Vanguard VS41 Flexible MiniTripod
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Product Description

Vanguard VS-41 tripod is so compact and lightweight you can carry it in your pocket. It is perfect for Small Digital, APS, Point and Shoot and 35mm cameras.

Carry this ultra-lightweight mini-tripod wherever you roam. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, and perfect for setting up at a moment's notice while travelling. It's designed for use with small point-and-shoot digital, APS, and 35mm cameras. it features three flexible wire legs and plastic ball feet.

Specs include:

  • Extension height: 4.3 inches
  • Folded height: 5.1 inches
  • Weight: 0.1 pound (less than 2 ounces)
  • Lightweight, portable tripod for those times when size matters
  • Ball panhead, 2 sections, and rubber feet
  • Extension height: 5.1 inches
  • Folded height: 5.3 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Ok recommend vs55
    I purchased the vs41 and vs55. Vs41 more flexable but vs55 stays firm on any surface. I've Used the Vs41 a few times and it does what its suppose to do but if you use a heavy lense the VS55 will do a job better. ...more info
  • cheap junk
    Don't waste your time - get one a little less cheap. There is a reason that S&H is more than product price (and way more than is reasonable: 2oz @1st class is $0.79).
    This is the same exact product as "Sunpak 620-786 Mini-Spider Tripod"
    They don't support my tiny Lumix FX33 and are more elastic than "poseable"....more info
  • Using with Canon Powershot SD850 IS
    Attached this to a Canon Powershot SD850 IS with no problems however it leans forward a little but can be corrected by placing the back leg lower. The legs are flexible and it's also good for carrying the camera when using the video on the camera. For the price, it's well made, can't complain. Get it; you never know when you might need it and it's small enough to carry around in your pocket or to throw in your glovebox....more info
  • cheaply made
    You get what you pay for. Mine wasn't even together when I opened it from the box. I guess its the luck of the draw on whether you get a good one or not. I didn't & its a hassle to send it back because shipping itself almost costs as much as the item. ...more info
  • not so good
    I found this to be a little fragile. Your camera has to be a light one. Because of the flexible legs one has to be careful to set the camera straight to keep the picture straight! Be careful before you buy....more info
    Against my better judgment, I ordered this Vanguard VS41 Flexible MiniTripod, whhich actually arrived in a box labelled VidPro WT-5 model in a new 2008 small package. I almost did not order it because a prior review said if your camera has an off-center tripod mount, this thing will tip over. I have a Pentax 33WR, an almost solid waterproof 4-inch square chunk of metal an inch thick. So for $5 I gambled and won. The item came right away from THEMEMSTORE via UPS First Class, the first of three small orders I placed with three unknown-to-me different vendors. The construction is quite solid, and my chunky digital camera does not even show a hint of tipping over and is solid as a rock on this little gem. As it is with me, I do not even have to adjust the legs to counterbalance. I would guess tipping becomes a problem in the 35mm or superzoom digital camera ranges of size. This product strikes the perfect balance of very small size but enough heft to allow most all small digital cameras to work on it. Otherwise one would not see the very high proportion of favorable ratings on Amazon. I carry my camera in my standard size Sampsonite briefcase, and from now on this tripod is going to be with it....more info
  • Cheap and flimsy
    The legs broke off the fifth time I used this tripod. The metal just sheared and broke. Even though I didn't pay much for it, it wasn't even worth that....more info
  • Small and Effective
    Easily small enough to fit in a purse or a pocket. It's about the size of three regular wooden pencils held tightly together and only 5 inches long. The legs are very sturdy and have enough weight to support my Kodak C813 even though the tripod socket is on the edge of the camera. It could probably be adjusted for heavier cameras by moving the feet (which grip quite well, by the way) closer to the center of gravity. It would be great for timed photos or for long exposure shots when you don't need a larger tripod for the height....more info
  • Good and cheap but not quite what i was looking for
    This item is perfect If your looking for a tripod thats can stand on almost any surface and not take up pocket room. At a price of less then two dollars this is by far your best bet. I was hoping for a little more though so I can't give it a perfect five. I do alot of solo filming in woods and basements and other such environments and i was hoping that I would be able to wrap the legs around branch's and other random support structures but the legs were not flexable enough. Great tripod over all but I think I'm still gonna check out a gorillapod. ...more info
  • Nice to have along
    Good to carry around if you have a very light camera or centered tripod mount, horizontal shots only, but it does this job well....more info
  • Does the job - Nothing Special
    What can I say that wasn't said in the title? Not much.

