Sylvania SY6234 2.4 GHz 4-Channel Wireless Video Sender w/ Built-In Modulator
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Product Description

The VS6234 wireless audio/video sender allows you to enjoy satellite TV, DVD, VCR, CD or other audio/video components in another room without running cables. Transmits stereo audio signals and video up to 300 feet through floors and walls. Transmitter and receiver has four selectable channels so additional audio/video senders can be used in the same house without interfering with each other. Includes transmitter, receiver, (2) stereo audio/video cables, (2) coaxial video cables, (2) ac adapters, and instruction manual.

  • Send signal to a second TV Satellite, DVD, Security Camera
  • Transmitter/Receiver connects to TV using supplied cables
  • Crystal clear Video and Stereo audio
  • 4 Channel Wireless System
  • View video from another room
Customer Reviews:
  • Works great for me
    I purchased this product from a competitor and have had it for about 4 years connected to my Dish Network box in the basement to transmit to my TV in my bedroom (directly above). The only time I've had the display problems mentioned by others is when the coax cable has worked loose when we've moved furniture or TV's. When I tighten the cable connection, video issues are gone. I love it....more info
  • Poor quality sender
    It is very easy to install the sender, but the picture quality is really low. Most of time you get the interference from other wireless objects like mobile phone, 900MHZ cordless phones, etc. Will not recommend to buy for the once who are looking for good quality picture and sound transfer....more info
  • Simple and works
    I bought this because I have DirecTv wired on one side of my room and wanted the TV on the other side of the room. I could have paid someone to run the cable up the exterior insulated wall, through the attic and down the other wall but this was just plain easier. Plus, I occasionally like to watch a game in my garage while working so I plan to try it with my small tv. I have no problems with interference but it is about 15 feet line-of-sight and I have no 2.4Ghz wireless networks or phones and the nearest neighbor is about 70 feet away. When I try broadcasting to the garage, I will update this review on that performance. The setup was trivial. It would be nice to be able to buy additional matching receivers because I would like to broadcast the DirecTV commercial free radio to my stereo on another floor. One more thing, the website says this is Sylvania but the box is labeled "Lorex". Not a big deal since most electronics are rebranded anyway....more info
  • Very easy to use, but interference bars ruin picture
    Very easy to set up, but no matter what I did, I got several horizontal interference bars. One very nice feature is a built in video modulator that allows you to connect to older TVs using a coax cable instead of RCA. I am returning this product....more info