV to operate
    I bought this thinking that Linksys was a smart and nimble network equipment vendor for consumers - Oops was I wrong! I have no idea why the 'Ready' light continues to flash, nor why the Adapter Utility application doesn't allow control of the device without standing in front of the TV to select playlist, music, etc. Installation however wasn't much of a problem and the device was able to locate the wireless network (also Linksys based).

    Bottom line: You must have a TV connected into the adapter for user access and operation :-( ....more info

  • Sooo limited!! Poor design!
    You're joking right? Only displays about 15 characters of a song and that's all! Can't show ID3 info like genre, year, artist, etc?! Can't check out a song (like if the title is too long) BEFORE playing it?! NO, 0, ZILCH customization such as font size, playlist order, song order, display artist before title or vice versa, etc.

    I have to install .NET 1.0...WHY?!?! What does that have to do with transmitting an mp3 over the airwaves just like my router transmits files over the airwaves?

    YUCK YUCK YUCK! What year is it? 2004? MP3 players, software, and home devices have been out for years and Linksys (who I love for other products) can't get it right?!

    No firmware OR driver updates since Sept 2003. Again, what year is it now?!

    Tech support DOES NOT answer phone OR email...again, I usually love Linksys for other networking products but this plain stinks. $175 (or even $50) is a complete waste of money and time.

    This is being returned faster than Britney Spears can get divorced! Seriously!...more info

  • Excellent first-generation product!
    I bought this unit as an alternative to configuring a separate computer, wired or wireless, as my entertainment center's gateway to digital media. It took me about an hour of troubleshooting to get it up and running (ad-hoc or infrastructure connection? what the heck does that mean to the average end user?) but once installed it stands on its own.

    Pay close attention to the install rules. If you're not running WinXP, think twice. If you're not using XP's "zero configuration wireless" feature, you must attach the device wired for setup, then configure it for wireless.

    It's a typical first-generation product. Does a great job at the two things it's good at -- displaying your pictures and playing your songs. The interfaces suck, both for the media manager utility (non-intuitive error messages that don't tell you what's wrong, it doesn't like dashes in filenames or directories, weird stuff like that) and for the unit itself (convoluted menus, could be much simpler and more intuitive, and lacks a few features I would have included in the first generation, such as fancy fades or wipes between pictures in slideshow mode, option of flashing the song title as the song changes if you're watching a slide show at the time, etc.) Actually that wish-list helps me to realize that the unit already does more than I expected. I set the "music" side to play "all songs" in "shuffle" mode, then I switch over to the "pictures" side and start a slide show. I didn't expect the music to keep playing, and was pleasantly surprised when it did. Music and pictures. Yay. The damn thing is now an emotion factory. I expect that future revisions will have more features and better interfaces. I'll be optimistic.

    It's all about expectations, folks....more info

  • No support from Linksys
    Purchased this item for christmas and had problems with the auto install right out of the box. Attempted to contact Linksys by e-mail and phone without success. My network is very basic and the problem appeared to be software related between XP and this unit. The user manual is poorly done and linksys support was non-existent... wouldn't waste your time with this product....more info
  • Poor Performance, Horrible User Interface
    The Linksys WMA-11b should never have been put on the market. It's design and performance suggest an early prototype, 'proof of concept' rather than a polished commercial product.

    The on-screen user interface is fair. It's easy to use but it's not flexible. For example, to find the 400th artist, you have to 'page-down' endlessly through the artists listed alphabetically above the one you want.

    Worse, it occassionally issues the helpful message, "error" on startup and then fails to work. Re-installing the software fixes it but that's ridiculous.

    There are no on-device or even software controls, so you are 100% dependent on their flimsy remote control.

    Wait for version two (or three, or four...) before considering the Linksys. Eventually, they'll get it right. Hopefully. If they do, I hopt they don't leave us Ginea Pigs without an inexpensive upgrade....more info

  • Great idea - Poor execution.
    The product workd mostly as advertised; install software on host PC, install WMA11B adapter, configure and you're up and running.

    The problems came for me when trying to add music. My "My Music" directory could not be added, using the utility to do so resulted in an error. Sub directories of my music could also not be added. LinkSys tech support suggested moving all my files in to a directory that I could see; not practical, but so be it.