    For the price it's not bad, but it's not great either.

    The con is the legs could be better. They move, but they don't hold their position that well. They generally "move back" into place a bit.

    I'm no expert in flexible tripods. :) ...and so maybe this is the norm for these things. Maybe you would pay 10 or 20x as much for one that had legs that moved and solidly held in place to the positions you move them to. I don't know.

    I guess overall it's hard to complain for the few dollars I spent. When I need to take a really steady picture then I have something to do that with.

    If you're looking for something "professional" then I would say this isn't it. For casual, home consumer use it's fine....more info
  • Great travel buddy!
    useful ... easy ... compact ... i think it fits any camera. great for travels, especially if you're by yourself and need to set up photos so you can be in the shot!...more info
  • One of the smallest mini tripods out there
    The Vanguard VS41 is very small and compact. With the legs all pushed together it takes up no more room than a long roll of nickles. As such, it's a perfect item to throw into your camera bag and forget about - until you need a steady shot (or a shot of yourself when no one else is around) and don't want to try balancing your small digital on a rock (the normal use of a mini).
    While it a sturdy little guy, and easily adjusts for a uneven surface, the flexible legs are designed for the compact digitals that are so common. Don't try mounting your SLR or large camera, as it won't hold much weight. If your camera is on the heavy side, try the VS-10 instead.
    To mount a camera, you just rotate the tripod until the screw goes home, then bend the legs out for the angle you want....more info
  • Value & Portability
    Arguably, you're never really going to be able to use a tripod this big for a lot of shots, but it's small, lightweight, and easy to slide into a bag or pocket. What I have found is that it's perfect for setting up the camera and taking a shot at night, and allowing the shutter to do the work, rather than go to a higher ISO setting. For a few dollars, you will not be disappointed....more info
  • Does a great job for the price
    For the price, it is a great buy. Very sturdy, and fits in my pocket. Comes in handy when you're on the road and don't want to lug around a big bulky tripod....more info
  • ideal for quick set up
    this mini tripod is very helpful for getting fast is very small and easy to install.adjust to almost any angle in small spaces.great for fast pictures from car roof top.stores easily in camera bag.very stable for small tripod.nice value for price....more info
  • Great little tripod for the price
    This is a great little tripod for the price.

    It's best for a point and shoot small camera but it will even work with a DSLR if you are careful.

    If you want something a bit better and more versatile, check out the GorrilaPod:
    Joby GP1-01EN Gorillapod Flexible Tripod (Grey)

    This can be attached to the edge of a chair or a pole, etc.

    At any rate, it's nice to not have to put your camera directly down on a surface and you can use this to get a level shot no matter how the surface is. I also use it to get a bit of elevation when recording videos of myself at my computer, etc.
    ...more info
  • Phenomenal, Cheap, Light tripod
    This is truly a must have for all photographers. This table-top tripod allows low-light long-exposure shots. This also comes in handy for timed shots, as you don't have to spend 5 minutes trying to perfectly balance your camera on a rock - this does that for you. If you hate the washed-out flat look you get from a flash, invest 5 dollars in this....more info
  • Worth the price
    No doubt this product is worth the price. It's also very easy to transport. It fits into my jacket picket easily. The mini-tripod holds my digital camera without a problem.

