Sunpak DS-20 5-Position Bounce-Tilt Shoe Mounted Flash with Wireless Auto Slave.
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Product Description

Sunpak is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic flash equipment. Sunpak electronic flashes are designed to work with today's auto focus cameras having dedicated flash capabilities. All Sunpak flash units offer advanced features to provide the widest range of creative control, and are supported by a wide range of system accessories.

  • Tiltable Flash for Bounce Lighting Effects
  • 5-Position Internal Tilt-Bounce
  • Built-in Auto Slave Function
  • Wireless when being Used as Second Flash
  • Auto Thyristor Flash
Customer Reviews:
  • Sunpak DS-20
    This is an inexpensive little slave flash that actually works. I have a Canon A570 and, like most small digicams, it has a fairly weak builtin flash. It couldn't illuminate properly more than 10 feet away and I also didn't like the glare on faces from below 7 or 8 feet. This is typical with direct builtin flash. When using this flash, I generally turn off the camera redeye preflash and set the camera to the manual Aperture setting with the aperture set to f4.5. I also set the flash control on the camera to the 2/3 setting. I set the Sunpak to slave mode. So, when the camera flash fires, the Sunpak also fires and I get much better photos, especially when I bounce the flash off a white ceiling. Much more natural and even lighting effect with a nice modelling effect on faces. One thing about this flash is that it comes with a stand, but not a bracket to use next to the camera. I had to buy that separately as using a the stand is not always convenient. ...more info
  • Decent low cost bounce flash
    I use this flash with my Panasonic DMC-FZ50 10.1MP Digital Camera with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Black).

    It worked in "Auto" mode right off the bat with my camera. But I had to calibrate the fstop setting. My camera defaults to fstop of 4.0 automatically, but it can be manually changed. With the fstop correctly set, the thyristor on the flash takes over and does a decent job of getting the right amount of light on the target, both in direct or bounce mode.

    You can also use it with the full power ("On") position, in which case you would need to adjust the fstop on your camera based on the ISO/fstop/distance table at the back of the camera.

    Given the small size, the flash is actually quite powerful and can produces reasonable light for up to 25 feet at ISO100. Bounce mode works well, giving more natural, shadow free photos. I have taken some really nice portraits in bounce mode.

    This is a great improvement over my camera's built-in flash. I recommend it if you want a low cost external flash option....more info
  • Worked ok for a while, but now it's dead!
    I bought this to be used with my old Kodak DC4800. Initially it worked well...
    both the hot-shoe option and the slave option (Kodak DC4800 has a hot-shoe
    connector). The photos appeared better with the external flash. For some time
    I did not use the DS20 and now even with a new set of batteries, I cannot turn
    it on. The unit is completely dead!...more info
  • Seemed to be working..........but not with my camera
    I bought this to use only as a slave flash for my Canon 620 digital camera (which has no hot shoe). The slave flash did fire when the camera flashed, but the camera would not pick up any of the slave's light. Apparently the slave was not in sync with my camera and its internal flash. I adjusted the camera settings for every possible shutter-curtain / synchro / flash output / red-eye combination, but had no luck. I finally got some results by switching out of the camera's automatic / program modes and into the camera's manual mode; but each different scene then required 7-8 trial shots to adjust the shutter/aperture settings. It was too much of a hassle for me. I returned the flash to Adorama for a refund.
    Overall, I liked its look, its bounce feature, and its price. I wasn't able to test the non-slave regular flash function....And perhaps the slave option would work with a camera different than mine....more info
  • Great Little Flash
    I bought this flash primarilary for the auto-slave feature to use in conjunction with my digital camera. The flash is completely adjustable from the tilt to timing, allowing you to put the light where it's needed for the right shot. I would highly recommend this flash for the "every-day" photographer. ...more info