    Then I added new music to my collection, in the directory the device could see. Of the 20 files added, it only saw 5.

    So I have a device that will not see the music I have, and will see only some of the music I add.

    LinkSys tech support tells me there's nothing that can be done about this... Too bad. I am returning this product....more info

  • Great Product. Really Good Job!
    I had a bit of a problem with my wireless install, but it was my fault. After that I've had no issues. The system is with my stereo/TV about 40 feet from my WAP, and the signal strength is 90%. It's a great device, and it let me retire my 200 CD disc changer with something much easier to navigate.

    My only complaint is the response time of the remote control commands, and the lettering on the remote is too small for my 40-something eyes....more info

  • This is a TOY!!!
    I was able to get the Media Adapter to "sync up" or find the application on my host computer MAYBE 1 out of 50 attempts. Otherwise it wouldl just stall and say "Waiting for Host" on the TV, even with signal strengths of 90%. When I did get it to work, it bogged the router/access point down so much that my router could not maintain the WAN connection to the Internet and my PC (also connected wireless) could not connect to the access/point router. My network is entirely Linksys so their tech support had no excuses and no answers for me other than return it to the store. This is one technology I was very anxious for but appears will have to wait a while on....more info
  • Works as Advertised
    I'm surprised to read all the negative reviews on here for this product. You'd think that Linksys promised the moon and the stars and somehow came up short. They did not.

    Very simply, this product hooks into your wireless network and then plays mp3s on your stereo/tv and displays photo images on your television set. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Setup was quite easy as far as installing network devices go... If you have already set up a wireless router in your house, you can handle this with no problem. I have found with other Linksys products that their technical support is fantastic, so if you really get in a bind, don't hesitate to call them.

    The method of choosing music and pictures is very basic as many have mentioned, I have found that creating playlists on my PC is the best way to queue up music.

    I'm sure in a couple of years that there will be much better products on the market, but for now, if you want to show your friends and family pictures, there's no better place to show them than on your big screen TV while sitting on the couch instead of your relatively small computer screen. And if you're going to listen to your mp3 collection, why not use your stereo instead of your wimpy little computer speakers.

    The fantasy is that this product should be the ultimate entertainment product. The reality is that this product gets you out of your computer room and into your living room when listening to your music and looking at your digital pictures....more info

  • Great Product, Setup Could Be A Bit Easier Though
    This product does exactly what it says. I was able to get it up and running in wireless mode in about 15 minutes - it was a bit tricky, but for me all of the networking issues are a bit tricky.

    The wireless does a fine job and I do not notice any slowness at all!

    I am very satisfied!

    By the way, had the best price by far!...more info

  • Great
    Setup - not that difficult - some people have voiced concerns about the setup - I had no problems. It is important to follow the setup guide. I connected to my Wired hub, followed the steps and had no problems. They device can use any directory (folder) you add via the setup process, as long as it's on the PC used. Other folders can be added/removed via the folder manager applet. Note - I am not using it in wireless mode - although I have a wireless (mn500) router, I prefer to use wired connections when possible.

    Usage - Very nice and intuitive. It uses the TV screen to present either Music or Picture selections - you can browse by artist (and albums for each artist), genre, playlist, and folder. The selection is very intuitive. I personally like the TV interface for this type of device... The display is simple - album/artist/title - there is great room for advancement here - i.e. cover art, playing time, etc, but it is functional as is. The use of a tv monitor - makes great sense as it is usually the central device in a media room, and the size makes it easy to see from across the room (as contrasted to an audiotron for instance, which has great functionality, but is really hard to see from the sofa). I would like to see a list of songs in the queue as an option howerver, instead of just the currently playing song.

    Picture display - very nice - select a folder, and see the thumbnails - you can then play a slideshow of those, zoom,etc.
    Very usable, as long as you have a logical folder structure for your pics... Only thing here - when picture folders are added - the folder manager app is slow, as it apparently is making thumbnails of each image.... Only needs to do this once though...

    All interface items -
    1. Not possible to queue up songs/albums - if one is playing and you select another, the first one stops and then new one selected plays immediately... lineup a few albums to be played.
    2. Not able to browse albums as a top level option - only under the artist.
    3. Not able to select by either artist or album under genre. i.e. In my case, if you select rock, you can either individually pick from the several thousand entries, or select all... Would be nice to have a select within genre on artist or album...