    The legs are a bit stiff making it a little hard to adjust at times. Forget wrapping the legs around a vertical pole. The head doesn't swivel making panoramic shots difficult at best....more info
  • Comes in Handy, Pretty Sturdy Also
    There's many times when I am either too lazy to use a regular tripod, or the situation doesn't permit. This little tripod does the trick. It's really compact but it is sturdy and solid. The legs are very flexible and stay put fairly well. The drawback, which is inherent in the design, is that you have to fiddle around with the legs if you want to keep the camera level, and also keep them balanced enough so the camera doesn't tip over (the mounting hole on my camera is on the bottom right side so I have to angle the legs to compensate). But that is a problem (if you can even call it that) which is easy enough to overcome. This is a very handy thing to have and as others have said, it's really small. For $5 this is a bargain. I use Amazon Prime and it must have cost them more to ship it to me in two days than the price of the product!...more info
  • Handy little tool!
    Small & flexible this little tripod is handy to have. It's strong enough for a digital SLR & helpful for putting yourself in the picture....more info
  • MORE than a tripod...
    I used this as a tripod exactly once, but I couldn't get along without it. I ALWAYS attach it to my camera when I'm out shooting, as it makes a great handle or grip. My hand is in a loose fist around the legs and the camera is resting on my hand. This means I don't have to be gripping the camera itself, which can tire your hand after a while. It also allows me to steady the camera more easily when I'm shooting. It doesn't get in the way at all when the camera is hanging around my neck, and it comes off really fast if I need to remove it for some reason. I never have had reason to use it again as a tripod, but it's turned out to be invaluable with my Canon S3. Best six bucks I ever spent! Highly recommended....more info
  • awesome gift!
    I got this as a small surprise Christmas present for my boyfriend and he loves it! Really good deal. There are some other different flexible tripods out for much more money, but this one works really well and was just what I was looking for. ...more info
  • Great item, but not for medium size cameras
    I used to have a tripod just like this that worked great with my Nikon SLR a big camera (not digital). Then I kept using it with different compact cameras including the not so lightweights Canon Powershot A80 and then the A640 which got stolen with the tripod. I bought a Canon Powershot S5 IS and this tripod, and unfortunately it is not strong enough to hold the camera. I have to pretty much put two of the legs all the way forward in order to balance the weight and not have my camera fall lens first.

    I haven't tried this specific tripod with other cameras, but it seems that it could hold a regular compact one....more info
  • handy little tripod
    I already have one that I found in Japan, this time I got one as a gift to someone who loves to travel and take pictures. He loved it!!...more info
  • Great Gadget
    This is a great little tripod for our digital camera. Small enough to put in the camera bag. Very versatile. We love it!...more info
  • Flexi tripod
    Its small but I needed something that would sit on the table to take pictures of my artwork and well it did the job. The legs bend fairly easy so I could point the camera up or down. A nifty little thing. Great for table top use....more info
  • Great pocket tripod!!!!
    I used this tripod on my last trip to Walt Disney World. With this tripod and my new camera (Kodak Z1275), I was able to take almost professional grade pictures. This tripod worked awesome for night shots. The only thing with this tripod is you obviously need to put it on a something. I used trash can lids and tables to get my best night shots. I carried it everywhere with me because it was so small and light.
    Anything bigger than a point and shoot probably will not work well with this tripod. This is definitely worth the money....more info
  • This is a "Must Have"
    This thing is the answer to a prayer. As soon as I used this tripod all I could think of was " Why didn't I think of this". It does several things very well. First, when not in use you can carry it in your pocket or a purse. Second, it adjusts to any surface, level or not. Third, when installed on a small camera it creates a hand grip that allows you to keep the camera rock steady while giving you eye level access to the viewing screen. Everytime we use this people are asking me "Where can I get one of those. My wife and I liked this tripod so much we bought ten more just to give to our friends at Chritmas. If you own a camera you have get one of these....more info
  • Great little tripod, feet can stain surfaces
    I bought this tripod to help take close-up photos of food. It's inexpensive and generally works very well. It attaches solidly to my ultracompact digital camera (Panasonic Lumix FX9) and it's easy to get it to stand. The legs are a bit springy so I usually have to hold it in place with a hand, too, to get just the right angle, but the tripod ensures the camera doesn't move for longer exposures, which is what I cared about. If you were trying to use it to take multiple shots from the exact same angle, it might pose problems, as the legs won't hold totally still at any very tilted angles.

    The main problem I have with this is that the rubber ball-feet are very soft rubber and apparently are very soluble in oil, because I was using it on my butcher-block counter top (sealed with wax & oil) and it left black smears everywhere. After that I used it on a tablecloth and it smeared black all over that, too. I wrapped each little foot in some cheesecloth with a twist-tie to hold it on and now it's great, but it's a bit silly that I have to do that. I'd have paid a few extra bucks for feet made of some other material, maybe silicone, that wouldn't have that problem....more info
  • Neat Little Guy
    I ordered a larger tri-pod and this little guy came with, at first I pushed him to the side, thinking I would never use it, but it's actually quite handy. I take a lot of macro shots so when I'm low to the ground, or taking a picture of something on my desk, etc etc, it's great! Surprisingly sturdy for it's size, the little rubberized feet keep it solidly in place....more info
  • Not so flexible
    Works for simple leveling, and to avoid using the grass, etc.
    But if you need to attach the camera to something, or maybe a greater angle, you will need another product....more info
  • won't hold up camera
    Very hard to adjust legs to hold camera at a possition you might want without it falling over....more info
  • a great accessory for any camera
    I never realized how useful a minitripod could be until I noticed a friend using one. These very inexpensive accessories are great add-ons for any digital camera, especially if:

