QBX-8000XI Wireless Remote Flash
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Product Description

The Quantaray QBX 8000xi flash is a surprisingly inexpensive alternative to the Minolta brand dedicated flashes. The QBX 8000xi dedicated flash is fully linked to all the operations of your Minolta auto-focus camera and sports an ''i'' series footing that allows it to go directly on to Minolta?s re-designed ''i'' series flash shoe without an adapter. This flash offers you superb Through-The-Lens auto results. The QBX 8000xi features TTL exposure operation, a manual zoom head, a focus assist beam, bounce head, and guide numbers from 72 to 92 (depending on zoom position). And, just as with Minolta?s own flashes, you?ll enjoy 2-channel wireless off-camera operation with the 8000xi which comes equipped with its own tabletop stand.