Sunpak 620-786 Mini-Spider Tripod
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Product Description


  • Tripod holds compact 35mm and digital cameras
  • Small, lightweight design; only 5 inches long and weighs less than two ounces
  • Holds your camera steady at any angle, indoors or out, on virtually any terrain
  • Features individually adjustable, flexible legs
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Mini Tripod
    I have never had a smaller camera and I figured I could just prop it up anywhere to take videos but this tripod makes it so much easier to take those shots when you want everyone in the picture, It is very stable and you can adjust it very easily. A must for anyone using cameras or hand held video camcorders...more info
  • Great Product for great price!
    I bought this tripod for my Mino camcorder and also use with my Sony camera and works great for both. It's a great product for the price. I'm very happy with it....more info
  • Excellent
    This is an excellent product. It fits in your pocket and is ideal for those family pictures on roadtrips.
    Good vendor too - this is the second time I am buying from them - Ambrose
    ...more info
  • Pretty Good Mini Tripod
    This works perfectly, just don't be too rough with it. I recommend it for Point and shoots only though. It is light weight, small, and cheap. Enjoy!...more info
  • Great little tripod
    This little tripod is very useful and comes in very handy when trying to get in the photo yourself. The 3 rubber feet provide very high friction so it does not slide easily on slick surfaces. I notice that the feet do remove easily so I will probably glue the feet on for extra strength. So as long as you pay $5- $10 for this item, it is worth it. ...more info
  • cheap junk
    Don't waste your time - get one a little less cheap. There is a reason that S&H is more than product price.
    This is the same exact product as "Vanguard VS41 Flexible MiniTripod"
    They don't support my tiny Lumix FX33 and are more elastic than "poseable"....more info
  • Good for what it is.
    Legs are "bendy" which makes leg use more flexible. Short height makes you adjust legs more than normal to accomodate weight imbalance of camera. If camera tripod hole was in center of camera, would be no problem. But short height makes camera not as stable. Would recommend a longer tripod....more info
  • mini tripod
    it's small, but so handy. No matter the camera, this will give a needed stabilization when you need it....more info
  • Good price, quick delivery
    The price was good and it was delivered in just 4 days. I couldn't ask for more....more info
  • Great little tripod for the price if you have a point and shoot camera
    If you have a point and shoot camera, either still or video, this is a handy little tripod. It's priced well at about $5.00 and sure beats trying to get the right angle by just placing the camera on an available surface.

    I use it for shooting videos too....more info
  • must-have item
    everyone who owns a camera needs a couple of these. They are handy for timer shots, self-shots, and a serve as a great handle for the tiny point and shoot pocket cameras. I have several stashed around home, car, camera bag, pockets, etc. and use them with MiniDV camcorder, my Nikon D40 SLR, and Nikon S1 pocket camera. They make great gifts too!!...more info
  • very handy
    This is my first tripod and I'm not a very experienced photographer. I've used it on a Canon PowerShot and I wouldn't recommend it for large cameras. It's been a great addition to my camera and really improves the quality of my shots and the value of the camera itself. There are many similar products. I got this one even though it was more expensive than others on Amazon because I could get free shipping.

    If you're very worried about camera shake, use the tripod with the self-timer feature. I also like using the tripod to hold my small camera in my hands. Also putting my the camera in continuous shooting mode while on my dashboard during a drive produced some nice shots.

    The tripod is a nice addition to a camera and its so cheap it's not worth thinking about too long. I doubt there are many differences between brands so just find the best deal....more info