Cloud Dome - Plexiglass Dome Light Diffuser, for Tabletop Still Life Product Photography
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Product Description

It's a studio-in-a-bag. It's the simplest way for anyone to take professional-quality digital product photographs without complicated lighting. It's portable and convenient Made of high impact, non-yellowing, crack-resistant plastic, Cloud Dome evenly diffuses natural light over the surface area of the object being shot. High quality digital photographs can even be achieved in low lighting. Lightweight and easily portable, the Cloud Dome is outfitted with a camera mount to eliminate any stability problems. It's the perfect accessory for any photographer of any skill level aiming to achieve the highest quality digital photographs. The Cloud Dome is perfect for capturing images such as: Jewlery, Stamps, Documents, Gems, etc.

Customer Reviews:
  • Cloud Dome
    The price was right and service great - got this because I sell on ebay
    pictures turn out great. I feel when people can see detail and a clear picture you are going to sell more merchasie much quicker. Thanks again ...more info
  • Great accessory!
    My husband is a silversmith and makes custom jewelry. Cuts the stones and sets them as per customers wishes. Had tried to get good pictures with very little success. This will make his work available for others to see just what he can do!...more info