    I'm sure that there will be more and more of these types of products with new features coming to market eventually - as of now, for $... I am satisfied with this....more info

  • Get it to work and you will enjoy this product.
    I agree with many of the reviews written. Once you get it working, it is a great. The problem is getting it to work. Yes the documentation is very weak. I got many clues to getting this to work by looking at the different reviews on this Amazon site. I got so close to getting it to work smoothly until I completed the configuration screen and then the device would not connect. I hooked up the device and I turned on the device and nothing. With no connection and it does not work - of course.

    I loaded an updated firmware for my Linksys BEFW11S4 v.2 wireless acccss point router. It was version 3 or the latest one. Next big thing was to change the local area connection - properties / advance / setting to - allow other area network to connect through this computer's internet connection. Where is this written? It was on this web site that I saw that.

    I was so happy the application appeared finally. It took me over an hour and I kept saying how hard can this be? It is hard when there are not many directions and no FAQs or trouble shooting guide. Once you have it up and running, you will enjoy it. It is so cool to have access to my MP3 files on my surround sound system rather than my little computer speakers. The menu and the screens are boring and not very interesting. Linksys needs to get their screens and interface menus updated. It is not that hard to make them better when the screens are so basic and plain looking....more info

  • Works as advertised - most reliable of those tested
    This review is for the wireless WMA11b. I switched to this after a horrendous experience with the HP e5000 wireless media receiver.

    My setup is cable modem upstairs, with Linksys wireless router plugged into modem. 4 computers in house run off of wireless network. The Media Adapter is downstairs on my main TV, about 40 feet through walls and floor, and I get 92% signal strength (as reported by device).

    A little install trouble. Couldn't get it to recognize my wireless access point. In order to install, I had to plug network cable directly from router into the device and use their program to set the wireless settings, but then the installation went smoothly. I then took the device downstairs to my TV, plugged it in, and voila!

    I have had no problems with this device. It responds reasonably fast to the remote (1-2 seconds max), and handles my large collection of WMA and MP3 files just fine. It basically works exactly like Windows Media Player on your PC, but using your TV instead. I love the "Folders" heirarchy that allows me to find music in the folder structure I put together (rather than just by "Artist, Album, Genre...). I also love that it will handle any playlist I put together - I use it to put together 6 hour playlists for our parties, something I can't do with CDs (it even has a "randomize" feature).

    A couple of missing features would make this product perfect. The ability to select file attributes to display on the TV (other than title, artist, album as it does now) would be very nice. In particular, some indicator of song length and progress would be very useful.

    All in all a very decent first release for Linksys at a reasonable price....more info

  • Does what it advertises
    The Linksys Wireless Media Adapter was everything it was advertised to be. I was pleasently surprised at the ease-of-setup and use. Someone had previously complained that playlists weren't usable, but I had no problems with that. If you use Windows Media player, just save your playlist as one of the supported types that the Media Adapter supports - no problem.

    Works great - very pleased....more info

  • No Network Drives!!!??? Intriguing but not quite there.
    Unlike several of the other reviews, I'd characterize the setup as very straight foward if you're familiar with WiFi networks. My first and only obstacle - the deal breaker - came when configuring my playlists. Even though the playlists are those available to the host computer, it will not see networked drives. I must be assuming, incorrectly, that I'm in the majority in placing the many gigabytes of MP3s, JPGs, and other media files on a network server instead of a local hard drive. When I try to add a locally mapped drive, which is already available on the host computer, to the media play list, it simply will not accept it. A quick call to Linksys support confirms this. They suggested that I copy my files to the local drive and then add them to the media play list. In between chuckles I noted that it was impractical and I had no intention of moving 15 + GBs of storage to individual local hard drives when these files were already accessible to every node on the network (accept the WMA11B) from their file server storage location.

    Until a media adapter supports something as simple as a network drive or share, it will not be of any use to me....more info

  • Hard to get running, but once setup, works excellent!
    I agree that this unit is dificult to setup. It took me (an A+, MCSE, PC technician etc...) about 2 hours to get running. My problem was simply making sure "Infrastructure Mode" was selected, as it was trying to connect directly to the wifi card on my laptop instead of my Wireless Access Point. I already had my 2 XP home machines set up in a workgroup, so there were no problems with the unit accessing the files on any of these PC's.

