Bulldog RS 1300 Remote Starter w/Keyless Entry and Alarm System
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Product Description

Two 4-button extended range remote transmitters Dedicated start & stop buttons Parking light confirmation Keyless entry Remote trunk release Automatic cold start hot start & start Parking light confirmation Dome light supervision Programmed run time of 5 10 15 20 & 25 minutes Output for tach or tachless operation Pit stop feature Fully remote-programmable & adjustable Horn or siren hookup Door trigger protection Extended range of up to 800 ft Starter immobilizer output Sensor protection output

  • Easy to install - includes instruction video
  • Automatic hot or cold start, allows the user to remotely program the unit to start the vehicle at a chosen temperature
  • Same features as the RS1200
  • Horn or siren hookup, Door trigger protection, Starter immobilizer, Sensor protection output
  • Extended range up to 800 feet
Customer Reviews:
  • anti theft
    i had instaled the system in november 2006 and by july 2007 it was completely useless it would not respond to the remotes and i could not even reset the system i had to uninstall the whole thing and now my vehicle factory anti-theft system will not shut off and can not start my car it will cost me about $150 for diagnosis to see what the problem is....more info
  • Medium Difficulty Installation but works well . . . mostly
    Okay, several different aspects in my mind regarding this product.

    Installation - (To start, my experience level includes several radios installed, cigarette lighters, powered rear view mirrors etc. I own wire cutters, voltometer, electrical tape, etc.) I pre-read the instruction manual, went through all of the parts in the box, went to the website and read any information that I could find relative to my auto there and printed the wiring guide for my car (Toyota Sienna). This preparation and especially the wiring guide turned out to be a huge help. It was during this phase that I discovered the antenna clips (necessary to get the extended range) were missed in my box. More on that later. It took me probably 7-8 hours to install, at least 2 of which were taking the dashboard apart and putting it and all the wiring back together afterward. With the wiring diagram for my car, it was fairly simple to do the ignition, blower and power wires. The brake, parking lights, dome lights and door trigger were a little tougher, and the power door wires were the most difficult (just to locate them, even with the wiring diagram.) I was unable to install the hood switch to prevent the starter from starting when the hood is up. That was because it took me probably another 2 hours to try and find a way through my firewall for the wire. I never could find anything that I could see from the interior or under the hood to put the wire through. I ended up by-passing it and taping it off. I made sure the warning label was prominently displayed to avoid any accidents. Also, make sure that you go to the website and see what relays you would need for your car. You're almost guaranteed to need at least one, probably two if not more. These are not included with the kit. Ended up needing one to install the ignition break, so I skipped it and will have to go back later to do it. Oh, and the installation video was helpful to just better understand the process and what to do. I've seen it in DVD form on some sites. I'd go for that. Videos are a pain to skip, rewind, etc. Be sure to read the insert regarding the unit starting in safety mode. All it does is click and flash the lights. You need to follow a process on the insert to get the unit out of safety mode. I missed the insert and spent some time wondering what I'd done wrong.

    Operation - So far everything works great, although some features are not quite as advertised. (More on that later.) The range is about 30 feet, as I do not have the antenna installed yet (no clips) so I'm using the stock unit antenna. The car starts and stops perfectly as detailed. Pit stop works fine. Car unlocks and locks as it should and I really like the feature where I press the brake pedal after the keys are in and the doors all automatically lock, and when I turn the car off they all unlock. The two glitches are that when I unlock the car, the dome lights are supposed to stay on for a minute, but they go out after 20 seconds. The second glitch is that when you turn on the key or press the brake pedal, the lights are supposed to go out instantly, but they don't. They stay on for their full time limit. Fortunately, these are not big issues and I'm happy with the unit's performance after about one week since installation. As for the alarm . . . I chose not to connect the horn or siren since I hate listening to car alarms go off all hours of the night. I may go back and install the ignition break which will protect against hot wiring and leave it at that. So, unable to comment on the alarm side of things. Testing the long range antenna, I was able to start it from a good distance away (sorry, no measurement to provide. It was just a long ways, maybe a couple hundred feet.)

    Support - the company I purchased the product through, Electrogalaxy, was very good to work with. They sent emails detailing each step of ordering, payment, shipping, etc. They were good to respond about the missing clips and managed to get the product company to ship out the clips (although they have not arrived yet.) As for BullDog, I emailed them about the clips and the glitches with product performance and haven't heard a word back from them. It's been nearly a week. I can live with the unit as is, so I haven't followed up, but that was my experience with them.

    So, overall I would recommend the system understanding that it will take time to install, will not be easy (but will be doable) and that there will likely be a product glitch or two that you can live with (based on my experience and other reviews I've read). Remote entry is always nice, especially with kids and the remote start will be a real treat on very hot and cold days.

    (Sorry for the verbosity, but I did not find enough reviews prior to purchasing to really feel I could make an informed decision, so I wanted to be detailed about my experience. I'd be happy to share more if you want to drop me an email.)

    Update (May 2008): The starter has worked great since the day I installed it. We've not had any problems. The batteries have needed to be replaced once for each fauv and my wife's is about to quite working (but hers gets a lot of abuse from the kids.) Aside from that, it's been a terrific buy and we've loved it. Since I by-passed the override, I have made a point to inform anyone who works on our car that it has a remote starter....more info
  • RS1300E, powerful system, many options
    Just installed this system in an older Range Rover. Bulldog's on-line wiring diagram for the vehicle was extremely helpful. RS1300 is relatively easy to integrate into the vehicle. Programming options for the system are numerous & are helpful in making the system work with unusual vehicles such as the Rover. Their tech service line was very helpful, and when the unit failed, they replaced it without question.

    This is a complex system. Not for the novice, particularly if you're working on an unusual vehicle. Some of the programable features are tricky to set up, but the instructions are complete, somewhat technically written but the tech line is always there if needed. ...more info
  • Great Remote Starter if you can figure out installation.
    First, if you are not an expert at vehicle wiring, electronics, etc then don't even consider any Bulldog Security product. Their tech support (phone or email) is as bad as it gets. It's like they read one email and put the answer in the next email recieved. I managed to install an RS1300E in a Chevy Truck but only because I had bought the T-Harness adaptor, I had the complete set of factory service manuals for this truck, digital voltmeter to test circuits and expert knowledge on vehicle wiring. The remote starter works well and has excellent range, but some of the other functions do not work as stated or described. Emails and calls to Bulldog result in answers that either do not make sense or seem to answer a different question. Their products however do seem to be good quality but they are just not installable by the average do-it-yourselfer....more info