Lenmar DLC2L Replacement for Canon NB-2L
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Product Description

Your Canon digital camera needs the best batteries to keep you shooting pictures without running out of power. Lenmar offers high quality alternatives to the original Canon digital camera rechargeable batteries. Lenmar's exclusive memory-free NoMEM digital camera battery technology can be fully charged from any level without any performance reduction to keep you fully powered to keep shooting pictures.This battery is equivalent to Canon NB-2L.

  • Replaces Canon NB-2L, NB-2LH
  • 7.4V 750mAh (525 images)
  • Lithium-Ion
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 2 year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Good for the price
    I decided to try the Lenmar replacement battery for the Canon NB-2L based on the "positive" feedback (note: there is a lot of negative) that it received and the appealing price. I was going on vacation and my current batteries were getting old and didn't hold a charge for very long anymore. So, I purchased a genuine Canon Battery, and the lower priced Lenmar battery. While the Lenmar gave satisfactory performance, based on the fact that it costed less than 1/3 the cost of the Canon. Life was definitely shorter, but again proved acceptable. It allowed me to use my Canon battery, and if it ran down on me, I could use the Lenmar to finish out my day until I could recharge. It didn't let me down. Overall life was definitely less as previously stated, but again, it was far less expensive. Actually, I could have bought (3) Lenmar batteries for (1) Canon, so....you get what you pay for.

    Overall, it met my expectations, and probably then some. Not good enough for 5 stars, but definitely worthy of 4.

    Note: This was used with an older Canon S30 Camera, and not a new DSLR, which might yeild different results.

    Lenmar DLC2L Replacement for Canon NB-2L...more info
  • Flawless
    I've had a number of Lenmar replacement batteries, all excellent, and so far, this one is equal to or better than the original....more info
  • Same Battery at a Great Price!!!!
    This is the perfect battery to have as a replacement for canon cameras. Lenmar is a generic but a good generic not like the others you find saturated everywhere. The company gave me great service and shipped it in a timely matter. I would say to buy from this retailer without any hesitation....more info
  • Less than half the price!
    It's nice to see a product you have used before, on Amazon for half the price of other stores locally or web. I was sceptical of such a great deal at first but after receiving the product in question I have been very happy! This is basically the same battery which came with my camera initially. ...more info
  • Lenmar Battery
    In the past, if I had any problems with a Lenmar battery, their customer service department responded in a positive manner where customer service was considered number 1, second to none. They will do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer. The price of their batteries are great and their warranty outstanding....more info
  • Unfortunately I fell for it
    Despite of the negative review of this Canon S30 replacement battery from amazon.com, I still fell for it for its cheaper price. I bought two new ones...one turned out to be ok. The other one was never functional. After a full-charge, the malfunction one could only take a few shots before it runs out.

    I brought the two with me for a trip only to find out that only one works. So I had to be prudent in taking shots and missed many valuable moments.

    I should have stick to the original canon battery , even it is more expensive....more info

  • Don't fall for it
    I bought this battery a couple months ago for my Powershot S45 since it was so much cheaper than the real NB-2L. PLEASE! Do not make the same mistake. The first few uses were fine and it appeared to be a genuine equivalent. However, after about 10 uses, the battery life was completely sapped. It now takes just a few shots after a "full charge" before I hit the low battery indicator. Of course, my original Canon battery is still fine after many uses. I highly recommend sticking with the real thing....more info