    a) you shoot in low light w/ no flash -- you can keep the camera more still w/ tripod and user of timer
    b) you take photos in crowded places and every extra inch of headspace makes for a better shot -- hold it high
    c) auto-portraits -- the flexible legs make it possible to take a level shot in any circumstance....more info
  • MiniTripod
    I received the tripod in a rapid fashion. I must say that I was not prepared for the size though, but that is my fault. I was expecting it to be a little larger than it was, but it is pocket size and easy to use....more info
  • Nice!
    It's very sturdy, doesn't move when I'm pressing buttons on the camera. It's tiny (size of a pen) so it can't be used in every situation, but it's a great alternative to setting your camera on the ground which is what I used to have to do! Weighs just about nothing and the legs are pretty flexible.

    The only complaint is that it isn't AS flexible as the gorillapods. It's difficult to try to wrap it around things. I tried it on a chair, and it was hard to get it to stay put.

    Overall, well worth the money. If you can afford to go higher though, get a gorillapod!...more info
  • Good quality, but be carefull
    The quality on this is great for the money. The only thing I would beware of is your camera tipping over. If you have a tiny camera, it might not be as much of a concern, but if you have a Digital SLR style camera, it can very easily tip over. You don't want a $5 tripod breaking your expensive camera....more info
  • Lovely, tiny, and portable. Fantastic price to boot!
    When it comes to taking pictures I keep finding times when I need to keep the camera steady for low-light settings or for taking closeup shots of jewelry I make. This tripod is perfect for that. I didn't need a big 3 foot tripod for indoor jewelry shots--just something to elevate the camera from the table that allows me to angle the camera as necessary.
    The flexible legs bend and turn for a lot of variety with positioning the camera. If you're worried about shaking the camera when pressing the button to take the picture, that's also easily solved by positioning the photo you want and setting the on-camera timer.

    Other people are right about the tripod fitting in your pocket. It's very discreet. I'm not one who'd really enjoy lugging a big tripod around the zoo, but I took this mini-tripod to the zoo with no shame since it was in my pocket when not in use, and I was able to prop it up on things like fences, signs, and rocks while still being able to angle it due to the flexible legs. I was very happy with the photos I took. I was able to zoom more and take photos without a flash with better results than usual.

    The mini-tripod twists in and out of the tripod connection on the camera so easily that it isn't a problem if it does happen to block your battery or digital card access. It's hardly rocket science and takes just a couple of seconds.

    In the end, this little tripod is so inexpensive and tiny that it's absolutely worth buying....more info
  • Useful and cheap
    I picked this up due to the price and have been pleasantly surprised - it is small, but sturdy enough to support my Canon Digital Rebel XT with the 28-135mm IS USM lens. It can be a bit tricky to get it balanced, but it works. For the price, I can't think of anything better - it fits in your camera bag and if it breaks, buy another....more info
  • awww
    -so tiny, it's extremely portable. fits right in my purse.
    -doesn't need a carrying case, but the box it comes in could serve as one.
    -the thing that says 'vanguard' is actually a little clip, which could prove useful
    -rubberized feet provide stability

    -i knew it would be small, but it's way smaller than i thought, even.
    -because it's so small, you CAN position the legs like a normal tripod and move it to get the right angle, but CAN'T really wrap it around a tree limp or chair leg or something like you can do with the larger version.

    SO...I think I'll definitely get use out of this, because i can just keep it in my purse, great for actually being IN the group photos and for random artsy moments where you need a stable camera. but i wish it would wrap around stuff better for when you really need the cam in an odd place. will probably end up getting the larger version as well because of that....more info
  • Perfect size, weight, and use!
    I bought this tripod for my sony cybershot and I am very pleased with how it works. I wasn't sure if it could hold the weight of my camera by looking at it online but rest-assured, it is very strong and like others have said, the little rubber feet work great. I am buying a second one for my girlfriend's camera because we love it so much!Sony Cybershot DSCW55 7.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Silver)...more info
  • Does what you'll probably want it to do
    Not a bad accessory to toss into your bag with a compact camera. The legs are flexible but fairly stiff. Also, it doesn't rotate, so wherever the legs end up pointed relative to the camera once it's screwed in is where they stay. This isn't so much of a problem if you intend for the camera to be level and the surface is level, but it's sometimes a pain if you want to point the camera up or down a bit or if the surface isn't level. It can take a lot of fiddling but once it's set up it works pretty well....more info
  • for $5 can this really be beat?

