Sony Walkman Alkaline AA Batteries with Slide Case (4-Pack)
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Product Description

Sony designed these batteries specifically for their Walkman portable devices. If you are looking for the best possible match in batteries for your music player, look no further than these Walkman Alkaline. Sold in an economic four-pack, these batteries hold the quality and dependability you expect in Sony products. The batteries have a modern look, with a color and graphic design sure to catch others' attention. As with all of Sony's alkaline batteries, these batteries come with a long life expectancy. To help you store the batteries, Sony has included a sliding storage case in this package. This case will easily slip into a small bag or pocket, allowing you a quick and organized manner to retrieve your batteries.

What's in the Box
Four-pack of Sony Walkman AA batteries.

Contains 12 units. MODEL- AM3WM-CA VENDOR- SONY MAGNETIC PRODUCTS INC 4-pack of 1.5 volt "AA" Alkaline batteries in clear plastic storage case, MUST purchase in master cartons of 12 packs. e-mail:

  • Batteries designed specifically for Walkman portable devices
  • Includes portable slide case
  • Stylish and unique batteries
  • High-quality, long-lasting alkaline battery
  • Package contains 4 batteries
Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent Batteries
    I use these in my Apple wireless bluetooth mouse and keyboard and they work great.

    They last long and are good quality.

    They are not available here in town locally so I buy them here with free shipping since I am a PRIME member....more info
  • Dont buy it...
    Hello, this kind of batteries are amazing and all others from sony, don't you dare to buy this specific one, because I have alredy ordered because I wanted the slide case for some others rechargable ones I have, ande they send me the exactly same batteries, but without the slide case, There is a mismatch in the picture and the name, that's what they told me when I claimed, and amazon suggest me to return the item (wich I did), but they did not fix it at the web site... So if you are looking for the batteries its OK, buy it, but if you want to have also the slide case, don't buy it because they wont send it....more info