    A lot of the problems people seem to be having appear to be related to the settings on the their computers. This is beyond the control of Linksys and reviewers should be cautious not to slam Linksys because of their personal firewall software or home Active Directoy labs don't allow file sharing.

    Yes the screen is too big, I wish it played movies, and it was a little confusing to setup at first, but it does what it advertises and I enjoy nothing better than putting my entire WMA collection on random and my entire "My Pictures" folder on random and enjoying the show for the evening.

    I guess with that said, WMA's sound WONDERFUL on this unit, I don't use MP3, so your mileage may vary....more info

  • I Expected a lot more. . .

    First Impressions:

    Nice packaging. Nice looking device, it's not much bigger than a four port hub. It has both the Cisco and LinkSys logos on the face. Vertical or horizontal mount. The package contained the device, quick setup poster, and a CD.


    I have an existing server, running Win2K Server, that I store my MP3 collection on. This product works by installing an agent on a PC and then connecting the device over a hard wired LAN or WiFi (802.11b). My setup allows me to use either LAN or WiFi and of course I chose the wired setup for max bandwidth and so I could actually listen to music and use my phone or microwave without dropping packets and thus songs. The agent installation was flawless and the media adapter and my server were talking within a few minutes after cracking up the box. Once the agent is installed on a PC, you really only have one option: Point the agent to your media. So of course I decided to point it to my entire (29 gig) mp3 collection which began in a single MP3 folder. Well, it starts to "Search" and then simply would disappear. No error, no nothing. Ok, maybe my collection was too big, so I start dragging my genre folders which were maybe 1 gig a piece...same thing happend. I decide to drag a single album over to the agent and finally it seems to take the 6 songs in the folder and I rush over to my TV to fire up the was able to play three of the songs and then the entire folder disappeared and thus I had no music to pull up anymore. After a few reboots and trying different folders I had similar results. My trade, I'm an IT there were no 'technical user' issues...I can assure you of that. To this day the device is flakey. It forgets entire folders for no reason at any given time. I've even loaded XP with similar results.


    The sound is on par with my expectations, though I wish for the price the device would have at least coax digital out. Your stuck with a pair of RCA, which I hooked a pair of Monster cables up to for optimal sound. The unit is equipped with an Intel StrongArm 400 MhZ (The same processor the latest PocketPCs use) and thus is pretty good at decoding and playing the MP3/WMAs.


    The menus are sloppy. There is absolutely no customization on for menus either. There are NO visualizations while songs are playing. You can't see anything important like bit rate or most of an ID3 tag (genre, year, etc.). You are stuck with an unsizable screen that shows you the track name and album name and running time. That's it. Plus they use such a huge display, that a band or song title with a long name (13 chars +) gets lopped off. Sloppy stuff all around on the visuals. Again, I expect more.


    Photos are displayed well. No real problems here. The device sure could flip through them faster though with this processor. One plus is the ability to play MP3s while viewing photos. However, some lag does occur on larger photos. Whether this is due to bandwidth, processor, or a combination I'll leave up to the "engineers" over at Linksys to figure out and hopefully fix over the next decade or so...


    This is where the stars began to seriously dive. ... I doubt the engineers who designed this paper weight released this as a stable product under their free will. It's a joke.


    ... I would recommend looking at the new Gateway DVD/MP3 network device or waiting as this market opens up more. We will all want to stream over DivX movies, MP3s, and every other type of media soon. I'm just going to wait a few years while they refine this technology better....more info

  • This is a great product
    ... I have to say as an owner of this device I couldn't be happier. I initially ran into the same hiccups installing the device, hit the "Waiting for Host" issue. It is not too clear in the setup instructions, but it is best to have this device hooked into a wired ethernet network when you are performing the initial installation. Once I re-installed and setup with it hooked into the wired network, I then transferred it downstairs to the home theatre system and had no further problems. The thing I like the best about this device is the fact I can browse by folder. I have over 1000 CD's that I have burned onto my hard drive simply because it was not practical to try to find the CD I wanted amongst 1000 anymore. With a heirarchal folder setup I can access any CD I want in seconds. Using playlists and ID3 tags does not allow me this level of heirarchal flexibility while preserving the ability to listen to individual folders as if they were the native CD. ... I currently have the linksys media-b hooked into my home theatre system and the sound quality is solid. ......more info
  • It does play music, but not well. Check out SLIMP3 instead..
    I was really excited to try out this device, but was ultimately disappointed with it.