    This is not a great tripod. It's three piecs of 5" gooseneck lamp material with a camera thread at the top.

    That said, for the occasional shot with the camera positioned on a rock, fencepost, or automobile hood, it is invaluable. If you are going backpacking and want a few pictures with you and your friends in them, this is a great find.

    For what it does, where it goes, and what it costs, it's a no-brainer. Throw one in your bag.

    By the way, I use this with an EOS Xti and, usually, a Sigma 30mm/f1.4, and the BG-E3 grip with two batteries in it. The entire setup is not light. I'd say the tripod's ability to manage this weight is marginal, but acceptable.
    ...more info
  • Good for the price, but....
    This tripod is good if you need it in a tight spot. It will work; just don't tip your camera at an angle. My camera (Panasonic FZ7) will tip it very easily, but the FZ7 is an dSLR like, so it is bigger than most compacts.
    This is one piece, keep in mind. Nothing like a full sized tripod.
    Don't think this is the gorrilapod - barely like it! The tripod is flexible... but not too flexible. It's a pain to make the legs more too much.

    After all this being said, I still give it 4 stars. I knew what I was buying, as you should too after reading these reviews. If you want high quality and price, go with the gorrilla pod. I wish I could, but this was soo much cheaper.

    As a tripod, it works. You don't have to use it just as a tripod too. If you hold your camera and the tripod, you can stabilize your camera more than just holding your camera.

    If you can, go for the better quality. For the rest of us, this will do....more info
  • Great Gadget
    I like this product so well that I have given it as a present to many of my friends....more info
  • perfect traveling tripod
    Though I've seen some fancy looking mini-tripods, this one stood out as being small, compact and useful. The legs are flexible enough to adjust to practically any height, and it's thin enough to put in your pocket (for guys) and even in your wristlet (for girls). In a nutshell - it's thin, lightwieght, and does it's job. And if you expect a "mini-tripod" to be more than that, feel free to throw your money away on a fancier looking one....more info
  • helps with camera shake
    The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because I really don't have anything to compare it to. This is the first one I've had and I actually have not used it yet, I just wanted it handy in case. My initial reason for purchase was for my son after visiting with a relative who loves to take pictures but has a problem with camera shake on zoomed-in shots. She bought one of these to use as a handle almost all of the time, and she now gets good shots without shaking the camera during exposure. My son also has the same problem, so I bought one for him. He tried it, and said it really works. It was after that that I bought one for myself--just in case. I have a smallish camera bag and it fits nicely in one of the side outside pockets....more info
  • perfect tripod for indoor use
    I dont think this tripod will work well in windy situations. But if you wanna use this indoors or some place other than top of a mountain, I think this will work well. I use ti with my Canon 800IS and it works perfectly....more info
  • Good inexpensive tripod
    This is a nice inexpensive mini tripod that is very handy to have around. It will easily fit in most camera cases....more info
  • Great Buy
    I laugh everytime I use this tripod and then I am awed by the pictures that actually come out. This thing is the greatest thing I could have bought for 5 bucks. The legs support a lot of weight and bend to any shape you want. The only time I've had trouble with it was when I had my heavier 55-200mm VR zoom lens on it, but I just moved the legs more towards the front to balance it out. GET IT!...more info
  • Good Produce for the price
    the tripod should be a little stronger but it does the good i used it with my kodak z740 and it worked just fine....more info
  • not worth the money
    very small, not very fleaxable

    better to get gorilla try pod....more info
  • travel must-have
    This is a great accessory to have with your digital camera especially when you're traveling and would like to take pictures with you in it! My husband and I used it A LOT when we were traveling all over Europe and got some great shots that included us in it and that weren't what we called "postcard pictures". The legs can be adjusted any which way and can sometimes be propped on an uneven surface. A great buy!...more info
  • Pretty lame tripod
    I was under the impression this was similar to a GorillaPod, and it is not even close. It is very small and light, which is nice, but it is SO small and SO unflexible that it is practically worthless.

