MS-1 Wireless Flash Booster / Slave
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Product Description

The Quantaray MS-1 is a pocket sized flash that works without a net! This wireless booster flash does not need to connect to your camera or main flash in any way. It comes equipped with an electronic slave trigger that discharges the flash when it sees the main flash go off. That makes it a very handy piece for filling in shadows, increasing the output of your main flash or for special effects. It comes equipped with a tilting, table-top stand or it can be put into a regular flash shoe or it can be attached to any tripod. Anyway you cut it, it is a highly flexible addition to your existing flash system and, at this price, why not get a couple of them?

Customer Reviews:
  • Flashstanding?
    MS-1 Wireless Flash Booster / Slave

    Works great, just set hot shoe flash to manual. ...more info
  • Diffuse with....
    While I use the white Wal-Mart bag trick, I also use polyester quilt batting to diffuse the light. 1/4" to 1/2" thick does the trick. You can easly make a "tent" outa this stuff too. Note: the polyester quilt batting tends to transmit light as well as diffuse it, similar to fiber optics.
    This unit will work fine, though you should also look at the list to the right of this.
    ...more info
  • Perfect results as a background flash
    A neat little unit which produces excellent results both with a Canon point and shoot and a Nikon dSLR.
    Perfect as a background flash at parties and for portrait usage.
    Great value!...more info
  • Size Matters!!!
    I have purchased four of the Ms 1 flash boosters and find them a God send!!! I really used them two days ago for shooting several portraits at a college and I must say I was impressed and relieved...I can take these little guys with me anywhere and not have to haul my studio lights. I was fooling around with them the other day and was able to set them off at a good 50 feet..Have rechargeable batteries and you will do fine...I shoot with a D2x and have no problems.......more info
  • Great little flash for the money!
    I recently bought 2 more of these flashes to add to my collection. I find that if you diffuse the flash with a piece of a white walmart bag these flashes give great light. I have even used two of these in a softbox and gotten great results. My favorite part is they are cordless and easy to take on location. I have even been able to use them outdoors. These flashes also seem very reliable as I have had two of them for 3 years now. I use these flashes with a Canon S3IS in manual mode with no problem....more info
  • Keeps me in the dark!!!
    I bought two of these slave flashes to improve the lighting for some serious-amatuer work. I was disapointed to find that the units produce very little light. I can't imagine what they could be used for, honestly, as the light emitted from the flash was ineffective even under moderately lit conditions. The bottom line is that these units are as inexpensive as they come, and designed accordingly. ...more info
  • Excellent portable studio
    I shoot with a digital SLR, several lens and sometimes studio strobes with umbrellas, stands, backgrounds, etc. But these little things make life much simpler and lighter for on the go and spontaneous portrait work. I bought 2 and now I am ordering 3 more. These are perfect for portraits, painting interiors, close-ups (get a small light tent) and even newswork....more info
  • very weak, does not work with preflashing cameras
    This has a guide number (GN) of about 10-20 ft at ISO 100, i.e. very weak. This GN was computed from the dial on the unit. The specs don't spell out the GN. I haven't checked whether it actually delivers that power. Even a GN of 20 is very weak (e.g. 5 ft at f/4, ISO 100).

    This flash uses 2 AAA batteries. Why not the longer-lasting AA? Why not 4 batteries?

    This flash will not work with cameras that have a pre-flash.

    I returned mine right away....more info
  • wont work
    it wont work with my nikon d70, d50, or canon Elan 7e the timing is wrong so when the camera flash does off the flash dosnt go off at the same time....more info
  • Let there be light !!
    Works great. Good product for the money. Real versital. I bought two so I could use one for backlighting and one for front lighting. My camera's flash just isn't good enough by itself, the pictures are always too dark....more info
  • The Perfect Fill
    These guys are tiny but pack a punch! They were perfect for a shoot I did that involved many colors adding the extra bit of control that I needed. Only downside was that the batteries went fast and I had to slow down my fast shooting style for the recharge, but I have a good amount of rechargables now and they're my little saviors!...more info
    Este pequeño equipo vale mucho mas de lo que cuesta. Lo compré con muchas dudas por el precio tan bajo y los pocos comentarios que encontré pero puedo decir que su compra ha valido la pena.
    Hace exactamente lo que dice que debería hacer con solo dos pilas pequeñas AAA y brinda una luz bastante potente para lo que se podría esperar de un flash de relleno o soporte tan pequeño. Si buscas una luz muy potente de estudio, este complemento no es para ti. Pero si deseas algo barato y que funcione como apoyo, esta pequeña unidad te va a sorprender...more info
  • Great economical product.
    I love this thing. I'm too cheap to buy a good camera (cuz I'll kill it)and always up on cliffs, down in wet caves, or out in the woods. This flash dramatically improves the quality of my pictures taken with disposable cameras. Easy to use. Easy not to worry about. If I ever drop it in a subterranean river, I'll just fork out another $20 bucks for another one. VERY happy I bought this. ...more info
  • Pre-Flash Problem? Got a Hot Shoe and a Strobe?
    Here is a workaround that skips the pre-flash entirely, and should work on virtually every camera with a hot shoe. Just get out your trusty hot-shoe flash and put that on your digital camera! The camera won't do that pre-flash business with an external flash, yet it's a fully sychronized flash just like in the good 'ole 35mm days.

    After trying to get the MS-1 to work for about an hour, even trying the "*" button, I hit upon this, got my old strobe out of my camera case, and the MS-1 works fine!...more info
  • There is a way to use this with pre-flash.
    In another review, it was mentioned that pre-flash will trigger this unit. This is the case for all triggered flash units. But did you know there is a work around. On most cameras you can pre-measure exposure. On my camera the * button will do it. This fires the preflash, which triggers the stobe, then you wait for recharge and press the shutter and away you go. So this item could be a good match for you if you can fire the pre-flash. I own a canon DSLR and I can use the * button to fire the pre-flash. Get your manual out and see if you can do this, BEFORE you purchase.
    If so then this could make a nice inexpensive addition to your camera. Consider those indoor shots that don't come out right. Well, how about putting one or two of these pointed at a wall or ceiling. Then it can help light the room....more info
  • Nice idea but not for digital cameras with pre-flash
    Simply stated, digital cameras have a pre-flash to set white balance, focus, and such. The MS-1 flash works when the camera flashes including the pre-flash. This gives you a pre-flash that makes the MS-1 go off before the piture flash. So you get the camera setting to a flash from the unit which off sets the camera and then you get a low camera second flash and miss set white balance, ISO or other. This results in a dark picture.

    I worked for some time to make the MS 1 work by shutting off the pre flash but could not and trying this and that but no luck.

    So nice ideas really thought it would be fun to use but not for digital or pre flash cameras. Other then digital or pre-flash cameras I'd give it a try.

    Update canon eos still will not work as other reviewer suggested. At least I could not get it to. ...more info