    First, I don't want to have to turn on my TV in order to listen to music. Second, the thing was a pain to set up. Third, I have a fairly large collection of MP3s, and browsing through it with the Linksys interface was really cumbersome. The LinkSys software is rudimentary, you can't create playlist or really your manage your music. The photos feature is a neat trick, but it's not something I really care about. If you really want easy access to your music library, this isn't the product for you.

    I've been spoiled, I guess, with my Slim Devices SLIMP3 Network Music Player. In comparison, the open source SLIMP3 software provides a super easy-to-use remote control interface using the very bright and readable built-in display. Additionally, you can browse, search and create playlists from any web browser on your home network with the SLIMP3. You have to use another program to do this with the Linksys device.

    Finally, the Linksys works only on Windows XP, but the SLIMP3 works on Mac, Windows 98/ME/NT/2000 and XP, Linux and a bunch of other operating systems.

    The downside of the SLIMP3 is that it's not wireless, but I use one of mine with a wireless bridge and the other is connected right to an ethernet port on my DSL router.

    So the Linksys is going back and I'm ordering another SLIMP3 for the house.

    p.s. My experience with Linksys support was laughable. The wait was long and the support guy at the other end was clueless. Luckily, I was able to figure out how to set up the thing myself. The knowlegeable folks at Slim Devices answered my questions quickly and efficiently (of course, I should have read the FAQ on their web site first...) They rock!...more info

  • Good first try
    The TV display is the weak point of this promising product. Track and album names are cut off at 20 characters, which isn't always enough. Example: "Joe Blow's Greates..." is a problem if you own Volumes I and II of Joe Blow's Greatest Hits. It would be better to display the full names, dropping the font size a bit if necessary.

    For classical music, the Artist / Album / Song hierarchy doesn't make much sense, especially since the PC software insists on putting the composer in both Composer and Artist, and ignoring the actual conductor, orchestra, soloists, etc.

    Tech support, as others have noted, is worth what you pay for the call, i.e. nothing. These guys know literally nothing about the product; they're just trained to look up something on a screen and parrot it back to the caller.

    Finally, there's no screen saver, and the fixed portions of the display don't move or change color. I'm worried about burn-in on my expensive rear-projection system....more info

  • Finally It's set up
    It took me forever to get the thing set up but now that it finally works, it's great! At first, it would work great when wired through an ethernet cable but it worked VERY slowly and was unusable wirelessly. After calling tech support to no avail, I decided to upgrade the firmware on my wireless access point. Like magic, it worked. If you're having the same problem, see if you can download newer firmware from the Linksys web site. You'll be happy with the results!...more info
  • Almost A Star
    The new Linksys Media Adapter could be a fantastic device. It's easy to set-up and being able to pump my MP3's through my stereo without having to use my laptop is a dream come through.

    I said could be because the software that comes with the Media Adapter is hideous. The most elementary of free media packages are a 100 times better. The software doesn't allow you to view or play MP3's by Album. Instead you get to choose by artist, song or genre. Excuse me but cross colloboration by various artists makes it impossible to listen to an entire album. You only get to listen to the songs on a album that were performed soley by the artist.

    How about listening to one song while choosing another? Forget about it. Choosing a new song before the other has stopped playing means you jump to the new song. What happened to listening to songs like I did with my ancient history 45's?

    Want to listen to a playlist? Fine but don't hope to create one on the fly. Can't do it. I can go on about chopped titles and names but I won't.

    The product is a wonderful idea that went astray with the software people. Please LinkSys, release new software!...more info

  • Waiting For Host
    The Linksys Support was not very helpful but you have to realize this is a very new product. I use the wired connction not wireless. I had the problem of waiting for host. By the process of elimination I found I cannot use Mcafee Privacy with the WMA 11B. Once I uninstalled Privacy everything works fine. I recommend if you continually see 'Wainting For Host' you find what program is loaded into memory and remove it. I did and everything works....more info
  • Great idea, software needs work
    This is an excellent idea at a great price. $$$$ for a wireless MP3 player unlocking all the stuff stored on my server is excellent value.