    Save your money and put it towards a GorillaPod. I bought one after being VERY disappointed by this, and I couldn't be happier with it....more info
  • Fun product
    This tripod is so easy to use. I bought one for myself as well as my sister and father. It might not be the best tripod for serious photographers but for those of us who just like to take pictures it's perfect....more info
  • Strong for its size
    This is necessary for the hobby photographer. A mini tri-pod will come in handy so many times. This one is surprsingly strong and sturdy for its size. The legs are completley flexible and can be arranged on an uneven surface. The price is certainly reasonable. The serious hobbiest should have this in his or her arsonal....more info
  • Great, unbelievable and cheap
    I initially bought this because it was cheap. But after using the product now I feel, its great. I love it. Its dead cheap and works great. I like the flexible legs. I use it so often. I recommend it to everyone....more info
  • Useful and acceptable.
    Well worth the money, but not nearly as good as the expensive Gorillapod. I love the Gorillapod, even though it seems overpriced, it is outstanding. ...more info
  • Great for the price.
    I have used this now on two trips and find it sturdy and balanced and quite flexible. The only downside is that you cannot tilt the camera at the plate, so the legs support it. To shoot downward, you have to move the legs so that front one is way extended and other two are higher, and then you must hold the camera in place so it doesn't fall....more info
  • Awesome little tripod!
    After reading the reviews I ordered this VS41 MiniTripod, hoping for the best. It's a darn good little tripod, with flexible metal legs--sturdier than I expected. Great for steadying my Kodak Z612. Recommend highly!...more info
  • Best idea, a small tripod
    I don't know why cameras do not all come with this small tripod standard. It has so many uses, which you will not realize until you have it. It has been a big hit with everyone I have given it to. The price is tiny compared to its usefulness, and it is easy to carry. Very hard to find in stores....more info
  • My first tripod
    Having never used a tripod before, I must say this was certainly the best $2.58 I've spent in a long time. Not really knowing what to expect when I ordered it, I am very happy with this little gadget. I take it everywhere I go....more info
  • Flex and shoot
    Durable little tripod. Excellent for taking self timed picture of the group including the photographer. Small enough to fit into the camera case with the camera so it's always available. Flexible so it even balances my small digital camera with an off center attachment screw-in place. Enables the photographer to place camera almost anywhere including rocks and tree stumps. Highly recommended....more info
  • Useful item and great value
    Very tiny, very useful, works well. I use this with both my Canon Elph and my Sony H5. It is very solid, even with the heavier Sony H5 camera which is closer in size to an SLR camera. Takes up about as much storage space as a pair of AA batteries, so it fits nicely into a compact camera bag: you won't even know your carrying it. I am very pleased with this item and the price is unbeatable....more info
  • Can't beat the price!
    Used with a mid-size Powershot it is sturdy enough, will be great with any smaller point-and-shoot.
    There's been a lot of buzz about the heavier gorrilla-size minipods, and I'm sure they're more reliable but they're also 10x the price, so if you're just casually using it, or only need it for indoor tabletop snaps, it's clearly a very good deal...more info
  • I love this tiny object...
    ...and tiny it is: about 6 or so inches tall. I laughed when I opened the box. But it really works well, both as a table-top tripod, and as a camera handle when shooting hand-held videos. You can carry it in your pocket. It's fun (like Gumby!). It's functional. And the price is so right....more info
  • Works Great for the Money!
    This is a great product for the Money! Compact enough that it fits in my pocket and allows me to attach in seconds with my digital compact camera for a good shot of the whole family. It feels nice that I can finally be in some of the pictures I take!

    I would give this item 5 stars but the legs are just a bit too stiff to wrap around tree braches and other things. not that this is a big deal but it would have came in handy once or twice.

    ...more info
  • best little tripod
    I was wary about the sturdiness of a tripod that was so small, but have been pleasantly surprised. Now sure it would hold up a big camera with a long and heavy lens, but for my needs its perfect. I wanted at easily portable tripod - small enough that I WOULD put it in my pocket and take along while traveling. My other tripods, while compact, are just not this small so I tend to leave them at home. This one can go anywhere so I can get everyone (even me) in the picture. I'd buy it again. ...more info
  • Cute little gadget
    I used this on top of our TV to take a photo of three of us on the couch. It was perfect to use to get just the right angle, otherwise I'd be trying to rig it somehow or stuffing something underneath to try to get it right. Worked like a charm!...more info
  • Worked Well for me!
    The tripod has helped me significantly. Since my desk space is limited, it has been a lifesaver....more info
  • an essential component of my MacGuyver field bag
    A functional tripod small enough to have with you at all times, to match today's digital cameras small enough to have with you at all times.

