NADY 151VR-LT Professional Wireless Lavaliere Microphone Systems for Camcorders (NADY 151VRLT)
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Product Description

The Nady 151VR is an accessory that no video enthusiast should be without. This wireless microphone system for camcorders not only vastly improves the soundtrack of home videos, but it is convenient, easy to use, and remarkably affordable.The 151VR system comes with a pocket-sized receiver and belt clip, plus a choice of the Nady WHT-15 handheld or WLT-15 lavalier microphone transmitter. Both the receiver and microphone transmitters operate on a single 9V alkaline battery, with a transmitter battery life of 16-20 hours. The beauty of the 151VR is that it allows you to place the microphone "where the action is". No longer reliant on the microphone in your camcorder, with the Nady wireless you can record clear, reliable sound as far away as 250 feet. Being able to place the microphone anywhere in the camcorder's field of vision means that your home videos are guaranteed to sound great, much like a professional production. Indoors and outdoors, the 151VR eliminates unwanted ambient noise from your recording, as well as extraneous sounds associated with the operation of your camcorder.The applications of the Nady 151VR wireless are many and varied. Parents can record their child's piano recital from the back of the auditorium and hear every note as it sounds onstage. Lecture presentations, awards ceremonies, etc., can have clear, professional sounding audio without distracting ambient noise from the audience. Anywhere you use your camcorder, you can use your Nady wireless. The 151VR is an invaluable tool for videographers and is engineered to deliver outstanding sound that is indistinguishable from the best hardwired mic you can buy - without the hassle of a cord. Operating on the VHF high band for interference-free performance, the 151 VR is available on 3 different frequencies, allowing more than one system to operate simultaneously in the same location. The 151VR works with all video cameras and camcorders that have an external mic jack or audio input.

  • Ultra-compact receiver can be camera mounted or worn on the body (with attached clip)
  • Easy hook-up to camcorder with supplied connecting cable
  • Powered by a 9V alkaline battery in a convenient slide open battery compartment
  • LED lights indicate low battery and receiver signal
  • Detachable softwire antenna extends from top of the receiver (detachable Rubber Ducky antenna optional)
Customer Reviews:
  • Save your money
    Upon removing supposedly "new" unit from box, discovered marred "level" adjustment screw indicating prior misuse. Unit did not work because of poor transmission and faulty female jack plug on transmitter. More than 30 days elapsed between the time I bought the unit and when it was first used and the vendor selling thru Amazon refused to honor a refund or replacement citing their obscure return policy. This device is poorly constructed, cheaply made, non-functional and, in my opinion, misrepresented as factory new when it appeared to be otherwise....more info
  • Did not work - out of box
    I really wanted this budget buy to work for my limited videography needs. After 1 hour of testing every component (mic, transmitter, receiver, batteries, levels), I determined that the lavalier mic and also the transmitter each did not work at all. If everything worked as promised, I would have overlooked the very cheap feel of each unit (They seemed to be totally hollow). I can't recommend this product....more info