    Got the unit to boot and register (even on wireless after remembering to edit the MAC filter table - by the way, am I the only one who thinks it's weird to show the WEP key in cleartext on the TV setup, even after you saved the info?) but both the user interface and server side application need work in my opinion.

    First the user interface: With an iPod I need all of 5 keys and a scrollweel to control everything MP3. With this remote there are 13 relevant keys. I find myself pressing back when I mean previous and right arrow when I mean page down. Will probably get used to it, but this looks like user interface design by techies.

    Then the PC app. It's probably my files, but the media manager chokes on them, leaving a half-built database. Whenever something goes awry, the databse shows double, triple or wrong entries, and there is no way to solve it than un- and reinstall. Can't see why a file was not added, can't edit the databse manually. This behaviour is seriously worrying, looks like the app needs some more testing.

    As for JPG file browsing I can't fault the unit. Be aware though it looks like it creates thumbnails for all your pictures. If you have a large number of them, the "cache" folder has a lot of entries and takes up a considerable amount of space on your C drive (no way to tell the install to put stuff like this somewhere else).

    All in all a great product, especially if it reads your MP3 collection without problems, but it needs some software updates before I'll recommend it to others....more info

  • Great Device -- Poor Support
    I have the media adaptor wired to my Sony amp/rcv and wireless connected to the laptop. It works great and does everything I expected it to. The pictures are good quality and the music fine as well. The onscreen menus are okay and fairly intuitive. The setup menu is horrible and is NOT intuitive.

    Did I have to use the setup menu? Oh yeah. What should have been an easy setup turned out to be about 3 hrs of poring through documentation and XP. I spent over an hour with support on the phone. They have no clue and finally told me to send it back. At that point I became more determined than ever to make it work myself. At 2 am I made a change under the networking configuration of XP "to allow connections from other users" or something like that. Bingo! Up and running. Like I said it should have been easy, I had XP pro running on all my networked computers and the 802.11b wireless running flawlessly. It may be something I had inadvertantly changed, but the support line should have been more knowledeable. Alls well that ends well....more info

  • Installation Nightmares
    Where do I begin? I purchased the WMA11B over 2 weeks ago and I still can't get it to work. Like the other review, I, too, cannot get past the "Waiting For Host" message. I tried calling the Linksys tech support department and it seems as though I knew more about this product. To resolve my problem they fed me the usual b.s. like uninstall the application and then reinstall it, make sure you reboot after installing the application, power-off the adapter and then try it again. My dog knows more than these so-called experts.

    If anybody knows how to resolve the infamous "Waiting For Host" message, please let us all know by posting another review here....more info

  • Don't buy it
    Customer support is non existent by phone. Linksys intructions lack many important details.

    Very sorry to see Linksys have such a poor roll-out for a product....more info

  • Awesome
    I just picked it up tonight. Installed in about 10 minutes, over the wireless network itself. Sound/Video quality is excellent. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Here's hoping that a future firmware update will allow for playback of video files!...more info
  • Works very well - a few limitations
    Generally, the linksys WMA11B media adapter works very well.

    The installation is a little non-intuitive (as mentioned on other reviews). Even if you plan on using it in wireless mode, you might want to configure it while in wired (not wireless) mode. With the default settings out of the box I never could get the setup software to completely detect the adapter in wireless mode (it would claim to find it, but would then not list it for configuration). When I direct wired the adapter to my router it found the adapter and permitted configuration. Oddly enough, you can have the adapter in wired mode but configure it for wireless. In fact this was the only way I could get it to work.

    I didn't pay close enough attention during the wireless configuration section and kept the default setting of "Ad-hoc" for network "Mode" rather than "Infrastructure". Infrastructure applies if the adapter will connect to a router rather than to a computer. Since I did not set this configuration correctly, when I connected the adapter to my TV and powered it up the configured adapter never found my wireless network. The TV just displayed "Waiting for host" with 92% signal strength. Once I figured out my mistake I re-ran the setup program (with the adapter direct wired)and changed the wireless mode to infrastructure. Problem solved. Even works with full 128 bit WEP and MAC address filtering on my router. You can change the WEP key (and a host of other settings) from the remote using the "setup" menu over the TV.