    Perfect for quick everyone-in-the-group photos (including yourself): just mount your camera on the tripod, bend tripod legs until the shot is framed, set camera to countdown 10 seconds or whatever, then run over & join your friends. It's quick enough to use this thing that everyone won't start groaning.

    Also, in my experience, many tiny digital cameras have trobule shooting in anything but the brightest lighting without a flash, or a supernaturally steady hand. Here the Vanguard tripod can also come in handy.

    This thing is an essential component of my MacGuyver field bag....more info
  • Remarkably sturdy for the size
    This minitripod is very sturdy, considering it's size. With a little work, you can bend the legs into any shape you want. I saw it at a camera store for ten dollars after I bought it on Amazon, so I thought I had snagged a great deal. Then I saw it on Black Friday for a buck. Even so, I do not regret the loss of three dollars, as it easily supports both my Sony DSC-T33 as well as its mounting/charging dock....more info
  • great tripod, for the price
    considering this tripod is much, much less then the comparable gorillapod(I have both, and while the gorillapod is better at gripping onto things, it's also bigger, by far, and much more expensive for it's size), it's an extremely good product for it's price/value. The legs "can" be bent to grab onto things, but it's really not so good at that, it's more of a true pocket tripod(even has a pocket clip built onto it). 5 stars because of it's size and pricepoint....more info
  • Excellent for the Price - great for hiking
    I have one of these to my small Ricoh camera, and we'd used it for years on trips and hikes. I've used it with my newer dig camera (a Dimage), and it works just as well. Very very handy and great for uneven surfaces. Small and light, too. With some experience you learn to trust your expensive camera being attached to it! So, when I saw this similar item listed on Amazon, and at such a great price, I had to order it for my sister's new camera. It appears nearly identical to my older one and to be of good quality. Just a warning for those who are allergic to latex: The little balls on the end of the feet are rubber and even the smell from them is noticeable....more info
  • Better than holding the camera with just your hands
    "Ultra portable camera stabilzer" should be its name. I see problems with really heavy SLR cameras but for most consumers, this is not an issue....more info
  • Love this little thing
    Works grat for self timer mounting and fits into any camera pouch.
    It's great (& cheap)!...more info
  • just so so
    We used it while traveling yellowstone NP this September. It can stand on the bumpy rock with no problem, but cannot grab tightly.
    ...more info
  • Doesn't work for My Camera
    Doesn't work simply because the screw in spot is not centered, and therefore the camera tips over. If my camera had a centered screw in spot this product would be nice to have.
    ...more info
  • Perfect for tabletop
    I wasn't sure what to expect for this price, but it's a sturdy enough little tripod to hold my Sony DSC-H1 Cybershot with an additional filter and sunshade extension installed on the lense, all weighing maybe a little over 2 lbs. max. The tripod just screws on to the bottom of the camera, which is in the middle of my camera, so it isn't an issue as it might if the place to attach the tripod were off-center. I'd buy this unit again. I did purchase a lightweight travel tripod as well, but this is just right for tabletop uses....more info
  • Good for the price - but I'd still get a "big boy" tripod
    It's nice to have a small tripod like this for travel and for taking some photos of yourself by yourself - but I would certainly throw down for the "big boy" tripod also (because sometimes you just can't find that brick wall to put your camera on!) Great value though - I can't say I can't live without it, but I do enjoy the fact that I do have it....more info
  • Not useful for DSLR?
    It is only for small DC but cannot support my D70 with 18-70 lens. The legs are soft and too flexible....more info
  • Better than expected quality!
    this little tripod is pretty great. VERY sturdy and it can hold way more weight than advertised. very happy with my purchase!...more info
  • Nice little thingy
    This tripod is a very sturdy,tiny, very portable one. I had another one made of plastic which my son broke the first day it self....more info
  • value for money
    I have got it for 1$ something...for that price it is worth buying....more info
  • Tripod/Hand Grip
    This is a very nice little tripod, which also doubles as an excellent hand-grip for those of us with large hands. No more worries of holding a small digital camera and having fingers getting in the way of the lens. Set-up as a flex-tripod is easy, but be careful with large cameras, as they will tip over easily. All in all, this was a great buy for me. It definitely deserves 5 stars. By all means, buy it, you won't be sorry!...more info
  • Junk
    I received this item today, luckily I bought it for $1.93 or so, and still have my prime trial. This thing is junk, to put it mildly. It's not even the size of a bic pen. It's not flexible enough to grip around a tree branch for instance, nor would the legs be big enough to.

    I guess for $1.93 I won't bother shipping it back, or maybe I'll attach it to an old webcam....more info
  • The little tripod that could
    This is a cheaper version of similar tripods out there. Works just as well. Very handy. Works as a great handle when folded together. Sturdy yet bendable. A must for any photographer with a relatively small camera....more info
  • unnecessary
    Works just fine, especially for a mere few bucks-- but you end up using the table or a book just as easily, and a cheapo little bean bag would be more ideal anyway....more info
  • Amazing Gadget
    Didn't expect much from this, but it is a perfect solution for tabletop tripod use. You have quite a bit of aiming variety as you can bend, twist, and rotate this thing in any which way. And it holds its position really nicely.

    A nice surprise of functionality and portability and price. One of those things that you find you need once you buy it....more info
  • Great little mini
    Great minipod. Rubber non-slip feet. Flexible legs. Fits in your pocket. No need to say more. Basically, if you need it, you know what it is and what to do with it....more info
  • I love it and here's why
    Update: I've got two more in my cart, ready to add to my next order (for free Super Saver shipping) They're strong enough for a Canon Digital Rebel.

    All these reviews are great - I actually bought a different mini-tripod at first but ended up making this my SD550's travel companion. Here are my reasons for liking it a lot:

    - I was able to position my camera right on my dash for intervalometer shots (Powershot S2IS) and it actually stayed put while I was driving. The feet are rubberized just well enough and spread far enough to keep the camera in place.
    - I carry it in my pocket. Since the legs are flexible, it doesn't get awkward or damaged when I sit down
    - With the legs together (and a bit spread out at the bottom) it makes a great pistol grip for little cameras.
    - It's the perfect trade-off between using a bean bag and a mini tripod - the legs stay put however you shape them, and mine has seen a lot of bending and still works great
    - If I'm shooting at a low speed and risk blurring the shot, I put the tripod legs on my chest for extra stability. It's not much, but your chest is less shaky than your hands alone, and gives you that extra stop for indoor pictures
    - While it's light enough to carry around, it also has a bit of weight to balance the weight of small cameras not making the setup too top-heavy.
    - Unlike straight-leg tripods, you can make the feet grip a vertical edge, like a cube partition...more info
  • Its got it all for someone on the go: price, convenience, FLEXABILITY -literally
    Great little product at a fantastic price. It goes anywhere, fits in your pocket much like a pocket cliped pen since it has its own pocket clip. I love it for night photography on the go and it makes those low light settings where you can't effectively use a flash or it is not practical do-able. (I think that long exposure shots come out better in no-action low light pictures than flash photography anyways... the picture is not as artifical, more natural looking). Best of all its legs are flexable to help you make it fit best to your individual situation without all the complexities of a normal tripod. Put it on a rock, no probs, want an up-facing shot, not prob......more info
  • Super handy and better than I expected
    This is incredibly useful for the price. It's the cheapest mini tripod out there and the design is brilliantly simple.

    It can be adjusted finely even though it looks clumsy. Just start with the legs fanned out but straight, and if you need to adjust the camera angle a little push the appropriate leg so it bends inward.

    It's more sturdy than I expected. The rubber feet prevent slipping and the flexible legs can easily hold a typical camera without bending under the weight. Maybe it's not for those 15-pound cameras with a 2 foot lens attached, but if you have one of those you probably aren't looking for a four-dollar tripod.

    It has a very small clip on the mount so you can hang it one a bag strap, but you can also just bend the legs around the strap.

    The only thing this tripod doesn't do is shoot upward at steep angles. The most I can manage to get out of it with the most extreme pose is about 40 degrees, and with a larger camera balance issues might limit it to less.

    One design drawback is the mounting screw is fixed. You don't get a little thumb knob to twist when mounting the camera, you have to rotate the whole tripod. But it's so small and the legs squeeze together so close that it's easy to do.

    For four bucks, it would be hard to ask for more....more info
  • Great for trips
    Bought the tripod and took it on two vacations. It is great. It fits in your pocket and was handy to have around for pictures using a timer and for pictures at night. ...more info
  • Great Tripod
    I'll try to make this review as short as the tripod: If your looking for the smallest and very functional mount, this is it; bend the legs any way you want to capture that shot. It works just as I expected....more info