    My only complaint to date is the playlist support. It supports m3u and asx formats. It would be nice if it natively supported Windows Media Player. You can export a playlist from Windows Media Player into m3u format, but its an extra step and a hassle.

    Performance wise, the pictures were clear and the sound was great with my 192 bit-rate mp3s. I could push the host computer hard on other tasks while the adapter was running a slideshow of over 2000 pictures and playing from a 253 song playlist. No hiccups at all.

    Improvements should include clearer wireless mode installations and better playlist support. The host software requires XP and it installed some .NET components. I was surprised to see these components sucking up > 120MB of RAM. Better memory management would help.

    Overall I am pleased with the product....more info

  • Buyer Beware
    Watch out for Linksys... I had a tech support question for them regarding this product, and they have seemingly outsourced all their support overseas. The reps were totally unhelpful, and were obviously just reading from scripts.

    I managed to get the problem resolved myself, and the product does work as planned, but I would suggest spending the extra bucks and getting a Turtle Beach Audiotron instead. I wish I had....more info

  • Big hassle to get it woking
    The other reviews discuss the installation difficulties. So far, I totally agree. The manual is next to useless - it is on a PDF file, but doesn't have any meaningfull troubleshooting guide. The "quick start guide" is just plain wrong. To see the device at all from the PC, you need to turn off the Windows firewall. You then need to hook up with a wired connection to configure it for wireless. However even then the device did not see the PC to play music or pictures - "waiting for host" is the message - after several reboots and power cycles I was finally able to get it to work with a wired connection. For wireless I upgraded the router firmware, set the media adapter to "infrastructor", disabled WAP encryption. Eventually I got a connection. I was then able to reenable WAP.

    I called tech support, they responded after about 1/2 hour and were no help their suggestion was that the box was broken and to return it! It was clear that he had no training on the product. I asked them to escalate the problem, and a guy with real experience called me back within 1/2 hour and he talked me through the wired set up. He still owes a call back on wireless (although I may be ahead of him) There is no help on the linksys web site for this product.

    The product performance is good now that it is working, although after it had been playing for a hour or so, it dropped the connection and needed to be power cycled, I also noticed a couple of gaps of about 20 seconds or so in the music - if that is common then it will be a pain.

    Linksys do need to ship some software (or at least make recommendations) to manage playlists. RealAudio play lists don't work, Windows media player play lists need to be exported, MusicMatch's seem to work - but you need to search hard to find them. It would be much better to be able create playlists from the TV interface.

    This is much to geeky - OK for a geek like me, but I can't see my wife using it.

    My advice is to wait....more info

  • Great, but...
    I wrote an earlier review, but I don't know if that will be posted along with this one, so I will repeat the core information here: before I was able to use the Media Adapter, I discovered that it will only work if the computer serving the music and photos is running Windows XP. The wired ethernet will apparently work with other operating systems, but the wireless will not.

    I have now upgraded to XP, which I was planning to do anyway, and the Media Adapter is working. Unfortunately, it was a nightmare to get running, and I spent a total of 3 hours on the phone with technical support. I have a Linksys WRT54G router, and the Media Adapter couldn't detect it's signal. After changing the SSID, altering the encryption settings, turning off MAC filtering, and a host of other fixes, the final solution was to change the RTS Threshold to 2304. I know a fair amount about my router, but the RTS Threshold was one setting that I know nothing about and always left alone. If you are getting 00% signal strength, you may want to try this fix.

    The Media Adapter itself works wonderfully, and I am very pleased with the quality of photo display (3MP pictures don't look at all pixelated). My only complaint here is that the music navigator isn't great: it includes the track number at the beginning of the song name, so the song order is strange (this is probably caused by using the filename rather than Tag information to derive the song name). Overall, great product, but there are costs to being an early adopter....more info

  • Linksys WMA11B Wireless-B Media adapter
    Easy to install, easy to use and works like a charm. You only need to have the computer turned on anywhere within the wireless sytem and with the remote control you can access all photo and music files through the TV. No delays and no loss in picture quality.
    This is a great addition to a wireless system....more info
  • Excellent product!
    I agree with a previous reviewer about the installation challenges. Even after I connected the device via ethernet cable, it still could not find it. Calling tech-support didn't help at all - they had no idea what to do. The installation guide was a little weak - not much information and virtually no troubleshooting tips. I was finally able to configure the device by connecting it to my TV first.

    However, once the installation was complete - I fell in love with it instantly (hence my 4 stars). It is definitely worth its price tag. The connection to my 802-11b network was flawless - i have it connected to my home theater receiver and i finally feel as if my huge collection of mp3's have been freed from their computer prison. This product is highly recommended....more info

  • Stellar Home Networking Graphic/Audio Device
    Very easy setup on Windows XP, aside from having to initially plug into the Ethernet plug on your PC/router to set the unit up. Took less than a minute once I was plugged in. Hooked the device up to my home stereo using the video/audio-l/audio-r cabling and Presto! It was that easy.

    One of the nice features was being able to manipulate the volume of the music without having to use your stereo remote. Also the shuffle and music/picture selection screens were extremely easy to navigate. On top of that I was able to slideshow through pictures while listening to the music at the same time. One of the first things I noticed when viewing pictures was the excellent quality in comparison to a majority of the scan-converters out there. Extremeley crisp and from what I witnessed, flicker-free. Very vivid!

    A recommend for anyone out there setting up a Wireless Home Gateway that wants to have those "precious family" photos and music favs at your fingertips at the drop of a hat. Great for holiday reunions for sharing pics with guests.

    If they ever come out the the "G" version of this puppy I'm first in line.

    Reception and signal for the unit was exceptional in the fact that my wireless access point was clear on the other side of the house to where my TV/family room is. Had a 70% signal strength from around 80+ feet away and there was no noticable signal drop at all when playing MP3/WMA files....more info

  • Great Product if you have tons of MP3's
    Just got the Linksys Media Adapter from Amazon today. Had it up and running with my WRT54G wireless router in seconds. The connection quality has been 90%-100% consistently and the media adapter is in a different room than my wireless router.

    The media adapter can play all of my MP3's off of a wireless pc or a pc that is hardwired to the wireless router.

    This is a pretty ingenious product. The added infrared remote is a plus! I don't have to burn CD's now to hear my MP3's on my stereo system. Another plus is that I can finally see my digital camera pictures on my 65" widescreen tv!!

    Definetly a solid product from Linksys!!...more info

  • Just what I was looking for!
    I've been waiting for a solution like this to allow me to access my music libraries stored on my computer from my home stereo in a different part of the house. But I didn't want to setup another network, I wanted something that worked directly over an existing 802.11b network. I also thought a TV interface was a good idea for navigating a large library.

    I considered some other products, but was always turned off by the lack of detailed product information at the manufacturer web sites, or bizarre configuration requirements. I downloaded the user guide from the Linksys web site before making my decision to purchase this, and could see that this was just what I wanted.

    I was able to point it to my music collection, and it was instantly available for selection via the TV interface. Manually tracking down the directory where MusicMatch stores its playlist files was a minor challenge, but it works great with those playlists as well. And the sound quality is very good. It also does a great job displaying pictures from my digital camera.

    I'm only giving it 4 stars instead of 5, mainly because the installation was a challenge. The installation software couldn't find the device on the wireless network, so I had to hook it up with an ethernet cable to initially configure the device. I used the setup utility to configure the settings that I wanted for the device, and it kept reporting an error that it could not save the settings. I eventually realized that despite the error, the settings were being saved, and continued. Once I realized that the configuration settings were being saved, it came up on the wireless network just fine (needed to change default of "adhoc" mode to "infrastructure" mode). But then the software that runs on the PC would not install. No errors were reported, just a link on the desktop pointing to a missing file that was nowhere to be found on my hard drive. After several attempts, I was about to call tech support when I decided to reboot first, after which the install then worked properly.

    It would be nice if the install had an option to scan your hard drives for music and picture files, and then gave you the option to select the directories to include from the ones that were found, rather than requiring manual selections. But the manual selection approach was probably better for me personally.

    Now that it is installed, I'm quite happy with it. I've only been using it for about 6 hours, but the user interface is good. The "shuffle" mode for a playlist doesn't seem to work quite like I expect (the first song in the playlist is always first even in "shuffle" mode, and there doesn't seem to be a way to reshuffle the playlist once it is loaded), but other than that it is working quite well. I think I'm going to be very happy with it. I'm optimistic that now that the installation challenges are done that it will work its way up to 5 stars from my current 4 rating....more info